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Kim Dong-wan enlists
by | November 16, 2008 | 34 Comments

Singer and actor Kim Dong-wan (The Person I Love, Taekwon Boys) is the next Shinhwa member, following Eric last month, to take on military duty. Kim explained that he spoke to Eric on the phone before his enlistment, who gave him some practical tips. (One of those tips: Be sure to wear shoes that are somewhat large.)

He officially entered training on the afternoon of November 17 in South Chungcheong province, saying goodbye to the press and the throng of fans (250 of them!) who came to send him off. Some fans reportedly traveled from China and Japan to say their goodbyes.

See ya in two years, Kim Dong-wan:

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34 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Mary

    I don’t know the guy, but he looks extremely cute in that pic. I wonder what he looks like with some hair? I mean not alot of men can pull of that hair cut, but it suits him…

  2. Sue

    @mary: you don’t know the guy?

    you don’t know the guy???



    i’m hoping you’re either very new to the kpop scene, or you probably know him but don’t recognize him with the new hair cut.

  3. bambooshoots

    I agree. Dongwan actually looks decent in a buzz, unlike a lot of other stars who have enlisted.

  4. Tiffany80

    Dongwan ahh~~~
    He looks so good. He’s so handsome. I’m gonna miss him. T_T
    2 years without that smile or laugh. so sad. So happy all the fans got to send him off. He’ll do his best. DW fighting!

  5. yeli

    Wannie!!! T_T
    so sad!! the next one is Jun Jin right? *sniff*

  6. stranger

    Wow Kim Dongwan looks hot with short hair…I’m surprised!
    T T I’m going to miss him so much…he has an amazing voice and an awkward sense of humor that you get used to

  7. orangemania

    large shoes????? i don’t get it

  8. paopao

    I’m gonna miss wannie…*tear*

    but at least he leaves us looking good! hehe

  9. Jane

    Regarding Java’s earlier post of how most stars are extremely self-conscious with their short hair, it seems to me like all the Shinhwa members are really comfortable (and good-looking) with their buzzcuts. Well, we’ll see how the next one (Jun-Jin?) turns out. :]]

  10. 10 Sere

    And there he goes away too 🙁

    You know, the new haircut suits him, imho. For some reason, it wasn’t such a shock to see him with shaved hair, not like, say Gong Yoo.

  11. 11 mina

    I totally agree with previous comments.
    Shinhwa members don’t have to be conscious about their hair, everyone already knows even to the ugliest and weirdest hair+makeup they’ve done before. Besides, they know they’re hot no matter what lol.
    I bet Junjin will be the same too. He did shave his head before. Maybe Minwoo’s and Hyesung’s will give a little bit surprise for us.
    This is going to be sad that Dongwan leaves. No idol is as witty as him! Take care and see you soon, wannie!

  12. 12 JiHwan

    It won’t be the same without Dongwan and Eric. I can’t wait till all six are back on stage together. I don’t mind waiting 4-5 years because it’ll be worth it. 😀

  13. 13 0216

    he looks awesome with the buzzcut! so did eric!

    love it that they’re so at ease with themselves…..

  14. 14 deeta

    ^^ Haha, that’s what I was thinking too. Most Shinhwa members have gone through a phase of having buzz cut. Eric, Dongwan, and Junjin have. I’m not entirely sure about Minwoo and Andy. But lol, lucky Hyesung, he treasures his hair way too much to bear a buzz cut.

  15. 15 DeCaf

    wow!! there goes another one 🙁 he looks great !!!! can’t wait for Shinhwa to get back together. Eric’s advice?…hmmm I wonder if he was serious about it.

  16. 16 bengbeng

    wouldn’t it be nice if all of them went all at the same time then come out all at the same time too? What a comeback to shinhwa,

    KDW is more good looking than Eric and Junjin in short hair cut. He’s kinda cute and appeared much younger than his age. he can pass for a highschool student =)

  17. 17 ginnie

    @_@ Wear shoes that are somewhat large?!?!?!?
    Why…why..why?? Isn’t it supposed to be “somewhat comfortable” and the “right size” of shoes? Bizarre.

