Wild theories about Angel’s Last Mission: Love in the comments.


    Wild Theory 1: Yeon Seo’s doppelganger was actually a temptation created by the Devil to seduce Kang Woo away from his angel mission with the cranky artist. Kang Woo fell for it so fake Yeon Seo was “killed” and he was kicked out of heaven. Overcome with grief, he strikes a deal with the Devil that if he makes Fake Yeon Seo’s dream of dancing on stage come true, he can have her back; hence, his obsession with making Yeon Seo a top ballerina.

    Wild Theory 2: There are 2 Aunts. One is Yeon Seo’s real Aunt who keeps trying to figure out ways to slander Yeon Seo’s reputation and steal the foundation from her. The second is the Devil taking on the Aunt’s human form and trying to get Yeon Seo killed so that Kang Woo fails his mission to make her a top ballerina. So Kang Woo’s secret informant and the person who ordered Mr. Jo’s brake line to be cut are both actually the devil Aunt.

    Wild Theory 3: The butler is God in disguise, but everyone will think she’s just Dan and Yeon Seo’s guardian angel until she reveals herself at the very very end with a cheeky “It’s the 21st century. Who said God had to be male?” lol