I just finished Unlock My Boss. Thoughts about the ending in the comments.


    I was really enjoying this show until they killed Mapi. After that, the show seemed much more dark and serious.
    I can’t believe how unsatisfactory the ending was. I wanted to see Kim Seon Ju wake up and get to spend time with his daughter. Couldn’t we have gotten more than just his eyelids flickering?
    I also wanted to see his reaction to Park In Seong having become President in his place. Would the real Seon Ju approve of AI Seon Ju’s decision?
    It would have been a nice bookend to end with In Seong and Se Yeon taking Min Ah on a camping trip for her birthday a few years later and then her dad shows up to surprise her.
    I’m glad that In Seong got to return to acting since it was obvious that was what he was most passionate about. But, as other beanies pointed out, what happened to the company? Who took over in his place? I thought it was going to show that Seon Ju had woken up and returned to his rightful place since In Seong was acting but then Seon Ju was still in a coma.
    Overall, the show was enjoyable but the ending left a lot to be desired.


      I’m wondering if Park Sung-woong wasn’t available for filming? Or possibly it was planned as a 16 parter and they only got 12 episodes so they cut the plot sharply down to 12? Either way, it was a very unsatisfactory ending for what turned out to be quite an enjoyable drama. Although thankfully I never invested in it too deeply or I’d be very let down.


        I feel like they didn’t really need more time. They just needed to use the time in the last ep better. Even a good epilogue could have given it a satisfactory ending.


        I ended up writing my own ending since I wasn’t satisfied. I posted it in the recap post but I’ll include it here too.
        In Seong calls 119 and the paramedics are able to save Mapi. Mapi has put a tracker on Seon Ju’s hospital gurney so they are able to track his location.
        Blah, blah, blah… stuff happens and Oh Mi Ran gets arrested thanks to In Seong, Se Yeon, Mapi, and AI Seon Ju’s teamwork.

        Two years later, In Seong, Se Yeon, Nanny, and Mapi take Min Ah camping for her birthday. They light the candles and sing Happy Birthday. Minah blows out the candles and makes a wish. As she opens her eyes, she hears footsteps approaching the campsite. A shadowy figure approaches the fire. As the firelight flits across his face, Minah’s eyes light up and she shouts in delight “Daddy!”

        Two months ago:
        Kim Seon Ju woke up in a strange room. What time is it? Had his alarm not gone off? It was broad daylight. He should have been at work hours ago. Who was this guy sitting by his bed?
        “Boss! You’re awake!” the young man cried. Boss? He didn’t remember hiring this kid.
        “Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Park In Seong.”
        “Who are you, Park In Seong?”
        “Well, sir, I’ve been taking care of the company while you’ve been… in a coma.”
        “Coma? How long have I been in a coma?”
        “About two years, sir.”
        “TWO YEARS?!?”
        “Yes, sir.”
        “And /you’ve/ been running my company? How did you end up doing that?”
        “Well, sir, that’s kind of a funny story…”
        Seon Ju didn’t speak but somehow he heard his own voice.
        “Yes, it’s rather a long story too. Shall I call Se Yeon so the three of us can explain together?”

        In Seong, Se Yeon, and AI Seon Ju explain everything that happened to real Seon Ju. Seon Ju watches all the videos of Minah’s interactions with AI Seon Ju over the past two years so he can see what he missed.

        Seon Ju decides to surprise Minah by showing up to her birthday party in perfect health. He receives rigorous physical therapy for two months to prepare for the big day.

        Minah’s birthday:
        Montage of fun camping scenes: making smores, telling scary stories around the campfire, singing songs, etc.

        Seon Ju returns to his rightful place as the president of Silver Linings.
        Seon Ju hires Mapi as Minah’s personal bodyguard.
        In Seong returns to acting and becomes very successful.
        Se Yeon continues as Seon Ju’s secretary.
        In Seong and Se Yeon get engaged and ask Minah to be the flower girl at their wedding.