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The Last Scandal of My Life: Episodes 1-4
by | April 21, 2008 | 68 Comments

The Last Scandal of My Life is SUPER FUN. It’s too bad I came upon this delightful series so late (it’s aired 14 episodes of its 16), but on the bright side, I have lots of episodes to catch up on without having to wait.

Since I haven’t caught up yet, please do me the favor and DON’T SPOIL ME! That’s all I ask.

I have my own drama biases to blame for initially passing over Last Scandal, and that’s because it seemed such a typical ajumma drama. I’m not ragging on ajummas — I know lots of them, I love them, I hope to transition into one gracefully — but the ajumma drama as a genre is not my favorite. I think the poster reminded me of standard adultery fare like My Man’s Woman.

But Last Scandal isn’t at all overwrought or melodramatic. It’s hilarious. It’s like Full House with better acting and more complex character relationships, with a liberal dash of Dal Ja’s Spring mixed in. And I’ve always liked Choi Jin Shil, although I’ve only seen her in three projects (original trendy drama Jealousy, original Cinderella drama Star in My Heart, and romantic weepie movie The Letter) — but she’s as adorable at almost-40 as she was at 20.


The Last Scandal of My Life OST – “사랑이 올까요” (Will love come?) [ Download ]

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The short version: HONG SUN HEE (Choi Jin Shil) is a fairly average housewife. SONG JAE BIN (Jung Joon Ho) is a movie star. They were each other’s first loves. When they reconnect, things don’t go as planned.

In more detail —

Episode 1: Sun Hee is married to a somewhat less-than-competent husband (Yoo Shik) and raising a rascally scamp of a daughter (14-year-old JIMIN), who is a constant trial of patience. Because her husband travels a lot for work, she runs her household mostly on her own with little help from her nagging mother-in-law or her husband’s snobby younger sister.

She also works as an extra in CFs and live recordings (in the ajumma role, of course). She gets along decently, even though her husband’s always out of touch, and she just started menopause even though she’s only 39.

As an extra, Sun Hee runs into Jae Bin while shooting a commercial (he’s the glamorous male lead, she’s one of a herd of ordinary middle-aged women). Unfortunately, she spies impish 14-year-old Jimin asking Jae Bin (on whom she has a serious crush) for a picture and lunges for her daughter who’s skipped school to be there. Jae Bin’s a typical pampered movie star (although he’s charming to the public) and she’s a loud ajumma, so they leave the encounter with mutual distaste.

They continue to bump into each other several times, each time less enjoyable than the last, unaware that they’re actually old acquaintances. Jae Bin notices her resemblance to his first love from high school, but this ajumma’s too much of a mess to be his beautiful Sun Hee. Jae Bin harbors old feelings for Sun Hee and imagines how she must be now (she was uncommonly pretty in high school and was briefly famous as a chocolate commercial model).

Sun Hee knows him by his real name, Dong Chul; in the intervening time, he’s risen to fame as an actor and adopted Jae Bin as his stage name. He also passes himself off for 32 rather than 39; his age and his looks are a constant source of worry (or rather, maintaining his age and looks are the worry).

He gets a hold of her phone number and address, and gets in contact for the first time in twenty years. She’s happy to hear from him, and so is he.

At the same time, Sun Hee’s life is upended when her husband Yoo Shik lands in jail for a money scam, although he was actually the victim. He begs her to find the money to settle his debt and get him out of jail, and Sun Hee desperately does her best. Her husband swears he’ll treat her extra well when this is over, although that declaration is tested when he’s visited by a wealthy benefactress, let’s call her Madam Go, who makes him something of an indecent proposal. A little older and widowed, Madam Go says she hadn’t felt like a woman in a long time; she wants to support him because he’s the type of man who can do well with the right woman guiding him along.

He’s wracked with guilt and uncertainty, but it’s only a matter of time before he accepts the offer. But Yoo Shik doesn’t tell his wife, so Sun Hee proceeds to do her damnedest to find a solution. Out of desperation, she lets her friend convince her to ask her old friend Dong Chul for the money — he’s doing well these days and she’s exhausted her options. Very reluctantly, Sun Hee decides to try, and arranges a meeting.

Jae Bin looks forward to seeing Sun Hee again and imagines she’s still beautiful and feminine. So when she shows up at his hotel suite, he takes one look at her, realizes she’s the annoying woman he’s tangled with several times already — and pretends not to know who she is. (She’s not fooled for long.)

