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Bad Couple: Episode 16 (Final)
by | July 25, 2007 | 33 Comments

Don’t worry, that’s just the first scene of the episode. I’d have picked a more cheerful one, but I didn’t want to spoil anything. Even if it is the last episode so there’s not a whole lot I can spoil at this point.


Sol Flower – “Kiss the Kids,” a 25-year-old singer whose real name is Min Hana. She may be described as R&B, but that (to me) suggests a pop sensibiilty, and this is more… indie-soul? [ zShare download ]

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Gi Chan rushes Dang Ja to the hospital, where once again Yoon Seok pressures her to go into surgery immediately, and Dang Ja once again refuses. Two more weeks is all she needs.

Yoon Seok tells Gi Chan that although her cancer hasn’t spread (yet), her pains will be increasing because she can’t receive any treatment while pregnant.

Gi Chan’s parents arrive in Seoul, having consented to the marriage. Gi Chan tells them of the situation, and they arrive at the hospital, concerned. His father tells Dang Ja to take care of herself — now that she’s marrying Gi Chan, she’s like his child too. No child of his is going to die like this, so she should have the surgery.

Gi Chan’s mother tries to persuade her, saying it’s meaningless if she does all this to save the baby but dies herself. Dang Ja tells her they’ll both live: “Now that you’ve accepted me as your daughter-in-law, it would be too unfair if I just died like this.” She tells her future mother-in-law that she can’t give up on her baby — if the baby dies, she’d die too.


Seeing how Dang Ja resolutely refuses to reconcile with her father, Gi Chan takes it upon himself to look him up. Unfortunately, he’s already passed away, and Gi Chan visits his grave. He tells Dang Ja’s father to rest easily now; he’ll do everything to make Dang Ja happy. He asks for a favor, to help cure Dang Ja, so he can keep loving her for a long, long time. By living a long, happy life, he thinks Dang Ja will eventually be able to forgive her father, and they’ll return to the grave someday to pay their respects as a family.

Yoon Seok mulls over Young’s words, and spends some quality time with Chan. He arrives at the decision to agree to the divorce; he wants Young to return to her happier former self.

With one condition — he wants to raise Chan. Young bursts out that his condition is the same as refusing to divorce, knowing she can’t give up her son, but Yoon Seok can’t stand by and watch another man take his place, to have Chan call Joon Soo “father.” Young argues that that’s not the case, but Yoon Seok says that’s how it’ll turn out in the end: “I’m sorry I can’t do everything the way you want, but I have no choice either.”

Young tells Joon Soo the situation, how she can’t give up her son. Joon Soo asks her if she truly wants the divorce, and she answers yes. He continues: “If you divorce, would you consider marrying me?” Young tells him she really does care for him, and thanks him for everything he’s done for her: “But right now, I have no thoughts of marrying. You’ve seen how much I’ve been hurt.” She wants to live on her own and raise Chan well. He asks her one last question: “If you divorce your husband, do you have confidence that you wouldn’t regret it?” Young says yes.

With this answer, Joon Soo goes to see Yoon Seok, but this time his purpose is different — he asks Yoon Seok not to take Chan away from Young. If he insisted on custody because he didn’t want to see Joon Soo raising his son, Yoon Seok needn’t worry; Joon Soo is leaving soon, and Young has no intentions of marrying.

And so, Joon readies to go to the States, where he’ll be starting (expanding) his business. At the airport for a rather upbeat farewell (odd acting/scene choice, I thought), Young thanks him for everything, and says she even fell in love because of him. He asks if it really was love, and she tells him a secret — he was her first love (when she met her husband, she didn’t really know what love was). Joon Soo tells her to call if she needs anything, but she tells him she won’t — if she keeps calling, she’ll keep relying on him: “From now on, I want to live well on my own.”

They hug, and with that, Joon Soo leaves. (I think it’s partly an acting thing, and partly a writing thing, but this farewell scene — between two people who supposedly love each other — felt rather unsentimental. I feel like there could’ve been a way to act with more subtext — to show that they’re doing the right thing for the relationship, but feeling torn about it anyway.)

Gi Chan admits that he looked for Dang Ja’s father (which angers her), but he explains that her father had already passed away. With a mix of anger, hurt, and surprise, Dang Ja bitterly says that after all the pain he inflicted, it’s unfair that he died so early.

Gi Chan also comes up with the idea for surprising Dang Ja with wedding plans. She told him she wanted to wait till after the baby was born to get married, but seeing her looking wistfully at a couple taking their wedding photos, he could tell she wanted that too. So he enlists everyone’s help in getting Dang Ja ready for a wedding about which she’s unaware.

When Gi Chan takes her to a beauty salon, she finds all her friends gathered there to help her prepare for the big day. Although she’d said she wanted to wait to have their wedding, she’s excited when she realizes his plans, and they have their traditional-style ceremony.

