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Que Sera Sera: Episode 9
by | April 15, 2007 | 62 Comments

Please pardon my French, but:

Oh my holy fucking lord.


Clazziquai – “Flower” [ zShare download ]

Bejeebus, I need a drink. And I’m not even kidding. Mm, wine.

This episode was shock after shock… and just when you thought they were out of shockers, they pulled another. It was fucking awesome. Proceed at your own peril.

It seems some people are starting to condemn Tae Joo’s character — which is by no means unwarranted. But while I’m completely onboard with the criticism of his cavalier and sometimes mean behavior up through Episode 8 (I’ll discuss Ep 9 separately), I don’t think that makes Tae Joo a hateful person. Frankly, I get satisfaction in watching Tae Joo’s current misery, because it’s one of his own making, but it doesn’t mean I hate him or wish him horrible things. Suffering builds character, and Tae Joo needs to suffer in order for him to become the person he’s capable of being.

He and Hye Rin are people I can sympathize with, without feeling too bad for them, because they are essentially the authors of their own demise. They’ve brought their current circumstances upon themselves, so it’s only fitting that they deserve to suffer through the consequences — but they can also get themselves out of their misery, and that’s what I want to see.


Needing distraction, Tae Joo calls his friend out to karaoke and proceeds to get massively drunk. This will be a recurring theme in this episode.

Tae Joo’s friend answers a call from Hye Rin and takes the unconscious Tae Joo to his apartment. Assuming that Tae Joo’s acting like this because he’s having a hard time with Hye Rin’s family, he advises her to go easy on Tae Joo. Tae Joo hadn’t admitted his troubles outright — he’s not the type to openly say such things — but this is the first time his friend has ever seen him drink himself into such oblivion.

Hye Rin looks at Tae Joo, and kisses him in his sleep. (I’m inclined to believe that in addition to her growing feelings for him, she’s particularly drawn to him in such a vulnerable state.) And because irony is cruel, as Hye Rin leaves, she hears Tae Joo mumble Eun Soo’s name.


Hye Rin asks Tae Joo to accompany her to Asia’s largest fashion showcase next week in Singapore — they can take the opportunity to relax and clear their heads. Tae Joo flatly turns her down, saying he’s a new employee and is in no place to ask for time off. But learning that Joon Hyuk is taking Eun Soo along strengthens her resolve to convince him.

Hye Rin goes so far as too call Eun Soo out for drinks, and apologizes for having treated Eun Soo poorly before — it was because she knew Eun Soo liked Tae Joo, but now that she’s dating Joon Hyuk, it’s all in the past.

Hye Rin explains that Joon Hyuk and Eun Soo are also going to Singapore for the showcase — and knowing how Tae Joo will react to that news, she reverse-psychology’s him, apologizing in advance to Eun Soo for being a third wheel on their dates. Tae Joo changes his mind, saying he’ll ask for the week off. Hye Rin says he made the right decision — who knows, the four of them might become family, so they should all try getting along.


So the foursome arrive in Singapore — and Tae Joo can’t tear his eyes from the happy couple, pleasantly minding their own business. At the hotel, Tae Joo and Hye Rin share a large suite with two bedrooms, while Eun Soo and Joon Hyuk take separate rooms in the same corridor.

They attempt to maintain a semblance of pleasantly double-dating, but Tae Joo can’t stop himself from taking opportunities to needle Eun Soo.

At dinner, for instance, Hye Rin mentions the notorious designer Torino, who’s stirred much gossip for succeeding based on two things — stealing designs here and there from other designers, and whoring his body out for success. But because they are in polite company, Hye Rin uses a euphemism instead, saying that Torino’s built his success thanks to his lovely backside. Eun Soo innocently wonders what that means, and Hye Rin wraps the answer in yet more polite wording, saying there are ways for people to succeed other than skill — Torino gives people what they want in exchange for their support.

Amused, Tae Joo tells Hye Rin that if she doesn’t spell it out directly for Eun Soo, she’ll never understand. Hye Rin and Joon Hyuk might see that but would prefer to let the matter rest, but Tae Joo can’t help but persist. Eun Soo insists that she does understand. He tells her to explain it, then, but she says she doesn’t want to; it’s too complicated.

Tae Joo lays out the situation plainly and crudely: What’s so complicated about explaining a man selling his body to those with power? Using sex for success is a simple concept. Eun Soo naively says, “But… he’s a man. Men do that too?” Tae Joo exults in his petty victory, saying, “See? What did I tell you? She didn’t understand it at all.”

Hye Rin asks what Tae Joo thinks he’s doing — it almost seems like he’s making a play for Eun Soo, in front of everyone. Tae Joo says he’s merely making conversation — Hye Rin was the one who wanted everyone to hang out together and try to become friends. It would be odder if he and Eun Soo remained silent. Joon Hyuk tells him that’s fine and all, but he should first pay attention to his own woman. Tae Joo then asks how Eun Soo’s classes are going. Joon Hyuk’s surprised that Tae Joo knows, and Hye Rin’s surprised because she has no idea what they’re talking about.

(Contrary to outward appearances — that Tae Joo’s being an ass — I actually felt sorry for him here. He’s been feeling out of control recently, at the mercy of his own choice to prostitute himself as Hye Rin’s fiance, meanwhile having to witness Eun Soo and Joon Hyuk embark on their own relationship. This is Tae Joo’s feeble attempt to regain some control, even if it comes at the expense of Eun Soo and everyone else. At least, in this one instance, he can show that he’s the one who knows Eun Soo best.)

(This is turning out to be a very long conversation, but I think it’s significant, so bear with me please.)

Eun Soo’s surprised at Hye Rin knowing things about her background, and Tae Joo tells her that their family has a hobby of following people around. The same thing happened to him when he first started dating Hye Rin. Joon Hyuk asks why Tae Joo went into the relationship, knowing that would happen, and Tae Joo replies he got a thrill out of the anxiety and excitement. But now, he’s grown tired. Hye Rin demands to know if that means he wants to quit now, and he says maybe.

Angry, Hye Rin leaves the table.