In Episode 2, they have another hysterical run-in after Sun Hee fails in a hilarious attempt to game the health insurance system by getting surgery for incontinence. Apparently there’s a provision that allows them to cash out some of their premium (I think), so Sun Hee goes to the clinic, drinking lots of water and faking incontinence. The doctor can tell from her demeanor that she’s lying about something, and Sun Hee breaks down, apologizing that she’s in a bad situation with her husband. The doctor sympathizes with her, woman to woman, and okays the surgery.

Only, uh, Sun Hee’s so thankful and embarrassed that she assumes the doctor understood her condition was incontinence. Instead, she finds out — after the procedure — that she’s just had vaginal plastic surgery.

On her way out, she runs into Jae Bin, who’s sneaking out of his Botox procedure. Paranoid, he thinks she took a picture to blackmail him, and chases her down. But after their argument, he’s haunted by dreams that she outs his real name and age to the public, and tries to smooth things over. He “acts” so well that Sun Hee believes him when he says he was doing this all for revenge because he’d been so hurt when she stood him up twenty years ago — he even remained single all these years for this moment — but he’s fine now. He makes a pretty goodbye and leaves, feeling relief that she’d bought his story.

Only, she bought it too well. Utterly desperate, she gathers up all her nerve and makes her way to his mansion (actually his older brother’s) thinking that he’s still in love with her. Nervously, she makes her own indecent proposal — if he’ll lend her money, she’ll spend one night with him.

In Episode 3, Jae Bin recovers from his shock, then reacts with glee — because he’s gotten her statement on hidden camera. Now she can’t blackmail him, because he can blackmail her right back!

But his celebration is cut short by the arrival of his older brother and manager JANG DONG HWA (Jung Woong In), the president of a top management company. Dong Hwa’s cold and strait-laced, but sees something endearing about Sun Hee, the messy ajumma who laughs with genuine joy.

Jae Bin lies and says that Sun Hee’s the new housekeeper, but gets stuck in the lie when Dong Hwa agrees to keep her on. That day, Sun Hee gets to work cleaning up the house (looking for the video tape) despite Jae Bin’s attempts to kick her out without letting his coldhearted older brother in on the situation. She also gets along well with Dong Hwa’s 14-year-old son HOON, and she agrees to come back the next day because it pays pretty well, and she still needs to get the tape from Jae Bin. But Jae Bin wants to wash his hands of her, so he returns the tape, destroys it, and tells her not to come back. She agrees.

While taking out a bag of clothing to the trash, Sun Hee finds perfectly usable T-shirts and decides to take them home; no use letting them go to waste. At home, her daughter Jimin is ecstatic to see that they’re autographed Song Jae Bin shirts — they can make a ton of money selling them on his fan cafe! So the next morning she sneaks back to his house to root through his trash pile again — but when she’s seen by the three men of the house, she has to go along and play housekeeper for another day.

All day, she and Jae Bin are at each other’s throats. Wanting to get rid of her, he does his best to make himself such a pest that she’ll quit. She doesn’t quit, but she does find out the tape he destroyed was a decoy.

The next day, though, she’s unable to go to work for him because her husband has been released from jail but hasn’t contacted her. In truth, Mme. Go has sprung him, but he has his mother and sister lie and tell Sun Hee that they scraped the money together, and that he fled on a boat somewhere shortly afterward. He tells his mother and sister that given his situation with Mme. Go, divorce is inevitable, but it’s clear he doesn’t want Sun Hee to know the truth. He does feel shame, but that’s nothing lots of money won’t fix.

Although he’d desperately tried to kick her out, Jae Bin actually starts feeling her absence, although he’d never admit it. Conversely, one woman he does NOT want to see is famous actress LEE NA YOON (Byun Jung Soo), who arrives with pomp and flair and pisses everyone off..

Na Yoon is Dong Hwa’s ex and (most probably) Hoon’s mother, although Hoon doesn’t know anything about her. She may also have had some kind of relationship with Jae Bin, but it’s not clear what the nature of their entanglement was — all we know is that Jae Bin hates the sight of her. Whatever the reason, she blithely swoops back into their lives, to everyone’s irritation.

As for Sun Hee, she’s facing dire straits — although her husband is out of jail and she can therefore stop worrying about his debt, she’s about to be kicked out of her home. Dong Hwa offers her a solution — why doesn’t she move into their home as a live-in housekeeper?

