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Que Sera Sera: “The” Big Scene
by | April 16, 2007 | 47 Comments

Yeah, you know which one(s) I’m talking about.

As expected, Sunday’s big episode has pretty much unleashed a heated torrent of opinions, which frankly are too varied and controversial to expect everyone to agree upon. (I can see that just reading the comments! Which, by the way, I love reading since they tend to be so thoughtful and diverse when it comes to QSS.)

By a stroke of luck, I was able to find excerpts of Episode 9’s script (in its original Korean) posted on a Korean fan blog. So I thought, what better way to address the scene than for me to stop thinking about how to word my opinions and maintain objectivity and all that, and instead step back and let the script speak for itself?


Brown-Eyed Girls – “다가와서” (Coming near, or Because you came near) [ zShare download ]

I’ve tried to translate as directly as I could, as much as that was possible. On some level, I think that when we’re talking about film and visual media, at some point you can’t cling to the “intent” of a scene and have to look at what the actuality of the scene is. If, for instance, something was meant to be mean but came across funny, in the end it’s a funny moment.

And while I don’t necessarily think the script sets anything firmly into stone — about rape, almost-rape, domestic violence, sexual assault, love, desperation, forgiveness, etc., and whether any or all of these issues were even at play in Episode 9 — I think it might help clear up some points.

So take a look and everyone can draw your own opinions:


Scene 40. Hotel, Elevator / Corridor

The elevator doors open, and a very worked-up Tae Joo gets out.
Tae Joo strides quickly down the hallway.
He presses the doorbell to Eun Soo’s room with manic energy, and pounds on the door relentlessly.
A moment later, the door opens.
Without even sparing Eun Soo a chance to be surprised, Tae Joo rushes at her, grabbing her harshly in a kiss, pushing her into the room.



Scene 41. The Same, Eun Soo’s Room

Startled, Eun Soo struggles desperately against Tae Joo’s assault, but is no match for his strength.
Without care for Eun Soo’s resistance, Tae Joo overwhelms Eun Soo in his kiss, clutching her tightly.
As Eun Soo tries whatever she can to shake him off, both lose their balance and fall to the ground.

Scene 43. Hotel, Eun Soo’s Room.

Tae Joo caresses the fallen Eun Soo, and with one hand starts to undress.
Desperately crying out in resistance, Eun Soo isn’t even aware she’s weeping in fear.
Tae Joo suddenly stills his hand, seeing Eun Soo.
At the sight, he realizes what the hell he’s doing.
At an utter loss for what to do, Eun Soo cries.
Tae Joo starts to feel a sense of shame.
At that moment, he senses something strange, and turns around, reacts in shock.
Sometime during all this, Hye Rin has arrived.
Eun Soo doesn’t see Hye Rin, and escapes from Tae Joo’s arms, collecting herself and her disheveled clothes.
Hye Rin approaches. She glares at Tae Joo with contempt and hatred.
Tae Joo watches Hye Rin approach and prepares himself, but the next moment, Hye Rin turns to Eun Soo next to him, and strikes her across the face.
Eun Soo falls at the sudden attack, and without giving her a chance to gather herself, Hye Rin lunges at Eun Soo. The two women engage in a violent fight.
Eun Soo can’t defend herself against the enraged Hye Rin. She can only take the hits.

Tae Joo, watching incredulously, interferes and drags Hye Rin away.

Tae Joo: “Are you crazy?! What the hell are you doing?!”
Hye Rin: “Let go! I said, let go!”

Hye Rin, having completely lost her reason, shakes Tae Joo off, and starts to attack Eun Soo again. At this, Tae Joo slaps Hye Rin across the cheek and causes her to fall to the ground.
Hye Rin looks at Tae Joo, shocked; Eun Soo also looks on, wide-eyed in shock.
Tae Joo glares at Hye Rin, then looks at Eun Soo in a heap on the floor. He takes her hand to help her up, then drags her like that out of the room.
Hye Rin clasps her hands in front of her eyes, seeing Tae Joo and Eun Soo leave. It’s all so abrupt, she can’t even get a firm grasp on what’s going on.



Scene 44: Montage

– Hotel corridor: Tae Joo grabbing Eun Soo’s hand as he walks down the hall, pushing the elevator button, but then changing course and taking the staircase.
– Hotel stairway: Tae Joo and Eun Soo walking down the stairs quickly
– Hotel, Eun Soo’s room: Hye Rin, as the situation finally sinks in. Betrayal mixes with fury and jealousy.
– Hotel stairway: Eun Soo and Tae Joo, going down the stairs recklessly, without thought.
– Jewelry store: Looking amongst the display cases, Joon Hyuk points at a bracelet. The store employee takes the bracelet out and hands it to him.