She can’t believe he said that in front of the other two, but Tae Joo says they’ll just figure it’s a lovers’ spat. It would be weirder if they only ever displayed passion and affection, without arguing. But to make up for it, he’ll make sure to play the loving boyfriend from here on out. Hye Rin, seeing Eun Soo excusing herself from the table, hurriedly asks if Tae Joo means it — can he take responsibility for what he just said?

He says yes, and she grabs him and leads him quickly to the women’s restroom, where she practically jumps him and kisses him — and surely, just as expected, Eun Soo appears to witness the sight. With his eyes wide open, Tae Joo can only stand by and watch her shocked reaction.

Back in their room, Tae Joo comments that Hye Rin’s constant awareness of Eun Soo seems to suggest she’s not over Joon Hyuk. She says it’s the same for him — but he should get over it: “Shin Joon Hyuk and Han Eun Soo aren’t like us. They’re for real.”


As the showcase opens, Joon Hyuk shows Eun Soo around and teaches her about merchandising and buying, while Hye Rin takes a look at the design offerings with Tae Joo. Once again, Tae Joo spends most of his time staring intensely at Eun Soo.

Hye Rin and Eun Soo take a look at some of the displays together, and Hye Rin describes the showcase’s most expensive gown — each button is worth thousands, and those are real diamonds embedded into the dress. Eun Soo sees a man pluck a diamond off the dress, and shouts at him to stop. The man slips the diamond into Eun Soo’s bag, and in turn accuses her of being the thief.

Joon Hyuk arrives to see the situation, and senses something fishy about the culprit — and as the guy tries to make a quick getaway, Joon Hyuk chases him. It’s freaking hysterical — Joon Hyuk’s so wiry and thin, while the guy’s big and bulky — though I’m not sure if it’s meant to be funny.

Hye Rin notes that she’s never seen Joon Hyuk so worked up about anything before. It’s strange, but she doesn’t feel as bad about Joon Hyuk and Eun Soo’s relationship as she thought she would. She used to think they weren’t good for each other, but now she thinks they’re all right. Maybe it’s because she can sense their sincerity.

So, she tells Tae Joo, “Let’s end this. Let’s stop playing this kid’s game.” Tae Joo reminds her they still have time left on their agreement, but Hye Rin says they can break their agreement. It’s nice to see her so calm and mature, after being so coolly manipulative for so long.

Hye Rin continues: “Let’s end this all… and start over. Let’s start dating for real now. Just like Shin Joon Hyuk and Han Eun Soo.”
Tae Joo: “Why?”
Hye Rin: “Because I’ve come to like you. Now that I like you for real, let’s date for real.”

Tae Joo laughs at the absurdity, but Hye Rin tells him she’s serious. He says he’ll think about it — he’d only thought of her as someone he’d cleanly leave behind when they ended their relationship. Hye Rin asks, surely he can’t be in love with another man’s woman. She can’t believe his pride would allow such a thing — so he should just look at her, in front of him. Hye Rin leans over and gives him a kiss, as he just stares past her, eyes wide open.


Restless and frustrated, Tae Joo goes to Eun Soo’s room that night, and interrupts her as she’s with Joon Hyuk. He wants to talk to her privately, because he has something to tell her — but Eun Soo tells him, “Joon Hyuk’s not a stranger. Whatever you have to say, you can say it in front of him.”

Tae Joo reveals that Joon Hyuk and Hye Rin used to be in a relationship, living under the same roof together. Joon Hyuk throws the first punch, and the two men scuffle briefly before Eun Soo breaks it up. She slaps Tae Joo, who takes that as his cue to stalk out silently.


Alone together, Joon Hyuk admits that it’s true about him and Hye Rin. But Eun Soo tells him that she understands why he didn’t tell her — it’s all in the past, and Hye Rin is someone he has to continue to see every day. It’s okay. Joon Hyuk says he’s a bit disappointed that she understood him so quickly, because it was so easy.

Joon Hyuk: “When Hye Rin first suggested coming here together, I hesitated. I was nervous, having all four of us together. But thinking it over, I thought it was an obstacle I’d have to face. To make you mine, I’d have to overcome that mountain. To be honest, I’m still a little uneasy about whether I can do it.”
Eun Soo: “What are you talking about?”
Joon Hyuk: “Will you marry me?”

(I know!!! I squealed in surprise.)

Seeing Eun Soo’s hesitation, Joon Hyuk says, “I see. Have I come this far alone?” Eun Soo’s caught off-guard, but tells him she’ll think about it.

Meanwhile, Tae Joo is literally beating his head into the bar…

He isn’t sobbing exactly, more like having difficulty breathing, mixed in with extreme frustration, self-loathing, and some tears. It was difficult to watch this scene, because it felt like it crossed from acting into reality, like I was voyeuristically witnessing someone break down. I have to commend Eric for the job he’s done thus far in the series, particularly in this scene and the rest of this episode. However you feel about the story, Eric’s tackled Tae Joo with a fearlessness that I find brave, taking Tae Joo to such extremes, even knowing the dangers of “unlikability” and tarnishing his own image. I don’t know much about acting, but in my opinion, that’s what takes an actor who’s made his career in large part from his pretty face and youthful popularity into the realm of actual artistic expression.


At breakfast the next day, Hye Rin wonders at the strange atmosphere and asks if something happened between Eun Soo and Joon Hyuk. Eun Soo tells her about Tae Joo’s late-night visit, explaining that she thinks Tae Joo brought up their past relationship hoping to drive Eun Soo and Joon Hyuk further apart. On the contrary, though, it brought them closer together — Joon Hyuk even proposed to her.

Hye Rin takes Tae Joo along with her as she sightsees around the local markets, but looks around in surprise to see Tae Joo has disappeared…

…because he’s gone running back to the hotel, to Eun Soo’s door.

He pounds on the door, and the instant Eun Soo opens it, he literally assaults her — kissing her forcefully, throwing her on the bed, and climbing atop her as she resists.

It’s violent, and intense, and desperate, and uncomfortable.

I have to believe that Tae Joo wouldn’t have gone so far as to rape Eun Soo — and I don’t say that in an apologist sort of way, because I have no particular desire to make excuses for Tae Joo’s behavior — because he seems to stop and calm down, lifting himself up from Eun Soo…

Which is when both look up to see Hye Rin, shocked out of her mind.