Jae Bin is dead set against it, but he’s outnumbered in a family vote. And just as Sun Hee exults, Dong Hwa’s employees alert him to a new development: They’ve traced the source of the illegal sales of Jae Bin clothing to Jimin. Dong Hwa assumes Sun Hee had planned all along to work for them to steal things to sell online, and cancels the arrangement. But just as she’s about to be forcibly removed from the house, Jae Bin steps in.

In Episode 4, Jae Bin surprisingly intervenes and listens to Sun Hee’s side of the story — that she didn’t know it was wrong, that she merely took home clothes that he was throwing away. He explains to a mollified Dong Hwa, and Sun Hee is reinstated.

Of course, Jimin is thrilled to be moving into the home of her favorite movie-star oppa. (Jae Bin, on the other hand, finds her blatant adoration unnerving.) Hoon in turn immediately develops a crush on Jimin.

With Sun Hee’s position solidified, Jae Bin reverts to his prankish, immature behavior, teasing her with a “gift” — which turns out to be a maid’s uniform. Everyone else thinks that’s pretty assy of him, but Sun Hee bears it with good grace. It isn’t until later that Jae Bin starts to feel bad, when he asks Jimin about her father’s whereabouts and she tells him that her mother’s suffered a lot, and that he took off and disappeared.

Jae Bin’s not good at making amends, but he and Sun Hee strike a temporary truce over drinks. When they’re alone together, they speak comfortably like old friends, but in the company of others, he calls her “ajumma” and refers to her as the housekeeper. It’s an interesting (and bound-to-be-complicated) dynamic.

In a rare moment of sincerity, Jae Bin asks why Sun Hee stood him up twenty years ago, but whatever the reason, she doesn’t feel comfortable saying, and changes the subject.

He compensates for his behavior by taking her shopping — but instead of just offering to buy her clothes like a normal person, he’s hilariously roundabout. He forces her to help him pick some “gifts,” then fakes a phone call to the supposed recipient (saying, “What’s wrong with this brand? Fine, then don’t wear them!”), giving Sun Hee the clothes as though they’re secondhand gifts.

She guesses that he made it all up to buy her clothes because he felt bad, and cheerfully accepts — but he tacks on the caveat that she absolutely can’t sell them for money. His echoing refrain is becoming, “…or you’re fired!” Already it’s obvious that it’s an empty threat, but it’s cute.

Next is the hair salon — and the end result is so surprising he doesn’t even recognize her at first.

His brother has told Jae Bin to be in attendance at a VIP reception for a wine bar being opened by the widow of an old business acquaintance. Who just happens to be Mme. Go, the rich benefactress of Sun Hee’s runaway husband. Who has instated said husband as the manager of said bar.

Jae Bin intends to go alone, but gets a call from Na Yoon inviting herself as his date. To refuse Na Yoon, he says he’s already got a date — and takes Sun Hee.

At the party, Sun Hee’s uncomfortable and wants to leave, especially since Na Yoon recognizes her as the maid. Jae Bin’s attitude is unapologetic and unashamed (“So what if she is?”) although Sun Hee is out of her element. He also can’t stop looking over at her as he mingles with the other guests.

Na Yoon notices Jae Bin’s attention — feeling pricklings of jealousy — and engages Sun Hee in conversation. As they’re chatting, a clumsy server drops his tray and splatters them with the drinks. Mme. Go, hearing that Sun Hee is Jae Bin’s maid, orders Sun Hee to help clean up. She’s startled but doesn’t want to make a scene, and starts kneeling and picking up broken glasses.

…which offends and angers Jae Bin, who swoops in and demands the woman apologize to his guest. Dong Hwa dislikes scenes and takes his brother aside to tell him to send Sun Hee home — she shouldn’t have been brought here in the first place — but that just ticks Jae Bin off more. Fine, he snarls, then he’ll leave too. And he grabs Sun Hee and makes his exit.

Sun Hee protests and tries to calm him down; Jae Bin demands to know if she has such little pride that she’d let someone talk to her like that. Just because she’s a maid doesn’t mean she’s free to be bossed around here.

And just as they’re leaving, Mme. Go stops Jae Bin to apologize profusely and smooth things over. She calls over her manager — Sun Hee’s husband — and Sun Hee starts to look over curiously…


I haven’t followed Choi Jin Shil’s long career, but I love her here. Actually, all the casting is spot-on with Jung Joon Ho mixing flashes of maturity with his spoiled, immature pampered-star ways. I really enjoyed how they turned around his attitude toward Sun Hee from dislike to grudging acceptance — you can totally see him enjoying clashing with her, so he steps in and helps her because he really does want her to stay.

