Freestyle: Favorite Show of the Year

This is probably no surprise, but that would be Twinkling Watermelon. It’s a show that reminded me of all the reasons I started watching k-dramas – their focus on characters and relationships, their unabashed commitment to their emotional beats, and their ability to combine exuberance and joy with clear-eyed explorations of the darker sides of humanity.

I also want to give a last-minute shout out to The Matchmakers, which did all these things as well, and ended up being my second-favorite k-drama from this year.


    For long stretches in the year it seemed as if there were no engaging watches. Then towards year-end come these dramas which jump right to top 10 favorites ever. 😃


      Yeah, it definitely seemed like a year where a lot of the good stuff was packed into the last few months.


    Yes I watched A LOT of J-dramas as they are so short they are such a great binge watch. I added some classic C dramas to this years binge list too because of the tumbleweed. Suddenly in the autumn everything came out sometimes we had two shows on the same night.