But rather than take out her anger — and hurt? betrayal? — at Tae Joo, Hye Rin grabs Eun Soo and starts beating her, causing Tae Joo to intervene. He slaps Hye Rin and picks Eun Soo up off the floor.


Tae Joo takes Eun Soo by the arm and leaves Hye Rin sobbing alone, while Joon Hyuk happily picks out jewelry for his fiancee…


Outside, finally calm, Tae Joo tells Eun Soo: “I love you.” And again: “I love you, Eun Soo.”

Eun Soo withdraws her hand from his, and walks out into the rain… Tae Joo follows, calling her name —

And Eun Soo turns to Tae Joo, taking the initiative —

— and Tae Joo can finally close his eyes.

Additional thoughts:

I anticipate this episode lost Que Sera Sera some fans. It’s just bound to happen. And I’m not going to try convincing anyone that they should give the show a second chance, or try to defend the choices made by the writing or the characters. I have a feeling this is just one of those things that you can, or cannot, look past.

Frankly, I’m hugely discomfited by the last scene(s) as well. There are some things that people do out of passion or anger or fear or whatever that they are able to redeem themselves for. But aside from being a morally reprehensible act, I just personally know too many women who’ve been victims of sexual assault to gloss it over with any notions of romanticism. I’m just speaking for myself — nobody’s god, so nobody can speak for more than themselves, really — but rape is one of those things you just don’t get forgiven for. I can understand the psyche and the thought processes that drove Tae Joo thus far, but had he actually raped Eun Soo, I don’t see how he could’ve been redeemed.

Things are further complicated because Tae Joo didn’t actually perpetrate the act — so if rape is irredeemable, what about if a person almost committed it but didn’t? I have no idea where that falls, but I do find a sliver of hope in the fact that Tae Joo stopped himself — he wasn’t forcibly subdued, but rather seemed to come to his senses and pull himself off Eun Soo, before both of them looked up to see Hye Rin there.

Complications are added onto these complications when Eun Soo kisses Tae Joo at the end. I firmly believe Tae Joo’s responsible for his part of the act completely independent of Eun Soo’s reaction, so you’ll have to judge Eun Soo for her reaction separately. If she forgives Tae Joo — and it’s not certain she will, although it looks like it — it doesn’t diminish his culpability. But I think we all have differing notions of the extent of Tae Joo’s guilt. That’s fine with me.

I have to say that despite the mixed feelings I have about Tae Joo’s actions, I loved this episode, and I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. I’m uncomfortable that the series went there, but glad they did anyway — I appreciate that they’re challenging my comfort level, and doing it skillfully so as to keep me entertained while they do it. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill romantic comedy, so it’s not going to be for everyone. And that’s fine with me too.

Some people might be jumping off the QSS love wagon, but I say: Bring it.

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  1. sam

    your writing is amazing. its so enjoyable to read. i stumbled onto your website through google cause i just finished watching que sera sera’s fifth episode and i was anxious for more and what would happen next. in a funny way i have become a slave to your posts because i find them so much more enjoyable to read when i dont have the actual dramas to watch themselves. i have no idea why this drama is getting such low ratings because its so different and its crossed so many boundaries that korean people “supposedly” should not cross but i find that this trait makes this drama so much more appealing. you’re right, this episode was crazy. i havent even watched it yet but i’m constantly being hit with waves of shock. i cant wait to watch it.

    as for the act that tae joo did, i’ve actually seensomething like it in another korean drama called winter sonata. the drama winter sonata was so very popular despite showing something like that so i’m thinking it shouldnt be that bad for que sera fans. as in real life, that does not make it justifiable in any way.

    i’m babbling incessantly. just wanted to say i love reading your writing and i look forward to reading more. thanks for all your posts.

  2. COCOA





  3. ginnie

    Thank you Sarah for episode nine. I believe this episode will lose some people OR keep them intrigued till the end. Some people like to be antis but they usually am so passionate in their anti-kind-of-way. So I just take these as another way of supporting QSS I guess.

    The recurring them in this is getting drunk for Tae Joo. That’s his way of coping with his pain..that’s really the worse way he could have it…Being intoxicated for so many days in a row and feeling so darn low…I do not know if he was actually himself at all these while. He lost complete control of himself. It is dangerous territory for the QSS writer and Eric as an actor. Like you pointed out, Eric’s risking his image and taking this as a challenge in his acting career. I’ve watched Eric’s works from the very first supporting role till present. He has improved and proved once again..he is not just a pretty face or just a mere singer-turn-actor. He has passion and I get that from this episode.

    I will not comment on the rain scene anymore..It is getting too much. We all have different views on what should happen next..so let’s just wait and see.

    But I love to comment on Hyerin and Tae Joo in this episode. The confession from Hyerin didn’t surprise me but for some reasons, it intrigued me. Perhaps it is like what you said, she has gradually fallen for him and his vulnerable state. Is this what you call “motherly tendency” of most women?

    I find it so manipulative for Hyerin to grab and kissed Tae Joo against his will in the restroom. Did she do that more for herself or for both of them’s sake? Pride? If this situation was a girl being forced into a kiss, I am sure an uproar of people will be standing in line to complain..but no..when it is the male character being forced into submission, it seems more acceptable? Tae Joo gave his word to be in this contract to fool people but not to spite Eun Soo for Hyerin’s own sake.

    I love the scene between Hyerin and Tae Joo at the jacuzzi. Hyerin for one is being sincere with Tae Joo. Tae Joo’s blank stare as she kisses him was really painful to watch. He is again kissed into submission…or so I think.

  4. cotton604

    Once again, thanks for your insight. I won’t be hopping off the QSS love wagon, but this episode certainly shocked me. I don’t know if I like TJ as much now with the actions he did towards both ES and HR…Well, I will be there to see TJ’s personal growth…

  5. tsunamiblues

    Wonderful job…we are having quite the discussion at Soompi but this episode has my heart beating so fast…I just can’t wait to see what episode 10 holds in store for us…this drama is really testing the limits of the characters and of course the viewers.


