While you were sleeping, Yeh Ji-won was drinking

Yeh Ji-won (Mixed-up Investigative Agency) poses for an elegant “avant-garde” photo shoot to contrast with her eccentric, quirky image for her new movie, “당신이 잠든 사이에,” which translates literally to While You Were Sleeping but appears to have adopted a different English-language title, One Shot.

Judging from the preview and stills, that title alludes to the copious amounts of drinking Yeh’s character partakes of as a 32-year-old singleton, who rates a cut below the designation of “gold miss” (successful, single and proud) to its less-attractive cousin, “yellow miss.”

You’ve got to love the 35-year-old actress, who said of her own single status, “I don’t have a house or a car so I’m not a gold miss, so perhaps I’m in between a gold and yellow miss as a poop-colored miss?” (No stranger to playing the role of the old maid, Yeh Ji-won also starred in the TV comedy Old Miss Diary in 2004 and its big-screen version in 2006.)

The comedy, which co-stars Tak Jae-hoon, opened this past weekend on August 14.

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