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Que Sera Sera: Episode 11
by | April 22, 2007 | 59 Comments

I generally like using funny screencaps, or at least face shots, as my introductory image, but for some reason, this one stuck out to me today.

So in contrast, here’s a happy song. It’s not that today’s episode is wrenching emotionally, or even sad. It’s more realistic with a slight bent of melancholy. Because of the realism. But I mean this all in a good way. This episode feels like, as Hye Rin tells Eun Soo (about something else, of course): “It’s not coincidental so much as it’s inevitable.”


Blue Sorbet – “Satisfy Me” — I’d heard of this group last year and tried to find more of their music, to no avail. I didn’t know why there was so little available about them, until I saw that their first album was just released this week. [ zShare download ]


Eun Soo hears Tae Joo’s announcement — that he’s going to marry Hye Rin — in a way that seems surprised and yet not at all surprised: “So in the end, it comes down to this.”

Eun Soo: “Well, it would be hard to turn down becoming the son-in-law to a business tycoon (chaebol).”
Tae Joo: “I’m sorry, for being someone who can only amount to this.”
Eun Soo: “What’s there to be sorry about? This is just the extent of your love for me. And, I’ve learned that my life is one without a future. So I’ll find a future… fine. Have a nice life.”

With that, Eun Soo leaves Tae Joo at the table.

…and comes home to do some house chores. Over the sink, though, she breaks down into sobs, and the director denies us a close-up as Eun Soo cries out her pain in the corner.


Hye Rin confirms to Joon Hyuk that she and Tae Joo are marrying. Joon Hyuk can’t believe it, but Hye Rin tells him to accept it (and stop calling Tae Joo “that guy” or “that punk”), because they’re going to become one big happy family. Maybe light on the happy.


Hye Rin and Tae Joo visit her parents again, this time seeming more coupley than in the past. When Hye Rin’s mother insists upon a formal engagement (Hye Rin just wants to go ahead with wedding plans), they’re about to get into another argument when Tae Joo cuts in and tells Hye Rin to do as her mother wants; it’s not that big a deal for her to have an engagement party even if she doesn’t want to. Hye Rin gives in, and her mother says with mock-disgust that her daughter is impossible — being so stubborn with her mother, but yielding completely with one word from her fiance. But Hye Rin notes that she can tell her mother likes Tae Joo too, judging from the way she’s already addressing him as “son-in-law.”

Despite everything that’s happened, I think Hye Rin and Tae Joo make some sense as a couple, and I kinda like them together — he can handle her in a way that nobody else seems to know how to, not even Joon Hyuk. Her parents also acknowledge Tae Joo’s skills — and if any of this had come about naturally, who knows, maybe they could’ve had a decent shot.

Hye Rin: “I’m so glad you came back.”

Now that Hye Rin has fallen for him genuinely, she’s relinquished some (all?) of her control. Since Hye Rin just wants to be happy, she isn’t pushing Tae Joo around so much, and the power has shifted in their relationship completely the other way. (And it surely won’t last long. It can’t.)


Back at his own apartment, Tae Joo sees his basketball and is reminded of the past, like when he tried to avoid Eun Soo after their elevator kiss:

…while Eun Soo simultaneously also recalls their other memories together…

And because they’re trying to rip our hearts out, the song “Two Hands” plays (file posted in Episode 8 summary) as Eun Soo remembers how they held hands in bed, as the song narrates:

“Don’t go, don’t let go of these two hands that hold you…”

“So I can treasure you forever,
don’t let go of my hands…
Little by little, I feel myself moving toward you,
Hold onto my two hands…”

Tae Joo cries, knowing fully what he’s giving up yet giving it up anyway.


When her mother asks why Tae Joo isn’t around these days, Eun Soo tells her they broke up. Her mother: “But you said you loved each other! You were even talking about marriage! That man seemed to really care about you. Wasn’t that so?” Eun Soo: “I guess not.”

Their conversation is interrupted by the apartment owner, who’s arrived without notice to show the place to prospective new tenants. Taking that as their cue that they’re being kicked out, Eun Soo tries to find a new apartment, but can’t find anything in their budget. They’ll have to look in another neighborhood for something they can afford.


Joon Hyuk tells Eun Soo that she can come back to the department store as a regular employee. It’s nice to see that his bitterness has faded, and he’s back to his nicer self. He asks if she’s all right about Tae Joo’s upcoming marriage, and she says yes.

Eun Soo: “Because I followed my heart all the way through, I can’t regret anything. It’s like you said. Thinking, ‘Ah, this is where our fate ends’ seems to be the right answer. It’s not so difficult. I can handle it.”


Hye Rin and Tae Joo go shopping — a suit for him, and an engagement dress for her, after which Tae Joo meets his hyung for drinks.

His hyung calls him an awful bastard, changing his mind so suddenly.

Tae Joo: “There’s a difference between merely looking at items through a store window, and being able to have everything. I didn’t even think I could have this in my dreams. But the opportunity came, and I’m not letting it go.”
Hyung: “Were you always like this? You weren’t exactly thoughtful of others, but you weren’t inhuman.”
Tae Joo: “You’re right, I am an awful bastard. Was I ever a good bastard?”

Tae Joo then asks for a favor — no matter how horrible a person he is, his hyung has to do it, because Tae Joo has nobody else to ask.

Hye Rin enters the company as a director in the MD section (buying), while Tae Joo’s been promoted to VP of the sales planning team.

Tae Joo: “I think we’ll be seeing each other more, even if we don’t want to.”
Joon Hyuk: “Well, I can’t stand the sight of you, so make sure to stay away.”
(more accurately, make sure to “get lost” or “screw off”)

Hye Rin looks over her new team roster to see Eun Soo’s name. She appeals to Joon Hyuk to have Eun Soo transferred, but Joon Hyuk merely asks, with scorn: “Did you come to this company to work, or play? Are you going to involve your personal feelings in work?” This was the company’s decision, not something she can just change according to her whim.


Joon Hyuk is called by his company superior, whose name seems to be simply Mr. Choi although I may have missed it earlier. Joon Hyuk doesn’t want to drive a wedge into his relationship with President Cha, to whom he owes a debt of gratitude, and asks Mr. Choi to stop before he starts anything. He’s the one who’s been sending Joon Hyuk those photos, hoping to jog Joon Hyuk’s memory.

To that, Mr. Choi says: “You were there at the scene when your father had his accident. You shouldn’t feel indebted to President Cha. I’ve always thought that was the reason he took you in. That day, your father was to meet the supervisor at that location, but he got into an accident. You may not know what you saw that day, but one thing’s for certain. It gave you a shock severe enough to cause you to forget that entire day.”

Joon Hyuk stumbles out in a daze, putting the pieces together, and arrives outside Eun Soo’s door. Drunk and distressed, he envelops her in a hug, asking her stay that way, just for a moment. Right now, he hates the world — he finds it horrible and awful, and it angers him.

Joon Hyuk: “Aren’t you angry? Don’t you find it maddening and unfair?”
Eun Soo: “What are you talking about?”
Joon Hyuk: “Come to me, Eun Soo.”
Eun Soo: “Why are you doing this?”
Joon Hyuk: “Let’s pretend what took place in Singapore didn’t happen. Let’s think of it as a bad dream. Nothing’s changed between us.”
Eun Soo: “How can we pretend something that happened didn’t? And I—”
Joon Hyuk: “—love Kang Tae Joo?”
Eun Soo: “You’re very drunk. Please go home.”
Joon Hyuk: “You were using me from the start, anyway. I knew, but went along with it. So… keep using me. Being used by others is something I’m used to.”

