Who else nearly didn’t survive yesterday’s episode because of the cuteness overload from our Brahms OTP?

Whilst watching this scene, I couldn’t help but notice Joon Young and Song Ah’s text interaction. It’s clear that they have been messaging for a while and honestly, I had to translate and share with you beanies.

JY = White, SA = Yellow

JY: [first few words were cut off] I went to the rehearsal room.
SA: Wow. Even on the weekend, it seems you are working hard.
JY: It’s nothing. Lol. Well anyway, after practise ends in a bit, I will contact you when I’m heading home!
SA: Ah ok ok! Good luck with your practise.
JY: Song Ah, are you home?


    They sound like they’re dating!!!


      Even if not, it’s clear that they are comfortable with each other. Hehehe…I’m hoping after Song Ah tells him that she doesn’t want to be “just friends” today that they will move onto dating. LOL but shall wait and see how the episode unfolds and whether Jung Kyung does any sabotaging.


        Thanks for the translation. I screenshot that and was planning to use Google translate for it. 😛


    IKR! SO CUTE!!!!


      Like I really don’t mind if we cut out all the side characters and have a whole hour of them. I’m sure there is even cut scenes to use, since I noticed in the Taeyeon ost MV that there was so extended parts from previous episodes.