  6. Joey

    Oh my gosh! Not only was I on the egde of my seat but also holding my breath as I was reading along this episode!! I could not believe Tae Joo’s actions in bursting into Eun Soo’s room and coming on to her that strong! It is unbelievable how love/jealousy can drive someone to the brink of insanity, knowing the consequences and regret afterwards. I was simply in shock imagining that scene in my head.

    And back to the part where you commented on Eric’s artisic expression, I can’t wait to see how he will be in that particular scene since the way how you have described it, I was deeply moved and can sympathize with him.

    As for this declining QSS fans after watching this episode, I don’t think that will happen as I believe people are mature enough and are wise enough to see beyond this (I’m not justifying that rape is not a serious offense–it is indeed!) It’s just that dramas are dramas afterall.

    And as for the last scene, I don’t think Eun Soo should have kissed him. She has a perfectly honest and caring boyfriend. But then again love makes you do crazy things. I’m not even sure who she loves for that matter!

    Anyways on the last note, I really enjoy reading your thoughts and summaries! They are very well put and easy to follow through (which by the way I should be reading and studying for my finals >

  7. Tina

    I’m so excited for the next episode.. wonder if it is for real that they said Saranghae to each other or is it just a playful act that one of them is trying to pull.

  8. ripgal

    such a lovely summary. I’m not watching QSS right now. I just have too many dramas to watch. ><

  9. muffin_house

    wow thanks!! i really really enjoyed reading this post. even as i read it i was so drawn into the plot.
    its so much emotion!!! kudos to the actors for their acting skills!
    its AMAZING (:

    as to the decline in viewership over the raping scene i was actually just wondering of that would cause a big HOO-HA in the news or so. but other than that i odnt think that there will be a decline. afterall, this is not the first show that has displayed such a scene. the only difference is that the lead actor (aka the good guy that is not supposed ot be doing thus) is the one in question and not the “bad guy” (as in all predictable plots). so perhaps this swop in roles might let the viewers have mixed feelings towards TAEJOO or even negative feelings.

    but somehow i feel a sense of pity for TJ rather than condemmnation (:

  10. 10 its_trish

    Thanks as always for such an awesome summary – I’m not even watching this drama cause your summaries are just thaat good! Thanks for the update as I take a break from finals studying.. ok, on y va..

  11. 11 totalhead

    OK now i seriously have to start watching this. apart from the other dramas out there this seems way more intense…

  12. 12 ek

    Yes my friend was telling me about the episode over msn as she was watching it and it held me at the edge of my seat! I agree I enjoy watching Tae Joo’s misery because it will make him grow.

    I actually thought the supposed rape scene was quite an important scene for ES-TJ fans. Rather than seeing it from a sexual angle, it is more like a sudden outburst of emotion from TJ who has been used to supressing his emotions and has been trying not to come to terms with his love for ES. The sudden outburst manifested into this form.

    I don’t know how this would lose QSS fans..I have been waiting for this explosive twist! Will definitely be staying for more!

    Thanks for the great summaries!

  13. 13 lala

    I too was on the edge of my seat for most of the drama… but i must say.
    it was pretty intense.
    i really liked the whole episode, but i must say…
    what tae joo did was out of line. it’s good that he stopped himself and everything… but still, he was on going “there” wherever there is. and for eun soo kissing him… i was like what the hell?
    idk, this episode just really confused me.
    but i think the suspense and whatever made it the best one……..
    oh wellllll

  14. 14 lala

    ok i said “i must say” twice. i guess i have a lot to say. haha

  15. 15 it's me

    OMG….aaahh!!…i cant wait for the actual subbed episodes to be released. I have seen up to episode 4 but i have become addicted to your blog for spoilers….I love this drama. Your writing is amazing! it makes me like the drama even more.

  16. 16 Rgal (Stephanie)

    Thanks again Sarah for the quick summary.. my exact same words after watchin Ep 9.. Oh my Fxxking lord.. its just a roller coaster of feelings n excitment.. n i didnt even undeststand alot of the words used.. just looking at the scenes already had mi at the edge of the seat..

  17. 17 love

    I love this episode 9. I disagree with your feeling to Tae Joo. He didn’t rape her, even not to try.
    The scene showed his emotion well to her. It’s only he that is the one who has accept a woman without love if things go as they go.
    But he knew E still loves him when he held her or touched her. That was the last chance to get back her for him. That’s why he broke into her room and make her know her true feeling to him. It wasn’t rape like you think. To show his love he uses that way.
    See, the final scene she kissed him by herself. Why?
    Because she loves him. He loves her and she loves him.
    She was hurt and he didn’t realize he loves her so far. That’s why they escape from each other.
    At last they (2 Tae Joo and E)know they love each other at this episode.
    But things are not completed. There are 2 rest and they don’t admit these 2 and try to get back with their power. You see, these 2 are employees of them.
    I don’t like your dirty obseravation to the scene.
    If Tae Joo knows E doen’t love him, then this thing would never happen. This is not rape scene like Hollywood moveis. Tae Joo tried to confirm her affection to him. Each episode isn’t made separately, I think. The beginning episodes 1,2,&3 told us Tae Joo’s kindness and humanity even he tries to look himself cool. Remember he offered her to his room in a rainy day and took some food with her nearby their residence. Through these experiences usually people fall in love. Thw story tell us so well.
    I love this drama very much.
    Today’s your comment really disappointing. Maybe you are younger, I thought so.

  18. 18 xy

    oh my. what am i gonna do? i think i love joonhyuk more! this is bad…

  19. 19 javabeans

    ^^ to “love,” I did say that this was my own opinion, and that I wasn’t going to try to convince someone to buy my point of view. I don’t think my age has anything to do with it, and it would be nice if we could keep this civil without resorting to digs at age and supposed maturity.

    As for the rape or non-rape, that’s fine for you to believe what you believe. I think that force used upon a woman — whatever the mental reasoning behind it — is wrong. Is it unforgivable? Hm, maybe not irrevocably. But did Tae Joo use force against two women? Yes. I don’t agree with your stance but I’m not going to insult you over it. It does seem dangerously close to the reasoning many domestic-violence sufferers employ — that it’s okay that he hurt me because he loves me — but I’m fairly certain there will be no way to resolve this issue concretely.

