Joo Jin-mo, vocal & geomungo: “Ssanghwajeom” [“A Frozen Flower”]

Here’s the story behind the song: (MORE)



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    Joo Jin-Mo has a wonderful singing voice! He and Zo In-sung both play geomungo in the movie, while Song Ji-hyo plays bipa.

    English lyrics can be found in comments by (1) RemusKingOfRome5, 5 years ago; (2) +magusia333 You’re welcome, 3 years ago. There are Romanized Korean lyrics, too.

    Here’s the story behind the song, which is actually a poem, “Saengmokin [(Semu), or ‘colored-
    eye people’] Bakery,”
    aka “The Turkish Bakery.”

    With the Mongol armies came the so-called Saengmokin (Semu), or “colored-eye people”, this group consisted of Muslims from Central Asia.[184] In the Mongol social order, the Saengmokin occupied a position just below the Mongols themselves, and exerted a great deal of influence within the Yuan dynasty.

    It was during this period satirical poems were composed and one of them was the Sanghwajeom, the “Colored-eye people bakery”, the song tells the tale of a Korean woman
    who goes to a Muslim bakery to buy some dumplings.[185]”

    See also: ”Ssanghwajom” (“The Turkish Bakery”) in Lee, Peter H. “Popular Poems in the Koryo Dynasty as Described in the Koryo Sa and Akchang Kasa.” Oriens Extremus 5, no. 2 (1958): 202-27. [p. 217 (PDF pg. 16 of 26)]

    Note: In the same article are entries for two other poems/songs that have been used in the soundtracks of several sageuk dramas and films:

    1. “Chongsan pyolgok” (“Song of the Green Mountain”) on p. 218 is sung in SIX FLYING DRAGONS as a solo by Byun Yo-han and as a duet by him and Lee Cho-hee. It is also performed by Yeonsangun’s court musician, Wolhamae (Hwang Suk-jung), who sings a version of “Song of the Green Mountain” aka “Green Mountain Special Tune” during her final performance with her bipa Ribbon Friend in ep. 29 of REBEL: THIEF WHO STOLE THE PEOPLE.

    2. “Gashiri” (“Would You Go?”) on p. 219 has been sung by Song Ji-hyo with bipa (Korean pear-shaped lute) accompaniment in A FROZEN FLOWER. I thought I’ve heard it in another film or drama, but have been unable to locate it.

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    Song Ji-hyo vocal & geomungo: “Gashiri” (“Would You Go?”)

    Hangul & English lyrics in comments by Lyn Ngo, 6 months ago [as of 10/10/19].