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Air City: Episode 10
by | June 18, 2007 | 41 Comments

If I hadn’t committed to recapping this series, I’d have jumped off the train and stopped watching, if not by Episode 6, then definitely this weekend. I still love Lee Jung Jae to bits, and find his acting is still top-notch in a sea of mere adequacy, but it’s not like I can’t appreciate his hotness in pictures and screencaps, rather than video. Plus I’ve got all those episodes of Feelings (Neukkim) to catch up on, and he’s barely aged in all these years anyway. I’d stop giving myself these self-inflicted headaches, and just read someone else’s recaps instead. Ah, irony.

Eye candy is what Air City has going for it, and in many scenes, I’d find myself zoning out and musing, “He has great cheekbones” (agent Min Wook), “Nice profile” (Lee Jung Jae), or “I like that hairstyle better than the one he had last week” (Min Wook again, and Ha Joon).

Does anyone still watching think this series is good? I’m not being sarcastic (for once), I really want to know.


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Ji Sung and Do Kyung rush back to Incheon to deal with their respective crises. NIS is dealing with some guy named Sergei with Russian crime ties, and Do Kyung’s big emergency is… wait for it… drum roll… LUGGAGE. No, seriously. Would I make a joke as stupid as that? It’s really a luggage backup problem caused by some machinery malfunction, grounding planes whose cargo cannot be loaded/unloaded. How sexy.


So Ha Joon runs through the airport with determined focus and acts really cool, and with the way it’s shot and the pounding background music it also sounds really cool, only it’s not cool because the problem is still LUGGAGE.

Ha Joon ties a handkerchief around a suitcase handle and everyone acts like he just saved Private Ryan. I could make more fun of this inane story, but honestly I’m just so embarrassed for Lee Jin Wook right now.

Do Kyung looks up at the skies, now that the freaking luggage issue is solved due to her brilliant plan to open up the carousel at an unused gate. She’s relieved to see planes taking off as usual. Ji Sung, however, has no real purpose being on the runway other than to give us a cool shot. Wouldn’t this moment have been great if it meant anything?

Air City has just spent fifteen minutes pumping up mundane cargo issues as a huge emergency, which is lame. Not because luggage is an intrinsically bad idea. But they’ve mixed so many different plots, all on differing planes of melodrama, that coming after a high-stakes international story full of fighting, gunfire, and mobster activity, what reaction can they expect to this other than absurd laughter? Furthermore, aside from treating problematic cargo like it’s as critical as mass terrorism, they end this storyline a mere fifteen minutes into the episode. WTF? It was entirely unnecessary and apropos of nothing.

(Edited to add: Yes, we find out later the luggage system was messed with by hackers — but they never do anything to support that point. After Do Kyung and Ha Joon fix the problem, it’s gone. Poof.)


Moving on, Ye Won and Min Wook are on the trail of Russian counterfeiter Sergei. They maneuver a strategic collision in order to place a tracking device on him.

On the relationship front, Do Kyung asks Nan Young about giving her the wrong boat departure time, and Nan Young admits that she did it on purpose. She wanted to try putting Do Kyung and Ji Sung together to help them along, because she herself likes Ha Joon, but Ha Joon likes Do Kyung, and if Nan Young helped Do Kyung with Ji Sung, then Ha Joon would realize that Do Kyung was out of reach, and maybe be available for Nan Young… and who else feels like we’re stuck in middle school?

Do Kyung asks Ha Joon if he felt jealous, and he denies it, saying Nan Young has the wrong idea. He insists he isn’t interested her in that way, and asks if things worked out well on the island with Ji Sung. She doesn’t say much, just that things turned out well.

Ji Sung congratulates Do Kyung on solving her problem successfully, and she asks about his problem, before realizing he can’t talk about it. She notes, “The woman who dates you must have a hard time, since everything’s a secret.” Ji Sung asks meaningfully, “That’s why I’ll have to date someone who can understand that about me, won’t I?” Do Kyung nods, and he continues, “Would you be able to understand me? You told me not to leave. I decided to stay.”

Do Kyung is called away by the airport director, who shows her to a restricted archive area, where she’s informed of his intentions due to possible hacking to examine all the airport employees’ computers and IPs.


