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Gong Yoo broadcasts from the army
by | November 2, 2008 | 31 Comments

We’ve noticed a lot of current stars heading off to fulfill their mandatory military duty, but how about the guys already there?

Gong Yoo (of Coffee Prince, not that you needed the reminder) enlisted back in January, and is taking a new role as a radio DJ for the Korean Forces Network (KFN) (aka the broadcast station run by the national army).

Starting on November 3, Gong Yoo will be broadcasting every day in the two-hour program “Gong Yoo’s Awaited 20:00” (the 20:00 referring, of course, to his airtime of 8 p.m.)

He said, “I’m really happy to be acting as radio DJ for the Korean Forces Network, and I’m thrilled to be able to meet my fans through the radio. I’ll treat this as a special duty I’ve been entrusted with, and do my utmost to make my program the most fun, popular show.”

The program will mostly be talk radio format where current events and other items of interest will be discussed. (There is a high probability that the recent enlistee Sung Shi-kyung, who already has radio DJ experience in his real-life career, may also act as a DJ for KFN. Former participants include Yoon Kye-sang, who was enlisted from December 2004 through December 2006.)

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31 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. bb

    So he is a marine boy. He looks good.

  2. Tired and Hungry (really I am!)

    oh Gong Yoo how handsome u r ! even with ur short hair!!

  3. Jane

    Definitely really nice to see Gong Yoo and Jae Hee healthy and smiling. :]]

  4. connie

    nice to see him again…
    still looking good…

  5. Sere

    I’m gonna say something not shallow at all: heeee

  6. Liv

    When I saw the subject “Gong Yoo…” I actually had to pause to breathe before scrolling down to see the picture. He brings out every squealy, swoony, lusty, girly instinct in me. Oh GY how I miss you so….

  7. bee

    same as liv :)… gong yoo on radio? yahoooooooooooo!!!!!

  8. citra

    haven’t see him for a while since lee eon news, and I’m feeling good to see him smile brightly and looks healthy. Miss him so much, I wish I could hear his show back in Indonesia.

  9. Winnie

    These enlisted celebrities have rather cushy jobs, don’t they? 🙂

    Gong Yoo looks really good here. Has he lost a bit of weight? (Not that the two are correlated. We all know how good-looking this guy is.)

  10. 10 nozomi05

    as i was scrolling down and saw his big smile. it made my day, i just woke up and now off to work….

    i have something good to think of now. can’t wait to see him in a new drama/movie once he finishes his army duty

  11. 11 deeta

    GAAAAAAAAWWWDDDDDDD, my first ever Korean celeb crush. I remember looking high and low for his info like 4 years ago, way before his Coffee Prince fame shot up. I’m so glad he looks good, I miss that signature impish grin of his.

  12. 12 lisa

    I’m so glad to catch a glimpse of him~
    wahhhh come back and make more dramas TT-TT

  13. 13 Shrimp

    Lo and behold! The only guy who can make my knees weak is smiling at me now *thanks for the photo* *eyes wink-wink*wink in disbelief* hahahhaha!

  14. 14 Monziii

    He’s so adorable! I’ve missed his smile 🙁 hope that someone records his show and puts it out for the masses hehe

  15. 15 nokee

    my gong yoo , i like his skin head . .manful…..miss u much
    need u 2 know …..jaaaa

  16. 16 Kellie

    What a great example he’s set for other Korean actors the way he’s handled this. He had a lot to give up when he went in, but he’s been gracious, cheerful throughout, even letting his adoring public see him with a shaved head and looking like he’s enjoying himself. Terrific guy.

  17. 17 jb

    Awww…Gong Yoo…Choi Han Gyul…Coffee Prince…Yoon Eun Hye…Go Eun Chan…Choi Han Sung aka ‘The Voice’…you get the drift…all the things I like when I see Gong Yoo…*sigh* Yup, he’s missed. I don’t think I have found the same feverish following of a Korean drama since…Love Marriage came close but still no cigar. Once again I give Dramabeans credit…it’s the power of your writing! All the best in NaNoWriMo!

  18. 18 jb

    Awww…..Gong Yoo…Choi Han Gyul…Coffee Prince…Yoon Eun Hye…Go Eun Chan…Choi Han Sung aka ‘The Voice’…you get the drift….all the things I love when I see Gong Yoo. *sigh* Missed him. I don’t think I have any feverish following of a Korean drama since Coffee Prince. Although Love & Marriage did evoke similar feelings 🙂 credit to Dramabeans and her writing of course! All the best in NaNoWriMo!

  19. 19 RYGY

    Praise to the God for creating this one beautiful human being. Hope he will live his life well no matter what to come to his path.

  20. 20 ly22

    It’s good to see him again…….smile and look happy, thanks Sarah for sharing this.

  21. 21 nurse.v

    @ Liv: ditto.

  22. 22 Felicity

    Good to hear from him again.

  23. 23 ishtargoddess

    i’m listening to him right now from manila. i feel silly listening to a korean radio station when all i could understand are the “annyeong” and the “saranghamnida”…but it’s DJ Gong Yoo which makes it all so worth my time.

  24. 24 RYGY

    hmmmm, how to listen to the KFN anyway? Through internet or the broadcasting radio waves can actually reach Manila?

  25. 25 nana

    hyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gong yoo
    how are you today
    when you are coming to the jakarta?????????????
    because I luv u in my caracter hungyul, sweet, handsome, n your someone to in my heart

  26. 26 Sarapri

    Have a good day for you

    I am Thai.

    “coffee prince ” which is nice and always smile when I watch.

    Nice to see you, and hope to see you again on the film.

    Good luck ,

  27. 27 mimi

    gong you your so cute!really.I hope youl have a next movie with eun chan…your so cute together.,.

  28. 28 mimi

    i from philippines,puerto pricesa.,.i hope you can visit here.you have so many fanz here

  29. 29 saran-geul

    what a looks……buts still your still gorgeous and handsome….i hope you can get out there soon..

  30. 30 Winnie

    I’m Winnie from Cambodia. I like u so much. I no u in coffee prince than i try to watch ur drama and movie is so good and sweet. My friends like u and want to meet u. hope see u in drama. Good Luck Gong Yoo

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