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Shinji: Devoted to her work or overworked?
by | November 17, 2008 | 11 Comments

Shinji (Unstoppable High Kick) had been hospitalized on November 3 for kidney inflammation and infection, but was released today — not because she’s fully recovered, but to make it to a recording of SBS’s variety program TV Animal Farm.

Her management (Trifecta Entertainment) conceded that “because she is not yet fully recovered, the hospital staff had wanted to prevent her from being discharged. They were strongly in favor of talking to the broadcast station themselves. We will be monitoring her to see whether she will need to be readmitted to the hospital.”

After her initial hospitalization on the 3rd, Shinji was released on the 7th, but following a relapse she was readmitted on the 14th, where she has been until this re-release on the 17th.

While fellow Koyote member Kim Jong-min serves out his army duty, Koyote has been taking a temporary hiatus, with Shinji working on her solo album.

I’m tempted to go into a whole long diatribe about this (I mean, who wants to see a repeat of this?), but I have a feeling you guys will fill in the blanks just nicely.

Via Hankook Ilbo


11 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Sue

    sigh. please take a break! if not now, then very soon!

  2. Miki

    No, I want you to take a break… now! Ignoring doctors’ advice is almost always a bad idea.

    But just a question, is there a possibility she is being forced to do so by her management? And if in fact, she wasn’t, why didn’t her management force her to stay in the hospital.

    Whatever. Please. Take a rest. A fan can stand for not seeing you for awhile because your recuperating if it means they won’t have to worry about your health.

  3. jyiskool

    shinji probably had kidney inflammation because she drinks a lot of alcohol

  4. cbcnamja

    Awww…I hope she’ll get better soon, and not make it worse. She’s so cute!^^

  5. pabo ceo reom

    Get that diatribe going….this stuff is crazy (and I thought Americans had long hours…)

    btw, I love that tweeter box you have on this site. i was trying to find it earlier and realize you moved it to the other side. i don’t tweet but your comments make me laugh lol.

  6. lovin it

    aww shinjii get better! and im missing kimjongmin 🙁 that funny cutie.
    and enjoying ur twitter box, witty like always.
    and seriously! pay money to expend energy?! but then again.. spending money might be the push needed to force oneself to reallly work out and get moneys worth..
    ahh. which reminds me. need to work out. someday.

  7. Marzy

    hmmm shinji should take care of herself. i understand the need to exert the effort more because of the solo career but if she doesnt take of herself it might harm her career more in the long run. i hated to here all the actors, singers.. apparently though i hear more singers getting sick due to overexhaustion or under illness that they cant treat right away cause of work. alex (clazziquai) still worries me. he works a lot and i still dont know if he is better.

  8. est

    perhaps she has her concerns of beeing shelved if she don’t do her jobs as promised. poor her. will she be the 1st star to have to receive dialysis? i wish not.

  9. sonam

    What the hell is she wearing?

  10. 10 Michelle

    love shinji…hope she gets better

  11. 11 MyMai

    yea.. jus thought id mention…urinary tract infections that lead to kidney inflammation is common among women. usually it doesnt have anything to do with exhaustion or alcohol.

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