To prove that I am not ALL criticism and hatred, there’s one scene I not only liked but flat-out loved, because it’s true to life and cute at the same time (but not cutesy). Mr. Eom the Cart Man and the cleaning ladies are at home, cooking an elaborate dinner and wondering why Ji Sung isn’t coming home. Mr. Eom speculates that Ji Sung won’t be home for dinner, and the ladies visibly deflate in disappointment. But upon his arrival, everyone perks up. But Mr. Eom, despite being happy to have him home, puts up his gruff exterior and tells Ji Sung to pack his things and leave — he’s kicking him out. (Ji Sung didn’t tell Mr. Eom he was going to Hong Kong, and hadn’t contacted him since he’d come back all those days he was on that island.)

Ji Sung apologizes to Mr. Eom, and asks him to let go of his anger, while the ladies chime in with their disapproval (although they don’t mean it). They furtively indicate to Ji Sung to hurry and make up with Mr. Eom, and Mr. Eom grudgingly asks, “Did you eat?” Ji Sung says no, and Mr. Eom yells at him for not taking care of himself properly: “Well, we might as well feed him before turning him out.”

We need more scenes like this. It made me smile the whole scene through, because it was familiar but fitting — we see the affection between the two men while allowing both to preserve their pride and not get all touchy-feely. Well played.


The next day, all the computers are seized for inspection (they’re on alert for hacker activity), which greatly distresses Ha Joon, who tries to hold onto his laptop for as long as possible, insisting it’s his own personal computer. But it’s no use, and everyone hovers around to see all of Ha Joon’s photos of Do Kyung. Thankfully, when Do Kyung arrives and wonders at the commotion, the other managers step in and cover for Ha Joon, distracting her so she doesn’t see. Ha Joon gives one favor to each to buy their silence.

Ji Sung’s colleague from Hong Kong comes into town to work on the Sergei case, and as a matter of courtesy goes out to dinner with Ha Joon and Do Kyung. There, he spots Myung Woo and eagerly greets her, assuming she and Ji Sung are back on, and the rest is a whole mess of awk-ward!

He invites Myung Woo to join their table, but she makes an excuse to leave, and the agent guy teases Ji Sung about having her around again. Ji Sung tries to deny it, while Do Kyung and Ha Joon uncomfortably stare into their food, and finally figures the best way to shut up his friend is to announce, “I’m dating Do Kyung.” Do Kyung looks startled, but doesn’t deny it.

And we have not yet met our quota for short, disjointed plot fillers, because we move onto our next one: Do Kyung gets a bomb threat. They trace the caller to a pay phone within the airport, made by a guy whom they see via security camera escaping to the bathroom after making his call. They do not, however, spot his shady associate, watching from a distance all the while as the police force captures the guy, who turns out to be a scared wuss who admits it was all a “joke.” The shady guy seems to be taking note of the security’s response times, so the bomb scare seems to be the diversion to something else (and possibly related to the computer hacker).

Ji Sung arrives at the agents’ stakeout of Sergei and senses something fishy going on. Approaching with guns drawn, they find Sergei with a bullet hole in his neck, and Ji Sung blows up at his agents for missing that very crucial detail. They don’t notice that they’re being watched by another shady guy.

The shady guys converge in a warehouse, where they pry open a crate to reveal stacks and stacks of counterfeited US hundred-dollar bills. Woot woot! Someone’s going shopping!

Additional thoughts:

Although my complaint (one of them) is that they’re mixing mundane, small stories (baggage problems, birds on the runway) with big ones (weapons technology, drug smuggling), I’m not saying that these mundane airport matters can’t be interesting. They can be, if you frame them properly in the context of the series. It’s just that Air City is mixing all of its plots without a care for how they fit together. And even when they’re supposed to fit together (if the hackers and the luggage and the money are all related), they don’t fit well — they’re confusing.

If you nest a small story within a large story, you’re golden — one small story framed within a larger story can allow you to weave the two thematically. For instance, if the Bad Guys caused the baggage malfunction, do something with that point! Instead of introducing the problem, then solving it so easily, use that connection to tie in both stories — Do Kyung and Ji Sung are both running around to fix their respective problems, but neither one knows their problems are connected. Therefore, when Do Kyung successfully fixes her cargo issue, she doesn’t know she’s unwittingly assisted the money counterfeiters in smuggling in their loot — the crisis enabled them to work around the usual checkpoint. Do Kyung’s work has unknowingly interfered with Ji Sung’s work. Therefore you can use the minor story to build upon the larger story.

