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Coffee Prince: Second Cup
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Kan Miyoun, formerly of Baby VOX – “Kiss” [ zShare download ]

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Han Gyul asks Eun Chan if she wants to work for him acting as his boyfriend. He can see Eun Chan needs money but doesn’t trust her enough to just lend it to her, so he’d rather hire her.

All he wants her to do is show up at his matchmaking blind dates, and she figures it sounds easy, as long as she’s getting paid. They argue over price, and Eun Chan has to settle for far, far less than she’s hoping (about $100 each time), but says she’ll charge him for all the extras — clothing, food, and each instance of physical touching on an “a la carte” basis (charging per each touch to the face, shoulder, waist, and so on). Being in a money crunch, Eun Chan asks for advance payment, which he gives.

Despite Han Gyul’s fussiness over his car, not allowing her to touch anything, Eun Chan raises the convertible top and enjoys the ride. Han Gyul, initially annoyed at her antics, smiles to see her having so much fun.

Eun Chan runs into Han Sung in their neighborhood, and I’m really digging Lee Sun Kyun here, with his deep, soothing voice. We learn she’s 24; he’s 31. He asks how her money-versus-pride issue turned out, and she says she keeps going back and forth, wondering if he’s ever felt that way. He starts talking about his “friend,” but stops himself, causing her to ask him to finish what he was going to say.

Han Sung explains that his “friend” once loved a woman who left him two years ago, who’s reappeared wanting to start over, and the “friend” is now in a dilemma over what to do. Eun Chan asks if the guy still loves the girl, and he answers that the friend doesn’t know that yet.

When Han Sung arrives home, Yu Ju’s waiting to tell him she broke up with some guy whom we can assume is the reason she left him. He answers tersely, “I know. You’re famous, I read about it in the paper.” She wants to start over with him, but he gives her a cold stare and leaves her outside.

Han Sung walks inside his home, but pauses, thinking things over, then turns around and goes out again, where Yu Ju is waiting. He grabs her and leads her back inside, and they kiss. I’d screencap but the lighting is horrible in this scene.

They spend the night together, and in the morning, Yu Ju finds Han Sung brooding in the backyard. She asks what he’s thinking about, and he answers that she must find him really easy, jerking him back and forth — when she wants to end things, they do. When she wants to start again, they do. But he’s changed since they were first together, and tells her, “Just go. Let’s not see each other again either.”

I’m vastly relieved at this. I was disappointed when he took her back, figuring they’d be back on track immediately (like in My Girl and My Name Is Kim Samsoon) before running into the inevitable troubles later on. But here, Han Sung’s kiss (and their night together) is treated like a lapse in judgment, a moment of weakness, and in the light of day he can still see things for what they are.

Han Gyul takes Eun Chan shopping for proper clothing, and we can see he’s quite the narcissist — if he’s going to be dating a man, he wants someone just like himself.

Midway through his blind date, they put the plan into action, pretending to kiss so they can be “accidentally” caught by the woman… which is a procedure they repeat date after date after date. Their victory handshakes evolve into more and more complicated gestures with each successful encounter.

On the last date, Han Gyul is so thrilled at chasing away the woman successfully that he plants a kiss on Eun Chan, causing her to react in mild distaste. She says it was her first kiss, and he says it was his first too — with a man.

They go out to lunch, where Eun Chan calculates how much he owes her. She mentions needing money (house deposit, sister’s school fees), and he asks how much her deposit is. Eun Chan: “Why, will you give it to me if I tell you how much it is?” and answers that it’s approximately $5,000.

Han Gyul takes back the watch he’d bought for Eun Chan (she calls him cheap, since it’s a fake anyway but he still won’t let her keep it). We find out that Eun Chan has a keen nose, smelling coffee outside the restaurant, and she even tells him she could tell what he ate for breakfast when he kissed her. Ha. Still, we can see Han Gyul’s already warming up to Eun Chan, smiling at her antics and bickering back and forth.

They get their cups mixed up (hers has liquor, his is water) and he (already established at having low tolerance) gets drunk.

He completely passes out, and Eun Chan drags him home, but can’t figure out a way inside. She tries leaving him on his doorstep, but her conscience won’t let her. So, she carries him piggyback all the way to her neighborhood, where she puts him at the Taekwondo studio overnight.

