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While you were sleeping, Yeh Ji-won was drinking
by | August 17, 2008 | 11 Comments

Yeh Ji-won (Mixed-up Investigative Agency) poses for an elegant “avant-garde” photo shoot to contrast with her eccentric, quirky image for her new movie, “당신이 잠든 사이에,” which translates literally to While You Were Sleeping but appears to have adopted a different English-language title, One Shot.

Judging from the preview and stills, that title alludes to the copious amounts of drinking Yeh’s character partakes of as a 32-year-old singleton, who rates a cut below the designation of “gold miss” (successful, single and proud) to its less-attractive cousin, “yellow miss.”

You’ve got to love the 35-year-old actress, who said of her own single status, “I don’t have a house or a car so I’m not a gold miss, so perhaps I’m in between a gold and yellow miss as a poop-colored miss?” (No stranger to playing the role of the old maid, Yeh Ji-won also starred in the TV comedy Old Miss Diary in 2004 and its big-screen version in 2006.)

The comedy, which co-stars Tak Jae-hoon, opened this past weekend on August 14.

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11 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Jae Young

    She totally cracked me up in Mixed-up Investigative Agency, though I only think I’ve watched one or two eps. I think I just read the rest of the recaps on your website XD It’s so sad, I’m so lazy about downloading eps and too far to rent, ignoring the fact that my Korean is not nearly good as Ms. Javabeans, like a good 15-25% of the dialogue goes over my head.

    Good for her! More women in Korea need to own themselves, single or married.

  2. Jo

    I love her!
    And look, its Baekho from …that six-o-clock show. My mom loves that dude. lol

  3. fizzle

    Oh, I love this woman!
    She’s hilarious and oh so talented.

  4. marcel

    32 year old single female…engages in excessive eating and drinking…rates yellow miss as opposed to gold…i could be the poster child for this movie :/ korean bridget jones anyone? i don’t own a house either so i can share YJW’s poop status…oh well at least i’m in good company…

  5. missmanderley

    she’s just so funny… she was great in Mixedup Investigative Agency… and i loved her in Old Miss Dairy: The Movie…

  6. dana

    omg, i totally love yeh ji won. she was great is enquiry agency. i think shes so pretty. and yes, kim ji suk is in it too!

  7. ed

    gotta love ye ji-won. she’s fearless! recently i popped in an old disc from long ago, So Cute, and was astonished by how much she revealed in that indie movie! This drinking movie doesn’t seem to do too well at the box-office now. hope this won’t stop her or the money-men. we need more unconventional “miss” like her on screens!

  8. JiHwan

    I love this lady! She was absolutely brillant as the crazy fortune teller in mixed up investigation agency. Is that Kim Ji Suk I see?

  9. angie

    aah finally another movie of yehjiwon!
    not too keen on the poster though, it looks very cheap. korean film always release 4-5 superb poster, so i hope that is not the final ver.
    she is adorable and very good actress. i watched Mixed-up Investigative Agency just for her character, and….. oh well, for lee min ki too.
    i cant wait to see this movie! i spot a kim ji suk? yayy
    but … tak jae hoon? he is a great comedian and wonderful mc, love him to bits! its just that all his movie flop and really disapoint me, so i hope ‘while you were sleeping’ will works
    btw, i heard the movie title is ‘what happened last night’? which one is it?

  10. 10 moonriver

    i have have watched this movie last night…through a dvd…Yeh-Ji won is so great…i love her chemistry with tak jae hoon

  11. 11 Diva

    does anyone have this OST? i’ve already search it, but its veeery hard to find
    if you have please tell me the link

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