But the way Episode 10 operated, putting such a small story next to the unconnected, dramatic terrorism story somehow makes both seem sillier. i.e., Who cares about birds when a potential terrorist is on the loose? I held back during the bird story line, but to the way they played out the luggage scenario, I say: Are you effing kidding me? Air City, you are not only getting sloppy, you’re insulting my intelligence. Come on writers, are you even trying?

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  1. andrewujin

    hello javabeans, thanks for your summary, i’ve been reading since episode 1. and answering your question, yes, i’m still watching for it is a good drama.. i’m not saying the whole plot is entirely good just that it gives me a good feeling each time i watch each episode. I’ve seen worse dramas which drags the same, same, same thing for 20 episodes and those are the one i can’t bear standing. i agree that the plot is scattered and hopefully the writers will get their mindset right..
    but on the other hand, real life airport probably is somewhat like that, one with its own business and problems come and go, with many problems hitting at one time (thus perhaps the scattered plots) simply like that.. so for me, it isn’t that far fetch and i’ll continue watching from till the end.

    pls continue writing on air city.


    [email protected]

  2. ay_link

    Hehe.. sarahbeans, hun, at this point I don’t know if I should be honest in answering your question above, or just ‘mingled’ in everyone’s criticisms about the plot/storyline and whatnot. lol. Seriously, while being positive and still loving this drama (yes, 99% of it, it’s because LJJ), I think I just gonna stick by it.
    Yes, that’s what I’ll do. I mean, we’re more than halfway already, if it doesn’t get any worse than this, I’ll just turn to LJJ and Bad Couple.. haha!
    But I’m so agreeing with you on this one especially: “If you nest a small story within a large story, you’re golden — one small story framed within a larger story can allow you to weave the two thematically.”
    They could’ve it make it more interesting and like you said, what if the luggage problem is actually related to the bigger program JS and his team have to face.
    Sigh~~ this drama has so many potentials to be HUGE, sigh~sigh~

    Nonetheless, my big THANKS to you for your commitment in doing all these summary… especially for this drama =) muah~!

  3. javabeans

    snolaxy, you’re right about the hacking — and we can infer that they had that guy make the bomb call (so it doesn’t point back to themselves when he’s caught), but they really dropped the ball actually conveying that. same thing with sergei — we can infer that they’re doing that to intercept the money, but i really don’t buy the way they laid out their plot. i feel like when the audience has to connect more of the dots than the writers, they’re making big mistakes.

    shenny, you can be honest! ๐Ÿ˜‰ no worries, hon. i don’t hate the drama, because i couldn’t get through something i hated. it’s really just the wasted potential that gets to me.

  4. Harvey

    Hi there

    It seems to me,this is one big huge public relation exercise.Either that or
    a very lengthy commercial on the part of Incheon Airport.They don’t
    care about the stories,just showcase how kick ass the airport is.
    Sad though,coz the apple of my eye,the very talented Choi Ji Woo
    is so wasted here !

    Obviously the writers don’t get it,its all about structure ! But then again
    they could have been at the mercy of their client since they are providing
    the location.The client must have said write this write that and oh yes try
    ‘ squeezing ‘ the love part here and there.

    Hmmm……upset upset upset..

  5. Marzy

    thanks for sticking to this sarah! im soooo lazy with Ac after ep6 i swear. Amidst, all the critics im hearing and whatnot, im not sure what else to say. like snolaxy, i dont get some parts coz they jumble out of my brain. i dont want to analyze it because it mind end up futile. sigh, too bad that LJJ talents go to waste, LJW charm isnt utilized and CJW’s different role here is new. i hate to say this, but after WYH this is the drama i felt nearly the same in terms of what is happening to it. so my solution, watching LJJ and LJW more than obessesing over some plot holes and story lapses. ๐Ÿ™‚ enjoy the eyecandy instead. im trying so hard to like this drama too and ill agree with you, that scene in the house (with mr eom) was one of the more real scenes too.

  6. snolaxy84

    hi! im still watching the drama as well since im interested in the storyline revolving around an airport.. it might not be the best drama, but its still bearable for me haha..

    for this ep.. from what i understand, the luggage problem is actually related to the bad guys.. the bad guys had hackers to hack into the airport system to cause the conveyor malfunction.. then the bad guys paid someone to make the fake bomb call.. then they killed Sergei and took the counterfeited money.. ok there’s a lot going on and they didnt do a good job in blending the stories together.. maybe that’s why it didnt turn out well..