In the morning, Eun Chan goes to her sister’s school to take care of a problem, as Eun Sae has been caught running a minor moneylending operation of her own. The teachers caught her accounting information in her notebooks, and Eun Chan scolds her sister, who insists she’s going to keep doing it and earn enough money to start training as a pop singer.

When Eun Chan arrives back at the Taekwondo studio, she finds Han Gyul tied up with the kids’ belts, completely at their mercy as their toy.

Eun Chan lets him borrow her father’s shirt, and he takes a moment to look around her home. He marvels at her chart of daily activities, crammed full hour by hour, remarking that his grandmother was right in calling him lazy. He sees pictures of Eun Chan as a young kid (looking like a boy even then) and smiles.

He drops by to watch her teaching the kids, and leaves her a note on the door, along with the watch he’d taken back. The note says he’s lending her the entire amount ($5,000) for her deposit fee. $1,500 is payment for her work, and the rest is a loan.

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Loveholic’s “ν™”λΆ„” (flowerpot) plays in the next scene, while Han Sung despondently thinks back to happier times with Yu Ju. (As much as I love Loveholic, it doesn’t really seem to mesh well with the tone of the series, at least in my opinion. But it’s a nice song, so I can enjoy it for that.)

Han Sung arrives at Yu Ju’s sprawling apartment (just how rich are all these people, anyway?) and flatly notes how she can continue doing her work, while he finds himself unable to get any done. He’s a mess, but she’s getting along just fine. He asks if she knows how much she hurt him, how much he struggled after being left behind. And yet, even if he tries to hurt her, she’s unaffected — there’s no use in him trying to play the game.

As he turns to go, Yu Ju grabs him from behind in a back-hug.

(They sure aren’t wasting time burning through the list of well-worn kdrama conventions, are they? I wasn’t expecting the back-hug for at least another five episodes or so.)

She tearfully tells him, “Thanks. I didn’t think you’d come.” He tells her, “I want to hurt you.” And so do I. Not for any reason other than she’s wounded the heart of Mr. Soulful Voice.

Eun Chan has a hard time working up the nerve to call Han Gyul to ask when he needs his money back. When she finally gets up the courage to call, she interrupts his dream:

Hahahahaha. At the last moment, his blushing (female) bride is replaced by the suit-wearing Eun Chan.


Han Gyul’s grandmother forces him to come with her to visit the Coffee Prince cafe, which she owns.

The manager she put in charge (also the friendly ajusshi with whom Eun Chan is close) isn’t that worried about making money, and thus the place is in horrible shape. No customers and awful conditions.

Han Gyul asks what they’re doing there, and his grandmother introduces him to the manager, telling Han Gyul he’ll be working there from now on: “Say hello to your new instructor.”

At the same time, Eun Chan finds out that the owner of the Taekwondo school has fled without paying her, and cleared out his studio, leaving her high and dry…



59 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Jessica

    Wow! Can I assume you really enjoy Coffee Prince by how quickly you do the recaps? Heehee πŸ™‚

    Thanks for this! I actually enjoy this series so much that I’m viewing the Chinese-subbed version first (I can speak Chinese fine, but my reading is horrible. However, the good part is I guess I’m able to learn more Chinese!)

  2. Marzy

    thanks sarahbeans! ive been waiting for this one. on the other hand, im enjoying GY more here. hahhaa im sorry as much as mr soulful voice has it in that department, im knocked out by GY hotness despite the narcissist type character. i like their chemistry really cute. hahaha i love the look on GY’s face when he was told to work in that run down place.

  3. javabeans

    Jessica, it’s partly because CP is light, easy viewing (and enjoyable). It’s also because I got behind, so I got in a mad rush to catch up. Haha. Plus I’m preparing myself to watch the last two episodes of Flowers For My Life because that drama kills me, in a good way, but still, i need to prep myself before sitting down to watch that and that entails getting all my other recaps done first!

    Marzy, GY is definitely hot and I like him with Eun Chan — they’re cute. He’s just not my type, and in contrast, gawd, I just can’t get over The Voice!