(Rip out my heart, Lee Kyu Han, why don’t you?)

Eun Soo doesn’t want to discuss this, and leaves him out in the hall.


The next day, Joon Hyuk gives Eun Soo the heads-up that she’ll be working on Hye Rin’s team, and asks if she’s okay. If she really wants, it may be possible to transfer her. But Eun Soo assures him that won’t be necessary. She’d been interested in being a fashion MD from the start, and this is a great career opportunity. “You told me before that working here isn’t a joke. I just want to focus on my work.”

Joon Hyuk also apologizes for his behavior the night before — but not for his words. “I wanted to lean on you. You were the only person I could think of. I’m sorry for being drunk and acting that way. But I was speaking the truth.”

Eun Soo hurriedly interrupts and gets up to leave… but then turns to face him: “I know you meant what you said. But… I’ve already hurt you too much to accept. Don’t give your heart to someone like me.”

Since she couldn’t get Joon Hyuk to do it, Hye Rin brings Eun Soo in to tell her to change departments, especially since Eun Soo herself finds it uncomfortable.

Eun Soo: “How many people in this world can only work comfortably? I’m not in that position.”
Hye Rin: “Are you saying you’re fine working with me?”
Eun Soo: “No, but not to the extent that I’d give up a job I like. And given our positions, I doubt we’ll see each other much anyway.”
Hye Rin: “The more I look at you, you’re really something. I wasn’t intending on saying this much, but since the topic’s been brought up, I’ll ask you one thing. Did you absolutely have to work at this department store? Even with Joon Hyuk and Tae Joo here?”
Eun Soo: “There was nothing I could do. I have to make a living. But Director Cha, you might not understand that.”

I get the feeling Hye Rin is both impressed and bothered by her statements. At lunch, she wonders why Eun Soo stubbornly refuses to transfer. She dislikes that they’ve all become entangled together (…and who started the tangling, missy?).

Tae Joo tells her to leave it alone. If Hye Rin finds the situation difficult as the daughter of the company owner, it’s that much harder for Eun Soo. “If she says she’s fine, then you should act like you’re even better.” Tae Joo tells her he’s already made his decision to be with her, but Hye Rin can’t help feeling uneasy.


Tae Joo’s hyung tries to persuade Eun Soo’s mother to do something, which is not specified here. Eun Soo’s mother resists, saying Eun Soo has always forgiven her foolish mother for all the stupid things she’s done in the past — but she wouldn’t forgive her for this. She can’t do it. But the hyung tells her mother that’s why they’ll keep it a secret.


At the office, Eun Soo attempts to be polite and (distantly) friendly. Tae Joo inquires how her work’s going (not bad, she’s still training as a new employee), how Ji Soo’s doing (much better), and how her mother is, before Eun Soo tells him nicely but firmly, “Supervisor Kang. Thank you for your concern, but please refrain from personal questions. They make me feel a bit uncomfortable.”

Tae Joo exits on his floor, but pauses for a moment before turning around, and rushing to catch the doors before they close —

Tae Joo: “Then don’t smile like that when you talk to me.”
Eun Soo: “Why not?”
Tae Joo: “I don’t like it.”
Eun Soo: “In training for new employees, we were instructed that employees should always smile at customers.”

And then, Eun Soo says at the last minute, just as the doors close on her words (in a stroke of timing brilliance) —

Eun Soo: “Oh, and congratulations on your promotion.”


Mr. Choi tells Joon Hyuk he wants to bring him on his side. Joon Hyuk asks what exactly it is he wants him to do. Mr. Choi says that it’s not quite appropriate to defy President Cha openly, but first he wants Joon Hyuk to earn the support of the board of directors.Joon Hyuk may only be the CEO in name, but if he helps Mr. Choi, he’ll make World Department Store truly Joon Hyuk’s.


Joon Hyuk asks Eun Soo out to dinner, using the story that everyone else forgot his birthday to persuade her. Eun Soo apologizes for not getting him a present, but Joon Hyuk assures her there was no need; he’d lied to get her to come out on a date with him. He normally doesn’t bother with birthdays, and the last one he had was 17 years ago. His father cooked him the traditional seaweed soup that morning, which tasted awful. Later that day, he died in the accident, and Joon Hyuk never cared to celebrate after that. “I never thought I’d talk about this. I thought talking about it would be too painful, but strangely, telling you feels safe.”

As they walk home, Joon Hyuk recalls the last time they walked like this — the night he told her that if she just closed her eyes and denied the truth to herself, over and over, things would get better. “I’ll take those words back. I’ve found it doesn’t work for some things. No matter how much I tell myself to let go of you, it doesn’t work. Eun Soo, you’re that kind of person to me.”

Joon Hyuk: “Please stay by my side. Even if you don’t love me, as long as you don’t hate me, stay with me.”
Eun Soo: “I don’t know why you…”
Joon Hyuk: “It feels warm. You’re the first person to ever make me feel warm inside. So just having you next to me makes me feel like my body will melt away. It’s the first time I’ve wanted to lean on someone. I’ve always thought I was a strong person. Maybe it’s because of you, maybe not, but lately I keep faltering. I wish someone would take hold of me, so I don’t stumble. Eun Soo, hold onto me. I love you.”


Eun Soo goes to pay Ji Soo’s hospital fees (an amount just over $4,000), only to find that they’ve been paid. And now we can be fairly certain that this was the favor Tae Joo asked of his hyung, the thing he had to convince Eun Soo’s mother to agree to.

(Despite the gesture, I really don’t believe that Tae Joo chose to marry Hye Rin specifically so he could do this. He is SO not that noble. I’m sure Tae Joo could have scraped up that amount somehow without Hye Rin, if he truly wanted. I see this as more of a “one last parting gift and consolation prize” gesture — since Tae Joo can’t do any more for her, he can at least do this.)

Eun Soo asks her mother how she got the money, and her mother uneasily lies, saying that the owner of the hair salon where she works heard about Ji Soo and took pity. Since Eun Soo’s mother was such a loyal employee, she lent her the money.

Ji Soo asks Eun Soo what really happened with Tae Joo. They were so crazy about each other… How can they just end things so suddenly? Ji Soo says Eun Soo’s been dumped really thoroughly this time. Eun Soo: “It makes me feel bad when you say it like that. Let’s just say I let him go. If he likes her more, what can I do?” Ji Soo wonders why Eun Soo seems so fine about it all — it’s so different from the last time she was dumped — and Eun Soo tells her she’s come to her senses.

Eun Soo: “I used to think love was something really remarkable. But I’ve found it’s nothing special. It’s so unstable.”
Ji Soo: “So what are you trying to say?”
Eun Soo: “In a word, it’s all a lie.”


Delivering a presentation for bringing her designer clothing brand (Chat Chat) into the department store, Hye Rin experiences what it’s like not to be treated with favoritism when Joon Hyuk criticizes her proposal as being underprepared. Tae Joo comes to Hye Rin’s aid, offering possible ways to make her proposal viable, and Joon Hyuk accepts his ideas as good. Afterward, she asks how he can be so harsh when it’s her first presentation, and Joon Hyuk says that’s the kind of treatment all other employees get — next time, she should be prepared. And he also explains that he’ll be late for their dinner meeting…

…to which he arrives, with Eun Soo.

At everyone’s surprise, Joon Hyuk introduces Eun Soo as the woman he’d mentioned before, the woman he’s been seeing.


