Not gonna lie, I’m extremely dissappointed, they really butchered the FL’s character just like that, huh? The first break up was justified a bit cause she did need time to process her newly regained memories and all that. But this? She went back on her words and it was all pointless 😒
It really was her habit of running away when things get hard, but what was the point of her still running away this late in the game? Where is the character development??
I mean I would have been fine if she left because she needed to save her career and they still attempted a long distance relationship or something. It’s not that hard?

At least the cinematography was still pretty great. The last scene was nice, even though I hate how we got there, I love that they managed to incorporate all of the signature colors in one scene:
– Their signature colors on each side of the road – Yellow on her side and Blue on his side
– Green trees – combination of yellow and blue – representing them as a couple
– Her red car – calling back to the times love coming into his life
Point is, that last scene accompanied by the amazing OST did hit me right in the kokoro, so they still have some of their mojo left, I guess (I still hates the stupid writing tho)


    So, my two cents – I don’t think they butchered here character terribly. (For the record, I hate noble idiocy.) I think that Ha-jin left not because of how hard it was, necessarily, but because I think for the first time she was really aware of how impactful memory was to Jung-hoon. It’s like she said when she left him that last time – she didn’t want him to remember her crying. She knew that if they were together now it would be harder for both of them. And maybe they could weather that storm, and the next one, and the next one. But they would also be piling bad memory on bad memory for him. Whereas she and others forget – he can’t. He was able to move on from his first love, but we know he can’t forget her. We know that even if they are happy, he can’t forget the hard times after Seo-yoon’s death too, even if he has moved on. Add to this that the nature of the gossip will force him to confront the one thing that he has finally been able to put behind him. It’s reopening a nearly healed wound. By leaving him, completely, Ha-jin makes it so that both sets of memories – theirs together, and his with Seo-yoon – are untainted by this “scandal”.

    Unlike before, where she was fine with people talking about her, we see that Ha-jin has grown from the start of the drama; in the beginning she didn’t care who got caught up in scandals with her, or how they were affected, and was totally selfish. Awesome for not giving a crap, yes, but selfish too. Here she can protect the memory of her friend and the man she loves by removing herself, for now, from the picture.

    I don’t love it, but I get it. Plus, we still have 1 episode left for things to wrap up.


      Thank you, you putting it that way makes me feel a little better about the development. I just wish they tried to explain her intention a bit better? The dialogue in the farewell scene was confusing, my first reaction after the scene was just baffled, what I got from the scene was that she got scared and opted to run away. They had just agreed to weather the storm together like half an hour ago! Idk, the fact that she didn’t tell him about her leaving herself and the dialogue in that scene just make me think she was being wishy washy.

      Actually, to me, I expected them to spend time apart. Both their jobs were in jeopardy because of their relationship, not their faults, just the cruel fact. He’s already resigned, she’s losing all of her casting offers, if they stay together, I don’t think they would be at peace without any guilts and regrets. So her leaving to work abroad was a sound decision, her budding career in Korea was crumbling, and working oversea where no one cares about her private life is a sensible plan for herself. They spend time apart, building their career back up and get back together in a healthy manner. If the drama let them have a discussion and come to a decision together, then it would have been fine, the result (her leaving) would have been the same AND it would be in line with the healthy nature of their relationship.

      I do agree with your point about her growing from being selfish. I never thought about it that way actually 🙂

      Overall, I thought the break up could have been handled better. I’m still looking forward to the finale, hopefully they can wrap this up well enough 🤞


        I hope we get a bit more from Ha-jin’s perspective too, because I do think it was a bit sloppy in its execution. I think that one of them was going to put the brakes on the relationship but I also think that Jung-hoon had less at stake – he could still work in Korea, just not in front of the camera. It would have created problems in the relationship, and I think both of them knew it. He didn’t tell her until after he resigned because he knew she would blame herself. And she didn’t tell him she was leaving herself because she knew it would look like she was running away from him. Instead she did things on her own terms, and took control of the narrative in the only way she could. It would be unfair of her to ask him to leave his work in Korea. And no matter where they were, they would be criticized for being together and that would create more cracks in an already fragile relationship. I think Ha-jin did what she did so they didn’t drag the process out and create resentment. So there was really no winning.

        I love how much this show drama on the idea of memory – both how it can endure, and how it can fade, and how both can be painful but also comforting. I think that was part of what this separation was. While Jung-hoon can never forget his first love, he can let it fade a bit and choose to fully live in the present and love Ha-jin wholly. Ha-jin forgot her best friend, and she needed time to reconcile and heal from those memories, to take away the taint of the ending and recover the happy memories. I think, had there not been a scandal, they could have done these things together. But because there was, it would make both their memories of a woman they loved become tainted by the insinuations around them, even though they were untrue.


          Yes, the seperation can be sensible if the execution was better. I have just rewatched Seven Day Queen and I couldn’t help but compared it with FMIYM. In SDQ, they did a great job helping the audience understand the seperation, gosh, I wish FMIYM could have done the same. They can do it, they have been handling JH and HJ relationship so thoughfully, so much that I’m dissappointed at how sloppy this break up was done.

          It was inevitable that some sort of scandal was going to happen since they’re both public figures, the Kdrama writers just couldn’t help themselves. It’s cruel, isn’t it? No matter how you look at it, the facts really make them look bad in front of the public and tainted their memories of SY.

          Again, there so much they can do to make the break up makes sense, they just failed to do it properly. I blame the rush filming really, they just filmed that break up scene last Tuesday!! Less than 2 days before airing. No wonder it was sloppy.


    I’m still a few episodes behind but yeah the cinematography with the background colours is so good. The representation of greens and reds didn’t strike me, thanks for sharing this!