I AM MAD. I finally met one of those rude, unreasonable people from legends and that person is my neighbor just two houses down.

Our neighborhood have A LOT of dogs and owners who do not pick up after their dogs relieve on the lawns and “road verges” (that strip of grass between the sidewalk and road). I notice and I always make sure to pick up after my dog because it’s respectful and responsible.

So I just took my dog walking and that neighbor got out of her car to yell at me for a few days ago letting my dog relieve himself on her road verge (I never let me dog go onto someone’s front lawn itself). She immediately was hostile and said she will call the police. I told her I always pick up after my dog and she kept going on about not doing it on her lawn and again ended with threatening to call the police.

If you hate it, okay I get it. I’ll drag my dog pass your house so he won’t do it on your precious strip of grass, but don’t start by being an asshole already. I wasn’t aware of your preferences but I don’t think I was doing anything illegal. I will respect your wishes if you just ask. Why can’t people communicate without being so rude? Also don’t blame the feces of other irresponsible dog owners on me.

I walk my dog daily but being that self-conscious and insecure person, I don’t even want to anymore because I will pass by their house. Now I wonder if the other neighbors feel as hostile especially when they see me with my dog and it’s bugging me.


    Don’t feel like that.
    If you’re picking after your dog, you’re doing right and you should not really care for what others are thinking.
    I guess that neighbor just saw you once and decided it was your dog the one who annoys her.
    There are people like that in the world, who are offended by everything and that will accuse you of being the reason to be offended, just like a bad baddie in a bad Kdrama.


      Thank you for your kind words. I’ve been fuming but also sad and it really helped.