(Those kids are so adorable.)

Dang Ja and Gi Chan settle happily into married life, but unfortunately, Dang Ja’s pains are increasing, and after a particularly bad spell, Gi Chan rushes her to the hospital. Sae Yeon arrives back from the States particularly for Dang Ja’s surgery — she’s learned a new technique for operation that doesn�t require removal of the uterus. It’s laser-based, and uses the rays rather than a conventional hysterectomy to rid the cancer. (And hello there, deus ex machina!)

After a few days in the hospital, feeling the frustration of being cooped up inside all the time, Dang Ja wishes they could go outdoors to a grassy field, or maybe their uninhabited island. So Gi Chan does the next best thing: he sneaks her out to the rooftop, so she can get some air.

She asks him to sing her a lullabye, and Gi Chan her sings a song in a rather nice, even if it’s not professional-level, voice. The song is called “???? ???” (Because I love you) by Yoo Jae Ha (???). It’s a well-known ’80s ballad, and I haven’t been able to find a decent mp3 of the original, but it’s been covered a bunch by other artists, and I think the remakes often sound better. Here’s Sung Shi Kyung singing it live.

And then, it’s time for Dang Ja’s surgery.

…but our curiosity about the outcome is not so quickly appeased, as we flash-forward six years and reaquaint ourselves with everyone.

Yong Gu’s opening his own photography show with supportive Dol Soon sporting an unflattering ajumma hairstyle, and an older Yeon Doo who’s still as cheeky as ever.

Young (driving on her own now) takes Chan to see his father, with whom I’m assuming she shares joint custody — she says “today is Chan’s day to meet with his father.” Young gets a phone call from Joon Soo, and it’s clearly been a while since the two have spoken. Joon Soo tells her he’s coming back to Korea, and after she hangs up the phone, she answers Chan’s question about who it was by saying lightly, “My boyfriend.”

Young and Yoon Seok are on decent terms, though Young still finds him exasperating. He still calls her “yobo,” a term used between spouses, which I find curious because it seems clear they’re not married. (I wasn’t sure if they were divorced at first, but I’m pretty sure they are. Neither one wears a wedding ring; Chan has a separate “day” designated for seeing his father; and Yoon Seok accepts the fact that Young has a boyfriend without too much fuss.)


Anyway, finally we get to our main couple, who are happy and healthy and now a family of four, to prove that Dang Ja’s surgery from that new-fangled laser technology did its job and saved both her and the baby. (I’m all for science saving the day, but I wish we had a more graceful explanation for how she went from imminent death to hearty and hale. It’s the ending I wanted, definitely, but it doesn’t feel like we got there on a natural, logically sound path.)

But whatever. They’re a cute family! And I suppose I much prefer tolerating a few loose threads in the ending I wanted, rather than having an airtight, sealed ending I hated.

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  1. canyayasis

    I was in agreement with you about these last 2 episodes…. and Dol Soons hairstyle was awful… and her husband’s wig got BIGGER…..haha

    But it was the ending i wanted too, no matter how jerky we got there… in the south we would say “keeping it between the ditches” not too far left, not too far right – let’s keep in between the ditches… and we got there! thanks again for pulling together those loose ends. This didn’t end with the following it started with – and i still think the scene on the beach with boar on fire is one of the funniest tv moments i’ve ever seen. i laugh still thinking about it.!

  2. Anonymous

    When I watched it I missed the new hi-fi medical technique, and at the end I was like “did they adopt?” wht the…hehe. I usually get really touchy about quick fix medical techniques, but I decided i’d close my eyes and accept it, atleast they tried to show how much Dang Ja suffered before, and I guess we can presume the six years were difficult.
    Well, like you said, I wish it had fallen together more logically, but its a sweet ending, though I’ll reiterate I did not like many parts….I wish they’d emphasized more the parting between Joon Soo and Han Young, and also her path to becoming independent and stronger and seperated from her husband (also didn’t like the vagueness abt the divorce in the final scenes). Even without the subs I could sense it seemed almost casual, leaving me feeling bad for Joon Soo and all that he had done. And then I didn’t like the repetition of Gi Chan and Dang Ja crying together, which were fine in themselves but I felt like x’ing them out and adding more meaning with a different kind of scene would have been better. I feel like this show had a lot of poignancy and good moments and in the rush of the end they missed creating some more. But overall I enjoyed the ride, and liked all the characters, and I’m truly happy for an optimistic, pleasant ending.
    Thanks for another excellent series summaries, Sarahbeans. You are THE BEST! 🙂

  3. docmitasha

    Oops again, thats me again above #2. I need to remember its not wordpress anymore!

