I’ve been listening to the OST for VIP lately. Hard to pick a favorite but I think it’s Set Me Free and then Don’t Bring Me Down.

What I’m currently watching in order of enjoyment:
Love’s Crash Landing – On Ep. 15
Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life – On Ep. 33
Itaewon Class – On Ep. 3
The Game: Towards Zero – On Ep. 12

Waiting List:
I Will Find You When the Weather is Nice
Welcome Home

Still thinking about it:
Psychopath Diary
Class of Lies
Black Dog
People With Flaws
My Holo Love


    Black Dog: what a gem of a show. If you like intimate and well constructed dramas, you shouldn’t miss it. It’s a perfect reflection of what real life is about, and all the actors are fantastic.
    People with flaws: I loved this show. I can’t tell you that the least I liked was the OTP. The side characters will win your heart. During the first episodes the toilet humour is quite… well, ¿stupid? But it will pass. I watched the first eps when I was having a terrible migraine and I laughed out loud. Don’t expect nothing but to have a good time watching.
    My Holo Love: I marathoned it during the weekend, and I had a lot of fun. And it’s only 12 eps.


      I keep hearing the same things about Black Dog and People With Flaws, so I’m interested. For People With Flaws, I have that one on my list simply because Kim Seul Gi is in it XD
      I’m watching Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life and that drama was really bad with the toilet humor in the beginning. Ugh… I wanted to just fast forward because usually the toilet humor goes away after a few episodes and luckily, it did in this case.