Love All Play had done it! Made me hate a female lead… the first ever in a kdrama for me and mind you, I have been watching shitty dramas, mediocore dramas, good dramas and great dramas since 2007!

So when I say, i disliked a FL… i dont say it lightly!

I disliked Taeyang in this Ep 13 so much it surprised me. All I could think was that, Taeyang only went back to Taejun bcoz Jungyoung msgd her? So she wouldn’t have gone back if not?

Ok, here I go once again! Taejun deserves someone far better, someone who will put him first rather than someone else’s happiness. Like Taejun said “She love Jungyoung more”! And he doesnt need to be that, when all his life he lived in his sisters shadow.

For gods sake the boy didnt even know his knee was hurting… he looked broken and ready to give up everything and I hated seeing him so lost. And for what? Why did he have to suffer in all of this when he didnt even do anything wrong? Huh!!

I hated the ending of this episode. I wanted Taejun to just walk away from Taeyang… for he didnt deserve all of this. Somehow for the first time yet again, I hated a reconilation of ML’s in kdrama. Seriously, Love All Play had done the unthinkable to me.

I badly wish this drama had the ending of 25-21 instead of a HEA…

*End of rant*


    Wow, I bet you are glad you got it off your chest, looks like you were like me you couldn’t wait for the recap to post your reaction! Do you think you will stick with it, pause or walk away completely?

    Tae joon is a special kind of man who has carried a lot for a very long time. I was concerned then he said that his issues with the family were down to him and his reaction to their gift/behaviour and I wondered if this was part of him trying to make sense of why he was considered less than by his family. It was just as much a red flag as Tae yang asking for sex when all she needed was a cuddle.

    I know very few men are shown with this level of hurt its usually the female lead carrying it usually as part of the noble idiocy badge of honour. His acting is on point and he has captured the emotional pain perfectly even his nemesis Jung hwan and sister are concerned about him.


      Sorry for the late reply, but only 2 more episodes to go, so I will stick around and finish it off… the magic of this drama I felt in the initial episodes is long gone. I am only sticking around for Taejoon. And yes there were no lines from his character talking about his pain and hurt but CJH have done a fabulous job of portraying it on screen.