Scene 45. In front of hotel entrance (night)

Rain falls down in a fury.
Tae Joo and Eun Soo, having run all the way to the hotel entrance, look up at the rain pouring down, and stop in their tracks.
Both catch their breaths as they look out dazedly at the pouring rain. Eun Soo stares blankly out into the rain, with a mindless, vacant expression.



Tae Joo: “I love you…”
Eun Soo: !
Tae Joo: (Looking at Eun Soo) “I love you, Eun Soo”
Eun Soo: !

Eun Soo, with the same blank gaze, trembles as she takes her hand out of Tae Joo’s grasp.
Tae Joo moves to take her hand again, but Eun Soo steps aside, as though in challenge.
Tae Joo is unable to approach Eun Soo calmly, as she starts to walk into the rain, like one whose spirit has left her.
As though she’s running away, Eun Soo walks away with short, quick steps, her face starting to crumple in tears, overwhelmed.
Tae Joo takes off his jacket and chases after her. Attempting to block the rain with his jacket, he holds it over Eun Soo’s head and his own as he chases after her.
As before, Eun Soo walks dispiritedly as her face twists with tears, and now starts to completely break down. Rain and tears mix.
She gives no care to Tae Joo, following behind, who becomes agitated seeing her cry.

Tae Joo: “Hey, are you okay? Where are you going? Hey…”

Tae Joo moves to turn Eun Soo toward him, but at that moment, Eun Soo turns herself toward him, runs at him and kisses him.
Tae Joo wraps Eun Soo in his arms tightly.
Passionately, ardently, the two kiss as though they’d stay in their embrace for ages, and off their two expressions —




Credits to hanic71’s naver blog for the excerpt!

Original script:

40. 호텔, 엘리베이터 / 복도
엘리베이터 문이 열리고 잔뜩 상기된 태주가 내린다.
태주, 빠른 걸음으로 복도를 걸어간다.
은수의 방 벨을 미친 듯이 누르고 방문을 사정없이 두드린다.
잠시 후 문이 열린다.
은수가 놀랄 사이도 없이 태주, 은수에게 달려들어 거칠게 입을 맞추며 그대로 밀고 방으로 들어간다.

41. 동, 은수의 방

은수, 갑작스런 태주의 공격에 필사적으로 저항하지만 태주의 힘을 당해낼 수 없다.
태주, 은수의 저항에 아랑곳없이 키스를 퍼부으며 끌어안는다.
어떡하든 태주에게서 벗어나려는 은수, 두사람, 균형을 잃으며 바닥에 쓰러진다

42. 쥬얼리샵

43. 호텔, 은수의 방

태주, 쓰러진 은수를 애무하며 거친 손길로 옷을 벗기려 한다.
필사적으로 비명을 지르며 저항하는 은수, 공포에 질려 어느덧 흐느끼고 있다.
태주, 문득 손길을 멈추고 은수를 본다.
그제서야 지금 자신이 무슨 일을 하고 있었는지를 깨닫는다.
어쩔 줄 몰라하며 오열하는 은수.
태주, 자괴감이 든다.
이때 이상한 느낌을 받은 듯 뒤를 돌아보는 태주, 깜짝 놀란다.
어느 사이엔가 혜린이 와 있었던 것
은수, 혜린은 보지 못하고 태주의 품에서 빠져나와 흐트러진 옷매무새를 가다듬는다.
혜린, 다가온다. 증오와 경멸의 눈으로 태주를 노려본다.
태주, 각오한다는 듯 혜린을 보는데, 다음 순간, 혜린, 옆에 있던 은수의 뺨을 사정엇이 갈긴다.
갑작스런 공격에 쓰러지는 은수, 은수가 제대로 몸을 추스릴 사이도 없이 혜린, 은수에게 달려든다. 두 여자의 격렬한 몸싸움이 시작된다.
독이 오른 혜린에게 은수는 당해낼 수가 없다. 거의 일방적으로 맞고 있는 상황이다.
믿을 수 없다는 듯 놀란 눈으로 보던 태주, 혜린을 거칠게 끌어낸다.

태주 : 너 미쳤어! 뭐하는 짓이야!
혜린 : 이거 놔, 놓으란 말이야!

