365: REPEAT THE YEAR, Ep. 7 / LA BOUM (1980) / SUNNY (2011)

Clip from SUNNY (2011)

@18:45, as Det. Hyung-jo gives Ga-hyun an earphone to… (MORE)



    @18:45, as Det. Hyung-jo attempts to give Ga-hyun his earphones, oldie “Reality” by Richard Sanderson plays in a spoof of the 2011 movie SUNNY. It’s a great coming-of-age flick with terrific music, set in the 80s and 25 years later when the characters reconnect in mid-life.

    In the clip, middle-aged Na-mi anonymously delivers a package to the proprietor of a music room, where she sees his son, who is the spitting image of him at 17. It triggers a flashback of her teen self going to give her unrequited crush, disc jockey Joon-ho, her pencil portrait of him, only to see him putting his Walkman headphones on another member of the Sunny gang, lighting her cigarette — and smooching her. After adult Na-mi leaves before Joon-ho can open the package, she encounters her broken-hearted younger self and comforts her.