  4. canyayasis

    i found the yoo Jae ha album on ebay – i’m thinking of purchasing it. if i do, I’ll send you the tune. Thanks again! canyayasis

  5. Turtlegirl21

    I really liked this ending compared to many I have seen. I am so glad they gave you the happy ending we are all looking for. I just finished Cheap Love, and I had to cry so this was nice. And OMG, if I could only find a husband that would even paint my toenails when I am fat and pregnant one day, I would go crazy happy. LOL Thanks always. Another happy ending finished up with you.

  6. Anonymous

    Thank U so much! I really liked bad couple, infact i just started watching it last week. =] I love all ur summaries and look forward to them all week and definitely enjoy ur savvy sense of scripting. Keep up the good work. =] Looking forward to coffee prince and other drama summaries from u! =]

  7. apple

    I liked the ending, thank you for this ^^

    eventhough I didnt feel like watching this drama, just reading your reviews is good enough for me. Your the best.

  8. Philippa

    Thank you so much! I watched this episode without subtitles and I thought that Young didn’t divorce that doctor, I thought they were still together! But, I’m glad that she’s going out with that other guy!!!!!! lol. I don’t understand Korean, but I do understand some of the words. I thought that they were together at first because the doctor called Young “Yobo” or something so I was sooo upset, because what was the point of the whole break up thing and such! II’m also glad that she’s indpendent!
    And I can’t wait to watch this episode with substitles! At the end, when they show Dang Ja’s family! I thought they only had one child, the girl. Then, Dang Ja came with another child. It was sooo funny, because they were like where’s “I have no idea what’s theie youngest child’s name is lol.” and then the baby came crawling towards them.. lol. Thanks a lot for writing the summary for this drama!!! You ROCK! We LOVEEE you!!!! lol.
    Thanks again!

  9. Amy

    I agree with everything you said. I was hoping for more detail on Young’s relationship, but I guess it’s fairly good for my standards. And so is Dang Ja’s surgery. I wonder if there is such a laser surgery thing you can do… or is that fictional.

    Haha thanks for always writing such great summaries! I love reading them! :DD

  10. 10 teokong

    Thank you very much for your great summaries. I totally agreed with your opinions. Anyway, I loved happy ending. Komapsumnida! for all the summaries you’ve written. Enjoyed reading them. Cheers!

  11. 11 nycgal

    Really enjoyed this show. I’m happy with how everyone ended up. I do agree that Dol Soon’s hair is awful but oh well. I’m glad that Young and her husband got divorced and she became more independent rather than marrying the model guy right away. I like that they’re together but not a married couple yet. And I’m happy that Dang Ja and Gi Chan had another baby after their daughter, awwww…. What a cute family! I wish I could meet a guy like Gi Chan!

  12. 12 oly

    thank you javabeans…it’s like i’m watching the whole drama by reading your recap…and i’m quit satisfaction about the ending, well, after all i’m the happy ending person…lol…thank you again and can’t wait to see the next drama. AJA !!!

  13. 13 Marzy

    Three Cheers for Sarah. Congrats on a another drama completed 😀 Well, the ending was happy and all that. Though I regret to say im not feeling all that happy about it. I mean yeah, the laser machine bingo! But what happened to Sae Yeon and Yoon Seok? I didnt like the Young-JS thing. Not as romantic as the previous, I wouldve wanted a bit more from Young but oh well. I like how Dangja had her family, but i wish it would have been a tad different.

  14. 14 lollipop2000

    Thanks so much Javabeans for such speedy caps. Been waiting for the ending anxiously and WHAT AN ENDING! I love the happy ending compared to Blissful Woman which had a weird uncertain ending. I’m going to miss Gi Chan, the dream man. Where oh where can I find one like him?? enjoyed the whole series a lot.

  15. 15 Bamidele

    They just pulled that laser technique out of their butts, seriously wtf, no drama at all. A bit to clean and cut for me to stomach. But at least it ended happily. I like her hair all nice and straight like that though!!

  16. 16 Jessica

    Wow! What a sweet ending!

    Thank you so much for the recaps.

    It’s sad to see this drama get overshadowed by other more popular ones. But I feel that way about Flowers of my Life as well….

  17. 17 javabeans

    I actually have heard of the laser surgery thing before… I don’t know much about it, but there’s a procedure called bloodless surgery using what’s referred to as a “gamma knife” because the rays act as the surgical tool. Apparently the rays can pass through tissue without harm, but when a bunch of them concentrate on a single point, it has the effect of radiation therapy on cancer cells and tumors. And yet, the solution really did swoop in from the sky in the last act (deus ex machina, as i said!) and didn’t seem to fit the course of the events.

  18. 18 michi

    well, well, well…..I LOVE BAD COUPLE!! everything about it is just great…esp the awesome ending and the brilliant leads!!!
    yes, laser surgery is already quite common in europe…

  19. 19 ginnie

    Thank you Javabeans for all your summaries for Bad Couple!

