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Pretty people looking… not so pretty, actually
by | August 7, 2008 | 51 Comments

I don’t usually comment on fashion, usually because I don’t care enough about what makes fashion “good” or “trendy” or “cutting-edge.” But I DO know bad fashion when I see it, and while I was scrolling through a bunch of the latest photos hitting the (internet) wire, I was taken aback by how uniformly bad things looked at the Gucci 2008-2009 FW Collection, which attracted stars on the evening of August 7 at Seoul’s W Hotel.

For instance, Lee Dong-wook above? Freshly shaven after playing a scruffy bad boy in the recent drama La Dolce Vita, he looks youthful and handsome… from the neck up. I don’t know where he got came up with the rest of the look, though — an ill-fitting gray suit, with a brightly patterned scarf in the middle of sweltering summer? The end patterning on the scarf looks like a rug my parents own (albeit a very pretty rug), and has he lost so much weight that the ends of his belt trail down under the jacket to peek out over his leg? (And brown studded leather with pinstriped gray twill? Even I know that doesn’t go.)

And he’s not even the worst of the offenders. For instance:

(1) Lee Jin-wook‘s headstone will soon read: “Death by Paisley Scarf.” Probably not the manliest way to go.
(2) Speaking of manly, someone hit it on the head recently when saying Jang Geun-seok is uncomfortable with his prettiness, because he’s always trying to overcompensate by overdoing it in the opposite direction. But instead of looking masculine, now he looks halfway between a lipstick and butch lesbian (both into biker chic), when he should just embrace his inherent metrosexshuality. OWN THE PRETTY, Jang Geun-seok! The pretty likes you.

(3) I know Lee Jia likes to think of herself as punk rock (really more punk rawk, and lite at that) but when you try to punk up your froofy ballerina tutu (cuz black is so badass), and then matchy-matchy your gold ruffly hem to go with your gold studded belt, you end up merely looking like Avril Lavigne Goes Kentucky Derby. Yee-haw!
(4) Kim Haneul is a pretty woman with bad lipstick, who looks stoned, and is wearing FRINGE on silk. With a sequined skirt. My eyes glaze over looking at all the weird texture combinations, sort of like Kim Haneul’s eyes here.


(5) Lee Eun-sung looks fresh and pretty despite wearing a brocade carpet. And Ha Suk-jin looks handsome, but for the neckwear that looks like his Project Runway designer ran out of sewing time, couldn’t finish a shirt, and shoved a swath of silk under his jacket as a substitute. (That would be this guy.) WHAT is with the scarves, men??
(6) I like the patterning on Sung Yuri‘s dress, but the pink frosted lipstick makes her look like she’s recreating the ’70s Farrah look.
(7) Lee Yeon-hee does gladiator chic!


(8) Yeah the dress is pretty busy, and maybe she shouldn’t have paired a loud belt with an even louder dress, and sure she looks dazed, but Kim Jung-eun looks pretty good, actually, considering.
(9) Oh, Lee Dong-wook. Ditch the scarf and we’ll talk. Actually, ditch the clothes, period. (Mm, naked Lee Dong-wook.)
(10) Ji Hyun-woo looks like he borrowed an old suit from Dad because he doesn’t own one and couldn’t be bothered to find one that fit. This one screams My First Job Interview (or Going to Big Bro’s Wedding When I’d Rather Be Playing With My Soft-Rock Band).


(11) Kim Sung-soo doesn’t actually look bad, but he does look like every other stiff, boring businessman he’s played in his dramas.
(12) Is it just me, or does it look like everything about Ha Jung-woo starts shrinking the further down you go?
(13) Cha Yeh-ryun doesn’t look bad, either, only she’s wearing the same busily patterned toga-dress that every other actress is wearing. And I hate that it seems gold is back in. If the CELEBS look cheap wearing expensive gold colors, what hope do us mere penny-pinching mortals have?

51 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Philippa

    Yeah, it’s pretty bad. lol but I would have LOVED to come and see that fashion show! OMG! It’s like all the fabulous actors/actress in the same room! That’s so freaking awesome! lol
    Thanks a lot!

  2. Maddy

    I admit Kim Sung-soo does look like all the characters he’s played in his dramas but at least he knows what works for him! (And doesn’t try something horrendous like the scarves)

  3. Angela

    I actually kind of like Lee Jia’s outfit. Which just goes to show how little I know about fashion. And the Kentucky Derby.

