I love 7DQ ep 3 so much. And teen Chae-Kyung too. And the cinematography. And the music score. AND THE CRUSH.
Show, please be good until the end, will you?


    Sentiment shared! I love the child cast, the music, the cinematography, and the character building so much that I am afraid to be burnt like I have before with saeguks when the adult storyline start to unfold and become irrevocably makjang in the worst way.


      I can completely relate. I’ve been burnt more than once in the past where I was blown away by the child portion of the story only to be let down by the writing for the adult part. With 7DQ being a melodrama I’m bracing myself for the worst, since we’re doomed for angst and tears. Let’s just hope that the angst won’t be manufactured and that the writing will carry itself well, since I have trust in the cast for their acting.
      In the meantime, I still remain cautiously optimistic.