  4. Bamidele

    Okay, I would have to say for myself I’d want Mr. Velvet Seduction. I like those guys who don’t talk to much, but when they do you want to listen, and who look good with or without glasses. His profession is hot, his style is hot, and he is just covered with delightful and captivating sexiness, but I always pick for my drama choices, the kinda bad boy who needs the right girl to tame him. So for EC she must get with Han Gyul, and I kind of want Mr. Sexy, dreamy voice of wonderful day dreams and long sleepless nights to hurt his ex, I would never take her back if I was in his shoes, her “love” is undeserving of his. I feel like they should have played JT’s What goes around, comes around. I have prepared myself not to like this chick too much.

  5. MinMey

    yeah i agree, definitly that voice it’s THe VOicE ( i can’t descrie that voice ) thanks god , u are making summaries πŸ™‚ .. and that final part with a “strom comming” to the coffee shop , was kind scary for me ( maybe it’s cause i’m afraid of thunders).

    again, Thank u Javabeans

  6. mily2

    thank you sarahbeans.. * big bear hug*.. you rock!!!

  7. shirley

    lol i see alot of gushing over THE VOICE, remind me of what i went through when i first heard Mr Heavenly voice in White Tower .his voice is like hot chocolate~ warms you up so much , it can become very addictive . i know he not really the main lead but i hope there is better plot development for Han Sung in the upcoming cups to be served ~ i am in his camp for sure ! i need to find time to watch my first two esp quickly !
    thanks for the summaries . javabeans

  8. Marzy

    lol, looks like i can have GY for myself. joke!! peace!! hehehe so many loving the voice. i like the voice but in terms of charisma GY gets me. hahaha i dont really know why. he’s just a character. kidding. i wonder what they’ll do to the titles. will it keep the first, second cup or change? wont it be funny to be on the tenth cup? anyway. im sure there will be lots more on the Han Sung end. im happy to be on Han Gyul’s camp too kekekek ^^

  9. Mics

    Thanks for this!!! =D I’m starting to like it too despite the common stuff that could be seen in dramas. Well in real life that happens! =D YEH is really charming!

  10. 10 Crazyah

    omg sarabeans, I just watched episode 1 and Lee Sun Kyun’s voice is sooooooooooo nice !!!
    I think now I’m more into men voices rather than looks lol

  11. 11 jiangzemin

    i don’t like it when i start out liking the other guy more than the lead. GY is a little too self-absorbed to be interesting or attractive. but the second guy seems pretty cool and has plenty of style.

  12. 12 kiwee

    haha! when i was watching i couldnt believe she actually carried him on her back. he probably weighs like more than 140 if he has muscles haha!

  13. 13 kiwee

    oh i just realized she’s supposed to be strong (xman). hahahahaha!

  14. 14 Eve

    I’m love reading your summaries after watching the show hehe….it’s great! Thanks! And Man does the secondary lead’s voice sound like a velvety kim dong wan haha…

  15. 15 its_trish

    “He tells her, “I want to hurt you.” And so do I. Not for any reason other than she’s wounded the heart of Mr. Soulful Voice.”
    Love it – thanks again for a wonderful read!

  16. 16 Philippa

    Thank you so much! And happy 4th!

  17. 17 Samantha

    i wanna watch this even more and thanks for the speediness in recaping these episodes.

  18. 18 marie_s

    oh i can’t wait for the ending of flowers for my life!!! oh my!!! though i don’t mind you doing coffee prince ahead of it. i think i will like it. i like yoon eun hye, and i like gong yu. he’s just so sexy. and the story seems light. it just seems so hard to condition myself into thinking that gong yu will think that yoon eun hye is a guy. i haven’t watched it yet, but is yeh’s voice deep? and also, it seems hard to fathom that gong yu will want a boyfriend as opposed to a girlfriend to be able to escape from his grandmother’s efforts to hook him up. though at the same time, a refreshing plot, since we’ve seen too many of asking one to pretend to be someone’s wife/girlfriend or husband/boyfriend. oh i have to get to watch this with good subs!

  19. 19 marie_s

    ERRATUM: i HOPE to get to watch this with good subs!

  20. 20 zombie

    Seem like a good drama reading the summaries, thanks javabeans.

  21. 21 ripgal

    Hahaha..Sarah, you made me laugh with your obsession over The Voice. And nvm about that small detour about LSG. I also thought he looked like UTW..but thinner..well definitely with a sexier voice.. I actually like him with the other girl.. Curious to know what’s gona happen between them..

