So, this is what happens on your balcony when you can’t get over CLOY…

Before watching episode 16 I had absolutely no clue you could grow edelweiss in a pot. I thought these delicate little flowers would exclusively grow on meadows at alpine heights. But after seeing Se-ri successfully raising her cute edelweiss I totally wanted to have one, too. When the drama ended, I did some research on the web and got three tiny baby plants. Kudos to Se-ri who kept patiently telling hers ten nice things every day. She must have done this for months, because edelweiss grow pretty slowly and are literally late bloomers. I gave up doing it quickly, because it felt just too bothersome. Nevertheless, they were raised with lots of love (for the drama). I’m still surprised they came out so beautifully. Their fluffy petals are just too adorable!