    Like i said, Eun Soo’s reaction to Tae Joo has no bearing on the morality of the act itself. Stockholm Syndrome is a classic case in which you cannot use the victim’s reaction — or lack of such — as guidance for judging the act of violence itself. And I’m not saying Tae Joo deserves to go to hell, or anything like that. Hey, I still like Tae Joo. I want him to get the girl in the end. And if I don’t get my happy, romantic ending for Tae Joo and Eun Soo, there will be ranting. But I’d like to hold him responsible for his actions, regardless of his intent.

    Frankly, I hesitate to parse the issue further because (1) there’s just no way to resolve it, and (2) I enjoy hearing everyone’s opinions, but ultimately leaving them at the door and choosing for myself how I feel about something.

    I loved this episode too, so this just shows you can disagree about the message — or even the plot — and still come out with positive responses.

    Interesting comments, all! Keep ’em coming. 😀

  20. 20 Mics

    Ok I read your warnings first before reading the whole thing I even read your last note about the episode. I must say that it just got me more hooked to this drama. I’ve always loved Taejoo’s reaction even though he assaulted Eun Soo but it just clearly shows how much he’s suffering and how much he loves her. I haven’t watched a single episode yet actually but I’ve read all your summaries! and so far I like how the characters develop. It’s far from the usual plot that Korean dramas seem to take. And what I really like about this drama is that so far it has more kissing scenes than 10 (or even more) Korean dramas combined lol.

    Thanks so much for the summaries! =D I have you on my Google Reader already so I can know right away when you update hehe XD

  21. 21 carrie990

    JAVESBEAN,thanx very much for open such a useful blog for QSS.after the eps. have been aired in KOREA, the only thing i expected was to check out your blog and the org. HD avi.
    this eps. is so hot and violent. some of the scens i couldn’t believe it happened. after watching this eps. i am not optimistic about what will happen btw. TJ and EH. everything just happened so fast, and i don’t really have time to have any reaction.
    although, for the last kiss scene in this eps. it was EH kissed TJ, i’m afraid it will not be a simply make up kiss. i’m afraid it will be a part of EH’s revenge to TJ. although EH is so simple, and naive, she has gone thr. so many things recently, i don’t think she will still be the simple girl anymore. like someone said. maybe the ending will turn to be a tragical ending like WHAT HAPPENED IN BALI. i really don’t wannt to see such ending, but i still have to prepare myself for that. because the PJ of this drama, gave us so many unpredictable scenes, and i really have no ideas which direction he will head to. for now, the only thing i can do just cross my fingers and hope PJ will not let TJ experience any more pain. the drunken scene in EPS9, when TJ use his head to hit against the table, i was so heartbroken, i really wanna to hug him for a while. PLEASE, DEAR PD, don’t let poor TJ get hurt again.

  22. 22 cess


  23. 23 cherri

    I feel that the marriage proposal is a bit sudden. How long have these two dated? I’ve been skipping around a bit with the episodes but will watch them when I have time. But wow TJ & ES’s love story is getting intense!

  24. 24 docmitasha

    I completely agree that this show is testing the boundaries of comfort, and maybe in a good way. Also, I’m shocked myself that ES would kiss him after his forceful act. Technically what he did does constitute as sexual assault in all terms, and more importantly the normal human reaction to such an experience would be fear, not passion. I’m personally very involved in sexual assault prevention so maybe thats why I feel strongly about it. I’m disappointed about ES’s reaction because otherwise everything does seem realistic, almost too real.
    Someone mentioned Winter Sonata, which is a drama I loved, and I have to point out that Choi Ji Woo’s character is shocked and appalled and fights what happens, and when she gets away she’s heart broken that someone she trusts would attempt that….and the guy himself is disgusted at himself (which I guess you see in TJ). Even saying “I love you” can’t immediately shake off that fear, though I guess its in there for the sake of drama. Which takes away I think from the being to relate aspect, which is why I agree that QSS will lose some viewers (not me!)
    Thanks for your summaries, Javabeans, they are always wonderful to read and very thoughtful, and I love that you leave it open for the reader to make their own opinion. You rock 🙂 🙂

  25. 25 carrie990

    for the two proposals in this eps. i was shocked by the last one, which is the one JH made to ES. for that one, i don’t really think JH made the proposal because he loves ES. it makes me feel the proposal more like a scheme to keep ES with him. in the previous ep. the last kiss scene btw. JH and ES, made me feel JH possible had a crush on ES. but for the proposal part. i really doubt. why JH propose to ES in that kind of situatin. they never really get together. (i don’t really agree the kiss scene in EP 8 drive them together, for me that was more likely a comfort kiss) the only reason i could think for the motive behind the proposal is JH wants to use ES.

  26. 26 Ter

    Eun Soo and the show lost serious points with me here. She shouldn’t have forgiven Tae Joo so easily. I’m not as pissed at Tae Joo, because I believe what he did was in-character, and his character was capable of committing that act (but not commiting full-on rape). And then we have Eun Soo. The writers have so far been portraying her as this strong, independent woman, maybe naive and inexperienced, yes, but definitely not some kinda weak pushover. And then suddenly the writers have her forgiving Tae Joo just like that for doing that to her? Its out of character, AND whats worse, by having her fianlly cave in and kiss Tae Joo after doing THAT of all acts, the writers seem to be condoning what Tae Joo did. The fact that the writers inserted that scene is fine with me. But Eun Soo’s reaction is not, because first of all, its definitely not in-line with Eun Soo’s character, and secondly, under no circumstance should that scene be condoned and even portrayed as romantic by having a consensual kiss come right after it! Its like they’re practically rewarding Tae Joo, and that is unacceptable. But I will keep up with this show, because who knows, maybe Eun Soo just isn’t in her right senses.

  27. 27 doozy

    yeah, the proposal seems to come unnaturally quick. But, I still like the JH and ES pairing more. otoke? when it’s for sure that they won’t end up together.

    (Interestingly, this is the second drama, after Goong, where I’m more for the girl ending up with the second lead.)

    and as always, thank you, javabeans!