    I am so awful with completing dramas…but thank goodness I made myself finish this drama. The ending isn’t what I wanted of course…but I take it..I have completely mistaken the storyline of this series. It is like my mind interpreting something and I watched something else….LOL. Nevertheless, I don’t regret watching the show. Thanks again!
    Till next time, adios!

  20. 20 amareally

    I love how Young became independent !! yay Young !! I hope she’ll find a way with Joon Soo.

  21. 21 Anonymous

    What was all that talk about the “red ginseng”. They kept mentioning it over and over again but I don’t know why?? Anyway, I loved the ending and OMG Hun Chan crawling was the cutest thing ever!!

  22. 22 Auntie Mame

    I just watched the finale and the ending is what I had hoped for. If GC & DJ’sr love could be converted into energy, the world will never go dark again.
    (I didn’t even realize that the actor playing GC is the same actor as the “evil” guy in “Successful Story of A Bright Girl”. He has, certainly, improved and changed for the better.)
    DramaBean, thank you so much for this blog.

  23. 23 eka

    javabeans finnally i watch this series completely. this series its really aweshome………
    javabeans do you have the song han young and jung soo part. when they go to the beach, when they kissing in the rain mostly this song is for han young and jung soo.
    thanks before

  24. 24 Joyce

    Thank you dramabeans for the recaps, because in my country the translator veryyyyy bad translating, and we have to Guess did Young got divorced or not. I love this drama .

  25. 25 Anonymous

    does anyone know how to get the two songs they kept playing again and again? they were really nice but i can’t seem to find them.

  26. 26 ")

    initially i got confused with either Bad Love and Bad Couple, coz many people were recommending some title with “Bad” on it… anwyays, watched Bad Love initally, and man, it was sooo Bad…. hhahah….

    I hesistate to start of Bad Couple, but i find it is far fat better than Bad Love when i started watching…

    the drama make me laugh so much for the first, well, several episodes… but as it gets to the middle part, when Dang Ja wanted Gi Chan back despite knowing he has finacee, that really bugs me… i mean, you rejected the guy several times, so what is the guy suppose to do…

    nevertheless, the last 3 episodes were good and the ending is good as well… definately in my top 10 list of drama to recomend..

  27. 27 Anonymous

    i like how it ended.. i love happy endings afterall.. ^____^

    i dont know why but i kinda want the kids to have thier own story too.. haha.. when they grow up, that is.. dang ja and gi chans daughter would be a genius.. chan would be a hunk and yeon doo would be the girl everybody loves xD

  28. 28 Lisa

    too funny anonymous. I actually loved the ending. 1) i felt that they never made the Han Young and Joon Soo Relationship this swweeping melodramtic thing. I think I was always more of a lustful freiendship than anything. I would have been kinda dissapointed if they had parted with too much emotion. He was her rebound guy and its cool they treated it like that. It was clear he was pretyy mature from the start so a mature ending to the relationship is fitting.

    2) I was not bothered at all by the quick-fix medical technology. Esp. when it comes to cancer, and having been through two close friends who underwent vairous cancer treatements. New techniques and rugs and equipment s constantly coming out. Doctors are collaborating and testing tough all the time. That’s not so unsual. I think where bad couple slipped up is not telling us that the thing the mistress was going to study was cancer-related although that may have been spilling the beans.

    Great Drama.

  29. 29 Asmaa

    They could have atleast mentioned the life saving technique way back to give us some hope and edge that there’s a place for that in the plot..

    Nice drama.. I wonder why am I only reading the recaps here and not watching the dramas..? I seriously wish I had only read your recaps about boys before flowers rather than watching..

  30. 30 Menci Ang

    My comment is really late–4 years late, but what can I do? I’ve only watched Bad Couple this last 24 hours or so. 😉

    The parting scene between Han Young and Joon Soo at the airport showed both wearing a golden ring. Looks like a wedding ring to me. I wonder if there’s any significance to it?

    I hope there is another late viewer who can take a closer look and comment.

    • 30.1 Kira

      Actually I think those are the Couple Rings, remeber? He gave her a Couple Ring when he confessed his love for her? ..It feels weird saying that…

  31. 31 Tim

    I skipped through the series but greatly enjoyed it. I wasn’t interested in the other couples very much to be honest. I stopped Midway in Smile,You where I first saw Han Young(The actress that played her lol). I will be going back to that. I was surprised to see that javabeans is a translator, but it makes me feel more poised to pick up a second and even third language.

    I enjoyed the recap, felt like I didnt miss anything even though I barely watched the other half of the series lol.

    Thanks to the Heaven Subbing Squad

    PS dramafever’s subs were lacking and poorly timed.

  32. 32 tura

    I love this drama

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