#2023 Roundup
Day 10 – Your 2023 Crush

I wanted to focus on my 2023 Kdramas for this roundup, but my 2023 Crush is from a Cdrama and has to be the male lead of Meet Yourself, Xie Zhi Yao. He was such a thoughtful person in general to his grandma and friends and neighbors, but the way he approached his relationship with the FL made him go to the top of my list. I liked the actor before in another drama, but I don’t even remember the other character anymore, I just remember him as Zhi Yao!


    Zhi Yao (Li Xian) was universal boyfriend goals. I think we should give him the prize of Boyfriend of the year.
    He is “Mother Bean”‘s favorite male character in Dramaland EVER for a good reason.


    Li Xian has that quality and aura about him that makes his roles so relatable and feel like they’re ppl you could and would meet irl— Xie Zhi Yao is the most apparent of them all with this quality


      I agree! He does have that vibe that makes you like him!