  4. JiHwan

    Wow, the guys at this event look horrible (their outfits I mean). It’s like they’re throwing on as much as possible to see who looks the tackiest. If that was their goal, then WELL DONE. My jaw literally dropped when I saw what Lee Jin Wook and Lee Dong Wook are wearing. Jang Geun Suk’s outfit is even worse. He needs to go back to his old look. The buzz cut and facial hair isnt making him look any older. Someone slap some makeup on Kim Sung Soo! He looks like he’s going to fall over any second now.

  5. javabeans

    lol, for all i know Lee Jia’s rodeo tutu could be the forefront of fashion. (I just know that personally, I think it looks silly.)

  6. nyssnisacha

    it is soo funny to see celebrities dressing badly to a fashion show…how can they messed up THIS bad??and it’s like the actresses are going for this so-called retro look with the guys wearing hideous printed scarfs that really dont match their suit at all…but hey, everybody messed up..

  7. maria

    yeah, i’m jumping on the lee dong wook-naked bandwagon right alongside you, sarah!!! who’s with us?????? :p ;p ;p ;p

  8. mimi

    Lee Yeon Hee looks lovely! <3

  9. favoree

    Can it be that Gucci this season went wrong????
    The scarves of the men – I personally like them most of all, but not with those awkward suits. It’s the cut that sucks.
    I can only confirm that Jang Geun Suk should wear long or even very long hair-style and remove facial hair. And be more decorative for sure.
    The ladies’ dresses are too complicated and kind of anti-sex.

  10. 10 ay

    I’m on the LDW naked bandwagon too, maria!! 😀

  11. 11 Ivuson

    Sung Yuri looks gooooooood. Best looking dress outta the bunch. Wouldn’t have noticed the lipstick if you didn’t mention it.

    The guys on the other hand…yeesh. Who’s their style advisors, the Olsen twins?

  12. 12 asianromance

    i loved this line “when he should just embrace his inherent metrosexshuality. OWN THE PRETTY, Jang Geun-seok! The pretty likes you”! i actually sort of liked Lee Jia’s dress- maybe because it was put against so many gosh-awful outfits. i can believe how many actors can go wrong with a suit.

  13. 13 Sonam

    Has anyone seen Kim Sung Soo’s film Sweet Love and Sex. He looks so different from the ‘constipated’ characters he plays in the dramas. His hair was long and he was really attractive. He looked much younger.

  14. 14 ev

    gosh they do have bad taste or they should fire their stylist. Lee Dong Wook & Lee Jin Wook are handsome but their clothes are awful. Ji Hyun Woo looks plain, he should have added some other color. Kim Sung Soo looks the best. Out of all the ladies, I think Kim Ha Neul’s is ok.

  15. 15 Sonam

    I disagree about Ji Hyun Woo’s suit. His suit is very modern and edgy compared to the business man’s suit Kim Sung Soo is wearing.

  16. 16 Sonam

    Kim Hanuel looks great…love the dress, hair and makeup. Cha yeh ryun looks hot. I love it when beautiful ladies do the subtle loose sexy dress instead of the in your face clinging tight ones.

  17. 17 nileey

    Your comment on Lee Dong Wook naked…lol

    I thought Kim Jung-eun and Kim Hanuel looked good though….

  18. 18 PILK

    “Death by Paisley Scarf.” OMG, I fell off my chair laughing.

  19. 19 daydreamer


  20. 20 Amy

    I’ll play the apologist here, but I’m pretty sure they’re required to wear Gucci at a Gucci event. And this crapload of stuff is, unfortunately, part of Gucci’s recent collection, and while they could’ve styled themselves better, they’re just going with what they saw.

  21. 21 djes

    They just pick many things ( too many ) from Gucci’s collection and wear them all together, despite those are not matching..i think.

    I thought the celebrities have a fashion / make up consultant ? Because, you know, i believe not all actors have decent taste of fashion.

    Mmm, not only Lee Dong Wook that I want to see naked! 😛

    And yeah Jang Geun Seok is trying too hard. Masculine look will come with age, he should just enjoy his cute ( and pretty ) stage.

  22. 22 snow_drop*

    I always find it amusing to read your blog.

    I agree the outfits look horrible. I guess I’m aren’t too bad with fashion sense.

  23. 23 JiHwan

    LOL at al the lee dong wook naked comments. I’ll join too!

  24. 24 Anu

    Own the pretty, the pretty likes you, Jang Geun-Seok, definately because after a while, Lord knows you are not going to own it any more ; )

  25. 25 zerohundred

    WHOA, you’re spot-on with everything. These outfits are horrendous!