  18. 18 royal

    aww~ there goes my favorite Shinhwa member. ;_____;

    It feels like deja vu seeing him in a buzz cut again… And I’m guessing the fans feel sadder that they can’t even celebrate his birthday (Nov. 21)~ (no bday fanmeeting!)

    Stay safe and healthy, Dongwan!

  19. 19 Ariya

    I am already miss Shinhwa, first Eric and now Dongwan, who next…
    I’m really like Shinhwa, when I watch them togther they make me happy.
    Shinhwa Aja 🙂

  20. 20 miny

    someone told me that hyesung is not gonna go to the military because of a lleg injury or sth. is thattrue?? o_O
    and yes, dongwan, junjin and eric are the only kpop stars ive seen so far who look good even with close to no hair 8D

  21. 21 'dalia

    a day before my birthday i lose my favorite shinhwa member to the mandatory military duty. T__T
    i’ll be without my Shinhwa for 3-5 yrs. !!! I am so sad~~

    dong wan has shaved his hair before so i guess thats why it’s not bad to see him with his hair like that. he still looks good~~

  22. 22 tuswit

    he looks cute with his military haircut! bogoshiposo already! we’ll miss you! i liked you in TPIL altho at times I hated your character for leaving your son & his mother for another woman! but it’s all in the drama so I think I can bear with that! (smiles). You take care & hope the days truly go by so quickly so that you, Eric, Jo Hyun Jae, Jae Hee & others I can’t remember now to come back soon! Pali-pali (hurry hurry in Korean). God bless!

  23. 23 noemi

    i will miss this guy terribly…
    he’s witty, fun and very gentle..

    Be safe.. wannie…

  24. 24 jenn

    haha first celebrity that i like with that buzz cut…he rocks it

  25. 25 saryKIM

    Dongwan looks so cute! Even with a buzz cut!

    Man… my favorite Shinhwa… I can’t wait till all of them go and come back. It’s gonna be a long 3-5 years.

    Ha, I wonder what Minwoo and Andy are going to look like with their military hair. I can’t imagine it; for some reason, I don’t think they’re gonna look as good as Dongwan or Eric and so they might wear a hat to cover it up.

  26. 26 Jo

    AND he actually looks good in a buzz cut.
    I like his face…looks very innocent and calm

  27. 27 royal

    @miny: Yes, it’s true. He injured his leg during Shinhwa’s guerilla concert (even had a knee surgery for it). His leg hurts from time to time, even when he’s just walking. So he’s not fit to serve.

  28. 28 kpopmaniac

    Annyeong, uri Kim Dong-wan~!
    Bogosship’eosseo~! Be safe~!!!

    *waves goodbye*

  29. 29 Marzy

    Wannie!! Gah… so sad. I felt sadder this time around I think.
    But still its sad to see Shinhwa go. I know its inevitable.
    I will miss ur smiles and jokes wannie..He can meet up with eric. Or something.

    Gah… when Minwoo leaves ill probably be real sad then… Then Jin and Andy.
    Hmmm.. Ill probably be shocked with Minwoo’s hair if he does the same cut.
    But most of them have had the buzz cut before. Just not M, and Andy.
    Hyesung’s not going. He’s exempted due to an knee injury.

    Sigh… Ill be waiting for ur return wannie.
    Fighting! Take of urself and be healthy!
    Shinhwa Hwaiting!

  30. 30 yetti

    am i the only pervert who thinks he has a bulge in his pants? 🙂

  31. 31 worldtraveler

    ^Um, totally not necessary.

    First my favorite actor (Jae Hee), now my favorite gasoo. *sigh* K-entertainment is pretty much dead to me now lol. I eagerly look forward to your return, Dongwan! Come back healthy and happy.

  32. 32 wz

    ah noo. i’m already missing eric and dongwan.. come back soon (:

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