Additional thoughts:

Regarding Tae Joo’s decision to go back to Hye Rin… There are a lot of ways to interpret it, and you can probably tell from my summary that I’m not inclined to cut Tae Joo any slack for acting out of noble generosity. Oh, he may want to help Eun Soo and give her money for her sister’s bills, but he’s still taking the easy way out, and his priority is still himself.

Here’s how I see it: Ignorance is bliss. Tae Joo used to be perfectly content, living out shallow romances and having lots of fun. He expressed his life motto to Hye Rin in Episode 4: “Life is short. Have fun before you die.” (His variation of “Life’s a bitch, and then you die.”) Not knowing what he was missing — genuine love — he felt no shame in that lifestyle. So now that he’s faced with the possibility of losing material comfort for the sake of love, he’s trying to convince himself he can go back to the way it was. Love may be great, but in his life, he’s much more familiar with hedonistic, selfish pleasure — and no matter how great love seems now, it must seem awfully intimidating to give up the lifestyle he’s known his entire life for the suggestion of something great. Neither side gives guarantees, but at least he knows what he’s in for when he picks Hye Rin.

It’s like that one story I heard, which I don’t even like and is probably overused (which means you may have all heard it too). I forget the context, but the crux of the story is thus: A man crawls along in the desert, dying of thirst. He comes upon a well, beside which is one bottle of water, with a note. The note says, “There’s unlimited water below — but the pump needs to be wet down with water first. You must pour this entire bottle of water down this well, but in return, you can draw up all the water you desire.” If you don’t trust the note, you can drink the one measly cupful of water in the bottle, trusting in what’s in front of you rather than what is promised you. But if you do so, you’re denied the rest.

Okay, it’s a fairly cheesy story, and pretty pedantic too. But the point is: Which would you choose? Myself, I don’t know. But I sure know which one Tae Joo picked. But — and this is what Tae Joo has yet to learn — some things aren’t reversible. Just like you can’t un-know something you know, you can’t experience love, then pretend you didn’t. That love affects you, and if you turn your back on it for other things, you do so knowing what you’ve given up.

—oh, and I mean none of this condemningly, of Tae Joo. I feel like Que Sera Sera is really about Tae Joo, and no matter how charming or lovely Eun Soo is, she’s still there as a part of his story. The director’s done such a wonderful job of getting us all in the characters’ heads, that I don’t feel I can judge any of them. Not until the story’s over, at least. Because we’re there with Tae Joo as he makes these horribly misguided decisions, I can’t hate him.

Initially, I was a bit nonplussed at the latest developments, wondering if we were going around in a circle in these relationships in territory we’ve already traveled. I wasn’t sure if I was fully behind these movements, because we’ve come so far that I didn’t want a repeat of the old fake/misunderstood/jealousy routine.

But I don’t think that’s it. I don’t think what we’re seeing now is the same thing as before, chiefly for two reasons: (1) This time, the feelings are real. They’re all laid out on the table for everyone to see. Everyone knows who loves whom, who wants whom, who’s trying to get over whom… In the first half of the series, each relationship had varying levels of transparency — people were fooling others, and fooling themselves. But that was QSS version 1.0. We’re now entering QSS version 2.0, where (2) These four are therefore making their decisions with their eyes wide open, with full knowledge of what they’re doing. That’s almost scarier. Oh boy, are they in for a big fall or what?

59 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. yeli

    Girl, i love your summaries….and I agree with you, I can’t hate TJ, at least not YET…

    • 1.1 Dramafied

      I’m hating on Tae Joo big….him being all rapey n now acting all happy at being called Kang son-in-law is making him out to be quite a douch,just saying.

    • 1.2 Dramafied

      I’m hating on Tae Joo big time…him being all rapey last episode n now acting all happy at being called Kang son-in-law is making him out to be quite a douch,just saying.

  2. ginnie

    Eun Soo is so calm that it is eerie. She cries but you don’t see her face. She cries but she smiles at the same time at the memories. She really really really loves Ajusshi it is no kidding.

    It is nauseating because of all these horrible thoughts going through my mind. It gives me the creeps and makes me feel like tearing out my heart because it is so repulsive. So scary. What if Ajusshi really hurt her to the point of no return? He did break her once..can he break her again after taking away so much from her?

    I don’t want anybody to die, Sarah…but Eun Soo is not normal..her reaction is too calm. She has no anger.

    I am so afraid that I can’t watch the following episodes…I just can’t bring myself to.

  3. TB

    I really like the song, a lot, something like between Nouvelle Vague and Basement Jaxx (by the way, you should check out them 2 too, they’re awesome).
    So, get to the point, hihi, can you tell me where can I get Blue Sorbet album (even the name of the band is sweet!)?
    Thank you for the great caps, as always.

  4. Lam

    omg out soo fast i love u javabeans

  5. marchy

    wow…thank’s for the summary Javabean..
    You are so kind…
    Poor Eun Soo….
    Hope she finds a good man for her…..:)

  6. trendy

    great summary, i totally agree that TJ is not that noble in wanting to marry HR for the money for JS. he so did for his own goals in life. how did this drama start off so light hearted and lead to such scary roads that i don’t think any of us can predict. man i did not expect this drama to take this path, i thought it would just be a comedy. it’s still good in my eyes, but i’m just not as confident to say that there’ll be a happy ending as i was in the beginning after seeing the drama take this dramatic turn.

  7. docmitasha

    Never a weekend without a surprise!
    I think ES grew with her short love. The first time she took it like a rejected girl, which is not bad, its more raw and its when she didn’t think pride mattered in love. But now, the fact that she’s calm and the director doesn’t show us the bitter rawness of her emotions but more of her more matured, calmer, wiser thoughts, shows that she has grown now. I think love and relationships teach us as much as they take away from us when they don’t last. I can relate more to this ES than the one who kept running after Ahjusshi, you know? Because she’s kind of coming to a lot of realizations about love and life. When TJ said those words, she immediately felt, I think, that this guy will always be a bastard no matter how much I hope otherwise, and so she took it as a matter of fate, which is really something. I mean, every man can be like that, a blessing and a horrible bane. So she realized that this is how far its going to go and she needs to go back and pick up the pieces, and so she’s doing it with a lot of grief, but controlled grief. Because you can’t forget the memories either. So while an episode back I just felt like I could never ever relate with this character, 10 and 11 are changing my mind as she’s changing too. I have more respect for her and her strength.
    I agree with you, Javabeans, that it is ultimately TJ’s story and we’re watching him dig his own grave, and we just have to admire the complexity of the character they’ve made. TJ is running away from the first true feelings he’s ever really felt, thats really caught him in his most vulnerable moments. Everyone wants to run away from something that threatens to expose who they really are to themselves, right? He’s very real, I think, I’m still very angry at the whole attempted rape thing, but I think its true that each of these characters have a lot of flaws, which makes them completely believable. Each of them gives in to basic, animal emotions and then tries to redeem themselves. Even while its TJs story, I still think the director’s subtlety in the development of everybody else is really wonderful. I love the first screenshot, it fits perfectly with the entire episode, and especially I think with ES’s journey.
    Thanks :)!

  8. jade

    WOW! THanks again for the summary!

  9. javabeans

    TB, how funny you should mention Nouvelle Vague and Basement Jaxx, since I first heard of Blue Sorbet through the kdrama SOULMATE (which is awesome!) — and the show, which features a fantastic soundtrack, prominently uses songs from both NV and BJ.