I love makeover moments, but I hate when they are the impetus for a relationship change, as if to say that a woman is worthy because she’s really pretty underneath the bad hair and clothes. So I’m happy that they didn’t do it here. While I think it’s pretty hard to make Choi Jin Shil look unattractive, I can understand Jae Bin’s initial reaction to seeing how she aged — it’s more to do with his (impossible, idealized) expectations than with her worth.

And despite the fact that she does get made over into a gorgeous woman, Sun Hee has never thought herself ugly or unlovable; she’s fine with the way she looks because that’s who she is, and she has other things to worry about. Many women would look back regretfully to their prettier, youthful days, but Sun Hee’s matter-of-fact — it’s not that she’s bad-looking now, it’s just that she enjoyed extraordinarily pretty looks back then, and now that time has passed. Until Jae Bin’s star makeover, that is.

Anyway, I’m totally new to this series so I’m just getting caught up in the fun of it all! But based on the first four episodes, I really wouldn’t hesitate to recommend people give it a try. Especially if you liked the fun of Full House (cute setup, but ridiculous logic in the last few episodes) or the warmth of Dal Ja’s Spring.


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  1. all4movies

    A cute ajumma series. About time, there’s a lot of us out there.

  2. h

    i was waiting for you to write about this drama…it’s so cute!

  3. Jane

    I just started watching this drama too. I heard it was good so I started to watch it. It’s so fun. I only watched the first 2 episodes so this was a spoiler for me. LOL.

  4. charizo

    anyone know where to get the subs?

  5. closet_queen

    your article is very interesting…
    i hope someone makes english subtitle for this.
    i very like full house and dalja spring. i am certain that i will like this too..
    especially because you like it too!
    thanks for all the articles you send… its so nice to read them all

  6. Orchid

    The lady in the picture is nearly 40? She surely does not look like it. How do you find the time to watch so many dramas Javabeans! I tip my hat to ya. 😉

  7. boshky

    woah! sounds so exciting!
    I really should be studying for that exam tomorrow but…….
    Haha. Thanks as always =) Love the summaries!

  8. stargazer377

    omg!!! i finally found it thanks to you javabeans!!! my sister watched 2 episodes of this while she was at the hair salon and she was telling me about the characters and the plot, but i had no idea what drama it was until i saw the names of the lead characters. thank goodness you started to watch it! and i’m glad it’s a fun drama. i’ll have to check it out.
    thanks again!!!

  9. smiley6yrl

    awww too bad no1 is subbing this series.. haha you made me want to watch it even more now…. pls let me know if there are eng subs somewhere, if not, then i’ll just read your summary… hehe thanks javabeans!

  10. 10 lovepotionNo9

    o.m.g. that perm!! loved choi jin sil in the letter so i really want to check this one out. thanks for the recaps.

  11. 11 yeli

    this seems fun! i’ve heard this was a good drama and had been meaning to give it a try…and now thanks to your recap i want to check it out even more..

    is it being subbed though? 🙁

  12. 12 ladychick

    I wanted to watch it too but there is no english sub available…….

  13. 13 choram

    I saw this on television! (yes can you believe it?) 🙂

  14. 14 ay_link

    Hehe… I’m quite surprised and happy to see dramabeans covered this wonderful series 😉
    4 episodes at a time! Whoo-hoo… Sarahbeans rocks!! lolz

    I myself have been following this every weekend, and hooked ever since, especially end of ep 8. What a fun weekend drama, great script and cast all around, and I’d actually love for WITH S2 to sub this, but errm… we’ll see if we can get more translators on board, especially when we’re indeed quite hectic this month ^^
    But, indeed, this drama is too great to be missed out…
    Anyone should at least try it =)

  15. 15 meriika

    I have been hoping someone would sub this since it started for all the super young almost 40 somethings out there. Thanks for the recaps and drawing more attention to this drama!

  16. 16 koalabear

    javabeans…never too late to catch up on this drama, I enjoy this so much…I remember most of the Soompiers on the Last Scandal thread were really waiting for you to tackle this drama and it finally came true! No dull moment for this drama…to think that more older actors are the main character but their acting gets better every episode so much that I also got hooked…yeah 2 more episodes left to go and I hope to see you on the Last Scandal thread in Soompi ^ ^

  17. 17 baima22

    I am so glad that you start to watch the Last Scandal. Your blog was recommended to me a couple of weeks ago, but unfortunately, I didn’t see your reviews on the Last Scandal that time. Now it is. I hope you enjoy watching the remaining episodes. This is the best k-drama I have seen in the last couple of years.
    Will come back to check more of your review. 🙂 Thanks.