    On the side note, Eun Chan is just too adorable for words. I used to think YEH was only an average actress..but her acting has indeed improved, from the way she portrays EC; who wouldn’t adore her…XD

  22. 22 lili

    Just finished watching episode 01. You’re right! LSK’s voice is really something! It’s not booming deep as some deep male voices are, but it’s still deep and rich in its own way. Ooooh! I don’t know much about him – does he do any singing? *_*
    Oh, and for some reason I keep thinking Yoon Eun Hye looks like Kim Jeong Hoon in some ways in her Eun Chan character. Maybe it’s just me. >_

  23. 23 lili

    Just finished watching episode 01. You’re right! LSK’s voice is really something! It’s not booming deep as some deep male voices are, but it’s still deep and rich in its own way. Ooooh! I don’t know much about him – does he do any singing? *_* Oh, and for some reason I keep thinking Yoon Eun Hye looks like Kim Jeong Hoon in some ways in her Eun Chan character. Maybe it’s just me. >_

  24. 24 lili

    I was looking at DramaWiki (http://wiki.d-addicts.com/The_1st_Shop_of_Coffee_Prince) again and the summary doesn’t match what’s been going on with Coffee Prince so far. Han Kyul is avoiding marriage instead of Eun Chan, no? Hmm… I’m sure things will clear up as the show progresses. Thank you for all your hard work and lovely summaries, Javabeans! (Hopefully there’ll be lots of scenes of wonderful concoctions of coffee in the upcoming episodes!)

  25. 25 Luv

    Thank you so much javabeans.
    The 2nd cup is delicious…hehe…

  26. 26 zeram

    Thanks for the summaries. Now I understand why it is that she works for him. As for the The Voice, for me no one has topped Kim Jae Won’s voice (or is it the smile that gets me, haha). Actually the scene with Yeh when she’s a server I wasn’t looking at him I was more distracted by how funny she was in this scene, tottering around in those heels.

    It’s also got me wondering how her back is feeling these days, carrying two different people and who knows how many times she had to shoot the scenes.

  27. 27 sam

    when i close my eyes, and hear his voice, gosh! i’m melt away!! he does have that dongwan/tae woongnish!! you hit it right on the nail! ha ha (i’m a dongwan fan – so i’m see that resemblance)!! i kind of secretly hope yeh ends up with him rather than GY. is it me – or does GY always play the pretty boy or wannabee pretty boy type – ie she’s on duty, the other cop/spy movie wt kim jung hwa? etc. hope he gets to show us some more depth to his character rather than show us 5 eps of his abs??! otherwise SILKY VOICE MAN, please win YEH’s heart by ep 6!?!!

    thanks for all the summaries – now i’m caught up on the latest caffeine buzz!!

    YEH is one strong girl!! it must have been all that practice from Xman!

  28. 28 Turtlegirl21

    First I was like why in the world would she be falling over him, but then I heard that voice and I so get it!

  29. 29 yellowK

    Awww…maybe YEH has something special that she can take a full man’s suit and make it so adorable. They complicated had shakes between Eun Chan and Han Gyul are cute–and i might be starting to understand the appeal of mr. velvet voice. it’s makes me laugh so much when ever he’s given another moniker but its quite interesting listening so his super INCREDIBLY deep voice, i don’t have words for it–but you sure end up paying attention!

    Thanks for summaries- once again, i hope you keep up the great work πŸ™‚

  30. 30 jiwonee

    i usually dont know where to look for ost music and summaries, and this site has really helped me. i saw episode 2 just now and ahahaha yoon eunhae really looks like a guy with her haircut. but she’s so cute! thanks for everything!

  31. 31 Manja

    Thank you for all your hard work….. really looking forward watching the series.

  32. 32 catinmyfridge

    Hot cup of Javabeans must be having a heart attack over this series. LOL. πŸ˜›
    Looks like a very cute series. The title says “second cup,” so, I am assuming this is the second season?