    As for Blue Sorbet, I tend to collect things here and there surfing around so I don’t exactly remember where I got it, but you can get the full album from http://us.yesasia.com/en/PrdDept.aspx/code-k/section-music/pid-1004772820/ if you want!

    ginnie… you’re scaring me with your worries! I do see what you’re saying, though I hope that’s not what they’re going to do… Eun Soo IS a bit too calm. I suppose you can chalk that up to either maturity or fearsome possible mental break. lol. Funny how it’s so hard to distinguish.

  10. 10 doozy

    yes, i agree. Eun Soo’s reaction to the break up is odd. it’s interesting how Eun Soo tells everyone that she’s fine, that she can easily let go of her relationship.

    regarding the fable, I actually haven’t heard that story before. But that’s a very accurate analogy to Tae Joo’s situation. Kudos, javabeans.. very nicely put.

    It also made me think about what my choice would be if I were in that particular situation. Unknowns and uncertainties are scary, and so are regrets. I’m thinking about it for a while now and I still don’t know which path I would choose.

    with the way the story is going thus far, I don’t want Eun Soo to forgive Tae Joo, even if eventually, he chooses love over material wealth.

  11. 11 ginnie


    I am scaring myself with my worries. Kid you not, I really was feeling sick to my stomach after some really terrible things came to my mind. I truly hope I am wrong because I know I won’t be able to watch this ever again if things turn the way I feared.

    What are your thoughts of why Eun Soo reacted the way she did in this episode? I kind of don’t get her reaction. Is this maturity? I need help…to get over the images in my head. I really hope you could share some light ..because all I see now is Eun Soo’s shadows in your first cap.

  12. 12 javabeans

    ginnie —
    oh no!! I -totally- did not mean to use that cap in that way… I actually saw it as a pretty shot with its light/dark silhouette showing Eun Soo’s momentary isolation, NOT a descent into madness and/or despair! But I just looked at the cap again and great, now I’M freaked out.

    my take on Eun Soo’s reaction was that she was reacting in self-preservation, as well as awareness of reality. she took tae joo back knowing he was capable of that kind of violence and coldness, but believed that their love would prevail. and now, she’s gotten a cold slap in the face by reality and is hardening herself — kind of like joon hyuk advised and how he’s done in the past. Joon Hyuk has shown himself coolly capable of compartmentalizing his feelings (regarding Hye Rin, at least), which is the mark of a good businessman, I guess. But i think he runs the risk of becoming entirely jaded — he obviously has issues of self-worth as well, with his “I’m used to being used by everyone” statement.

    so i saw Eun Soo’s reaction as a mix of mature realism, but maybe pushed a little further into the realm of cynicism.

    i reaaaaally hope they don’t push her too far. because, like you said, she seems like she could be broken, at least by Tae Joo. but i’m hoping she won’t let him.

  13. 13 ginnie

    Oh shoot..I didn’t mean to get your freaked out as well! I really thought you were hinting some element of darkness with your cap! However, I am glad I interpreted it wrongly. Imagine coming to your blog with these scary thoughts to find the Eun Soo enveloped in darkness…I thought I’d go crazy at that moment.

    Like you, I sincerely hope that the writers spare Eun Soo and spare us from tragic endings that do not serve any purpose except leaving us in shock. I don’t want to be shocked at the end of Que Sera, Sera and be left with a taste of bitterness in my heart. I want to be able to go back and enjoy the moments in QSS no matter if they are bittersweet or not. I don’t want to feel just bitter about QSS.

    I am hoping that Eun Soo is stronger than everything and everybody. She is the level-headed one and will remain to be. I really hope so.

    If anybody should descent into madness, I’d much rather it be Tae Joo.

  14. 14 ay_link

    Sarah, that is one awesome choice of shot! Love it. It speaks so much not just the mood of the scene, but artistically done oh so beautifully. I can just imagine how many takes they did to get the right lighting, right mood, right camera angle, etc. hehe!

    And btw, I love LOVE LOVE your choice of songs, as always! You seem to like jazzy tunes also, no? =) Jazz ROCKS. hehe..
    Watching QSS has made me go back to my jazz collection and just… chill. ;]

  15. 15 lala

    i sure hope they dont fall back into the jealousy circle, and i agree how things are now different… but what else can they do? i mean, isnt one of them going to become at least a little jealous? isnt that sort of human nature? and if they do, its back into that cycle. i really wonder what theyre going to do next, but they dont show previews …
    thanks for the recap!

  16. 16 [email protected]

    The ending of episode 11 is a catalyst of what is gonna to happen to all 4 characters. Eun Soo’s acceptance of Joon Hyuk implies something sinister, as if she may just take revenge of Tae Joo’s betrayal, yet again. On the other hand, Tae Joo will not be able to accept Eun Soo being with Joon Hyuk, and may descend into madness, just like What Happened in Bali.

    This drama is so unpredicatible, it went from comedy to drama, and may even turn tragic.
    It is such a great drama as there is character development from all 4 leads. From how it has been headed, I don’t think it will come out fine at the end. Something bad gotta happen.

    Thanks Javabean. Your insights are always thought-provoking and your song selections are always so fitting.

    It will be another 6 days before we see episode 12. Can’t wait!!!

  17. 17 doozy

    the more i think about this episode and the way it’s filmed, i appreciate QSS even more. for example, as mentioned by javabeans and ginnie, the scene where Eun Soo cries in her kitchen speaks great volume, even without any dialogue. She weeps for her broken relationship but she weeps alone, with her back facing the audience and no close up shot, as if to tell us that to the outside world, she looks “fine” but the truth is, she’s suffering and she’s enduring all the hurt by herself without confiding in anyone. Gosh, that makes me sad.

    I hope, hope that Eun Soo will come out of this okay and that the intro screen cap is not a negative foreshadowing of what’s to come.

    The screen cap is a lovely shot, javabeans. So thank you, for sharing it with us and don’t feel bad about “scaring” us. Heehee.

  18. 18 doremi02

    Thanks Javabeans for the summary.
    I feel so sad after seeing this episode.
    no hope at all.

  19. 19 Joey

    I too thought it was very weird how Eun Soo is handling the break up since it came soo sudden for her just when she started going out with Tae Joo. I can see how Ginnie might see a little darkness to all of this. I especially find it disturbing as well but it does some how make sense to me after seeing the last scene of Eun Soo’s entrance to the dinner table starring at Tae Joo. There’s just something very omniscient about her facial expression…kinda scary because it also looks like she’s smirking and saying “I’m back, you can’t get rid of me–i’m gonna avenge my broken heart….” Hopefully ppl don’t go crazy here as there is a thin line which separates sanity from insanity!

    On the lighter note, I love the direction of how this storyline is developing! It makes you ponder how you’d respond if you were in Tae Joo’s shoes–take the stability and wealth knowing you’d be taken care of for the rest of your life or be with the one you love having to live by pay cheque by cheque…

    And as for your analogy, it’s my first time hearing it as well. If I was in that position I’d probably use the water to wet the pump because either way if you drink the water bottle and don’t drink it only to use it to get more water but there isn’t any, you’ll still die–one water bottle can’t save you!! I love taking risk and you’ve just gotta trust your own decisions! Anyways enough said, I quite enjoyed this episode and THANKS soo much for your summary and insights–love reading them as always! Also LOVE the song selections as well~!

  20. 20 Marzy

    ahhh.. ive been waiting for this. i havent gotten the chance to read all day but thanks!! 🙂 i love the song and the pics. ur after comments, i agree with what you said. its all about TJ himself, what he needs and that he is going back to that life. i think that for him its all for self preservation.. i felt so bad for ES in this episode especially in the scene she was talking to JS..
    “Eun Soo: I used to think love was something really remarkable. But I’ve found it’s nothing special. It’s so unstable.
    Ji Soo: So what are you trying to say?
    Eun Soo: In a word, it’s all a lie.

