Best Use of Tropes: I mean, if you’re going to use tropes, be My Demon and just go all in. Some shows try to pretend they’re above such things, even as they fall back on the same tired plot beats (My Dearest, cough, cough), but My Demon knows exactly what it is and adds swirling flower petals, excited sprinklers, swirling seas and flying cakes in a over-the-top trope ballet. I’m expecting the clouds to part and a choir of angels to be singing by the end and I’m here for that.

Best Subverted Tropes: I’m giving this award to the Chinese xianxia comedy The Starry Love. It takes the good twin/bad twin trope and completely turns it on its head, with two sisters who are both equally badass in totally opposite ways and who, instead of fighting with each other, team up to protect their men and save the world. While the cast is young and the acting levels and production values are all over the map, this is one show that never shifts its focus from its female leads and never brings in the guys to rescue them. It’s also pretty funny as well.