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Peppermint losing viewers
by | November 29, 2008 | 5 Comments

Lee Hana’s Peppermint, the music-themed program that replaced the popular Yoon Do Hyun’s Love Letter, has dropped in the ratings since its premiere. The last episode of Love Letter drew a 4.7% rating, while Peppermint‘s premiere dropped to 4.3%. The second outing recorded a further drop down to 3.6%.

Note: The numbers themselves aren’t the problem, considering that these programs air past midnight. (For a point of comparison, Kim Jung-eun’s Chocolate, another late-night music talk show — which airs on a different day — generally gets ratings in the 3% and 4% range.) However, the article points out, the downward trend is a cause of worry, particularly when the show is so new, and “a drop of 0.7% within its time slot is a grave matter and a severe blow to the program.” It has also been unable to retain the established viewership of the long-running Love Letter.

I wouldn’t worry about cancellation just yet, and it’s inevitable that Lee Hana, who may still be a bit awkward as an MC, needs some time to find her feet. Still, I do think expectations were high given her relative lack of experience.

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5 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. cattleya

    i think they should give Peppermint more time.
    it is too early to decide to cancel the show.

  2. coolsmurf

    i think it’s still early days. kje chocolate also had the same thing written in the early stage but it’s still surviving. media ppl always likes to put ppl down.

  3. fo fan

    im sorry this has nothing to do with lee hana’s peppermint >< BUT…
    i was just wondering if you would be willing to help me out by maybe posting something to ask people if they would be willing to help sub the “family outing” variety show? the old subbing team, FO Fansubs, made their forum available to only 50 users which has left a lot of fans without subtitles. a lot of people really love this show and i am trying to get people to join me in making a new subbing team.
    i think that quickly releasing softsubs is more important than anything else, so i pretty much just need translators and timers. (if that is successful, then encoders&etc would be lovely too ^^)
    it would be really great if you could help me out ^^
    the link for people to go to if they are interested in helping is:

  4. ed

    does this mean we’ll soon see lee hana show more skin, or don a flamenco dress doing splits? 😉

  5. marcel

    lol @ ed…that’s a boy for you…

    i think they should chill & give it some more time with lee hana’s show…she’s actually a talented, intelligent actress with a lot of potential & like dramabeans noted, relatively new on the entertainment scene…

    with a cute name like ‘peppermint’ & music-themed content, i’m sure there should be lots of appeal for the program among younger viewers…the ideal target market for networks…

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