  28. 28 Sara

    Personally, I don’t think Eun Soo actually blamed Tae Joo for the “assault” so there was really nothing to “forgive.”

    Now I agree that if she did blame him and she actually thought he did assault her then her forgiveness would be too sudden.

    So that’s why I feel that Eun Soo didn’t think he assaulted her. Rather, she was thinking that perhaps he was just toying with her feelings again. That’s why she acted that way towards him, because last time she felt that he was simply playing her.

    But when she saw how real his emotions were, she was a bit shocked. And that’s why in the end she kissed him, because she realized that he was being serious and not just playing around.

    Anyway, just my thoughts 🙂 Great site and thanks for the reviews!

  29. 29 Marzy

    thanks sarah! im late today. swamped with work. this surely has been a hot topic with many views and many speculations about everyone. but ultimately, i wonder why TJ let HR continue kissing him in that manipulative manner and why he did stop it. its like its ok to keep on. maybe he’s numb or what but doesnt sit right. although, in the thread many speculating is going on ES motivations for the last scene. me personally, im perplexed. i dont know whats going on through their brains. im not the type to abandon QSS, i need to see if in the next eppie the end justifies the means. i dont condone nor do i agree with TJ, maybe that was his best recourse. i dont pity him and HR cause as u said what they did is to their won demise. sigh, hopefully they can redeem themselves. lastly, to the WHIB and QSS criticisms no way. really no way. i mean sure, we have the love rectangle too and what not. but the flow and story itself. plus the way its shot and directed too. and no, definitely dont want the same ending. ugh. i believe this can end better. i want it to end better.. i want my happy ending.

  30. 30 Poogy

    felt the kiss ES initiated was some kinda of playing with TJ …. couldnt possibly kiss someone after he “outraged” her….the happy ending wont come so soon.

  31. 31 jade

    YES.. there’s no better way to describe Ep9 than OMFG!!!

  32. 32 kas

    I am pulled in by this episode not really the episode itself because I haven’t viewed it but with your summary. It gave the feeling of excitement and the ending definitely left me in suspense. I am bothered because of anticipation for the next episode.

    I have no judicious opinions on episode 9 summary nor the other previous ones because this drama is entertaining. Although, I am suspicious about the ratings doing poorly.

    I enjoy reading your summaries more than viewing it for now because I haven’t the time to view it. Thanks greatly.

  33. 33 Ter

    Sarah – if thats what Eun Soo’s thought process is like regarding Tae Joo’s actions, she loses even more points with me, cause she’s crossed over from endearing innocence to plain denseness. But I do believe even before the “assault”, Eun Soo believed she really did had something to forgive (Tae Joo being an overall donkey’s behind toward her), so I think she has enough sense to realize she has something to forgive Tae Joo for in this instance too.

  34. 34 chonamae

    I am a korean drama addict myself, and being an Asian I’ve watched other asian series as well. I ended up liking KDrama and KMovies alot. I even started learning Korean and got really interested with the rich culture they have.

    I have been watching Witch Yoo Hee and Hello Miss before I started watching Que Sera Sera. I got curious in the beginning to watch this series when I read in one article that it is going to be a Yoon Eun Hye and Eric Mun project. I was thrilled to see them as a couple in a series after watching a few X-Man episodes. When I heard that YEH is no longer doing this project, the initial thrill and excitement subsided.

    While waiting for HM! and WYH episodes, i tried going through one episode of QSS. And I’ve been watching it since then. Now instead of looking for HM and WYH episodes I find myself looking for more QSS updates.

    Thanks a lot for all your updates for QSS. Looking forward to reading more episode reviews.

  35. 35 it's me

    i haven’t seen this episode yet. As a matter of fact, i have only watched up to episode 4. But i keep coming back to your blog because i am so addicted to this drama that i simply do not have the patience to wait for the subbed episodes to come out.

    From what i read in your blog, i have tried to figure out why ES reacted that way and kissed him. I think that it is too early in the drama for them to be happy together, therefore i am guessing that the kiss will not result in ES and TJ getting together. Maybe she was toying with him as a way of giving him a taste of his own medicine???

    yet again, the synopsis for this drama clearly states that TJ and HR have a contract relationship and form a love triangle with ES, who is TJ’s real girlfriend…so maybe they do get together…..

    gosh….i DONT KNOW….this drama is so unpredictable and that’s what makes me love it even more 😀

    thank you for your summaries! They make me want to watch the drama even more. It makes me so anxious because i want to see the actual footage ***sigh***

    but i must be patient and thankful to those who put their time and effort to add subs to the episodes.

    I am biting my nails waiting to find out what happens in episode 10 😀

  36. 36 juliesean

    The nearly rape scene is certainly creating lot of commotion! In my view, i think he has been holding back his feelings for her, by convincing himself tat he is only trying to help her as a friend. As he has never really been in love with anyone before, sub consciously he refuses to bow down to his own feelings. After being miserable for a while, he could no longer control his feelings. So it exploded into that act (almost!!!). the thing is, did he stop himself on his own accord or becos he sensed that Hye Bin (is that how her name is spelt) standing at the doorway? Cant wait for the next episode. In fact, I think the drama may go the tragic way like What Happened in Bali. The scene in the bar got me thinking about Jo In Sung when he was obsessed over the female lead. He had the same heartbreaking reaction. This vibe resonates in this drama which I think will end up in tragedy.Cant wait for ep10. Thanks for the summary. It was consise and insightful and certainly got me thinking.

  37. 37 jane

    thank you for your episode summaries they are really enjoyable to read!!! Well personally I am much more drawn to QSS after this episode. It is different to your run of the mill korean romantic drama. QSS is a pleasant change. I do think that the proposal to Eun Soo by Joon Hyuk was rather sudden—they haven’t even been dating that long! I can’t wait for the next episode…

  38. 38 XENA...

    I’m being horribly vain in plagiarizing myself lol but this was a comment I wanted to share about this episode that I made elsewhere:

    “Sorry to interrupt my lovelies but: Oh my freaking word!