  26. 26 Jane

    LOL, djes and Anu, I completely agree with you. I want to see Jang Geun Seok ENJOYING his pretty stage. (Maybe it’s just because everyday I’m lamenting about the fact that he’s getting older? Because I gotta confess..I’m a complete Jang Geun Seok fan. :]] )

    And I do see the logic where they’re required to wear Gucci to a Gucci event and how that probably narrowed down everybody’s wardrobe to the same horrible things, (instead of their usual stylish selections), but..OHMYGOODNESS..HOW?? The pictures are so amazingly mind-boggling I can’t even describe them; they’ve struck me speechless.

    All I have left to say is:
    To all the Korean stars out there, I understand that it’s hard to be someone constantly under a microscope, and that while we get away with fashion faux pas everyday yours are scrutinized by fans, but PLEASE, maybe next time we can remember that sometimes simpler is better, yea? :]]

  27. 27 lilwuman

    what is up with those scarves on the guys?!? Kim Sung Soo is hot as always! hehe

  28. 28 YEH fan

    the funny thing is gucci styled them!!

  29. 29 K-lover

    Omo I think the stars think they’re owning the look or they can be glad that everyone looks the same. LOL can you imagine the guys staring at each other’s scarves? O_O

  30. 30 blackeagle

    lee ji ah is so gorgeous..

  31. 31 marie

    i like lee dong wook but i i dont like his clothes there

    kim jung eun is pretty there i like the somewhat rockstar attire of her LOL

  32. 32 Di

    Hmm…I actually like Kim Jung-eun and Kim Haneul’s outfits. But yeah, the rest are pretty disappointing. o.o;
    But are the actors to blame or is it Gucci? Because I have to say, it’s been awhile since Gucci really WOWed me with any of its lines. >.>;

  33. 33 m

    i quite agree with the general horrendousness that is pictured here as celebrity fashion. you’d think with the money they make & the stylists they have on hand that they would always look good, no problem. apparently not.

    but what i enjoyed more than anything else, are your comments, javabeans. glad i wasn’t drinking anything, since i would have sprayed my computer screen with whatever liquid to keep from laughing as hard as i did. 😀

  34. 34 cattleya

    i love Kim Jung Eun’s attire…
    she looks like a rocker like SHAKIRA.

  35. 35 TC

    Yeah, Lee Dong Wook naked. And Kim Sung Soo as well, please 😉

  36. 36 Yaleni~T


    i rofl


  37. 37 phiphi

    Look like Lee Dong-wook, Lee Jin-wook & Ha Seok-jin have the same stylist for this event (gray suits with purple scarfs?!!!!!!!!!!)

  38. 38 Miki

    Frankly, I like the tutu (Project Runway mentioned above reminds me of the stripped tutu outfit Suede just did), but the jean (or is that jean?) jacket looks weird. It’s not even punk…..

  39. 39 kotatsulove

    love most of the comments, but resent the Kentucky Derby one. have you seen it before? its not hoe-down but rather upper class snobs. we’re not half as hillbilly as the rest of the world thinks we are.

  40. 40 luxy

    jang guen seok is soo cute and hot in his dress

  41. 41 marcel

    this post is like a throwback to popseoul’s golden days…

    it looks like they were all going for the chic hippie look…but yeah some of them look like they’re just tripping…the black suits are boring…& jang geun seok should just embrace his prettiness…he’s cuter that way…

  42. 42 Kris

    I actually like the Lee Jia outfit. Well maybe I can’t see it that well, and its kinda off for a Gucci event….but I still like the skirt and belt (maybe not the top). The rest I think you pretty much hit head on!!! Maybe Kim Haneul was trying to go for a different cultural look you know?! It looks like a really bad imitation of a Indian saree, and that makes me sad because I love bollywood fashion.

  43. 43 franz

    their outfit kinda weird but its just ok for me,,,,,but i like LEE JI AH the most she was stunning in her dress,,,,she really knows fashion,,,,good job

  44. 44 phuongthanh

    Oh,c´mon…They don´t look SO bad, it isn´t case for fashion police or something like that. Ok,I admit..some of them are weird, but it looks like their own styles. The thing is I think they look pretty good.

  45. 45 mimi

    I AM AGREEEEE WITH YOU jang geun seuk has a pathetic clothes

  46. 46 Bored..

    lol…I am so in the Lee Dong Wook comments!!

  47. 47 yeah

    Love LYH’s gladiator look^^

  48. 48 anhdangster

    wow, they really put Gucci to shame.

  49. 49 taryar

    i love lee eun sung


  50. 50 Mel

    “But instead of looking masculine, now he looks halfway between a lipstick and butch lesbian (both into biker chic), when he should just embrace his inherent metrosexshuality. OWN THE PRETTY, Jang Geun-seok! The pretty likes you”

    Haha I LMAO-ed at that caption!

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