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Sweet (or sour?) September
by | August 15, 2008 | 24 Comments

I’ve been hearing about this vague Kim Haneul–Daniel Henney joint venture called “Sweet September” for months now, and wondered why the heck so much media attention was lavished on one unremarkable photo. Granted, when you bring together two beautiful people, people will take notice for even the slightest of reasons, and from what I’ve been able to glean about Sweet September, it is indeed the slightest of reasons. It’s also been promoted with lots of vague buzzwords and not a lot of actual description, which is, to say the least, annoying. (Personally, I find the more you have to obscure the product itself to sell it, the less I can count on the product to be any good.)

Anyway. It’s now being touted as a “romantic photo movie” between the two leads, which leads me to ask: Huh? A photo movie? You’re either a movie or you’re a photo, but the two are kinda opposite things, yeah? — since one is stationary and one, well, moves.

Misnomer aside, Sweet September is a joint project between Elle Magazine and cable channel On Style and is composed of seven romantic love stories (the subtitle is “Seven days of love,” which sounds to me like seven days of lust might be more apropos, but okay). Here’s the preview:

(Who else cringed when Daniel Henney spoke his opening line? The two stars do look gorgeous together, though.)

The story/program/”movie”/whatever hits airwaves on August 23 on cable channel On Style and will be featured in September’s issue of Elle.



24 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Tippy

    Oh so pretty, but oh such a mediocre actor…keep trying Daniel…keep trying…

  2. merriwether

    Do you think Daniel Henney is aware of why he still has a job in the entertainment industry yet?

  3. Philippa

    They look good together! OMG I hope that somebody will sub it and then post it online! I want to watch it! I’m not really into Korean Movies,, but I’ll watch it! lol

  4. Tippy

    @ merriwether:

    I think he does…but probably doesn’t care a whole lot since he’s likely depositing some big fat paychecks! Sell what you can, I say. And really, he is getting better little by little…by little…little…

  5. Stella

    Is it just me, or was there a grammatical error? The second line of english, I think?

  6. ed

    photo-movie, yeah the fab world of konglish πŸ˜€ as if we don’t know already these 2 gorgeous specimen take incredible photos. it’s gonna be all charm + fantasy. a people business after all, this “acting” thing. charisma + looks + PR + “healthy” ongoing industry connexions…sorta why someone like the (babelicious) jung woo sung is in demand?

  7. kippy

    Okay … I cringed.
    Daniel Henney is soooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful!
    And as the industry [let’s not forget the good ‘ole public] has prove again, and again, and again … beauty will outshine talent any day.

  8. hahahhahaa

    i cringed a big cringe. hahahahaaaa. the man jus needs to stop opening his mouth. lolol

  9. belleza

    “Who else cringed when Daniel Henney spoke his opening line?”

    Oh he was fine (and FINE!) Anne Murray, though? Really? REALLY Korea? Karen Carpenter too edgy for romantic product placements on a beach?

    (Okay, but seriously, I heart soft focus product placements on a beach, walking on the white sands of The Daniel Henney)

    “(the subtitle is β€œSeven days of love,” which sounds to me like seven days of lust might be more apropos, but okay).”

    Nothing says love like crawling out of a TV after 7 days to embrace your lover. It’s so romantic!!

  10. 10 Rokku

    lol I wonder if he’s over practicing his lines because when you do, it just comes out weird. The 2nd part is okay, but the first part sounds like a frat guy talking to you, ‘I still remember that Sunday…(when I got drunk)”

  11. 11 Hana

    umm..honestly I never thought kim haneul as ‘that’ pretty but her acting is good where else I always think danniel henney is too good looking with a so-so acting skills.correct me if im wrong πŸ˜› man, but i gotta admit that his smile is a killer -_-“

  12. 12 Jessica

    I wonder why he doesn’t try to make it in the States? I mean, if Keanu could do it then surely he could as well. Is it because he looks too Asian that the casting directors are biased?

  13. 13 xmerokox

    @Rokku: lmao!! xD

    Oh, I cringed big time. The first line sounds really unnatural.. but the man is still beautiful.

    I’m confused about the concept of a “photo movie.” Is it a movie about photos?! A movie consisting of “moving photos?!” I’m somewhat interested in watching this subbed o.o

  14. 14 bebo

    uh, yeah…i don’t understand the point of this project AT ALL! what are they trying to promote again…besides themselves, of course?

  15. 15 anna

    Isn’t a photo-movie just to take a bunch of photos with some kind of emotions relating to the situations and make a movie out of it? I did that for a school project once since I don’t have enough money and resources to film a “moving” movie. haha

    The way he says his lines are so …emotionless. It’s like he’s just reading the lines off the scripts ..which he probably did anyway. I admit, he’s beautiful, but he seems so cocky, which isn’t all that attractive to me.

  16. 16 mj

    Elle Korea? and OnStyle Korea? will it be on U.S. cable too?

    Yes, I would like to watch. Sounds different. It would be interesting to see the out come of this photo movie.

    Daniel Henney, “aza aza- fighting!” Can’t wait to seee him in X-man! He has come a long way. Maybe acting is not his specialty, but that smile and when he speaks korean … yea … too sexy.

  17. 17 thua

    I always thought Daniel Henney had a cringe-worthy voice ever since his days in MNIKSS.

    It’s just something he can’t help.

  18. 18 annie

    ok is it just me or does kim ha neul look strikingly like ha ji won? :S

  19. 19 missmanderley

    at least its good eye candy? hehe, i’d prolly watch it just for their pretty faces

  20. 20 outershell

    Daniel Henney’s face is not the only thing that’s pretty…if you know what I mean πŸ˜‰ The guy must of hit that casting couch like there was no tomorrow.

    Seriously, my grandmother who’s 90 and senile can act and say lines better than Mr. Henney.

    Come on, he’s gorgeous, but his acting is still at a steady…..sucky.

  21. 21 ExpatJane

    I’ve seen some commercials for this on the OnStyle channel and I have to say, I’ll pass.

    I remember catching a part of some movie Henney was in on TV. He was playing a mean boss type to some puffy lipped Korean woman (too many collagen injections I think). Anyway, she was his employee and both of the scenes were him speaking in English to her and her responding in Korean.

    It was asinine. Who does that? (Well, actually, I do know people who do that, but at work? When you’re blessing out a worker for messing up?)

    Can’t they just coach him to speak his lines in Korean?


    A man that gorgeous needs a better agent who can find him quality projects. Maybe the X-men movie will be good…we’ll see.

  22. 22 jj

    he’s so mediocre !!! his look is 10^917982797981 times overrated, and he really brings korean entertainment value down to another low from what’s almost unsalvageable (it has other redeeming qualities of course) in terms of cultural values (like physical…plastic anyone? anyone? anyone?) when he can’t even speak korean. i don’t see the pretty-he disgusts ME EWWWWWWWWWWW!!! u can be forgiven for acting great and not having all the best genes, but he just personified cheap entertainment like a one night stand without the emotional baggage

  23. 23 Sonam

    Daniel Henney makes me cringe! So good looking yet so inert.

  24. 24 mel

    i haven’t seen Sweet September yet but i’m sure it’ll be just as good as Spring Waltz or My lovely Samsoon. I love Daniel henney period. I just wish i get to see him in person just once in my lifetime. hehehe

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