    I have just finished watching episode 09 and its official, whatever reservations I may have had about the audacity level and how far QSS was really looking to go, has momentarily dissipated. It was awesome and for all the right reasons. The performances just got braver. The plot, well that just got darker. The intensity, WTF baby that was brutally sharp. The comfort level, for me, the viewer that just got shocked! This episode is what I’m talking about! Hmm, I’m a film freak and damn I just got high.

    Eric Mun, I applaud you. I cannot even fathom to proceed to go through my usual foray of listing my likes and dislikes of this episode. So let me just cut to the chase of the kick-ass scenes shall I? I welled up at the scene where Tae Joo was drinking himself, at one point ‘into’ the bar. It was magnificently shot and the level of space and pacing in that set-up was suffocating. He couldn’t breath, he couldn’t physically sustain any amount of stillness, he was in agony and I felt every choke and gasp of it. I’m bowing to you right now Mr. a wonderful performance of pain and destruction in the process of quite literally brewing up. The man was a kettle set on a stove and trust me he had reached boiling point. I applaud the director in the way in which that was captured and yes sir, fear not for I’m still bowing.

    I really want to avoid getting into a debate about the next scene, apparently the mother of controversy at present (Y’all know what scene I’m talking about right?), so I want to take care with the projected temperament of my tone. The growth of these two characters and the anticipation of what to actually do with them next couldn’t have been more powerfully conveyed. Although I had scanned some posts and had a certain amount of awareness about it, it cut me to the core all the same. Do I condone it? NO… Am I going to try and delve into the psychological aspect of it and try and justify it? NO… Do I feel that the tone of the drama benefited with the inclusion of it? YES… Do I feel that this outright ballsiness is what has captivated me about the sheer demeanor of que sera sera, to start with? YES… Will I cry my ass off because the fantasy of being content with the happy ever after myth that is embedded in K-dramas was shattered? Hell NO… Am I going to rip up my SHINHWA poster (the one I shall have to purchase first because posters and all the razzmatazz that accompanies being ‘into’ something and all that racket isn’t really my thing)? So, safely, NO… Am I going to continue stalking this baby and lapping-up all the daring punches it can muster to throw at me? Absolutely honey… Give me your best shot!!!

    Right, I’m done. Don’t mind me, please continue.”

    I desperately wanted to get this off my chest here as well. I hope you do not mind! :]

  39. 39 javabeans

    XENA, on the contrary, i love reading your thoughts! i’m impressed with Eric as well. a lot of actors get hung up on their image and being liked and it takes some guts to risk that for the sake of depicting a character honestly.

  40. 40 addicted

    After silently stalking this blog since QSS aired, I just wanted to chimed in with my thoughts on the series. Not only is it bold in the direction it’s going but it manages to (aside from, quoting Javabeans, challenge it’s viewers) make me root for the two leads despite the controversy.
    It’s not your typical love story.
    QSS reminds me of Ruler of Your Own World. For the sheer fact that both series involves an act of violation amongst the two leads whom I never expected to forgive each other, re-trust one another and be in love happily. I’m anxious to see if TJ/ES will have enough courage to step up and prove me wrong again.

    L-O-V-E this blog. Thank YOU, Javabeans!

  41. 41 TB

    First, I want to thanks Javabeans, much much much, you make my day these days.

    Second, I repost what I post in soompi forum, to defense TJ, sorry for being long, I just want to know how you think about it after this:

    I must jump in here and say, I love the work of the director in this drama too, but I don’t think his new work here emerged like brutal, out of the line in terms of sexual aspect, compared to MNIKSS.

    Remember back in MNIKSS, the sexual part is not subtle, it’s just because people were so mesmerized by the comedic romance that they ignored it. Sam Soon’s ex claimed out loud he’s her first man (sexually), Jin Hyun asked for Sam soon for something more “meaty” even before he broke up with Hee Jin, and the flash back scene between Jin Hyun and Hee Jin, where Hee Jin worn only a tiny boxer, and so many more, blah blah… So what the director want to say? Love is a thing, but it’s not like pure, it must be horny sometimes. And sex is not a shameful spice at all, you love, you definitely want a piece of your partner, even when she’s strangely chubby…

    So, for QSS, I expect from the beginning it’s gonna be kissing and hugging, and sexually hot, and it pays back way more than I can say, beautifully. For those who are suprised at the so called raping scene, I must defense TJ. It’s not raping, it’s just like many other say, TJ’s insecurely desperate grab of what is outright HIS! And the act is just naturally out of his raw side that he never hides from the beginning:
    -Ep. 2: he said to his hyung, he can afford all stuff and let the ladies pay cause he gave women what they want “Someone that’s sweet and spicy to make love with.”
    -Ep. 3: he said “what men wants is something else”, and he also said he always like “woman with full package”
    -Ep. 4: he found HR sexy, flirtatious and can’t say he’s completely turned off, not interested in HR like in ep. 2 any more
    -Ep. 5: he stared at HR’s statuesque dancing body, the playboy side of his prevailed, so, forget ES (and I think it’s right at the time, cause ES was just not there yet to stir up the chemistry)
    -Ep. 6: he took a shower, confronted the scene he saw ES and JH, unpleasantly exploding in his mind that the one who idolized him all along now “spent the night” with another man and came home early in the morning with a strange outfit.
    -Ep. 7: he’s gone crazy as he knows ES spend more nights at JH’s place, all he can think of is night, alone, men are like wolves. He definitely felt insecured over her, someone another man now can touch, so he stalked, and tried use money to make her quit that part time night job at JH’s apartment.
    -Ep. 8: He felt pleasant and secured again as the tension still going on as he grabbed ES around her waist, closed to him. So he acted up, didn’t know that it would later push her further away and backfire him. He was floored again at the party, when the girl now appeared not only sexy, ladylike hot, but also initiatively independently out of his control. He was more annoyed that the other man, JH, found her sexiness when he didn’t, and reacted well. He’s about to lose what’s his, so later when he went out with ES for work, when she turned on the cute&naive side to him with the fake camera, he took the chance to say nice things to her for the first time, but later it just turned bad and she walked away. He cursed at himself and wanted her even more, head over heels for ES, as a woman now and felt so powerless when it’s used to be his play field, his charm, so he called his hyung to go drink to dead.
    -Ep. 9: Knowing ES would accompany JH to Singapore, he went too, stared intensively at them all the time. His bad thought about sex that might happen between them reached to top when he saw JH took keys for only 1 room, and it was relieved a second later when JH took keys to another room. In all the annoying conversation where he spoiled the mood, he talked like selling body, sex without love is a common thing. But truly, all he wanted is that just not gonna happen between ES and JH. When he saw JH so worked up about ES, reslized those 2 getting genuine and closer together, he barged into her room to get things out of his chest. He only become more irritated as he saw JH there, and they’re getting nearer to what he’s afraid with a romatic setting, and ES all protected JH and even slapped him. Like a wounded animal, he bang his head on the bar, and I bet he kept picturing those 2 in a room, maybe doing, you know, stuff. So the next morning, he just couldn’t help but feel like lost her completely, must go grab her, kiss her, make her his again instead of walk around line HR’s maid. He was about to phm…explode!!!! even before seeing her, cause he was all trembling, his left hand was shaking like crazy as he pounded the door, so the consequences are as you know. When he threw her on the bed, to me it was like, “how dare you protest, don’t you like me kissing? don’t you feel anything anymore? how dare you make me so powerless and misserable? with one kiss I make you obsessed, with something more I make you mine, my power, you’re mine, MINE! not any other man’s”.

