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Dal Ja’s Spring: Episode 6
by | March 4, 2007 | 13 Comments

Episode 6: “Show Must Go On!”

On the rooftop, Crazy Wife walks along the edge, to the alarm of bystanders, firemen, office workers, everyone. Dal Ja pleads with her to calm down — she’ll do anything Crazy Wife wants her to do. If she wants her to quit her job, she’ll quit. Dal Ja and Eom Ki Joong have already decided not to date, but Dal Ja apologizes profusely anyway.

Crazy Wife starts to fall, and Dal Ja lunges toward her…

And it’s fairly clear Crazy Wife was bluffing, because who commits suicide off a building rooftop by falling backward toward the building?

Unfortunately, Dal Ja has tripped, and Crazy Wife falls on TOP of her…


Meanwhile, Tae Bong, having been caught by the pimped-out old guy in the last episode, awakes to find himself handcuffed inside an office (kinky!) (if only).

Dal Ja is discharged from the hospital with neck and rib injuries, and goes to see the Wife, who’s busy faking her own bodily ailments (come on, she landed on TOP of Dal Ja, ergo she had cushioning to save her from her transparent attempt at attention-grabbing — er, sorry, her aborted suicide). But because Dal Ja is a good person, she feels appropriately guilty and repentant.

Back in the office, everyone’s curious as to what will become of Dal Ja. She’s affected the image of the company, whose client base is mainly middle-aged married women who value marriage and are angry at finding out the company employs such an immoral and wanton female. Imagine a cadre of delicately affronted middle-aged hypocrites with pitchforks chanting for the head of one witch to satisfy their bloodlust, and that’s the situation Dal Ja finds herself in. Figuratively, of course.


On top of that, Dal Ja’s sunbae, Soon Ae, is also upset with Dal Ja. Sae Do defends Dal Ja — she’d already decided to stop seeing Eom Ki Joong, and this isn’t her fault. But Soon Ae blames Dal Ja for being stupid enough to start with a married man, which is why she’s in this situation now. She tells Dal Ja she’s sorry, but she’s married and has a kid; she’s got to be on the side of the marrieds here.

At Dal Ja’s apartment, Dal Ja’s mother stops by to see the obscene graffiti sprayed on her door by Crazy Wife last episode. It reads, “Die, bitch! How dare you steal my husband?!” etc. Dal Ja’s mother gets to work scrubbing the paint off the door.

A disciplinary committee descends upon Dal Ja’s department to determine the consequences of the incident. Appropriately, they are all black-suited, stern-faced, judgmental middle-aged men.

They demand that Dal Ja “take responsibility” for the event, whatever that means. Dal Ja can only sit there and take the scolding, unable to beg for forgiveness or defend herself.

But to everyone’s shock, Seon Joo comes to Dal Ja’s defense. She lays down the gauntlet: If they fire Dal Ja, she’ll terminate her contract with the company. Her program and the products she endorses are always among their best sellers, and that’s because Seon Joo is able to sell them with full confidence, because she trusts Dal Ja. If they were to remove Dal Ja, she will no longer have faith in their ability to choose sound products. It’s kind of an awesome defense — cool and business-like, with nary a weak “female” emotion in sight.

In any case, they’ll lay down their decision by the end of the week. Outside, Dal Ja thanks Seon Joo for standing up for her, but Seon Joo snaps back at Dal Ja: How could she just sit there and take that from those men? Why doesn’t she assert herself, defend her position, and do more? Does she care so little about her job? She stood up for her because she thought Dal Ja was a pro.

Dal Ja sees Seon Joo’s point, but is reluctant to give up her last bit of dignity by begging.

Tae Bong is visited by Grandfather Pimp, aka simply his grandfather, who is not a pimp but merely armed with too much money and bad taste. It turns out Tae Bong is running from his grandfather because his family is insisting he work under them, and Tae Bong refuses; he’ll live his life his own way.

Grandpa gets upset and rails at Tae Bong, but is interrupted by the appearance of Tae Bong’s mother, a woman who is so shrill and pampered it’s a wonder she comes off more amusingly quirky than annoying. Really, she’s funny. And sad.

Tae Bong sits down to a chilly dinner with his mother, grandfather, and father (with whom he has some unresolved friction).

That night, Dal Ja’s mother asks if anything’s troubling Dal Ja at work, but Dal Ja lies and says everything’s fine and wonders what her mother is doing there. Her mother says there was some kiddie graffiti on her door, so she cleaned it up, deliberately avoiding telling Dal Ja what the graffiti said.

Sae Do goes to Eom Ki Joong’s place to drink, while Seon Joo goes to Dal Ja’s.

Both parties end up at a club, where Dal Ja figures out that they’d planned it to get Dal Ja and Ki Joong together. They wanted Dal Ja and Ki Joong to talk things out and see where they stand, in light of recent Crazy Wife-related events. But in any case, they take advantage of the opportunity to let loose a little and have some fun bonding moments on the dance floor.

