Hi beanies..It’s been a long time since I wasn’t here .But wasn’t watching anything.RL was too exhausting but now that I have peace lol I’m back and I love this year’s dramas already. I started with Reset and I’ll recommend every beanie to watch it. Time loop cdrama done perfectly.
Then started FLAW for PMY but hmm kinda dissappointed I don’t know her character looks the same as Secretary Kim and Her private life.The concept is good but i cannot connect to the leads. I don’t feel the chemistry btw SK and PMY. Anyways the show is major rating hit so congrats to them but it’s on hold.

But 2521 has all my heart now.I Went for kim tae ri stayed for hee do ,her struggles and her fierceness.I’m loving everything about her.Nam joo hyuk has surprised me.He is doing amazing.Everyone is doing so good ,i can totally understand the hype well deserved. Also I’m liking 39 except the pairings lol I’m up for their friendship.And lastly Grid which has Seo kang joon and its pretty good until now.


    I watched Re-set too! Very well made C-drama. I have a minor gripe with a plothole, but otherwise loved it!