    So, I admit there’s must be sexual desire (cause it’s all about sex for TJ when he loves woman, I’m not saying he’s pervert, it’s just who he is, strongly sexual oriented and outspoken, besides, he thinks ES is sexy now, so, no wonder), but it does not reach the kind of raping to satisfy anything. It’s more like an desperate act for masculinity and territory and love that TJ can’t express. So don’t accuse him, and don’t accuse ES for forgive him. Don’t you even feel kinda turn on if someone you love grab you, push you to the wall/bed and do something like that? The kind of busting surge of adrenaline in that, swear to god, is just what makes great love, great sex, guilty pleasure.

    Besides, ES loves TS also out of such guilty curiosity of experiencing sexy thing, with a playful, bad guy that she shouldn’t be with. When she saw him kissed other, she even secretly wish for his lips. She likes peeping on others’ kissing too. I feel like, just like some eager teen girl watch porn for the fist time, shy but can’t help but kinda like it, she likes TJ, didn’t even think of his past, forgave him when he stood her up, even happy after being tood up just because she got his number, endured every yelling and insulting from him. So why not forget everything and enjoying him now, when he loves her so much? She’s naive but not that moral to feel offended and ruin everything.

    Agr… I always love a bad guy, and TJ is not that bad either, he said he’s not the kind that sleep around with women here and there, he’s just the type that “After this woman, I go to that woman… and then another one.”, and he cares about ES, her sister, her family. Out of being guilty for all the troubles and pains he caused her or whatever, he just cares, and be sweet, subtly. I bang my head to the wall so many times to wake up after watching QSS, because Eric is just so great in acting that make me miss the bad boy I love and it’s bad, I just can’t carry myself normally with my BF after remember stuff like this.

    Back to the PD, I admire him to be this bold, basic-instinct kind of person to pull off steam in any intimate scenes he directed. I became insanely talktative these days because of QSS, signs…

  42. 42 kim

    Does anyone know where I can watch this episode? I can only find up to episode 8 at veoh…

  43. 43 thgshwayz

    Kim, you can find episode 9 on soompi.com QSS forum…..except there are no english subs for it 😀

  44. 44 Lam

    I saw it finally…. epi 9.. i found the scene where JH is trying to hold the theif down to be really really funnie.. i know this is no matter to be laughed at.. but how they rolled around on the groud.. that was JOKES…ROFL. like little children fighting in the sand box.. i was just surprised that the security didn’t break them up.. considering that event to be for people of the fashion world/ businessmen. why was that theif in there.. i noticed that the people in there all had badges around their necks..that meant that the show was not open to the publc.. why was the theif there??? oh well
    over i love this episode… but i really dunno why ES kissed TJ after all that intense action…

  45. 45 mai

    i seriously knew that this drama was good the moment I watched it. many times when i watch dramas they have to catch my attention first, because if theydon’t, i won’t finish them..

    i seriously love the script, the action, and how each character was portrayed :]

    when this series finish i think i want to purchase it. It is splended so far, i hope the ending will be great. IT’s usually the ending that i have a problem with.

    thank you for all the reviews and info. on the episodes. it was fun reading them.

  46. 46 eno

    I just finished watching episode 9 and I loved it!
    And I find myself loving it even more after reading your plot summary/explanations put together with the pictures and the beautiful background music.

    Thank you for your post 🙂

  47. 47 samantha

    I do agree the whole time i’ve been on the edge of my seat…. its been soooooo i dont even know how to explain it….. and you even feel the intensity of the kiss when you watch….. i really loved this episode and i just really want to know how joon hyuk will feel since he proposed…. and also does he actually wanna marry Eun Soo

  48. 48 michi

    this drama is getting more and more interesting….am so hooked now!

    thanks javabeans for the wonderful summaries!!

    very well-said too, TB! i share your sentiments on TJ 🙂

  49. 49 Tiki

    Sarah (can I call you that? XD),
    You said that there might be people who won’t watch qss after this episode… I have to say… I’ve gotten even more hooked after this one. XD All the questions, all the debating, all the insanity… makes me grin like a madwoman. I cannot wait to watch the next episode (which I will right after I post this comment)!

    I’d like to point out something else.. A very very minor detail.. but.. they played an indian song right before TJ “went missing”. That made me even happier haha. It’s not often that you see (or, in this case, hear) anything indian in a korean drama.. It definitely made my day because I actually understood what they were singing without the need of subtitles. XD And the song actually fit the situation! ^_^

    *runs off to watch ep 10*

  50. 50 snow_drop*

    Seriously, all you guys are wonderful writer and analyzer…but too much words. ^_^ lol…

    I haven’t finished even episode 5 but I’m now I’m already reading summary for episode 9. I’m a hopeless impatience creature. Well, just drop by to say thank you for such wonderful summaries. ^_^

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