Tae Bong sneaks out of his parents’ home, but is caught by his grandfather. Tae Bong insists he will live his own life, and surprisingly, rather than insisting he stay, his grandfather lets him go.

At the office, Dal Ja runs into a pissed-off Crazy Wife, who slaps her and says that she knows she’s still seeing Ki Joong. Dal Ja had said she would quit; what does she think she’s doing? Crazy Wife threatens her, saying that the next time she meets Ki Joong, they both die, and stalks off.

Dal Ja runs into Tae Bong, who mentions the graffiti on her door. Dal Ja’s horrified to realize that her mother must have seen those words, and is ashamed of how she must have hurt her hard-working mother…

…and goes to see Crazy Wife in the hospital. But this time, she is not meek and subservient; she’s got her game face on.

Dal Ja tells Crazy Wife that if she’d just stuck to tormenting Dal Ja, she was prepared to accept it all, as penance for having gone out with her husband. But Crazy Wife had to mess with her family. Dal Ja’s lived her whole life proudly, and worked hard to be a daughter who’d never shame her mother. And because of Crazy Wife, her mother had to be dragged into this. So next time she messes with someone other than Dal Ja herself, Wife had better be prepared to bring it, bitch. (I’m paraphrasing.)

And finally, Dal Ja approaches the men of the disciplinary committee for one last appeal. She tells them she wants to stay at the company; she’ll take full responsibility in whatever way they ask her to. But she’s given your youth and energy to doing her work well.

She surprises everyone by kneeling down in front of them, as she realizes: “I’m 33 years old. I’ve learned how to lay down my pride with honor.”

13 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Jessica

    Is kneeling as a form of penance still done in Korea? It seems the Japanese do it as well.

    I know the Chinese don’t do it at all. I remember there was an uproar awhile back when a Japanese company in China made employees kneel if they made a mistake.

    The Chinese workers refused and protested and in the end the Japanese company relented and changed the practice there.

  2. javabeans

    I don’t know about kneeling as penance, but in this particular instance, Dal Ja’s gesture is more of a humbling gesture — she’s supplicating to her superiors, showing them that she cares so much she’s willing to lay down her pride. Because Koreans are also huge on pride, it’s a grand gesture. If she were kneeling in penance, i.e. a form of punishment, that wouldn’t be cool.

  3. denise

    hi. i hope you get to finish the summaries of the dal ja’s spring episodes (7-12). i had fun reading them, although this is already being shown in the philippines. can’t stand waiting for the next episode to be shown. salamat (thank you).

  4. cjgohan2003

    Favorite episode. The best thing about Dal Ja’s spring is the way they handle the issue of pride. Having little money and less love, DJ’s only posession she has is pride in her work, and in herself for becoming succesful without haggling for a man. There’s something moving in that final scene, when she’s willing to give up that very thing she’s held onto. And yet she does so with grace and poise.

    “I’ve learned how to lay down my pride with dignity”. Ah, what would seem like an oxymoron makes a whole lot of sense through her point of view. which is why I’m absolutely in love with DJ.

  5. saeip

    so im rewatching this drama but i wanna watch only the lee minki parts. did you recap ep 7 to…?

  6. Amanda

    ooooh, Go Soon Ae annoyed me so much in here. Partly because of her cheap reason of defending the nutcase wife because she’s a fellow married woman and why can’t people remember than IT TAKES TWO TO TANGO? a home wrecker doesn’t exist without the the guy whose home she’s wrecking.

    especially when dal ja didn’t even know! AND especially since the wife is NUTS.

    w/e. i marathoned 6 episodes today. i guess i’ll just go and continue.

    • 6.1 PetraLorre

      Ditto. Not sure how going on one lousy date with a man, without running a full background check on him first, makes Oh Dal Ja a homewrecker.

      • 6.1.1 Aiji

        Agree to this 100%. Crazy wife should torture her husband is all I’m saying, not Oh Dal Ja. Oh well, there has to be this story twist for this romcom to exist.

  7. sajor

    the part where the 4 of them is in the bar is cute

  8. daisy!

    i love how much the characters are changing and how we can see their dynamics, especially dal ja. shes completely changing how she use to view life and i love that she does it with dignity and respect. to others and herself.

  9. kdwkyah

    im in love with this drama now! ive recently become obsessed with “ahjumma” dramas and the whole noona love story. I think what makes these dramas special is that they are slightly more realistic than your conventional rom com and the main character (being over 30 years old) is usually smarter and more understandable!

  10. 10 mox

    Yes! So glad someone else is watching this years after it aired! I love the show but am so frustrated no one is taking Um Ki Joon to task for his actions. He hid the fact he was married! An affair does not take place unless two people are involved. He needs to bear some of the responsibility.

  11. 11 jichangwooklover

    Are there no recaps of episode 7-12?
    Some beanies recommended me this drama so I’m finally catching up to this in 2016. So far enjoying it. Especially Dalja’s parts with her spare tire 😍
    Anyways I heard this drama was the first to be recapped here and I must say dramabeans really has come a far way! 👏

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