혜린, 완전히 이성을 잃은 듯 태주를 뿌리치며, 은수를 다시 공격하려는데 이때 태주가 혜린의 뺨을 때리는 바람에 바닥에 쓰러지고 만다.
충격을 받은 듯 태주를 보는 혜린, 은수도 깜짝 놀란 눈으로 그들을 바라본다.
태주, 혜린을 노려보다가 옆에 널브러져 있던 은수의 손을 잡아 일으켜 그대로 끌고 방을 나간다.
혜린, 눈 앞에서 손잡고 가는 태주와 은수를 망현히 본다. 너무 급작스러워 어떤 상황인지 이해도 잘 가지 않는다. 그저 놀라울 뿐이다.

44. 몽타쥬
– 호텔 복도 : 은수의 손을 잡고 걸아가는 태투, 엘리베이터 버튼을 누르지만 여의치 않자 계단으로 향한다.
-호텔 계단 : 계단을 내려가는 태주와 은수의 빠른 발걸음
– 호텔, 은수의 방 : 혜린, 이제야 상황이 접수된다. 배신감과 분노, 질투와 절망의 감정이 뒤엉킨다.
– 호텔 계단 : 정신없이 계단을 내려가는 은수오 ㅏ태주
– 쥬얼리샵 : 진열장 안의 팔찌를 가리키는 준혁, 직원이 꺼내주는 팔찌를 손에 받아쥔다.

45. 호텔 정문 앞 (밤)
비가 세차게 내리고 있다.
태주와 은수, 정문으로 막 뛰어나오다가 세찬 빗줄기를 보고 발걸음을 멈춘다.
두사람, 거친 숨을 고르며 망연히 빗줄기를 본다. 은수는 정신이 없는 듯 멍한 얼굴로 빗줄기만 보고 있다.

태주 : 사랑해……
은수 : !
태주 : (은수를 본다) 사랑해, 은수야
은수 : !

은수, 여전히 빗줄기에 시선 둔 채로 부들부들 떨며 태주에게 잡힌 손을 뺸다
태주, 은수의 손을 다시 잡으려는데 은수, 경기를 일으키듯 몸을 비켜선다.
태주, 감히 은수에게 다가서지 못하는데 은수, 넋이 나간 듯 빗속으로 걸어가기 시작한다.
도망이라도 치듯 종종 걸음으로 가는 은수, 도저히 주체할 수 없는 감정으로 은수의 얼굴이 조금씩 일그러진다.
태주, 겉옷을 벗어 은수를 쫓아간다. 빗줄기를 가리려 은수의 뒹서 은수의 머리와 자기 머리를 옷으로 가리고 은수를 쫓아 걷는다.
은수는 여전히 넋이 나간 채 얼굴이 더욱 일그러지며 울음을 터뜨리기 시작한다. 빗물과 눈물이 엉킨다.
태주가 뒤에 따라오든 말든 은수의 울음은 점점 격앙된다.

태주 : 야 괘찮아? 어디 가는 거야, 야…

태주, 은수의 몸을 돌리려는데, 그순간 은수가 먼저 몸을 돌려 태주에게 달려들 듯이 입을 맞춘다.
태주, 은수를 꼭 끌어안는다.
어느때보다 뜨겁고 열정적으로 포옹하며 오래도록 입을 맞추는 두 사람 모습에서


47 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. tsunamiblues

    Thanks for this JAVABEANS…the scene seems more violent than how it was played out…like th ripping clothes …it take a great actor to pull that off!!!

  2. ginnie

    Sarah….I am now at loss.

    Tae Joo and Eun Soo…should we were our moral cap and judge their actions based on so-called society’s standard and forbid them from being together because of Tae Joo’s temporary lack of sense. Insanity. He’s gone crazy in love.

    I really like the song.

  3. javabeans

    tsunamiblues, i agree that the scene feels different on paper and onscreen. but it’s not in a concretely “less violent” (or more violent) way — in some ways, the script is harsher to take. for instance, the fact that tae joo moves to take off his clothing indicates a primal, however brief and insane, urge to rape her. i’m thinking the director may have made a judgment call to dial that back, or who knows, maybe it’s the actors who played the scene a different way. but on the other hand, i think some of the tae joo violence comes off harsher onscreen than on paper, like the forceful way he shoves eun soo on the bed, or slaps hye rin.

    ginnie, i’m confuzzled myself, so we can be bewildered together. on the one hand, entertainment is generally meant to have a purpose and a point of view — otherwise it’s pointless and meandering. but on the other hand, it’s not always propagating a certain moral stance, or advocating something. it could depict badness and let us as viewers decide for ourselves that it’s bad — it doesn’t necessarily have to wag the moral finger itself. and that’s partly what I get from the “Que Sera Sera” title… it’s going to show us these four people making good and bad decisions, but rather than shoving a decided judgment down our throats, it’ll leave it for us to draw our own conclusions.

    i’m not saying that’s what they’re consciously doing, but that’s what i’m taking from it. so you can make Tae Joo a flawed, corrupt person and yet not condemn him to the depths of fiery hell… i’m seeing Tae Joo make some good decisions and some truly horrific ones, and i’m waiting to make my judgment call because the story’s not over yet… but yeah, i’m a ball of confusion and questions. strangely, though, i don’t really mind.

