Some HPL 10 thoughts:

— I know PMY is the chemistry fairy, but this is getting out of hand. I am ready to declare this the sexiest couple of all time.
— Her bestie: “Don’t confess to Ryan.” “Don’t tell Eun Gi you’re dating.” Girl, I love you, but you give terrible advice.
— I wish so much Eun Gi had always just been her brother. I love the moments when her and Eun Gi tease each other playfully. And I loved the scene in this ep when the three of them are on the couch commiserating and supporting each other—I wanted more of these moments and less love sick (and pushy and boundary-ignoring) NotBrother things.
— On Eun Gi, I give credit to the actor for making me feel sad for him even though I mostly wish he’d hop on the nearest flight to Australia. (And take Di An with him).
— As much as I love Ryan for realizing why she was hiding, and for being forthright enough to admit he knew all along, I am a little disappointed Dok Mi wasn’t the one to reveal her fangirl side to him. It would have been a nice bit of character development for her to own up to that on her own.

And then of course, there’s the crinkle smiles.


    All hail crinkle smiles. And thank you for that gif!


    I think the friend’s advice of Don’t tell Eun Gi was more about being Eun Gi’s friend than Deok Mi’s at that moment. She’s kinda stuck between the two.

    I was disappointed in Deok Mi for not revealing herself because the second Eun Gi put himself between her and Ryan as someone who likes her hiding behind him was wrong, not to mention bad for their relationship.


      Yeah, you’re right as to the why. But if you try to make two people happy, neither will end up being.

      Yeah, agree. It’s not good for the second day of being a couple. She has some growing up to do as far as her fan life goes.