Watched the first ep of the new Kim Soo hyun show, I won’t give a verdict for now, it uses typical kdrama tropes which was a bit sad to see but the premiere also had some positives. The biggest one being the animation and the stories, things like that really appeal to me. And the next biggest positive was Seo Ye Ji, I just really like her, her character isn’t unique, in fact I thought of IU in hotel del luna in her very first scene but I really love how she acts and speaks, I found myself replaying even the most insignificant of her dialogue, she is just that magnetic for me.
The show can still end up being a train wreck for all I know but the premiere in itself was decent in my opinion. 7/10 for the premiere.
As for the childhood connection trope I feel it got cleared up today, so while the trope is there at least it might not be a last minute reveal to add conflict.