  4. Doremi02

    love this sence so much..and love you too for sharing that..This is so emotional between the two…

  5. RedCoral

    WOW I must say brilliant acting, a tough scene to act out but he did it. 4 Stars

    Thanks Java

  6. RedCoral

    Oops WOW I must say brilliant acting Eric , a tough scene to act out but he did it.

  7. ginnie

    Sarah…Yes, I understand what you mean. I want to wait till the end to make any kind of personality judgement on Tae Joo.

    I want to give all our feedback to the korean reporters. What are they doing? I read one report that attributed QSS’s ratings to conventional plot that has been overused. Grrrr..I can’t stand such irreponsible reporters, misleading the public. If anything, we should have reporters be jailed for inaccurate reports (they probably didn’t even watch QSS) because it is as much a crime to diminish every QSS’s crew’s effort by just a few keystokes on their laptops.

    QSS fighting!

  8. javabeans

    jiji, until the torrent is out (i don’t think it is yet for the latest episodes), your best bet is clubbox, if you can use it. otherwise, check out soompi’s QSS thread — you’ll probably be able to find a few megaupload links there.

  9. mangoicy

    Maybe i’m the only one, but i think we are leaving out an extremely significant scene, in between the “almost rape” scene and the “kiss in the rain” scene, in our discussion here. *wow, look at how limited my vocabulary is….. anyways*

    Don’t you think that TaeJoo’s confession IS the reason why she kissed him even after what he did? *assuming that she truly meant it*… In that split second, she could see through him. She knew it was pure honesty, and for that reason, the wrong he did just minutes ago just flew away from her mind. Doesn’t it happen a lot of times in our own lives? Sometimes it only take one word to forgive and forget.

    But then again, I have no idea what occupied the mind of the writers. Until we know her real motive, all we can come up with are only assumptions.

  10. 10 Joey

    With all the mixed responses from episode 9, you’ve decided to dissect “the” scenes and thorougly translate it for us, which I appreiciate very much!

    I still believe that Tae Joo could have went further when he was atop of Eun Soo until he realized what he had almost done and that’s why he stopped–only to feel ashamed of what he had just done. And to end up witnessing Eun Soo kissing Tae Joo at the last scene was just utterly unexpected and dissapointing as it does not seem to be Eun Soo’s character. But to extract this and relate it to the real world, it all just goes back to the question: Does life imitate art or does art imitate life? So let’s not get too philosophical, however, it does stimulate us to think critically of others actions and as well as our own.

    As for the last scene I guess this is what the director wants–to suprise us and then put us in suspense! (which is irrating for me) So I guess, we all will have to wait until the next episode as their reasoning behind their actions unravels…dun dun dun….

    Thanks again for your updates!

  11. 11 javabeans

    Ter — I had the same thought. I almost laughed aloud, although I was too caught up in the scene to actually do that. It was just so absurd.

  12. 12 jiji

    i KNEW ES would do that. cmon now she really did like TJ it wuz bound to happen. i thiink the almost rapin part wasnt too much. i mean not every drama is picture perfect. but anyways ES+TJ forever!! lol..
    i havent even seen episodes 8 and 9 yet but yah.. the more i wanna see them!!!! so PLZ for the billionth time sombody send me the episodes or let me know where to watch them. PLZ!! email: [email protected]

  13. 13 Kel

    That’s super hot!
    i cant wait for next episode

  14. 14 April

    i have a feeling that one of eun soo’s intentions on kissing tae joo was to get back.. u noe kinda like karma from episode 3… although i think she does like him.. she has her doubts so i feel that she is not ready to give in just yet.. also i really dnt think it was rape in tae joos case because i feel as if it is something his character would do.. his desperation shows because hes never experienced this typpe of conflict before.. where he actually starts to have lingering feelings for a girl… he did this out of desperation and after reading this i could understand now that before it got out of hand he finally got his feelings in control and stopped himself… as for the hye rn getting hit i find that believabe too becaue it kind of reminded me when he threw the drink in her face and pushed her down in ealrier episodes…

    either way i think the scenes kind of take this drama to whole new level.. a level where its not a typical kdrama.. nd i think thats the message the directers and writers are trying to get across.. that this isnt something where its cute and just funny.. its reality and deals with realistic issues… i think it was rite for them to kind of include something so contreversial…

    well ive said enough lol…

    love ur summeries! keep it up
    looking forward for more…

  15. 15 Anonymous

    Maybe i’m the only one, but i think we are leaving out an extremely significant scene, in between the “almost rape” scene and the “kiss in the rain” scene, in our discussion here. *wow, look at how limited my vocabulary is….. anyways*