  7. Marzy

    in addition, its not that these stuff in the airport isnt possible or is it silly. its actually impt and relevant. i know this stuff happens too. but i think they could have not put all of those stuff. chosen certain ones that they can play into the larger story and use ones that are relevant to a theme.. or overall plot. so it wouldnt seem too scattered, but relevant meaninful at the same time.

  8. jb

    Javabeans u R a great kdrama blogger and I value yr summaries but I guess after reviewing so many, I can imagine yr disapointment wif Air City…a drama that promises so much but deliver so little…plot wise. Im currently just blinded by eye candy, aka CJW and of course, LJJ. They are gd actors, esp LJJ from big screen (I just watched the movie Typhoon – LJJ is gorgeous in it!) to small screen he just have this presence. If anything, I find CJW’s character refreshing from her usual damsel-in-distress/crybaby roles….anyway, I will just enjoy it as is lah….without too high expectations then I feel better ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks a mil for all yr super speedy upload :)…..

  9. Felicia Soh

    Thanks Javabeans for all the summaries even though I smell ๏ฟฝreluctance๏ฟฝ from your part but I hope you won’t give up for the sake of LJJ.

    To be very honest, I try not to focus too much on the flaw-scripting, which of course, it helps if these actors can put a smile on my face each time they appear on-screen. Sorry if I sound like a bit “paboh”…..

  10. 10 ripgal

    Strangely, I found Ep 10 a lil bit better than Ep 9, altho it’s still flawed in a sense. Like some of you out there, I’m still watching because it’s not the worst I’ve seen. Believe me, I’ve seen worst dramas which I can criticise non-stop. But AC is still believable..altho the fluidity and flow of the drama is messy and confusing, I still can’t forego seeing LJJ on screen. I just can’t. XD So when I focus on LJJ, naturally all those flaws go behind mah brain..

    PLUS I wasn’t disappointed..maybe because I didn’t expect anything whatsoever from the drama from the beginning, being somebody who didn’t know about the writers, LJJ and so on initially. To cut it short, I’ve been watching with below average expectations… =P

    But thanx anywayz, you rawk the Kdrama world Sarah!

  11. 11 zeram

    Well I admit I am no longer watching the show. I dropped in on your recap today so I could see whats going on with the show now. I actually didn’t make it past ep 2. I really like CJW which is the reason I checked it out to begin with, but for me I really didn’t see any chemistry with the male lead.
    I suspect I would have hung around longer if not for “Bad Couple” and “Meri DaeGu Attack and Defense Battle” both of which are amusing and a refreshing change of pace.
    I’m also wary of sticking with a series that doesn’t capture my attention. I just did that with What Happened in Bali, I disliked 99% of the characters and story lines. I hung around thinking it must get better (based on ratings/reviews) but for me it never did and now I’m mad I wasted 20 eps on it ๐Ÿ˜€
    Hope the eps. get better for you, Javabeans.

  12. 12 ginnie

    I still see lots of positive feedback for this series despite criticism. So I think those people who criticize the drama, are not really jumping off the train and those who vowed their loyalty to this series, are of course sticking throught thick and thin. =)
    Maybe Sarah…because you are more k-drama savvy than most or is a writer or for whatever reasons, see things that others just disregard….Maybe you could watch Air City with sarcasm (i.e. Witch Amusement’s man-love couple) and still enjoy the show.

  13. 13 javabeans


    ??? ???? (pic1, 2, 3, 4).

    feel free to use these caps if you like. (he appears in episode 2)

  14. 14 mimi

    Hi Javabeans,

    Thank you very much for your summaries. I always read your summary first before I watch each episode because I don’t understand Korean language. English subtitle usually comes out very slow and I can’t wait. To answer your question, yes, I am going to keep watching until the end. I don’t pay too much attention on story lines about whether they are relative each others or not. I am just watching for LJJ & CJW.

  15. 15 ๋“œ๋ผ๋งˆok

    ???? ? ?? ???? ?? ????๏ฟฝ
    i was wondering if you remember seeing this guy:

    in one of the earlier episodes? he played a central character in Jumong so i’m trying to take a cap of him in Air City for my blog, but i can’t seem to find him even though i’ve read that he appears in one of the earlier episodes? thanks!

