The King Finale
I think this gif pretty much says it all ( sort of)…

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    I’m happy we got the fairy tale ending, after all. I was smiling the whole time we were shown what everyone was up to.
    That was the best part.

    I don’t understand why it was only TE who retained her memories. Was it because she was in the in-between place while the reset happened? But Yeong seem to remember too? I won’t really understand the entire process of the time travel and time loop elements. And Yo-yo kid is another confusion still, even at the end. As a non-geek, I’ll just sigh, shake my head and roll with it.

    As for the love story… *sigh* it was cute and all but practical me questions how they are going to deal with the weekend dates for the long term. *double sigh*
    I had expected for things to go the way it happened for Lady Noh.

    I’d say this drama is really unconventional from start to end. I think if we look at it this way, then it kinda makes sense? I still enjoyed it when I could just ignore the parts that didn’t make sense.

    Oh did you guys notice the dates and captions? I think someone has been checking on Beanies’ comments lol.

    Okay, I’m so ready for WDH’s new drama and if they can get KKN to star in it too, that would be fantastic.


      Yes! Thank you to whoever read our pleas for captions with dates. I felt pretty smug for predicting a time skip and happy ending lol. I still expected it to have a bit more umph.

      I did enjoy seeing what everyone was up to after the reset though it didn’t make sense. I actually discovered facial expressions I didn’t know I had watching this drama. For example, I can genuinely smile but have my eyebrows raised incredulously, like when PM was shown in jail and Luna visited her.


        “…discovered facial expressions I didn’t know I had..” I could relate to this lol.
        The jail guard (PM’s secretary) had me ROFL at that scene.


        I feel smug too. I said it from the beginning that there are many parallels but many disagreed and some just put my theory down. Turns out there really is multiple parallels and even extra with different versions of Taeul. Ahahahaha

        Anyways…I feel that the trouble they had to face from beginning to ep15 was unneeded. The feel of ep 16 was very different compared to the rest of the series.