    Don’t you think that TaeJoo’s confession IS the reason why she kissed him even after what he did? *assuming that she truly meant it*… In that split second, she could see through him. She knew it was pure honesty, and for that reason, the wrong he did just minutes ago just flew away from her mind. Doesn’t it happen a lot of times in our own lives? Sometimes it only take one word to forgive and forget.

    But then again, I have no idea what occupied the mind of the writers. Until we know her real motive, all we can come up with are only assumptions.

  16. 16 javabeans

    no mangoicy, you’re not alone! because i think Tae Joo’s confession is definitely significant. I just hesitate to attribute Eun Soo’s reaction to one of softening in affection or love, because that puts a romantic slant on Tae Joo’s use of force that I personally am uncomfortable with. (I recognize that others have fewer qualms with it, or more.)

    But I’ll also point out another thing, which is that in the script, two recurring phrases pop out at me in describing Eun Soo in the last scene. She’s described as acting in this way: “정신 없는 듯” (jungshin obneun deut) or as though mindless, and “넋이 나간 채” (neoksi nagahn chae) or as though her spirit/soul has left her. That indicates, to me, that Eun Soo’s not in her right mind — and although that’s not an *excuse* for her behavior, that does explain why she would act out of character. Because she’s literally lost herself — it’s flown away in this instant — prompting her to perhaps act with only her body, because once her mind and spirit are gone, only her body remains.

    This is just my interpretation, so take it or leave it as you will…

  17. 17 Ter

    I agree with a previous poster– the script seems more violent and even worse than what actually happened. Although those screenshots of what Tae Joo’s doing to Hye Rin is pretty brutal. The way her hair is kind of covering everything in that one shot makes it look like he’s punching her straight in the face really really freakin hard!

    I can take what Tae Joo did, and its not him or his actions that turn me off the show. Instead, I’m extremely annoyed at the writers, who seem to be romanticizing this whole incident by the end. When Eun Soo kisses Tae Joo right after he pushes himself on top of her (scaring her and making her cry in the process), it seems as if the writers are implicity saying doing that to a woman is excusable (whether they actually mean to or not). As I said before, Tae Joo even seems to get REWARDED for his action, and that just doesn’t relay a very good message.

  18. 18 Ter

    ^Oh, on a side note, admidst all this angst and serious stuffs, I found it darkly humorous when Tae Joo yells at Hye Rin, “Are you crazy? What the hell are you doing!?!?!” Did TAE JOO, of all people, just ask that question? Mr.-I-just-climbed-on-top-of-a-woman-and-may-or-may-not-have-been-considering-raping-her?

  19. 19 it's me

    haha…i agree with Ter…what he said to HR was strangely funny…

    and about this whole almost-rape-and-then-kiss-scene, we are not going to be able to know what ES was really thinking until ep 10 comes out. Who knows, the writers might have done that kiss intentionally to have ppl talking, like WE are, and then watch it turn out that ES did it out of revenge or something….The script says that it was as though her “spirit left her”, and so maybe she proceeded to kiss him out of revenge, which is something she would not have done earlier in the drama (remember she claimed she is not the type to kiss someone without any feelings unlike TJ?). If i am not mistaken (i have not watched the episode yet) the episoded ended with them still kissing, right? That means we have to wait for epi 10 to see what ES will say to TJ..is it “i love you too” ?? or something else like…”too bad, i am marrying the other guy!” hahaha! 😀

    who knows….but you have to hand it to the writers because if their purpose was to keep us bitting our fingertips and going crazy for the next episode…CLEARLY they have succeeded 😀

    thank you for this! i am so addicted to your blog 😀

  20. 20 Vivagirl

    im glad, the scene where tj starts to undress es was cut cause i don’t know if i will be able to take much more shock. i felt es was way too vulnerable at that point of time. i have been fighting myself over this particular scene where tj stops kissing es on the bed & turns around to see hr behind them. i had always thought tj stopped doing what he was doing cause he heard hr or someone walk in, or he stopped cause he came to his senses but i have every reason to believe the former cause the first thing tj did was to turn back as if he knows someone is there. as read from a spoiler that as user posted in soompi, it seems es will pay pack tj at his own game, by kissing then saying its for fun (flashback to the lift trapped scene). what i want to know is whether es still loves tj or has started to accept jh. by the way, when did jh & es started dating? from the party/at home after that when they kissed? & when did es become jh’s fiance when she has not accepted his proposal yet, i rem hearing her say that she will think abt it? and thanks so much javabeans for the excerpts.