  33. 33 javabeans

    catinyourfridge, Coffee Prince has adopted the gimmick of labeling each episode “First Cup,” “Second Cup” etc instead of the usual “Episode 1” etc…

  34. 34 Acey

    Hmm I’ve liked Gong Yu and Yoon Eun Hye from previous stuff they’ve done… but I was an instant convert to The Voice. How? … Can I have both?
    Yu Ju provokes in me the same effect that (Yoo) Hee Jin did in My Name Is KSS, which is – fastforward plz

  35. 35 Acey

    I’m sorry if this shows up as a repeat… but if it’s showing up anywhere at all it must be in an alternate universe because my posts haven’t been appearing! I just wanted to say –
    I’ve liked Gong Yu and Yoon Eun Hye from previous stuff they did, but I was an instant convert to The Voice! How? …Can I have both?
    Strangely Yu Ju provokes in me the same effect as (Yoo) Hee Jin did in My Name is KSS, which is – fastforward plz

  36. 36 annie797

    Thank you Javabean for translate the 2 episode

  37. 37 Acey

    Oh dear apparently it did show up after all – I don’t mean to spam but I just had an epiphany! This is kinda like Twelfth Night, isn’t it, where the Duke hires a girl he thought was a boy for love-matters, and the audience sees their burgeoning chemistry but the Duke (or Han Gyul) are oblivious enough not to question their sexuality for it. If Eun Chan ends up liking him before he does then the similarities will increase! But Gong Yu looks strangely old in here… I wonder if it’s the lighting, or if it’s the image he has in this show, or a combination of that tan and that hair-that-looks-like-a-mane.. but I liked his look on previous shows better

  38. 38 catinmyfridge

    I believe the guy was in “Biscuit Teacher and Star Pupil.” He already looks grown up. He always plays a jerk.

  39. 39 mel

    mr. velvet-voice’s voice reminds me of bae yong jun’s! anyway, thanks for the quick recap javabeans

  40. 40 wajing

    and again, thanks for the summary dramabeans! .. haven’t watched any of the CP episodes, (..still waiting with english subs and i just hope i won’t miss when it’s released).. but i say your posts are a notch better! ..summary PLUS sideline comments?!..THAT’S WHAT YOU CALL ENTERTAINMENT! =P ..happy..happy..happy!

  41. 41 SarangCandee

    i’m not sure if I will like the lead guy yet..i don’t find him attractive at all for now…..hopefully that will change as the series progress..

    i’m pretty impressed with yoon eunhae acting as a boy..she’s doing a good job so far …i’m starting to see her more like a boy then girl rite now…

    thanks for the recap Java!

  42. 42 yakatoo

    this was a pretty hilarious episode! and while i must agree that mr. dj’s voice is hella hot, id’d still gotta go for GY, hands down. way too dreamy. hmmmmm…

  43. 43 kathkath

    yu ju (lee sun kyun) do have a great manly voice ! πŸ™‚ thanks for sharing this with us! am still liking the series…

  44. 44 B


  45. 45 Marisse

    Ur the best!! its so detailed!!!! I do watch on you tube but they dont have subtitles yet so I can undertsand!

    Thanx a lot for this!

  46. 46 basia

    Starting to love this show……at first i just wanted to see how Yoon Eun would look as a boy but then i got so into it that i forgot she was the same Yoon Eun from Goong. Her acting is so good and she could tottaly pull this off. I can see girls falling for her….lol

  47. 47 sammi

    omg, i thought i was the only idiot who preferred the supposedly-not-as-good-looking second male lead. he is so gorgeous isn’t he, and i adore that voice of his. lords, i sound like a fangirl, but i guess im sorta. after finishing the serial, i started looking around for other shows that has him inside. i see several, but im not sure which is good. any reccomendations?

  48. 48 ezha

    hayY!!! ang ganda ng coffe prince! nkA2kilig clang 2,.. grave n to0o0o0o0…. hehehe

  49. 49 GordonA

    I have to agree with you about Lee Sun Kyun’s voice. My first reaction when first hearing him was to turn the TV up. Who cared if I had no idea what he was saying. I just wanted to hear that voice. His voice is like warm caramel. My sister found him more attractive than Gong Yoo due to his voice. It’s hard to argue with her reasoning.

  50. 50 Gab

    Can anyone tell me the song that played while Yu Ju told Han Jung β€œJust go. Let’s not see each other again either.” at the backyard.

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