    So scared for the next epies, so anxious too. I feel antsy. i want Tj to realize his mistakes. i cant say i will say bravo to him for what he did. i dont find it at all a nice gesture, a saving gesture. im disappointed that this was all he could muster up, i thought he could at least do better. i know he may suffer too but i want ES to show him that she can grow up and move on. make him realize, and also make him feel. i feel that in the end, the inital partners might not even be the same. sigh.. in for a long week ahead of waiting… ahhhhh!!

  21. 21 kwfong

    Allow me 2 give my 2 cents worth. I dont think ES wld freakout n kill someone or everyone (as in WHIB), it wld be an open ending where TJ n HY will hv 2 live to regret the decision they hv taken. Of course, JH will get his revenge against Pres Cha n bring down the chaebol, making HY penniless and landing both, JH n Pres Cha in prison.

    The romantic in me wld want TJ 2 grow up in facing his love for ES n together, TJ n ES will salvage whats left of Pres Chas company. By this time, HY wld b in depression n TJ cannot leave her for ES. So all of them wld be left pondering over what they hv done to themselves.

  22. 22 ????

    ?????? ????? ??? (http://gall.dcinside.com/list.php?id=queserasera) ?
    ???? ???? ???? ???-
    ?? ??? ?? ???. ??? ??? ?? ??? ??? ? ???.
    (?? ???? ???? ? ???? ???? ??? ?? ?????.)
    ???? ?????? ?? ???? ????? ?????????,
    ?? ??? ?????^^

  23. 23 ariesw

    Was quite content to just lurk around but your intelligent, witty and insightful summaries irresistibly invite discussion so I’ll jump in.

    I think the story is also all about Eun Soo as much as it is about Tae Joo. Indeed, I think the title “Que Sera, Sera” is all about Eun Soo’s philosophy in life. Going with the flow and following her feelings believing that as long as she holds on to all those she loves, all will be well; including the future (no matter how uncertain it may be). It’s a very romantic view of life viewed through rosy lens but this philosophy is now tempered with Eun Soo’s experience with Tae Joo which has also made her more grounded so she now learns that one can’t just hope for the future and tells Tae Joo “….I’ve learned that my life is one without a future. So I’ll find a future fine.” She learns it is not enough to just hold onto something you love and blindly move forward. I don’t think ES will have a mental breakdown — she has gone through a lot of difficulties in life and got through maintaining a positive outlook, though most probably, her wide-eyed innocence in the earlier episodes will now sadly be gone.

    Tae Joo on the other hand, has the complete opposite view of life and demands certainty – I suppose people can live life just going to work every day, figuring out how to manage their salary, living day by day. But living like that means you can’t see what’s in front of you.

    I agree with your previous observation that Tae Joo embarked on his love affair with Eun Soo because he never thought that Hye Rin would take him seriously and once HR’s father approved there was no other choice for him. He is the realist knowing man cannot live on love alone no matter how great that love is. I don’t even think that there was one bit of self-sacrifice in the equation for him. However, I don’t think anyone can judge him as he made his choice knowing the trade-off, as long as he accepts the consequences it entails.

    From a male standpoint, I can strongly relate to his position when he told ES : I can’t take it, just standing by, not able to help you. As much as he loves ES, he knows his inability to give all that he wants to give (all things spiritual and material) his loved one will make him frustrated and sorry for his loved one even though ES said having him is all that she wants. A man has been conditioned to be the provider and TJ wants his love to have everything and not merely look at items through the store window. It may be that during the shopping scenes (I don’t understand Korean) ES was happy to choose cheaper items instead of more expensive ones which he would have wanted ES to have.

    JH recognises what ES represents to a man who has everything — It feels warm. You’re the first person to ever make me feel warm inside. So just having you next to me makes me feel like my body will melt away. It’s the first time I’ve wanted to lean on someone. I’ve always thought I was a strong person. Maybe it’s because of you, maybe not, but lately I keep faltering. I wish someone would take hold of me, so I don’t stumble. Eun Soo, hold onto me. I love you. Sadly for TJ, this is one thing he will learn once he has everything and finds that none of those things mean anything when you can’t share it with someone you love who loves you back.

    I hope the growth of the various characters continue to propel the plot development rather than the plot dictating the way the characters develop as has happened in other Korean dramas. Sorry for the long post.

    As with the others, your summaries are a great source of enjoyment and thought provoking. I too have not heard of the desert story. Thanks for all your efforts without which so many of us will not be able to enjoy and follow this intriguing story.

  24. 24 ariesw

    Sorry minor edit in my post remove “which” in the second line pf the 1st paragraph. Thanks again.

    (done! -javabeans)

  25. 25 XENA...

    You know you’re in trouble and definitely addicted to something when you’re in the midst of a facial and silently debating ‘que sera sera’ to yourself, mustn’t you?

    I had gone on a rant in my previous post about what my personal conception of Tae Joo was, but was I clear in stating that despite all those ‘flaws’ I actually like him? I was concerned that, that didn’t come across! He is the modern-day Casanova no? The damaged, romantic anti-hero, Romeo of today! And his appeal combined with the very suave performance of Eric Mun makes him irresistible. And Eun Soo is the woman whom is trying to tame the hedonist. I am very snug behind the eyes and mind-set of both Tae Joo and Eun Soo.

    I was suckered into following this drama because it promised me a breather of the melodrama decayed and rotting in K-drama. Please do not lead me down the route of K-drama clich?(c) QSS, my devotion cannot take it. Last night when I watched this episode I hated it. I was all set to barge in here and berate the living daylights out of it. But I slept on it. I thought it through and surprisingly as I searched for the flaws that pissed me off most, to share, I couldn’t put my finger on any of them…

    I had imagined ‘que sera sera’ had somehow sold out on me. It had lost its plot but I think I take that anxiety back. You know what made me believe otherwise? The expert choice of soundtrack! Throughout QSS its soundtrack has seeped in as a means to further explore and understand the scenes. I have to believe that the chosen tracks are not coincidental.

    I adored the sequence of Eun Soo returning home, after Tae Joo had decapitated her yet again. She plowed herself into house chores and she finally broke-down in front of the kitchen sink. The only thing eerie about that outstanding shot was her heartbreak. I sensed right there and then that this was no longer the pain of a little girl infatuated with her first love. This was the pain of a young woman whose lover had shattered her. Her ‘life goes on’, ‘I’m alright’ attitude is absolutely commendable and relatable. ‘I’m not that foolish little girl anymore Tae Joo… I have grown-up and I will not give anyone the satisfaction of seeing through my agony’. The long camera shot from behind Eun Soo suggested and hinted exactly that, no? ‘Witness it as outsiders but I do not need your comfort anymore…’

    Now let the soundtrack do some talking;
    This song featured in the scene where couple; Tae Joo and Hye Rin were shopping for their engagement attire:

    Paolo Nutini ~ Last Request;

    “Slow down, lie down
    Remember it’s just you and me
    Don’t sell out, bow out
    Remember how this used to be
    I just want you to know something, is that alright?
    Baby let’s get closer, tonight

    Grant my last request and just let me hold you, don’t shrug your shoulders
    Lay down beside me
    Sure I can accept that we’re going nowhere
    But one last time let’s go there
    Lay down beside me”

    Sums-up their fa�ades splendidly, don’t you feel?