  21. 21 cotton604

    Javabeans! Thanks so much for translating the script for us!

    I liked the resulting interpretation of script by the director and the actors. I think Eric toned down the *rape* scene, which obviously can offend viewers. Still, some parts, like so many of you brilliant commenters (teehee) were more violent than the script. I was pretty shocked when TJ slapped HR, because there’s no excuse for that. Still, I don’t necessarily mean that TJ is a bad person, because hardly anyone is completely good or bad in the first place (unless it’s in a very very typical k drama) I am happy to know that he did realize what he was doing to EunSoo before it escalated into..well…rape.

    I am going to be upset if ES does forgive TJ so easily. Like you said, it glosses the whole incident and I don’t think such a serious matter should be romanticized, because it’s certainly not like that in real life. (Plus, what will happen to JH!?!? As much as I want TJ and ES to end up together…I dont want ES to get out of that relationship this way. I guess there’s no way for any of the 4 characters from being hurt now eh?)I really like the writer and the director. By showing JH buying the golden bracelet for ES while the whole incident is going serves as contrast and makes the whole event that much more explosive…lol

    I also wonder about HR a little bit. Did she know that TJ forced himself on ES? If she does, then her reaction should be renounced as well (though I don’t think she deserved the slap from TJ…it’s not like he’s so righteous in the first place). How can she attack ES when ES was the victim? I guess jealousy blinds all eyes.

    Still this scene has certainly grabbed everyone’s attention! I can’t wait for the next episode 😀

  22. 22 it's me

    ok…i made up my mind. I just saw the 9th episode (w/ eng subs though) and i can almost be certain that ES kissed him out of revenge, to toy with him the same way he toyed with her in ep 3. I have concluded this because when TJ told her “I love you” he was still holding her hand (by the wrist), and then when he said it a second time, ES slid her wrist off his hand in a daze and walked away, as he followed her asking where she was going and calling her name…she was still in a daze and out of nowhere, BAM! she turns around and kisses him. I predict that in ep 10, after they finish kissing, she will tell him something like “you were right, kissing others without any feelings is fun” and then walk away leaving him standing alone in the rain…i dunno, something in those lines…

    i just think that we are still half way in the drama and therefore it is too soon for them to get together…i think there will be more drama before that happens, and this almost-rape incident will be another bump..or rather MOUNTAIN…on the road 😀

  23. 23 it's me

    oh, one more thing….from what i saw, i don’t think she believed him when he told her “I love you.”

    i think she probably believes it is another way of him teasing her, as he has done throughout the drama…and then after what he did, i dont think she is stupid enough to believe him….at least i hope not…

    ok, i will stop my rambling…

    Love your blog!!! 😀

  24. 24 chipndale

    does anyone know where to watch ep 8 and 9 with english or chinese subs??

  25. 25 docmitasha

    hmm…varying, interesting opinions….javabeans u’ve definitely helped in triggering a great conversation 🙂
    I myself have decided that I’m angry at ES’s character change in both situations–1. she really did kiss TJ honestly, because that conflicts with her being a strong woman who’s not going to just take crap, she stood up to him before, right?
    2. she was playing him…because she hasn’t been that kind of person…sure people develop streaks suddenly, but like I said before I find it really hard that a woman who has been assaulted (and not in a small way, based on the script and the screenshots), would just swallow her fear and be able to think clearly enough to play the guy. I mean I’d think the first reaction would be to run away, as far as possible. I’m sure such a scene would hurt the sentiments of those unfortunate individuals who’ve been in such a situation…and though entertainment is supposed to test out comfort levels and bring up moral and ethical questions to incite our thoughts, I also feel the industry has a responsibility to not glamorize or put a shiny coating on something thats terrible, lowly in the first place. They have a large audience of teenage girls and even older women who are often misled by ideas of “rough love” or how romantic it is “to be taken by force.” And the truth is, that its morally and legally wrong.
    Anyway, just my ranting! But I’m really looking forward to Ep 10 nevertheless, even if I’m afraid I’ll end up getting angrier at ES and TJ and at the writer/director….I’m curious to see where they take it!

