Favorite Movie
I watched a couple of Kmovies this year, not necessarily from 2020, but ones that caught my interest. With its Oscar win, Parasite is definitely the most memorable. I am a bad kdrama reviewer, and the worst movie critic, bit its accolades speak for itself. My brother and sister watched this with me and enjoyed it too which makes it even more memorable.
Other movies I watched:
-Kim Jiyoung-Born 1982
-I Can Speak
-My Bossy Girlfriend
-Swing Kids


    I loved Parasite, although I think it’s very literary and there are aspects of it that I don’t completely grasp. I also like Swing Kids!

    I think the only movies I’ve watched this year are movies involving Yoo Yeon-seok.


      I agree! I talked a lot with my brother and sister after Parasite, and even read articles on interviews and such to understand, but I forgot that all now😅.
      I liked Swing Kids too, but clearly I had no idea what the movie was about since I was so shooketh at the end!