    ?? ? ?? ???๏ฟฝ^^

  16. 17 LINDA


    I have been reading your summary since episode one of Air City. I follow it every week before I watch the series on line. Thank you so much for writing all these details on every episode, it must be a lot of work!!! Your summary is a great help for non-Korean speaking audience because you are so professional (are you a script writer??) and give a lot of in-sight which amateur like me might not notice. I do agree that the story line is quite weird. It is out of consistency and lack of detailed touch in each plot like the sister-relationship, romance between Do Kyung and Ji Sung, the criminal cases….and beside I believe there are a lot of material worthwhile with Incheon Airport as its background. Probably it might be better if it is a 60-episode drama instead of a mini-series. Or is that we have been expected more than we get since it is a huge budget project with star power like LJJ and CJW, both A-list performers returning to the small screen after a hiatus of 8/3 years. I must admit that I am a little bit disappointed BUT I am still watching it and will watch it until the end, just because Choi Ji Woo is in it, she is my number one Korean actress !! it is the first time I watch Lee Jun Jae and he is a great actor!

  17. 18 eyk315

    thank you so much for your updates! i must say, i really enjoy this drama because the crisises are brief, and by the end of the next episode, problems are solved. i know that it’s not like the other korean dramas, but being a fan of shows like “law & order,” i prefer dramas that don’t drag on. i also adore LJJ, and i’m pleased that CJW isn’t playing the usual damsel-in-distress role in a sob story. air city definately has some really good looking actors in it! kudos to the casting director! :0)

    reading your version makes me believe you are a better writer than those who are scripting it right now. i’m dissapointed in their lack of organization and fluidity in the storyline. no wonder the drama is not even ranked in the top 10. i think you should write to the writers with your ideas so they can get on top of things!

  18. 19 ๋“œ๋ผ๋งˆok

    ? .. ??! ?? ๏ฟฝ ????..
    ??? ??~

  19. 20 Linh

    so yea i love the whole part where ji sung aska do kyung if she can understand him..and that he stayed for her!!!!!awwww so romantic…next the whole scene about the luggage crisis, ha joon is so cute!!!!!and i don’t know if i should like the part where ji sung announces that he is dating do kyung..it seems a bit shady to bring it up in front of people without getting her consent first, but it also means that if do kyung agrees, the relationship is solid…..thx java keep it up…

  20. 21 Rosepetal


    Thanks for keep writing the episodes summary each week for international fans of Air City!! (LJJ fans, CJW fans, LJW fans, etc…)^^

    Personally, I really enjoy watching Air City alot, I really look forward to watching each week, either by watching it direct On-Air @ MBC or download it the next day to watch.

    Maybe b’cos I haven’t watched any K-dramas in a long while and I was excited to watch CJW/LJJ drama and by chance, I discovered LJW and appreciating & enjoying him as well…

    Although, you are criticizing Air City alot (tearing it into pieces – and some others in Soompi), and your reviews are mostly biased but I am still curious to come into your blog to read it (and I don’t even need to, since I understand the language..) cuz you are a good writer and it helps me to check what little details I may have missed!

    I know that AC scriptwriters and production team had 60 episodes in mind initially and they were supposed to be divided into 3 parts, as in season 1,2,3.
    Unfortunately, they had a valid (?)reason to change that plan and cut it down to 16 episodes, not even 20 eps., even before it broadcasted (Not because of low rating afterwards). And then, it was decided to go for 16 eps. total, as a Mini-Series, and not bother with season series…I am pretty sure that’s the latest news so far…

    What I am trying to say is…then, can you imagine what difficulties they may have in attempting to say everything they want to say from 60 episodes into 16 episodes?? I know that I am not being defensive of the writers or MBC production team, I feel that is stupid and certainly doesn’t make us viewers happy… But as a result, they have to leave alot of details out obviously….
    After all, this is LJJ’s T.V. drama comeback in 9 years and CJW’s – 3 years!!!

    But I think everyone wants this drama to be ‘this and that’, all different taste and opinions, it’s making me frown a bit! Can’t please everyone, right?
    Some fans want it to be strictly professionalism/airport occupational drama!
    Some fans want more romance, but if they have some mellow elements, they get totally attacked!