    BTW, are subs for Ep 9 out?? I couldn’t find them anywhere….Itsme, you said you saw it with eng subs? Can you tell me from where?

  26. 26 XENA...

    Lo and be-hold I do not believe I can restrain myself from commenting. How interesting, so these are excerpts from the original script? The exact content of the scripts do differ somewhere along the way when eventually performed by the actors and captured by the director. What I find interesting though, in the midst of that artistic interpretation of playing out a scene is that the actors act out their performances with a thorough understanding of this detailed script.

    I for one am a huge advocator and admirer of this twist and powerful inclusion into the drama. I want to establish very clearly, in order to avoid misunderstanding and propaganda, my admiration for this powerful scene’s inclusion is not from a moralistic point of view but from an understanding of script, overall character development and plotline of the drama, point of view. To me these turn of events has opened the door further for a very mature ‘que sera sera’ that delves into the darker side of falling in love with someone and its consequences. It’s theme of exploring the in-ward rebellion and personal demons within each character has been imbedded in the serial from the very beginning.

    The execution of the scene was immensely courageous by the performers and what quite literally frightened me about it (other than the very obvious) were three aspects. 1. I do not believe Eun Soo ever verbally said NO. Yes, she fought him off but the fact that I never actually heard a verbal rejection and that combined with the overall verbal silence’ of the scene frightened the hell out of me. 2. I did not feel that it was a scene where Tae Joo wanted to ‘make love’ to Eun Soo. It seemed more about demand and ownership of what he felt was rightly his. He had had enough of the fa�ade and violently and physically wanted to somehow end it. We had witnessed Tae Joo coming apart at the seams throughout the episode and what eventually climaxed for me was as an absolute physical, violent breakdown. The way in which he held Eun Soo’s face and pushed her toward the bed reiterated that feeling within me. Point 3… OMG. The way in which Eun Soo’s shivering hand immediately reached for her skirt when Tae Joo actually froze from his actions atop of her. All these points made this scene a grippingly well delivered frenzied chaotic mayhem that was altogether chilling for any viewer to sit through. I had seen scenes of this nature conveyed in other films/dramas in an outrageous over romanticized way, that pathetically glamorized the horror of such an act and I am thrilled that this was absolutely not such a scene. It displayed the brutality of it and it scared the shit out of me.

    I look obsessively forward to viewing this drama every weekend and pray that the script writers remain as fearful in their delivery of such storylines and character developments good or bad and on the contrary to what we as viewers are comfortable or not so comfortable with :]

  27. 27 ginnie

    I have been comments here and begin to find some comments getting a bit didactic.

    Why do we need to get so preachy about what Eun Soo must do?

    I honestly think Que Sera Sera’s writer should just ignore all this now. Write whatever and however way he/she intended in the beginning. I am not watching this show because it withholds all my values and opinions.

  28. 28 XENA...

    Sorry folks, ‘typo’; I meant remain ‘fearless’ not ‘fearful’ *buries head in sand* :]

  29. 29 addicted

    This scene is so beautifully disturbing. I can’t help but fall in love with it.
    I felt anxious, then fear, then was mortified, then was angry and finally delightfully confused. So many emotions wrapped up in less then five minutes. I loved it. Dispite the controversy, it was an amazing scene with suber writing/acting. It still continues to haunt me. Bravo.

  30. 30 it's me

    docmitasha, i saw a raw video of ep 9 without english subtitles. I downloaded it from a soompai.com forum 😀

    sorry, I WISH it did, but so far subtitles have been released up to episode 4 (that i know of)

  31. 31 kas

    Thank you for the updates.
    Nevertheless, still a wonderful scene and summary.
    Enjoying it.

  32. 32 its_trish

    Thank you for going to the trouble of translating this scene! Although I have not actually watched the show I am learning about all of the potential meaning within this episode through reading everyone’s posts! Thank you guys for posting your opinions and interpretations – it is truly a worthwhile distraction from studying. *I like to see how people analyze and interpret things differently..

  33. 33 Stacie

    I so was not into this series (and that says alot b/c i am watching a million all at once now and forever), but after a scene like that I have to start watching from the beginning again. I saw you say you just have to watch a few to get into it. SO I will and thanks a million Java I adore this blogg and read it religiously!!!

  34. 34 ginnie

    Hi Sarah,

    I have a favor to ask. I really like the song you posted by brown-eyed girls. Can you tell me what is the song about? Or if you could provide a rough translation?