    This tune features in the scene of Tae Joo and Eun Soo, just before the wonderful encounter of them being confined in the all too familiar setting of an elevator. Tae Joo may think he has Hye Rin where he wants her but if he ever felt ‘in control’ of Eun Soo and the power he has over her, I feel he has a lot more ‘freaking the hell out’ ahead of him;

    Nelly Furtado ~ Say It Right;

    “In the day,
    in the night,
    say it right,
    say it all.
    You either got it,
    or you don’t.
    You either stand,
    or you fall.
    When your will,
    is broken,
    when it slips,
    from your hand.
    When there’s no,
    time for joking,
    there’s a hole,
    in the plan,

    Oh you don’t mean no nothing at all to me,
    No you don’t mean no nothing at all to me,
    But you’ve got what it takes to set me free,
    Oh you could mean everything to me.
    I could say (say)
    that i’m not (not)
    lost (lost)
    and at fault”

    Her tones and her temperament change from experience to experience and we are thankfully spared any monotony of her character. She gets stronger and weaker and her emotions vary to portray her state of mind very smoothly. Ah, the joys of ‘que sera sera’s’ wicked ride, right?

    Ok, promise no more hogging-up of your blog space.

    You just bring it out of me

  26. 26 ek

    Honestly, I like this show because it is so real even if the current development is not going the way most people like. I like the way how flawed Tae Joo’s character has been made because it is real….that many men in real life will run away in fear and choosing the easy way out.

    As much as we like the hero who chooses love over materialism, this drama has developed in a way that grips you precisely because you can see a bit of yourself or someone you know in one character or the other. We all have a bit of Eun Soo’s courage, Hye Rin’s selfishness, Joon Hyuk’s blindness and Tae Joo’s self-centredness.

    I actually thought Eun Soo’s reaction was quite natural. Her character is actually quite strong and I don’t think the director wants to change that. Thus, one can still feel her pain and weakness even if you don’t see her wailing and crumbling on the floor. I also thought it natural because there are many women in real life who say “I’m ok” even if she isn’t. Thus her cool composure is quite a natural occurrence for me to hide her pain.

  27. 27 ek

    And I really have to say I love their choice of music…a lot more chic in their choices of mixing Korean songs with jazz, english music….it brought me back to my jazz collection as well!

  28. 28 knuts

    javabeans and all other people, it is so interesting to read all your comments
    thank you

  29. 29 Lam

    omg after reading the summaries i no long want to watch the drama itself.. omg.. that is really bad.. i just got epi 10 and oh i am skipping parts.. cuz i’m angry with eric.. omg.. he is making me really mad.. but i have to say.. his new hair suits him really really well… i like it…

  30. 30 cintina

    I’m really appreciate your blog! It save me each weekend, because i don’t understand korean and i would go crazy to wait for subs!

    When ES said �I used to think love was something really remarkable. But I’ve found it’s nothing special. It’s so unstable”, it reminds me of the storyline of que sera sera posted on the scoompi forum. The storyline is quite long, so i’m not gonna write all of it, but if you want to check on scoompi, it’s very interresting. I think it can inform us a bit of the
    motive of the writer!
    I have just quote some sentence : “love has gotten so degraded that people often refer it to as nothing special (does it remind you something:) Here we have four modern day young adults. They consider themselves too good for love, too smart for love. THese
    people will fall in love. The love they considered nothing special. This drama tells the story of four people who tried to act too cool, too smart and too boastful in front of love. They
    find it pathetic how people say they can give up their lives for love. For the first time, they are ignoring what others are saying about them; they want to laugh and cry because of love, and they want to experience this feeling of wanting to die for their love.We want to see these witty characters bury a loved one deep into their hearts.We want to see the beauty of this transformation.”

    Perhaps i’m wrong, because i continue to have faith in TJ and in the couple TJ/ES, in spite of all these choice he made… and i want to have faith of people, and that they can change for the best. I want my happy ending! I want to see “this transformation” too!! So perhaps my interpretation is lead by this feeling and i’m wrong, but here it is : i don’t think that when after all his struggle with himself and all, when TJ said he love ES, it was this “transformation” like said in the storyline… I think/hope that we will see this transformation in the future episodes… Now, i think we are before this transformation. Like it is said, i think now TJ and ES “act too cool in front of love and considered that as nothing special”. ES has just realize it and now i think she tried to act too cool in front of love as she has accepted the proposition of JH. She probably think as love is nothing special, i can also don’t care about love and find “a futur” as she said. She has difficulty of making a living (her sister’s hospital bill, the thing with the search of a new appartement), so now if she has realized love is nothing special, she tries to do not care of it and pushed by her financial difficulty she can just try to assure her a “future”. If love is nothing, why not accept the proposition of JH? She is now confronted with the reality and she tries to deal with. It’s like she give up, give up faith in love and became realist, it can explain why she react so calmly and all. And TJ also think that love is nothing special, because he’s willing to abandon this love for money/power…
    But i think all of them will learn that they are wrong. Maybe i’m wrong and the writer can also be as inpredictable as he has been before. But i just hope that it will turn like that… I see a lot of people around me that also think love is nothing special and can change lovers easily, can date with people they don’t love for fun… but i want this drama to say that love can be “everything”! I want to see TJ willing to experience this feeling and to throw all this power/money thing for love. I want him too learn that.
    And for ES, i think her transformation can be to have again faith of love!! And if love is “everything” and can make you do crazy thing, she can also natturally forgive TJ as she did before!

    And i think if i can see this transformation and i’m right, the wrong decision he made now is neccessary even if it is painful to see. Because it will show us that someone who once think that love is nothing and abandon it for money, can change and realize that love can be “everything”. I want to see him throw everything he once cherish for love, when he will realize it. I mean of course is love for ES:) The transformation is more beautiful to see like that : he needs to fall the lower to then raise to the highest!! So come on TJ, dig a deep deep hole for you, and let us see you raise to the highest!!Please!!

    And it is also said that “these adults who care more of the opinion of others, falls in love and are more than wilingly to make a fool out of thelselves”. “They want to laugh and cry because of love”. Perhaps, que sera sera means that : when we fall in love, we can do anything and make fool of ourself and even if perhaps we will have not power, money, even if people laugh of us, we don’t care et simply continu to live our love and que sera sera…

    i will love if my hope become true!! Please, please… mr witer:), but if it can also turn me up and down, and be inpredictible as it is now, i will also be very please!! I just wanted to share some thoughts that i have…

    Sorry for the long post, i couldn’t make it shorter…

  31. 31 cintina

    I was exagerating when i said love is “everything”, i was so in the “move”:) I just mean love is something really special…

  32. 32 muffin_house

    thank you for the wonderful summary
    i love reading you feelings towards the show (:

    eun soo’s speech really breaks my heart
    i can see how hard she is trying 🙁

  33. 33 bm05om

    thanks sarah for this entry..and thanks EVERYBODY here for sharing your thoughts and insides.i really,really enjoyed all the long read.even after ep.11 i am still,Que Sera Sera’s biggest fan. 🙂

  34. 34 melle

    i enjoy reading all of ur postin on this movie….. haven’t even watched the series coz i m glued at Mawang aka The Devil which intrigued me more….
    usually i ll avoid the loveydovey kdrama coz its not my cup of tea..

    but readin wat u have written so far changes me…..about the usual lovey-dovey-tear jacker kdrama…. i actually enjoy this QSS series by juz readin it… i dun even hav to watch the series to enjoy the drama…

    good work n keep it up…. luv of style of narrating d stories n *thumbs up* for the excellent writting…..

    its a good n enjoyable read….

