Finished When I Fly Towards You, absolutely loved it, the main pairing is just so nice. I have seen enough Chinese youth dramas to know how the plot will go and these days I thought pure fluff dramas don’t do anything for me and I just get bored. But I was hooked on this fluff youth drama. So below are my thoughts on why it works.

The biggest reason I love this is the cast, the casting for this drama is on point. Zhang Miaoyi knows how to play a cute female without being grating, she is just adorable. Zhou Yiran is charming as the smitten male lead, he has this nice low voice that just suits his character, when you watch the show they absolutely feel like their characters and not actors playing characters. The rest of the squad does a great job as well, for once a cdrama secondary couple is engaging as well.

The next reason is the characterization, tbh I have liked the cute female lead likes and chases the cold male lead romances in the past, these proactive female leads getting a cold guy to gradually love them makes for a fun watch. But there are abundant frequent issues when this trope is played out and again now that I have seen enough of them I have a lower tolerance for these issues in newer dramas with this trope and I am happy to share that WIFTY imo doesn’t embrace those aspects of the trope. Our male lead while being cold is from the start a nice dude. He had his own problems in life that led him to be a certain way but it is nowhere used as an excuse for him to be rude to others and the female lead, he is just a quiet and nice guy. Female lead is very much her own person, she likes the male lead a lot and just goes for it but in no way is she portrayed as someone dumb, she is actually a very self aware girl aware of her strengths and weaknesses, confident and logical too basically I loved them both. Additionally they both have good chemistry with each other so I wasn’t bothered with them getting together in ep 19 out of 24.The final episodes are full of fluff but I liked them together so I didn’t even get bored with the typical fluff scenes.

Lastly, it is a drama that is nice to watch aesthetically, and has a very comfortable pacing, a job well done by the people behind the scenes as well.

I am not saying this drama had no flaws, it has some things I would still tweak but I don’t want to nitpick something I enjoyed so much, so definitely a recommendation for the beanies from me, if they are into cute romances.


    this show has a strong resemblance to It started with a kiss, specially FL’s acting just so similar to Ariel Lin’s, except not annoying… AL was quite annoying in first few episodes..

    This is classic High school drama of every year.

    The writer for this and Hidden love is same


      Definitely a classic storyline and a familiar story to most of us but I think this one worked cause they made the personalities use in the trope more palatable to a modern audience and like I said I loved the cast. A good cast that has chemistry can often make classical and familiar storylines work.


        i am agreeing, but we get this agreeable HS story almost every year.. for this year it is this.

        I am watching the drama, liking it.. but not exactly waiting for every next episode.. that makes me think how much a cast’s chemistry etc can do wonders (Vs Hidden Love.. and all other- romance dramas no matter the genre that were released in last few years)

        anyways, cheers to good stuff.. hope they keep coming