Finally I have time to watch The Last Empress ep 15 & 16 with subs…

and here’s my thought
– yeaah Oh Sunny !!… words cannot describes how satisfied I am when she grabbed yura’s hair and thrown her 😈😈 Badass Sunny is da best
– All the slap that happened in this episode 👍🏻👍🏻 esp from Halbamama to Yura .. two slaps is not enough 😅🙈
– Wang shik ah… Sigh.. I will wait n see
– Orishin is Empress Sohyun’s father!!
– This show never failed to make me laugh and speechless.. first scene between the princess and wang shik 😂😂 idk why but that’s funny for me.. and when Halbamma throws her wig(?) and start to scold n kick the emperor.. I mean that was a serious scene but the way they filmed it is also hilarious for me 😅😅
– the intruder.. that was a CP/vincent lee right?
– Are you really killed Halbamama show??? 😭😭😭 my primary suspect is Yura, second close is queen dowager
– and Lee hyuk is really stupid .. before he controlled by his mom.. and now by Yura.. he thinks he is the one with the power, but he doesn’t realize Yura already manipulating him..
– next week episode will gonna be hard for Sunny ☹️ stay strong girl! 💪🏻