    To me, this drama is realistic enough, how airport runs & operates on a daily basis, the writers prepared it for 2 years by interviewing the airport personnel and NIS bureau/agents as well. They go hand in hand, cannot separate them!

    If you go back & rewatch episode 10, you will discover that the malfunction of the carousel, the conveyor belt (BHS – Baggage Handling System) was indeed caused by the “Bad Guys”, the hackers of the computers, if you recall, that’s what Do-Gyung said in a board meeting. It is all related, dont’ think the writers are that dumb to exaggerate and make fictious plot, without doing the research.

    Anyways, wrote too much here, just wanted to make that correction!
    Keep up your writing, many people are waiting for your reviews!!

  21. 22 Marzy

    ???ok? is that you? hehehe miss ya on the threads ๐Ÿ˜€

  22. 23 Dais

    Funny you should ask……Honestly, I’ve lost interest at about episode 4. But continuing reading your recaps, though. And enjoying the pics and choice of music you put in. Thank you for your commitment to the series, javabeans. It would have been a real let down if you stop. Yeah….LJJ sure has a great profile (sigh…I wonder who’s the lucky girl who gets to enjoy the view day in and day out). And CJW is always so easy on the eyes also. Vielen dank!!

  23. 24 javabeans

    Rosepetal, I know they shortened their initial plan from 60 to 20, and then down to 16. But I don’t believe that should have altered too much, because it was initially said — even when it was supposed to be 60 episodes — that there would be three “seasons” with 20 episodes each, and the actors would only sign on for one season at a time. So really, that restructuring should not have affected the current format of episodes too much, because it was going to be a finite season anyway. And the reduction from 20 to 16 was also early on, not a late reaction to ratings or anything like that. They had the time to work with it.

    I’m certainly willing to cut writers slack every now and again but I’m also not going to just make excuses for things “because it’s tough.” They’re professionals, and the television broadcast system works a certain way. It may be rough, but other series operate under the same constraints — and many times with less of a budget, less big-name stars, less advertising and promotion. And heck, some of those others are even good, working with similar difficulties.

    I can see your frustration when everyone wants the series to be done “their way” — more this, less that, more that. As for me, I honestly don’t care about the CONTENT of the show, as long as it makes sense. I don’t even care for realism — I know i’m watching television and I actually dislike the explanation “It’s boring on TV because it’s boring in real life.” That’s a cop-out. Even if it’s boring on real life, it should be interesting on TV or else it has no business being there. (Not saying Air City does this; I’m just arguing against that mentality.) So the series can tell as unbelievable a story as they want — AS LONG AS they bring us along for the ride so we can suspend our disbelief accordingly. Alias did a brilliant job of that (first two seasons) — who believes Jennifer Garner’s really a grad-student double agent spy jet-setting to the Middle East to dismantle nuclear warheads? We don’t care, IF the series establishes its world to us firmly and STAYS CONSISTENT.

    My problem with the way Air City has handled the stories is inconsistency — they’ve mixed so many random elements that it feels like it’s got an identity crisis. And THAT, I can’t overlook.

    But, when all’s said and done, I’m glad that there are lots of fans who still enjoy Air City, despite my sourpuss moments. Honestly, if the show SUCKED I wouldn’t be watching.

  24. 25 summerpicnic

    sounds like i’m the only naysayer out there, after seeing ha joon riding the baggage line it felt like time to abandon ship. air city is pretty, but not satisfying. it’s like one of those dishes that sound great on the menu, but don’t deliver on the adjective-filled description.

    i’m still championing taereung national village. it’s on veoh right now. this drama has a lot of suprises and a really human feeling to it. if the quality of the writing continues, i think anything this group of writers does will be good.

  25. 26 merriwether

    Like you I would’ve tuned out if it hadn’t been for the fact that I’m helping WITHS2 for this. The show really doesn’t appeal to me anymore and I’m not sure why. It doesn’t have a charm to it that makes you come back for more.

  26. 27 ginnie

    I find it quite unnecessary for Rosepetal to come into Javabeans’ blog and call her reviews biased and even snobbishly offered corrections. Rosepetal’s message seemed sugar-coated to disguise her dissatisfaction with all these criticism of her beloved Air City.

