What I’m currently watching in order of enjoyment:
Love’s Crash Landing – On Ep. 11
Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life – On Ep. 11

Waiting List:
The Game: Towards Zero
I Will Find You When the Weather is Nice

Still thinking about it:
Psychopath Diary
Class of Lies
Black Dog
People With Flaws
9.9 Billion Won Woman


    I’ve watched People with flaws and I recommend it to you if you want to see a light and funny drama full of wonderful side characters. I personally found the ML a bit annoying, but I enjoyed the drama. First episodes I watched when I had a terrible migraine and it helped with the pain, I had a very good time.

    As for Black Dog, it’s completely the opposite. The story follows a very slow path and it’s very much about the inside work of teachers in a high school. It can be a little dense, but I just adore Seo HyunJin and she’s fantastic in this drama.