We recorded this ep just as the Park Hye-soo news broke, so that’s the story we discuss. We’re in the middle of planning a special episode on everything else (esp the awful Ji-soo revelations), so keep an ear out for that in the next week or two.


News and updates:
02:00 You’re Beautiful: email from Kristi
04:24 “Adversarial Banmal”
07:45 Park Hye-soo bullying allegations, Dear M postponed
23:13 Star writer Kim Eun-sook ascends to executive creator of new show

26:38 Mouse (see ep.85!)
27:04 Navillera
30:13 Monthly Magazine Home
35:00 Joseon Exorcist
40:55 Oh! Master (Oh My Ladylord)


    I like the image used… 🙂

    Feeling (physically) very crappy lately so can’t wait to listen to this when I get off work! Also very interested to see what you have to say in the next podcast after all the terrible Ji-soo stuff.


      Wow I wonder why you like this entirely random image of some random (VERY EXCELLENT) dude! 😂

      Aww I’m so sorry to hear about the crappiness! Please take it easy and use your spoons carefully and I hope you feel better quickly!

      Also very interested to see how this episode turns out – we’ve got a special guest and we’re taking a slightly different angle on the topic. Look out for it! I’ll probably post it here either way, if I haven’t passed out in a corner, exhausted by the editing of it 😅