  35. 35 addicted

    It’s insanely pathetic how addicted I am to this blog and QSS. Thank you for existing. It seems as though TJ is slowly creating a little cynic out of our ES. Eventually, she’ll become the female version of him. The wait is unbearable.

  36. 36 ariesw

    Just some more musings on TJ’s character as I don’t seem to understand the female admiration for him. Apologies for another long post.

    Hmmm with most of the female posters supporting Tae Joo, sympathetic to his self-inflicted suffering only testifies the astuteness of the PD in casting Eric in this role, as his charisma attracts viewers to follow the story of a cad. I think Tae Joo is in fact an off-shoot of Lee Kyu Han’s cad boyfriend character in Kim Sam Soon and we all know how much sympathy that character got from the KSS audience.

    On paper, the Tae Joo role is a despicable cad – he lives a hedonistic life shifting from one rich girl to another boasting with professional pride that he cuts off relationships cleanly. He manages to come out clean after an attempted rape/ sexual assault and hitting a woman. He dumps the love of his life for mercenary motives and uses Hye Rin to attain his goal (albeit with HR’s outstretched hands — so no sympathies for her either). Makes me wonder what the attraction really is – Hye Rin initially shuns him and even Eun Soo objectively admits he is not that good-looking.

    It would be interesting if the series gives us an inkling of his background which shaped him to be like this – bad experience with women to make him treat them like this? As it is, we do not know his character completely. I can understand the sympathy for TJ if he had a miserable past which made him like this. I think the PD deliberately left this out to keep viewers guessing where the lead character will take this drama. Or, maybe, is it this mystery about him that makes him attractive ?

    He may act humane — offering his couch to a locked out ES and paying for the hospital bills; but more than anything he only does this to make himself feel better (the offer of a couch was after he treated ES badly and paying the bills was after he dumped ES). He may cry and be hurt by ES’ barbed retaliations but these are due to all his own doing. You have to lay on the bed you made for yourself.

    I rather wonder whether the sympathy is in fact for Tae Joo, the character; or Eric, the actor. Hence, the PD’s spot on choice of Eric for the role. Nevertheless, the cad’s attraction to women is a mystery – even real life princesses fall for them. Here, both extreme types of women represented by HR and ES fall for him. He even managed to get HR’s father on his side — or did he?

    I think Eric is brave to take on such a role and congratulate him on his success with making this character work.

    Thanks javabeans for the chance to air these thoughts and pardon me if I took too much space off your blog.

  37. 37 XENA...

    addicted ~~~
    I had actually, perversely toyed with that same role-reversal notion. =)

    ariesw ~~~
    A despicable cad and a bastard he may be but even despicable cads and bastards reach crossroads…

    I can only speak for myself but had the character not been this layered, had the principle actor not been talented, had Tae Joo lacked a soul I’d have walked away along time ago. Yes, the choice in casting Eric Mun to portray the damaged TJ was magnificent, simply because he flatters the essence of the character wonderfully. But, don’t presume because one likes fictitious bastards one actually sympathizes with them! I don’t feel blinded by my judgments or opinions.

    TJ being a tarnished protagonist is his appeal, for we see things through his eyes, which I love. A character does not have to be ‘likeable’ or ‘safe’ in order to be appreciated *winks*…

  38. 38 javabeans

    ariesw: Interesting, thanks for posting your thoughts! Let me offer a counterargument —

    I agree with you in the spot-on choice of casting Eric as Tae Joo… but I don’t know that I’d say that’s the primary reason people are drawn to his character, as despicable as he can be. I wasn’t an Eric fan prior to QSS, and I don’t think I’d necessarily call myself a fan afterward — I don’t tend to get emotionally attached to many actors, although I think Eric’s done a tremendous job with this role and I recognize his work here. So my personal attraction to Tae Joo doesn’t have much to do with Eric himself, although without Eric playing TJ I’m sure the effect would be vastly different.

    I also agree with you that on paper, Tae Joo is pretty awful. But the transition of what’s written on the page and what’s transmitted onscreen is what makes film so moving, so again, I don’t attribute that to Eric himself, but rather the nature of visual art. Tae Joo’s character may have had a basis in Lee Kyu Han’s boyfriend in Samsoon (whom I actually liked), but I don’t think the character in Samsoon was written or conceived with nearly the same amount of complexity. He was written as a pretty simple cheating-boyfriend type, and never posed a real threat to Samsoon’s relationship with Samshik.

    Anyway, I do agree with your points; I just personally hesitate to place too much emphasis on one aspect admist all this complexity. Even if Eric’s doing a wonderful job, I have to give credit to the writing and directing, as well as the acting of the other characters around him, in arguing Tae Joo’s appeal, despite his (huge, glaring) flaws.

    But you’re free to disagree, of course!

  39. 39 ariesw

    Javabeans and Xena – No disagreement on my side on your views. Not a fan of Eric but was just intrigued by all the adulation for Tae Joo despite as you say being a tarnished protagonist with huge glaring flaws. Actually one layer, his background and past is not provided which probably somehow makes him less complete and therefore easily categorized as a cad. Unfortunately, by focusing on this one point, I seem to have inadvertently denigrated the other excellent aspects of this drama, which I do not – the writing, directing as you say are excellent and the wonderful Joon Yu Mi who gives life to one of the most complex totally together but vulnerable character packaged in a wackily lovable bubbly persona I have ever come across. My focus is on her and how she affects and cajoles out different aspects of the other characters persona which is why I probably found the emphasis on Tae Joo distracting. I think for me the title refers to her more than any character in the drama which for me makes it more her story than anybody else at this stage. I agree Xena, there will certainly be crossroads ahead but which road is taken is dictated by the character of the person. I’m rambling so better sign off as it’s 3:32am here and I have an early meeting tomorrow. Thanks for responding. Appreciate your thoughts.

  40. 40 XENA...


    ariesw ~~~

    Hey again,

    You know I should totally get my butt out of this blog but unfortunately I’m weak, especially when I’m stimulated in rich conversation *bows*.

    ‘Que sera sera’ just ‘works’ for me, period… It reeks of guts. The cast, the director, the storyline (thus far), the direction, the costumes, the cinematography, the timing of the scenes! You name it, I’ve lapped it up. I had watched a couple of dramas where for some reason the director’s were petrified of shooting the actors from behind, so throughout the whole damn thing they were lined-up at camera angle, as though they were performing a theater play. Some of ‘que sera sera’s’ most daring and emotional shots are either viewed from behind or over the shoulder of a performer. Even its visual set-up has guts, for crying out loud.

    Jam all those scrumptious ingredients together and the result is a delicious cocktail. A cocktail which, I feel, would deeply suffer from a bitter aftertaste were one of those major ingredients left out of the concocted recipe.

    Did that make sense? 🙂

    PS if I had to be labeled with the bile word of fan then I am a ‘fan’ of ‘que sera sera’.

    Good-luck with that meeting :]

  41. 41 dreamequus

    Hi javabeans, thank you for the amazing review!
    You should write your original script or story soon! I’d love to read it.?

    I really love the song you have here, “Two Hands/ doo son eh”
    And some quotes you put here seems like from the lyrics.
    Thank you so much!
    There are some words completely sound like Japanese to me.
    How many times I listened this song, it sounded same to my ears.
    The sound of ‘so shi te ma ta’ means ‘and then again’ in Japanese.
    Could you translate this song someday, please?
    I know it is too much to ask.

