I’ve always been unashamed of the fact that I still rewatch the shows I watched as a child. If I can still tolerate them as an adult, isn’t that just a testament to how good they are?
Charlie and Lola heals my inner child, the little girl who refused to be anything other than herself. The Raggy Dolls makes me feel better about my body. Towser has no right being so funny decades and decades after it was released, but it still makes me laugh. The list goes on.
And then there’s Mumfie.
Funny story, 2020 was the worst year of my life (no big surprise there, but it wasn’t directly because of the Big Terrible Thing). I remember all the times I was happy that year because they struck me by surprise.
Here’s when I was happy:
1. When it was revealed that Masaki Suda (my favourite actor) was playing the villain in MIU 404, which I hadn’t even known he was going to be in.
2. When, about fifteen years after being introduced to it, I finally got to know how Mumfie ended.
You see, we only had two out of three of the video releases, so for my entire life, Mumfie ended on a horrible cliffhanger. I looked for that final video for years, to no avail, and had basically given up on ever finding the last few episodes. But in 2020, someone uploaded the whole series on YouTube, and I finally got my happy ending.
Mumfie is a short and sweet adventure series about a lonely little elephant looking for adventure, who inadvertently befriends lonely people everywhere he goes. Seeing it complete closed a hole in my heart I didn’t know I had, at a time when I had forgotten what happiness feels like.
And today, I gift it to you. If you want it, of course.

Love, February


    I still watch the shows I loved as a child. I distinctly remember being in 3rd grade and LOVING the TV show Ghost Writer. I tied a shoestring around a pen that I wore around my neck and had a notebook dedicated to the mystery of the month. I would go and talk my dad’s ear off about my theories and have vivid fantasies about Tina and Alex.
    I still watch episodes from that show at least once every other year. And if you guessed the episodes I rewatch are Alex/Tina heavy you would be right because 30 years later I STILL SHIP THEM. And possibly call people “My little pepperoni pizza” because of Tina in the My Girl Friday mystery. (also the mystery where Alex asked Tina out and she BROKE HIS HEART).
    Im glad you finally found the ending to your show. I’m glad it brought you moments of comfort in a terrible year. No one should have a lifetime of horrible cliffhangers. That’s terrible.


      You know what, I haven’t heard of either of these (not that I expect anyone to have heard of mine, the examples I gave are all very English and some are pretty obscure), but they sound great!
      And what is it about the ships we grew up with that we’re still crazy about them today? I’ve always been a fan of romance, so if the show so much as TEASED a love line (most of it was just teasing) them I was there! 😂


    Oh my, Mumfie!! We used to have one video cassette of this as well. I told my sister-in-law about it and she had no idea what we were talking about. The movie we had feels like a fever dream, but happy to find someone that also watched it!


      OH MY GOSH! I didn’t expect anyone to know what I was talking about! No one else in my life knows about it – I suspect that it’s because a lot of the things I watched as a child were sort of hand me downs from my parents or older siblings.
      Did you ever see the ending as a child?? The show ended with Mumfie and Scarecrow walking into a scary pirate cave as a child, and I had to sit on that cliffhanger for YEARS 😂


        I was also happy to find someone that knows it! I honestly don’t remember the ending! 😅 But, whoa, that is scary and the wait long! Glad you were able to see the end of it!!🙂