  27. 28 javabeans

    Thanks for coming to my defense ginnie ๐Ÿ˜‰ I appreciate it. I don’t think Rosepetal was meaning to offend although I agree with you that her dissatisfaction with criticism of Air City makes her points seem defensive. I don’t mind difference of opinion — lively debate makes the series more fun (and it surely could use some), but I do think we should stop before we start criticizing other FANS (er, and non-fan watchers of the show). I’m not meaning to bash fans who disagree with me when I bash the show, so if anyone feels that way, sorry and I’ll try to watch that more carefully.

    So in the same vein, it would behoove die-hard supporters to refrain from stepping over the line and dismissing people who have negative opinions purely because they don’t like hearing the criticism. I don’t necessarily think Rosepetal did that but I hope she’ll continue supporting the show without taking others’ comments personally. It’s just a show, and the moment it goes from fun to personal it’s not worth it anymore.

    My recaps are certainly colored with my personal opinion, I’m completely cool with admitting that. But “biased”? I wouldn’t say that, since bias suggests that I have an ulterior motive or a less-than-rational reason for clinging to a particular view. I have no connection to the show and no underlying motives for either defending or criticizing. I calls ’em like I sees ’em.

    • 28.1 Lottie

      You’ve hit the ball out the park! Iencrdilbe!

  28. 29 mangoicy

    “My recaps are certainly colored with my personal opinion, I’m completely cool with admitting that.”

    and who are we to disagree? This blog is called “Javabeans'” for a reason. It’s your home and we are grateful enough to be welcomed here. Thank you for being a very kind host.

    I don’t post comments that often here but I’ve always read your entries, and I admit that I don’t always agree with your likes and dislikes, but it doesn’t matter, really, because we all know that we are entitled to our own opinion. And the fact that you are stating your point of view in your very own space, entitles you an even greater respect from us readers. A point I’m sure most must agree.

    Anyhow, it’s always been a pleasure to read your postings. RESPECT! ^^

  29. 30 soonjap

    You know, I haven’t always agreed with your opinions, but I do give you huge credits for your brilliang articulated thoughts. In AC, I have been both relieved and assured that I haven’t gone completely crazy thinking that there was something seriously going wrong after episode 4. I read through the Soompi AC thread and so far, people seemed to have really liked it! And then I thought…hmm…maybe it is just me. But then, someone pointed me to your blog and [insert heavenly music heere] then, light bulb! It was like you peered in my brains and figured out what I was thinking, except that you wrote them ever so eloquently! Thanks for being courageous to express your thoughts even in the midst of all the “naysayers”. As you know, we Koreans have not had the freedom of expression for very long and I am one of those passionate ones who has to vocalize the right to express ourselves in very constructive ways, which you always manage to do. Thanks again so much! I look forward to more of your thoughts. I may not always agree with them but I know I’ll respect them at the very least!

  30. 31 blue_rose

    Javabeans dear, again kudos to your very entertaining synopsis of this episode. I for one enjoy a wide spectrum of reviews on this drama. The more the merrier right? Ok, I read some very deep and thoughtful reviews @ Soompi………I think people who don’t care about a drama will not be spending all that time and energy writing down their thought so I do appreciate all kind of reviews and opinion.

    Even before reading any posting / reviews I felt a significant / abrupt change from ep 5 onwards. The bird thing is just making me go ‘eh???”
    At this point I also feel the ‘oh what a waste’ sentiment’ given the vast amount of capital dedicated to this drama. I am no expert on script writing etc but I just know when things are not satisfying.
    BTW, I too grimaced when I see Ha Joon with that V sign on the belt……yikes!!

    At the end of the day what will make me decide to continue to watch or not is of course ME ๐Ÿ˜€ In this case I can not imagine skipping watching LJJ, my new found gem ๐Ÿ˜€

    Thanks again, I will continue to wait anxiously for your next synopsis. Cheers!

  31. 32 javabeans

    soonjap, we may sometimes argue differing points but it’s always more fun than anything else to be discussing the finer details on an intelligent level, so if anything our disagreements are proof that people can dissent constructively. discussing — and criticizing — in depth without getting personal is possible, dammit! lol. and please, keep writing your passionate responses to AC! too often the only comments being expressed are the simple, shallow “I love him!” ones. i’m not knocking those comments — I make tons of them myself, and they keep things fun — but you need more substance to go with the flash.

    blue_rose, you make an excellent point which is that people wouldn’t even bother spending their time and energy writing out their detailed thoughts if they didn’t care about the drama. fandoms can sometimes turn heated, but it’s the ice-cold ones that are dull and uninteresting.

