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Bad Couple: Episode 15
by | July 22, 2007 | 14 Comments

So here’s the thing. I liked how Bad Couple ended in their last two episodes (15 & 16). I liked the resolutions and the character wrap-up. What I didn’t like, then, was how these resolutions were presented. Story = decent. Execution = hated.

I kinda hesitate to give my full honest opinion on the ending because I don’t want to ruin the satisfaction others may get from what is, in the end, a nicely wrapped-up story. It’s just that as I was watching the last two episodes, everything felt really weirdly off-balance. The editing felt slapdash, the music cues were off, the scenes went on a little too long, the dialogue tended to meander. I wonder if the production was really pressed for time — I know that final weeks are tough in kdrama production, as you can read for yourself here. Personally, I think they ran out of story, and what could’ve been one episode was stretched into two.


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As the reality of Dang Ja’s dire situation sinks in for Gi Chan, he can’t quite confront her about it, so for the moment he pretends all is normal. He does what he can to take care of Dang Ja as carefully and attentively as possible.

Even though they’re happy together, Gi Chan mentions that Dang Ja’s never said the words “I love you.” She tells him they don’t need to say it in words, but Gi Chan says it would be nice to hear. Dang Ja teasingly laughs at him, but she fashions an elaborate setup for her confession of love.

She attends a play with him (and Dol Soon and Yong Gu), which is interrupted by an emergency alarm. Smoke appears, people panic, chaos ensues in everyone’s haste to escape. Dang Ja is separated from Gi Chan, and he plows through the throng of people, shouting for her, when the alarm quiets and a spotlight illuminates Dang Ja onstage alone, where she gives him her speech on how much she loves him. The crowd goes wild.

Her momentary good mood is dampened, however, when she gets a call from Yoon Seok, who feels she should know that he’s spoken with Gi Chan, who now knows about her illness.


Yoon Seok is still trying to get back into Young’s good graces, but she’s not having it. When he brings her roses and an apple pie, proud of his thoughtfulness, she tells him she’s not particularly fond of either. He’s only bought her flowers once, back when they were dating, and she always bought apple pie because HE liked it, not her. She points out, “Do you see now how hard I’ve tried all this while, doing my best to match myself to your tastes?”

He tells her to say what kind of flowers and things she likes so he can buy them for her, but that’s not the point. Young is a little surprised, however, when Yoon Seok tells her he’s broken up with Sae Yeon; she’s off in America.

Young sighs her frustrations to Joon Soo, and they both figure Yoon Seok is reacting to being dumped, and wonder what they’ll do if he really doesn’t consent to the divorce.

Yoon Seok, meanwhile, continues trying to please Young (who’s mostly annoyed), and uses Chan as reason for the family to go out to the amusement park together. Young can’t refuse when she sees how much Chan wants to go.


Dang Ja thinks things over and talks to Gi Chan about her condition, and they finally get things out in the open. He tells her not to bear everything alone, and also tries to persuade Dang Ja to go through with the surgery, saying he can’t lose her. But she won’t change her mind: “I only need to hang in there one more month.”

Gi Chan asks what happens if they can’t beat the illness, and Dang Ja says they will: “I believe it. Wait and see, I’ll make a miracle. I’ll save our Jadu, and myself. Now that I’ve met you, and have Jadu, it’s too unfair if I die. It’s too unfair, so I can’t die.” She tells him to just work on getting the world’s best recipe for seaweed soup. (Aside from being a traditional birthday dish, seaweed is considered very nutritious and particularly good for new mothers right after they’ve given birth.)


Seeing how Yoon Seok won’t leave Young alone, Joon Soo goes to talk to him, saying that Young’s unhappy. Yoon Seok tells Joon Soo: “Then either kill me, or wait till I die.” Joon Soo appeals to Yoon Seok to let her go.

However, Yoon Seok follows Young as she goes on a date with Joon Soo, and seems to feel some pangs of conscience as he sees her happy expression. He sits her down for a serious talk, and tells her that seeing her happy with Joon Soo reminded him of how she used to be, ten years ago: “You’d changed so much because of me. He’s found you again.” Yoon Seok would like to see her return to her former happy self: “Please give me one more chance.” But Young tells him she doesn’t have the confidence to do that: “I can’t smile genuinely in front of you anymore.”


Gi Chan’s father calls him to consent to their marriage, and Dang Ja’s friends throw her a birthday party (a real one; not faked like the last time when they wanted an excuse to invite Gi Chan to dinner). Everyone rallies around her, wishing her strength and health. Gi Chan tells her not to be lonely anymore, because now they’re family.