    I believe this sweet song must be the theme for TJ/ES.
    That’s why I am still expecting their happy ending. I’m ready to cry with this song at the last episode:)

    *Who is the singer, Alex or Kim Sang Hun? Or are they a same person?
    I’m confused.

  42. 42 dreamequus

    (Oops, sorry for my poor English, I mean the ‘final’ episode.)

  43. 43 javabeans

    dreamequus, that japanese-sounding line (it does kind of sound like soshite mata now that you mention it) is actually 숨쉴때마다 (soohm shil ddae mada) which means “Whenever I take a breath”

    I was going to post the lyrics here, but they’re kinda long so I might as well put the lyrics in a new post. To come soon!

  44. 44 ariesw


    Completely agree with your comments on this drama in your post 40. You should also see Soulmates if you haven’t. I did at Javabeans recommendation and must say it’s really great. Thanks javabeans for that !

    I am rather worried that I am coming out as being against this drama which I am not. However, allow me this one last musing before I overstay my welcome here.

    My surprise is that most of the sympathy is for Tae Joo and whether he gets the lovable heroine in the end (which at this stage of the story I don’t think he deserves yet) and not whether ES ends up with the right guy who truly deserves a woman, in every essence of the word, that she is. If TJ is to be the one, he has a lot of growing up to go through in the 6 episodes left. I think a happy ending is not too remote as most stories about cads end with their redemption by true love. How we get there is the fun part or in some cases, the excruciating part but I am confident with the talent of the writers of this drama.

    I found it rather odd that TJ is a character whose past is still virtually unknown apart from the mention of his parents when he first met ES’ mom which information may be true or untrue. It is natural to be curious about the person you love, how he grew up, what made him to be the way he is, etc… but there are no such scenes where ES delves into TJ’s past or maybe their love affafir was too short.

    Hence, I cannot from a logical point of view truly dismiss at this stage that he is a cad and his actions are subconciously driven by this trait. Please allow me to be the devil’s advocate and take the cad theory to its logical extreme using it to explain his violent attack on ES as the subconcious frustrated response of a cad who cannot accept his rejection by ES and his subsequent profession of love to save himself from another police charge based on his previous experience with ES, and at the same time, using ES to test the extent of HR’s love which HR professed the night before – which eventually extricated a marriage proposal from HR. I am not saying this is the case as this is all conjecture based on what is known or not known about TJ at this stage and only on a sub-conscious level in relation to TJ. Granted he was truly the picture of a man in love when he was with ES but aren’t cads good at acting out scenarios like this. Anyway, the glaring clues given by the Director in the outstanding ost to this drama which supposedly expresses TJ’s thoughts and feelings most probably rule out the above scenario and I would be interested to see how TJ’s character pans out and reserve judgment till the end.

    JH in contrast completely opened up to ES and we all know his unfortunate past gives force to his melancholy character brought out of his shell by ES’ effervescence. I think I’ve only seen him openly smile when he is with ES. There are hints that a dark side to his character may develop in relation to his father’s death but I doubt it given his bad relationship with his father and his loyalty to the people who helped him be what he is today. The point is, he comes out as a more complete and understandable character than TJ given what we know of his past. HR’s background is that of a spoiled rich girl persona which explains all her actions. ES’ life of hardship and as the main pillar of her family bears out the strength of her character and pragmatic “day to day living without a future” outlook as she’s busy enough with the present.

    Anyway, forgive my rambling – just wanted to give a different perspective. I think all eyes are on ES now as she is the catalyst to all the others and the plot development. She barges into the lives of the two male characters and take them out of their routine lifestyles. The cliff hangers so far conjecture on what is her next step which highlights the truly wonderful complexity of ES. I commend the writers in creating such a great character and the actress for bringing her to life. Forgive this long post again. Thanks again Javabeans.

  45. 45 ivy

    Bravo ariesw, I agree with your comments on post 36 & 40. I might be the only one that has no sympathy for TJ, and I believe ES deserves better. I’ll like to know also: why does everybody want him to be with ES is it because they see Eric on screen or because they think that he can the better husband, partner or even lover, who treats her with respect, who’s caring, loving and giving. Which I might add �is JH. I love it when JH said to ES.

    Joon Hyuk: �Please stay by my side. Even if you don’t love me, as long as you don’t hate me, stay with me.�
    Eun Soo: �I don’t know why you��
    Joon Hyuk: �It feels warm. You’re the first person to ever make me feel warm inside. So just having you next to me makes me feel like my body will melt away. It’s the first time I’ve wanted to lean on someone. I’ve always thought I was a strong person. Maybe it’s because of you, maybe not, but lately I keep faltering. I wish someone would take hold of me, so I don’t stumble. Eun Soo, hold onto me. I love you.�

    He is also experiencing true love for the first time, and here he is completely open, strip of pride, totally humble telling her this is how she makes him feel.
    Anyone can say I love you, but when they explain how that love makes them feel now that’s deep.

    I believe QSS is about all the characters, because they are all changing and experiencing love and hurt in different ways.

  46. 46 ariesw

    Thanks Ivy. Yes it’s all about the characters, which is why Tae Joo’s underwritten character at this stage was a bit of an anomaly for me as it makes him less multi-dimensional or maybe he is really just that, a misguided soul whose lack of a family when growing up made him cynical and ES’ love makes him realise there are other things in this world which makes life much more fulfilling than money and power. Although I must say I do see the charisma and the charm of TJ which ES playfully brings out which he effortlessly exudes.

  47. 47 kas

    I am shocked by this episode.
    I hope for a happy ending.

    Thanks for the summary.

  48. 48 TB

    well, just want to thanks javabeans, I found the song of Blue Sorbet

    And agree with Xena, Ariesw and Javabeans on all your arguments about TJ. I love that “modern-day Casanova, damaged, romantic anti-hero, Romeo of today!”, oh my Tae Joo!

    I came across this, from Global MBC: http://content.mbc.co.kr/e_mbc/drama.asp?idx=316, read the sypnosis and worry to dead somebody will die, so I went on an outrageous march of no killing TJ in soompi forum…

    no kill him! No Kill Him! NO KILL HIM!!!!
    Anybody here wants to join the march with me?

  49. 49 javabeans

    TB, I wouldn’t put too much stake in that description. I don’t think MBC puts a lot of care into its “global” website, frankly. Tae Joo’s also described as “outgoing” and “cheerful,” and we’ve never seen him play poker or billiards that they say he’s so good at. Moreover, they describe them all working at Palace Dept. Store — which may or may not be a relic of a previous version. I remember hearing Palace Hotel thrown around in the first episode, but they work at World Dept Store, so either it’s a mistake, or an old description based on something before it was changed.

  50. 50 XENA...

    ariesw ~~~

    Damn, when did you post this (post 44!)? Your theory on the role-playing cad totally fried my brain. But my darling I can top that cad/bastard scenario:

    It plays something like this *ahem*;
    TJ felt rejected and being the sexist control freak that he is, his attack on ES was one of taking what he wants without the bullshit. So he did what he did, then by telling ES ‘he loved her’ she was his, vulnerable, wanted, loved. ‘He is her man’, right? So he gets what he wants from her! Was that display of their intimacy not an indication, to read-between the lines? Our lovers have slept together, no? So now what? What does the cad/bastard do, now that that he has taken what he wanted? He unceremoniously dumps her? End of…

    I do not buy any of it babe, but for arguments sake, did it remotely rattle your cad/basted scenario in the slightest? 🙂

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