WWWSK could rise to the level of a classic if they delved more into Secretary Kim finding herself, and flashbacks to their 9 years together. No one cares about this kidnapping case,The Powers That Be!


    *whispers* I care more than I thought I would.

    I would like to see Secretary Kim finding herself and flashbacks to their nine years together too though.


      Haha, sorryy – I was just venting, because I start having questions about other parts of their story, so it’s frustrating when the show shines light on a totally different angle. 😅 I take it back – I hope the Drama Gods give each of us what we want!😉


    I’m cautiously optimistic that they’ll clear it up by the mid-point of the show, because they didn’t draw out Mi-so finding out who the oppa was for that long.

    But I do feel we’re seeing more of Young-joon’s growth than Mi-so finding herself, so I hope the focus shifts to Mi-so more too. So far I’m enjoying seeing them take little steps towards each other, but I’m wondering why their “some” stage didn’t happen earlier. What happened during those 9 years??