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Car accident won’t keep Jang Geun-seok down
by | November 2, 2008 | 21 Comments

It’s been belatedly revealed that Jang Geun-seok, playing musical genius extraordinaire in MBC’s Wednesday-Thursday hit Beethoven Virus, was recently involved in an auto accident.

His management company issued a statement on November 2 giving the general facts of the accident: it occurred last week in the city of Incheon at an intersection. The vehicle Jang had been riding in was waiting at a traffic signal when it was hit by another vehicle making a turn. Jang’s auto was “very damaged.”

His management added, “The car driven by a fortysomething woman had been making a left turn even though the light had already changed. Instead, she ignored the light and kept driving, and hit Jang Geun-seok’s car.”

Jang headed to the hospital directly following the accident and was declared fine with no big injuries; he suffered merely muscle aches. Following a consultation with his own doctor, he returned to work.

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21 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. merriwether

    Are Korean roads that dangerous? All those accidents – though many of them seem to be due to management companies overworking stars.

  2. Shrimp

    Oh my thank heavens he’s ok!

    • 2.1 Heba abu Qao'od

      Praise be to Allah, Did something happen to you
      Take care of yourself well because I’m afraid from you’ll breeze God bless you

  3. Ishida

    It’s life, that’s happen every day…

  4. heejung

    haha. yes, korean roads are absolutely crazy:D people don’t really pay the rules any mind, as evidenced by that woman. :/

  5. belleza

    “Are Korean roads that dangerous?”

    It varies from country to country, but in general the traffic Asia is pretty wild and sometimes exhilarating in an extremely terrifying way. Studies have shown that road safety in Asia is significantly worse than the United States and most European countries. Studies have also shown that participating in NanoWriMo increases activity/interest in reading studies about road safety in Asia. Procrastination has not been eliminated as a possible explanation.

  6. chajjye

    well…korean dramas always have the drivers suddenly making u-turns, suddenly swerve to the roadside, stopping other cars and buses by overtaking them and blocking them, etc…. 😛

  7. belleza

    “korean dramas always have the drivers suddenly making u-turns,”

    Word. When a car drives into a ditch, that’s not bad driving. It’s character development!! 😀 (See One Fine Day.)

  8. julier

    belleza, you are too funny. I would think cranking out 50K words is no problem for you! I rank driving in Seoul right up there with sky diving…. things I never want to try! Last year, I spent a week there staying with my friend, so I was in the car a lot (vs. the subway in my other stays). It was nothing for my friend to zip up a street the wrong way, ride on people’s bumpers, cut off people, double park, etc, but that was the norm. Even her auntie in her 70s was that way behind the wheel! It made me think that the rule that “the car never stops” in a Korean drama is pretty accurate!

  9. jen

    haha chajjyae, thats a very nice connection you made XP no wonder

  10. 10 joni

    Another car accident , tsk ..tsk … lucky that he’s OK

    yeah! I notice in Korean dramas, when they always talk on cell phones while driving (that’s a bad habit to promote omo ..) and some drivers just curb to the roadsides suddently when they get mad …

  11. 11 Sere

    For a frightening moment, I thought he got hurt or worse. I read “car accident” in the title and my mind already conjured up several horrifying scenarios and I didn’t even have time to finish reading the title. *headdesk*

    “Studies have also shown that participating in NanoWriMo increases activity/interest in reading studies about road safety in Asia. Procrastination has not been eliminated as a possible explanation”
    LOL you crack me up! That was awesome. And fyi, procrastination is my middle name.

  12. 12 asianromance

    good thing he’s okay! that lady should have been more careful! if anything- i bet she was on her cell while driving. Every time someone breaks a driving rule or drives badly- i go take a look at the driver- and almost every time, it’s because the driver was on a cell phone.

  13. 13 Dele

    Okay what the heck is up with the drivers? Seriously…I am planning to go to South Korea for at least a year and this is something I worry about. There seems to be so many drivers who don’t care about the traffic laws and do whatever they want.

    Is the Korean police lax on giving out tickets or what…I’ve heard some scary stories about the way people drive there and how they don’t care if your a pedestrian they will drive however they want.

  14. 14 Jessica

    Does Korea have a lot of scooters or motorcycles?

    That’s one of the reasons the roads in Taiwan are so dangerous, because these scooters/motorcycles are swerving all over the place.

  15. 15 soohyun

    can you send me the whole original sound track (ost) in a zip file if you have it?
    i am currently watching this drama and i must say, it is addicting!
    please and thank you 😀

  16. 16 carmela

    too many car accidents happening in korea..i have been a kpop fan and i notice that many celebrities encounterd car accidents… i just wonder why???

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