So, today I had the chance to be in the audience in the local version of I can see your voice ( I think it is the 3rd season). It was pretty interesting but naturally you cannot go pee or have a snack or anything, almost 4 hours. And the assistant director was constantly pushing the audience for more and more reaction, like im gonna burst if I do more, my hands hurt and I did feel silly at times. But it was all right, I´m used to doing all the odd stuff as an extra, a TV show is like vacation – but could have used a pee break all the same!

What is funny, is that I knew 3 people from the ones participating. A fellow textile artist, a marine, that I talk to on Instagram, and a young guy who has sang in my dads´choir. It was pretty easy for me, but the council and the players were hilarious. We don´t have the new system yet with all singers lipsyncing at once and also the players who guess are regular people not stars, the star sits with the council and sings the duet. It is so odd that the only rapper in the council is getting it right way more time than the singer, the actress or most of the guest singers. He just reads people well, maybe it is his street smarts? Today, the guest singer was Alika Milova who represented us on Eurovision this year. She has a really powerful voice and she got to sing two totally different but really cool duets.

Im not entirely sure it is not by script because some things were really suspicius.

The show is quite popular but never once have they referenced the Korean original or included any homage to it. A bit disappointing. But I guess they want to make it Our Own Show in a way.