Beanie level: Wrongly accused fugitive

This was hard. I should get my memory checked or at least start writing things down. But here it goes:
10% Misaeng
10% Live
10% Dear My Friends
10% Just Between Lovers
10% Extracurricular
10% Reply 1997
10% My Ahjussi
10% Healer
10% My Unfamiliar Family
10% Sky Castle
Honorable mentions: Matrimonial Chaos, Coffee Prince, Children of Nobody, Black Dog, The Greatest Love, Age of Youth, Kill Me Heal Me, Shopping King Louis, Fight My Way, I’ll Go to You When the Weather is Fine.


    Drama chingu here!
    I got 80% 😁
    I still haven’t finished SKY and Extracurricular.


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    10% here (Healer), haven’t seen most of the rest.


    40% here. I haven’t watched most of the shows you mentioned, but I got almost all your honorable mentions 🙂


    Ooh! 60% and 2 of your hons. list! Live is on my watch list.


    Omg 0% for your top 10… and only 3 from your honourable mentions. Got to watch more dramas! 😛


I almost never post on the Fan Wall, but I have to show my appreciation for My Unfamiliar Family, one of the rare dramas that was wonderful from beginning to end. I’m going to miss Sang Shik and his Miss Sook, cheery Eun Hee and patient Chan Hyuk, polarizing Eun Joo and maknae Ji Woo. It was a ride full of miscommunication and frustration but also love and the meaning of family. Now … Please give me a spinoff with Eun Joo and Min Woo.


I did not have the discipline to do this daily nor can I make up my mind that quickly so I’m going to answer these in one post. I’m also too lazy to write explanations.
1. Favorite Kdrama
Misaeng. Just Between Lovers. Reply 1997. Healer.
2. Favorite Cdrama
I haven’t watched very many, but I’ll say Le Coupe de Foudre.
3. Favorite JDrama
4. First Drama Ever Watched
Coffee Prince
5. Favorite Male Lead
Geu-rae from Misaeng. Lee Gang Doo from Just Between Lovers. Dong-man from Fight My Way
6. Favorite Female Lead
Lee Ji-an from My Ahjussi
7. Best OTP
Moon Soo and Gang Doo from Just Between Lovers. Shi Won and Yoon Yoon-je from Reply 1997.
8. Worst OTP
Hye Sung and Soo-ha from I Can Hear Your Voice.
9. Favorite Secondary Couple
Oh Yang-chon and Ahn Jang-mi from Live.
10. Best Kiss
Coffee Prince. Healer.
11. Worst Kiss
Too many to pick just one
12. Drama That You Can Watch Over and Over
13. Overrated Drama
Goblin. Descendents of the Sun. *Ducks* Forest of Secrets. Signal.
14. Underrated Drama
Live. Matrimonial Chaos. Familiar Wife. Black Dog.
15. Best Drama Villain
Um Ki-Joon played a a pretty good villain in Defendant.
16. Worst Drama Villain
Most villains in sageuks.
17. Drama That Deserves a S2
I would watch S2 of Be Melodramatic.
18. Drama with SLS
I don’t think I’ve ever had SLS.
19. Drama with Squad Goals
Special Labor Inspector Jo.
20. Drama that Made You Cry
Live. The Light in Your Eyes
21. Drama that Made you Laugh
Special Labor Inspector Jo. Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung
22. Drama with the Best Ending
My Ahjussi. Live. Misaeng. Extracurricular.
23. Drama with a Terrible Ending
Because This Life is Our First
24. Best Drama OST
“Adult” by Sondia from My Ahjussi. “I Open My Eyes” by Zitten from Just Between Lovers. Auditory Hallucination from Kill Me, Heal Me.
25. Best Drama Family
Byun family in Father is Strange
26. Best Drama Bromance
Reply 1997. Shut Up Flower Boy Band.
27. Drama Cliché You Never Tire Of
Friends to Lovers. Contract Relationships. Handholding. Piggy backs.
28. Drama Cliché you Can’t Stand
Separations during which characters in love forget how to call, text, email.
29. Best Drama Confession
Han Gyul to Eun Chan in Coffee Prince: “I’ll say this just once, so listen to me. I like you. Whether you’re a man, or an alien… I don’t care anymore. I tried getting rid of my feelings, but I couldn’t… So let’s go, as far as we can go.”
30. Recently Finished Drama
Extracurricular. Hospital Playlist.


RIP Kim Joo Hyuk
I just heard the sad news. Season 3 was my first exposure to 2d1n and Kim Joo Hyuk, and I fell in love with both. He seemed like such a genuine person. Prayers to his loved ones.