  18. 18 Gaijin

    This series just started to broadcast on MBC America this week.

  19. 19 cartman

    urgh..I hope someone will sub this drama..:(

  20. 20 Sylvia

    Argh! Just as I was about to download this drama after reading your summaries, I realised there aren’t any English subs for it yet!

    Such a pity, because I’m intrigued now but I just can’t understand enough Korean to get by without subs.

    I guess I’ll just have to depend on your summaries to try and understand this series, till some nice fansub group decides to pick it up *crossing all fingers*

  21. 21 Maryuan

    Along with “Who are You?”, this drama is another one I have to watch during the week! Everyone is so into their roles here, especially the philandering husband 🙂

  22. 22 Toya

    Now I want to watch this show.

  23. 23 Fifi

    I love this drama…I’m so sad it ending this week.

  24. 24 ripgal

    YAY! A recap of Last Scandal of My Life..
    I’m also lagging behind about 7 episodes! I’ve gotta catch up quick..XD

    And oh, the drama’s really full of fun.. you will love Jae Bin more as the drama progresses..hehehe..

  25. 25 mzpakipot

    where can i watch this with english sub??

  26. 26 Suzy

    Ooh, this sounds hilarious! I’m still laughing at the the fake incontinence part. I like all all the actors too. Looks like this is going to be the first drama I watch totally without subs. So I’ll definitely be back to read more summaries. THANKS JAVABEANS!!

  27. 27 Alodia

    Thanks for recommending… been looking for something to watch once i’ve finished watching DalJa’s Spring… seems this one is the perfect one. I like Choi Jin Shil’s acting powers (but i have a little grduge against her when she beat Kim Sun Ah in Baeksang for her Rosy Life — yeah yeah i know how superb her performance was… it’s just a fan-thing ok! and Suna is not bad at all in MNIKSS… it’s just that CJS was really god in Rosy Life). WIll start looking for this drama. Thanks Javabeans!

  28. 28 Nancy

    yay,… hehe Aylink n a few members from WITHS2 is here, so maybe, n hopefully WITHS2 is going to sub this series when they aren’t as busy… since i know that they have A LOT on their plates right now.. Thanks dramabeans for drawing more attentions to this series n covering it and thanks WITHS2 for subbing all of my fave series…

  29. 29 One-x

    Im noy going to question you or correct. Im just going to point out and I maybe be wrong.

    But, I went on dramawiki to check this out.

    And it says that this ends on May 11 with 20 episodes not 16.

    So just wanted to point that out just in case.

  30. 30 Ina

    This has been my favorite as much as Who are You. Every eps was awesome.

  31. 31 betchay

    Thanks javabeans. This is a MUST watch drama.
    Very funny & entertaining, i enjoyed watching even
    without sub, great to know that u started on summarizing
    the episodes.

  32. 32 javabeans

    One-x, thanks for the info, but dramawiki is wrong. The Korean sites have it listed as 16 episodes, last episode on April 27. (Mydaily, Joynews) “Sweet Life” airs after Last Scandal finishes, premiering May 3 (Newsen).

  33. 33 One-x

    No prob. I was sure I was wrong ,but since im from Puerto Rico my resources are limited the dramawiki so thanks. And thanks for summury this and Who Are You? Love the site. I have gotten to watch many drama becuase you. So Thanks.

  34. 34 meocon97

    Tks javabeans for the recaps and recommendation! I’ve been watching this drama without subbs since it’s airring. I really really enjoy it though I don’t fully understand the dialogue. I only tried to understand the storyline through the summaries (from the Last Scandal thread on soompi).
    I do really hope the Eng subbs with be out soon!

  35. 35 djes

    Oh, you’ve made the summaries!
    Apparently you got server’s crashes, huh, I was so anxious why I couldn’t see your site yesterday.

    Anyway, I’m gonna take your recommendation and I’m going to see this drama soon after I finish New Heart. Thanks Javabeans!
    ( I’m going to recommend this to my own ajuhma! I bet she’ll gonna like it! Jung Joon Hoo! )

  36. 36 wandergirl

    This sounds like a great series to watch!
    I hope WITH S2 can take it as a side project when the team is not busy 😀

  37. 37 Jo

    I’m so in love with this series! It’s funny and adorable! Hurry up and catch up, javabeans~~hehe.