The couple travel to the beach for some relaxation time, and as they sit contentedly, Gi Chan broaches the topic of her reconciling with her father. However, he’s unaware that Dang Ja has started to feel ill, breathing heavily and losing energy…


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  1. blueseeker

    I watched the raw episode a few hours ago and all i kept saying was “NOOOOO, it cannot end like this” but after reading your brief introduction to the summary am a little more at ease. It did dragged, almost to the point where it almost felt like it was not ending on 16 episodes. I have to say though what a great actor Gi chan is and how genuine his emotions are portrayed. It really makes me want to believe that kind of man is out there….sorry am a pessimist that i really do not believe that such a perfect man exist, although very deep buried somewhere i do hope……He is probably taken though…hehe.

  2. Kandi

    Thanks javabeans again for your wonderful summaries. I just can’t get enough of them! It’s sad that it’s ending in the next episode and yet, happy at the same time as we see things come to a close.

  3. Turtlegirl21

    I haven’t watched the last episode but I agree that they did seem to drag it out into 2 ep. I am so hoping something good will come out of it. Thanks as always. Hope you are enjoying HP. I already finished it!

  4. Dwi

    I love the song!!!

  5. hua

    Hmm… I always wondered – is there some law that forces KDramas to be 16 episodes (most of them)? Why can’t they end at 15 episodes when they realize they would stretch it out too much into 16 episodes? Or do a special last episode that’s slightly longer (1.5 hr) if 1 episode would be too rushed. Is there no flexibility in the programming schedule for that? I hate to see BC leave a less-than-satisfying taste after such a strong run simply due to straight adherence to the “16-episodes length”.

  6. ^_^

    hey javabeans, thanks for doing all these recaps–i find myself constantly checking your website for updates, especially since i am taking the bar exam in two days and haven’t been able to watch any dramas. by the way, i know you only recap kdramas, but do you ever watch jdramas? some of them are really good, such as “hana yori dango” and a current one called “hana kimi.” i’d recommend them. thanks again!

  7. javabeans

    No, there’s no law, it’s just the general standard — 16 episodes means 8 weeks, which is a nice round figure at 2 months. Even if they were to realize they would have to stretch to make a 16th episode, I really don’t think you’d get away with losing one episode at that late stage — contracts have been made, broadcasts are scheduled. Particularly since (most) dramas air two days a week, to drop one episode at the last minute would leave a gaping hole in programming, and starting the next drama early would throw it off schedule. (The reverse is more likely, to extend something. Que Sera Sera, for instance, was pushed back one episode because of a soccer game, which would have thrown the broadcast schedule off-track, so they extended it by one episode. Adding is less of a problem than subtracting.) The production team knows from the start how many episodes they’re getting, so if they plan well, you shouldn’t run into that kind of a problem.

    And yes, I occasionally watch jdramas. I’ve got a Hana Yori Dango post up, actually. You can check the sidebar >>>

  8. Anonymous

    I saw the last episode without subs too, and I have to agree with you. I enjoyed this drama and was too curious about how it ended, so I watched it without subs, and even I got the feeling from what I could pick up that the dialogue just went on, and it seemed a lot of similar melodrama was repeated (I don’t hate melodrama, it just felt off at times). I’d have been much happier with the resolution if it had been smoothly like everything else, but like you said, its probably because they had to rush to finish it.
    Thanks for the excellent summaries of another series! You are the best 🙂

  9. docmitasha

    That post above is mine (Anonymous) I didn’t realize I didn’t have my name in!

  10. 10 Philippa

    I love your summary! Thank you so much! Is she going to die? I hope she doesn’t die… Just one question, is the ending of this drama going to be just like Loving You, Romance in Paris or any of those drama that the ending doesn’t make any sense? Romance in Paris was the WORST! lol. thanks again!

  11. 11 hua

    Thanks for the answer Javabeans! You understand the workings of Korean entertainment a lot better than I do! =) Actually, I don’t know if anyone caught this (or maybe it was just my imagination) but I kind of got the inkling that the production team was rushed in Episode 14 during GC’s scene in the rain. They didn’t wait for a cloudy day to film that segment (it’s very rare for it to rain and the sun to be shinning brightly at the same time), and if you watch the top of the screen carefully, you can see a wavering black hose that I presume is used to spray the “rain” on GC. Or maybe it’s just a branch? o_O

  12. 12 teokong

    Hello Javabeans, my name is teokong. I came to know about your website when reading the comments left by kdrama fans. I want to say THANK YOU for the summary of the kdrama. Now I’ve a better understanding of the show after reading the summary you have done. Once again, komapsumnida.

  13. 13 amareally

    I’m glad that Young finally realizes that she’s too good for Yoon Seok! I hope she will find happiness either alone, with another man, or with Joon Soon. Javabeans! you only posted episode 15 ?? what happened at 16th ??

  14. 14 princess_agl

    I saw some comments asking for English subs, anyway the complete series including Episode 16 with English subtitles is out at:

    Enjoy 🙂

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