  32. 33 ellabel

    thanks again for your articulately written summary, javabeans. besides, helping me understand the AC scenes, they have been a source of fun and knowledge for a non-korean like me.

    from the moment i gave up my hopes that this wud be a truly monumental drama that will occupy a prominent place in K-drama history (with a huge budget, A-list stars, major planning and grand production, and Incheon airport as the location), i found out that I can still watch and enjoy Air City from a different perspective. I may not be happy with how the story or several plots are being played out (and, i absolutely agree with your views on the inconsistencies, lack of build-up and lack of ingenuity of the writers) but I still find the acting of the whole cast excellent, that the pairing of LJJ and CJW still have chemistry, that CJW is a sight to behold, that LJW is sooo adoringly cute and that I’m still curious with the going-ons in an airport as beautiful and modern as Incheon).

    the continuous healthy exchanges in the AC thread and even here in your blog just prove that Air City is still a worthy drama to watch.

    i hope you will not be disheartened and will continue to give us something to look forward to every week.

  33. 34 Marzy

    everything i could has been mostly said already. but id like to give my share of thanks for giving a great recap every week. all ur recaps are my fave reads ๐Ÿ˜€ its great to hear many opinions too and be in discussions, people who are intelligently looking at things. i dont feel uve been biased, but as u put it call it as you see it. if it was biased you can tell straight on. if not for anything i feel it is mixed with some humor and creative comments to help out. i think other than criticizing, comments that will suggest and help out to tie into improving the drama is helpful. i think objectively this is how it should be. not too serious and defensive, lets all be open and give respect to all the other comments and opinions coz everyone is entitled to them. ~~

    sarah aja aja fighting!!

  34. 35 ginnie


    Javabeans your blog has surpassed the 500,000 hits mark!!!


    Thank you for blogging your k-drama obsession!

  35. 36 Philippa

    Thank you so much Javabeans! And congratulations about your blog! I’ve been telling my friends and other viewers who are non-korean too. lol. Thanks again!
    I really like this drama! Please keep writing the summaries for this drama! First of all, I LOVE Choi Ji Woo, second the story is really different from other Korean Dramas, I mean even though their “problems” are so lame sometimes, I really LOVE this drama. So please keep writing the summaries! Thanks again!

  36. 37 ktv

    Keep up your good job. I love the song “Saturday Night” by Bay. By any chance, would you like to share this song with me? Thank you very much. I start addicting to this song. ;P

  37. 38 javabeans

    ktv, all my songs are downloadable as they are. right-click the link and “save as” and that should do it!

  38. 39 sinopciones

    well to asnwers, am kinda forcing myself to watch, i so much rather read you, and not for the story but because I enjoy your writting is funny and smart, so i wondwer why am i forcing myself, well well, because i like ji woo, but by god her character is so boring and stiff, am thinking she even looks a bit old… sorry, the show basically lacks charm, like u Javabeans said we can believe everything as long is consistent, satifying and charming, Air City is not.

  39. 40 Jomo 143โˆž

    Thank you for continuing to recap this because while it is not GOOD tv, it is still entertaining.

    I am from the future, and I am watching this show.
    (Wouldn’t it be cool if that were really possible?)

    I like it, despite all the ridiculous Incheon airport PR like so many US Navy war films showing off their rigs. The little family that they have established work well with and against each other. They could be talking about “OMG! We chose the wrong color for the airport bathrooms!” and I would still watch.

    The way I am dealing with the airport PROBLEMS versus the National Security PROBLEMS is to pretend that the I Dream of Jeannie theme is playing during the airport issue scenes.
    That music tells us that HUGE national and international crises can be caused and solved very quickly. (Remember this one: Jeannie gets trapped in a NASA safe that is being sent to the moon. or After blinking Tony away from a mission, she returns him to his plane which she lands in Cuba instead of Puerto Rico.) See? You can mix genres successfully!
    Oh? You’re saying this isn’t a comedy?
    Hmmmmm…well, I still like it.

    Where else would we get to see a BHS! in all its treadmillian glory? It isn’t moving… ๐Ÿ™ Now it IS moving! ๐Ÿ™‚

    PS: The bird issue – since we have had highly publicized jet accidents as a result – really is scary. But that is because I am from the future.

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