Beanie level: Jang Geu-rae

W two worlds – Season2 – Four worlds.
Kdrama screenplay.


    Thank you for sharing the link to your blog.
    Obviously I have never read a screenplay before, leave alone a visual screenplay (wow) but it is exciting and I am up for the challenge. 😀
    The pictures, details and instructions provided are mind boggling.
    The sheer amount of hard work that you have done is simply amazing.
    I am enjoying the ride and will be sure to comment from time to time. As of now I don’t have much to say but I will be sure to pop up in your notifications from time to time.
    I would like to thank you once more for sharing. Hwaiting!


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      Hi. Thanks for your interest in the project.

      Maybe you reference to the reading tips? Here:
      I’m not motivated for writing article, but wanted to do one for any website. Because many people write (their own stories or fan-fiction). And korean screenplay format is great. Only, I had never the time to do it. But this reading tip page is finally the most of what needed. Just they are additional informations about visuals.

      Episodes 1-13 are 25 minutes screentime each, and use full TV illusion with images. Only it was too long too make. And also, the writing isn’t the best about accuracy. Of course, I can remove sentences, when we see the actors on a picture. Also, it shouldn’t have so many lines when same actor speak (but it’s ok for producing the TV illusion).

      Episodes 14+ are 40 minutes screentime and much more accurate screenwriting. It’s still visual, but without actors expressions. So, the parentheticals are more used. And you see the examples of korean screenplays (official ones), they do it like that (minus pictures).
      (why there are 13x25min was because of TV illusion, and it’s a lot of mess I regret and don’t know how and when I could fix that)

      It’s quite long to tell why I did that visual or choose screenplay rather than traditional fanfiction. But of course I didn’t want to have the fanfic feeling. I want the reader live it, exactly like watching it on TV, like a real drama, and with a real crazy plot. Plus, I have always audience in mind (and I’m my first audience), so visual ergonomy is important. Reading should be fast and easy, so easy that you forget you are reading. It’s why the writing style don’t have much style and is simplistic, so you can forget the words (but screenplays are often like that).


      Ah! I see “Bring It On, Ghost” in your drama list. I like a lot this drama.
      Kim So Hyun is one of my darling and so… you’ll see her in a perfect role in W2. 😉
      I don’t even know how make drama lists on dramabeans, and for a reason I don’t know, the website is very slow on my computer. But the site is so great with the recap, rating and so many good articles. Because it’s more easy for me, I often go on MyDramaList. Here my profile:


        If you go to a drama link / recap on DB there is a favourite button on top right. It you click on it, it becomes “favorited” and gets added to your shows on DB.
        As more experienced Beanies have explained it doesn’t necessarily need to be ALL dramas you have ever seen just what you feel resonates with you.
        I do visit MDL but I don’t have a profile on it.