    By the way, Jung Joon Ho and Choi Jin Sil don’t look their age~~Jung Joon Ho is like a Brad Pitt (anyone agree?) of Korea in my book. Love him

  38. 38 blupodo85

    Because of this (along with “I’m Happy”), Saturday is my favorite [drama] day =D
    The first few episodes made me grunt a lot because it felt like a whole lot of other ajumma dramas where the wife gets dumped and starts a new life, but at the halfway mark, Jung Joonho and Jung Oong-in changed all that for me. And yeah, Choi Jinshil is great too. I’m not sure who she should end up with, but I’m guessing it’ll be the somewhat obvious guy…though I’m rooting for the underdog lol.

    And I love the theme song! Fits so perfectly with the series ^^

    And I must totally agree with Jo that Jung Joonho has never looked so dang smokin ever ^0^ Hope he’ll star in more dramas in the future and not just go back to movies..

  39. 39 MannyMo

    now i’m intrigued by what you’ve said about this series dramabeans :o. It seems like a good drama (which my sisters will totally love). So i guess we have to wait till a fansubgroup will pick this one up (and if somebody will pick it up)….wishing real hard for WTHS2 :p..hehe. But i’ve seen the schedule WITHS2 is working and it’s hardcore 😮 u guyz doing so many series at the same time.

    ps. i love your coverage of series dramabeans, always fun to read.

    Before i forget: I do have a comment about your site. I find it quite annoying that when i click on the comments (or any page with lot of pictures) all those images keep popping up and moving down all comments. Which means i gotta wait till all images are loaded before i can start reading, It comes down to that i gotta wait at least 30 seconds (because your summaries are always loaded of images ^^ which i love btw). There’s a code to set the images on a fixed spot in the site. Unfortunately im not a sitedesigner so i know crap about codes :P. There should be somebody out there who can help you fix it.

  40. 40 dhivs

    This drama seems a lot of fun….unfortunately the subs arent out yet (I wonder why!!!), so I’m just gonna have to wait till then.

    But cant stop a girl from reading your detailed episode summary……I just love them!!Im so glad to find you taken up with this series!!

  41. 41 tooizzy

    Yay! I hope you continue telling us about them? 🙂

  42. 42 bebolic

    i agree with all of you guys…this drama looks really good and i would LOVE to watch it if it gets subbed. if not, i’ll just wait for javabean’s recaps!

  43. 43 Jessica

    If you can read Chinese there are Chinese-subs here:

    It’s times like this that I’m thankful my parents forced me to Chinese school.

    Who would have thought? I guess that’s how you can convince your kids to study a language, “When you’re all grown up you’ll be thankful you know Chinese so you can watch k-dramas that aren’t subbed in English!”

  44. 44 smiley6yrl

    woohoo, its OFFICIAL, WITHS2 is subbing this series! Thanks so much team!!!!!!! I love you guys~!!!! 😉 and thanks Dramabeans for introducing this new series.. at least for me it was.. hehe im super excited~!

  45. 45 mylabs

    Anyone know what time this airs on MBC America?

  46. 46 chaegyeong

    i was kinda disappointed at first cos i couldn’t watch it cos jung joon ho is one of my favorite actors. it’s good to know that withs2 will sub this soon. but even if nobody subbed this, as long as u blog about the drama javabeans, i’ll still watch without the subs cos ur blogging are pretty comprehensive. the style before and after the makeover reminds me of amy chan in this tvb (i think) series in the 90s, fate of the clairvoyant. except that in that show her husband ran off with a younger mistress

  47. 47 AwesomeAshley.

    One of the best dramas of 2008, for sure (:
    Thanks for your episode summarys, they’re great !

  48. 48 goldlilys

    Started watching this drama because a friend of mine recommended it. I also had misconceptions about the drama so I avoided it. I tend to not like ajumma storylines also because I’ve tried watching 2 of them (forget which ones), but they didn’t catch my attention. Until I watched the first episode of this and I was hooked. Right from the beginning, hilarious and one of the best acting I’ve seen is present. The characters are believable without overacting. I’ve seen the guy from My Boss My Hero and it’s so funny how he can play a jokey kind of character. I’ve never seen the main girl in any drama, but so far, I’m liking her strong, yet cute character.

    Just finished up to episode 2 cuz still waiting for WITHS2 to sub the rest. Already downloading the batch episodes. Can’t resist to watch them.

  49. 49 bjharm

    well just seen episode one, and the thing that struck me most was how much the lead lady looked like Jung Da Bin [rip] that is without the silly hair style she wears later in the episode.

  50. 50 Lys

    i’m waiting this film… Choi Jin Shil is my idol! In Last Scandal, she is really ajuma.

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