  35. 35 bm05om

    i forgot to say..thanks sarah for taking all the trouble to translate the script excerpts here.btw do you frequent que sera sera’s dcinside?i think i saw somebody putting up a link there to this delightful blog of yours. ^^ think now the Koreans QSS viewers are reading your posts as well.but sorry if i’m mistaken about this..i have a very-very limited understanding of the Korean language..:)

  36. 36 javabeans

    ginnie — i was all set to translate the song, until i found that someone had done it already! Courtesy of aheeyah.com, here are the lyrics (it’s Song #2) in its Korean version, and the translated English version.

    bm05om — i did see that i got a few hits from korean sites! i thought that was very cool. 😀

  37. 37 bm05om

    i thought it was awesome that they discovered your blog! ^^ i really wished they could see the blog and discover for themselves how great it is here and how invested foreign fans are in QSS,but sadly i had no means of posting the link for your blog there at dcinside ,and of course i couldnt do so and i really wanted to.imagine my suprise to see somebody posting the link there.from my very limited Korean i sensed that they were quite impressed 😉 but of course i could be wayyy off base here.so i thought if you havent,you could see it here:

    very cool indeed!

  38. 38 ginnie

    Thank you Sara.

    I love this song. And I think it fits this post beautifully (ironic as it seems)….

    The lyrics is hauntingly beautiful.

  39. 39 javabeans

    bm05om, thanks for that link! i hadn’t seen that before.

    i’m really glad to see that the korean fans are just as happy to see the popularity of QSS abroad as we are… they also noted that the (extensive!) comments here show QSS’s popularity. and also that our sentiments on the story, particularly the last episode, seem to be in sync with the korean fans’ thoughts.

    all in all, it was a nice read. 🙂

  40. 40 bm05om

    yay..you’ve read it! lol..i am so articulate with my words,aren’t i?i apologize,english is not my first language..hehe.glad you clarified what they were talking about,i also made my own conclusion that our thoughts on ep.09 echoed the Korean fans sentiments from what was written there,so its cool to know that i wasnt completely wrong. 🙂

    looking forward to ep.10 tonight.and of course after that, for your entry on it.sarah fighting!

  41. 41 brinda88

    wow, this scene is very intense! I think Tae Joo and Eun Soon couldn’t hold in their passion anymore. Thank you Javabeans for your wonderful summaries. 🙂

  42. 42 Gianie

    Wow! I can’t even begin to say how invaluable and incredible I find your blog!
    I have been watching ‘Que Sera, Sera’ as it comes out on TV and found your site through soompi. Your recaps and insights are incredible, like nothing I’ve ever seen. I fell in love with the drama, but seeing it in this context, with the recaps and wonderful screencaps, as well as with other people’s concepts, makes it a much richer experience.
    I particularly loved this bit of translation that you did with the script excerpt. I also love the intricacies of the language and watch dramas (everything from sappy and ridiculous like ‘MiSa’ -though I loved it, haha!- to more toned down ones like Alone in Love) as much as I can. I think I would really enjoy translating, and might be on my way to joining the ranks as a fansubber, but wanted to ask if you have anything at all similar to this excerpt- or anything printable with your translations? Your word choice and structure is top-notch and really a delight to read, if nothing else.
    Bottom line, I guess, I really, really enjoyed your translation here and your recaps, which helped tremendously in the parts of episodes I otherwise would not have been clear on. Thank you a million times for this site, it is wonderful!
    Please feel free to contact me, I hope this comes through to you even though it is late.
    Thanks again!

  43. 43 amareally

    Oh .. I remember this scene, I wasn’t really watching QSS, but when i changed the channel and this scene was airing on TV my jaw just dropped, did Eric Moon really acted like that??? his role as Tae Joo was frightening but very hot ! .. for another few seconds after that my fingers still froze from the remote GOSH I have a different perspective on Eric in QSS !!

  44. 44 gelay

    …. i am in shocked… gosh the kiss was so real! i love this drama and i think I’m getting addicted…

  45. 45 marion huang

    There was something raw about the scene some saw as violation. To me, it was a manifestation of the emotions he suppressed for a long time. The man was just giving in his basic instinct.

    Oh what would l give to watch a drama like QSS again. Spy Myung Wol isnt doing it for me

  46. 46 Gasenadi

    Eun Soo has a REAL police complaint now!

  47. 47 michel

    I’m glad the actors toned down this scene. I don’t like glorification of rape. but man, I couldn’t believe how people in love could hurt each others so terribly.

    this drama has been a roller coaster sensation.

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