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My Fair Lady: Episode 1
by | August 19, 2009 | 109 Comments

I’ve talked about this drama a lot recently, but on a personal level I’ve been trying to keep expectations down, since the dramas I’ve most anticipated in recent months have generally fallen short of those hopes (Boys Before Flowers, Triple). And as I watched the first episode, I thought my fears were well-founded, because it was… well… underwhelming. Kind of awkward and over-the-top. I was starting to feel disappointed, until the last 10 minutes kicked in — and then I felt that familiar feeling of excitement brought on by looking forward to a drama. Yay!

This may be Yoon Eun-hye‘s long-awaited comeback drama, but I have the feeling that Yoon Sang-hyun may just steal the show, just like he ran off with Queen of Housewives. He’s by far the best thing in Episode 1…


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Yoon Eun-hye is Kang Hae-na (also spelled Hye-na, but this drama uses Hae-na), the snobby 24-year-old heir to the Kang San Group empire, a huge corporation run by her grandfather. She’s good at riding horses, shooting guns, adorning magazine covers, and firing employees for the smallest of offenses. She’s famous for being famous and spoiled like whoa, with a horrible personality.

In fact, the only person she treats with any respect is her grandfather, Chairman Kang, although that doesn’t prevent her from embarrassing him when he sets her up on a blind date with the son of another rich conglomerate. (She tells the family that she’s lived with various men and has a secret child; when her date takes that as indication that she’s promiscuous and hits on her, she slams him into the ground.)

These are Hae-na’s only relatives apart from her grandfather. The daughter is Su-ah, Hae-na’s (second?) cousin — their grandfathers are brothers. Su-ah and her mother are petty and vain, though in a silly, dim sort of way. The entire family is opportunistic, because they are next in line to inherit after Hae-na, and resent her because they feel she doesn’t deserve her good luck. They’re ready at any moment to sneak in and take advantage. Not that they’d hurt Hae-na, but they’d rejoice to find her disinherited.

On the other hand, Su-ah’s brother Su-min, played by Wang Seok-hyun, differs from his greedy family because he’s often wiser than they are. He speaks like a little adult and points out things they’ve overlooked.

Seo Dong-chan (Yoon Sang-hyun) is a charming, mostly good-hearted guy with a hot temper and glib tongue who often gets himself into trouble with the former and out of it with the latter. He’s trying to be good, but trouble just seems to find him. He’s also in debt and struggles to pay off his lenders, but it’s difficult since honest work just doesn’t pay that much.

Dong-chan lives with his longtime family friend, Yeo Eui-joo (Moon Chae-won), and her mother, who was friends with his now-deceased mother. Eui-joo’s goal is to become a shoe designer and it seems she’s probably in love with Dong-chan, but she knows better than to tell him how she feels, because that would probably compromise their close friendship.


This is Hae-na’s “castle,” the huge mansion run by a staff of good-looking maids and menservants. Hae-na has a strict list of things she cannot abide, and the first mistake (like accidentally pulling a stray hair when fastening a hairpin) can get a person immediately fired.

Take, for instance, Hae-na’s new personal attendant/secretary (Song Joong-ki!). Hae-na has no consideration for a new employee’s learning curve, and when he asks her to repeat something, she fires him.

That means the household must secure yet another personal attendant; Hae-na has already gone through sixteen and it’s getting increasingly difficult to find someone who might stick.

We are introduced to Dong-chan as he delivers a compelling speech to a roomful of rapt listeners… in church. He expounds on the value of having faith and hope in Jesus Christ, earning an enthusiastic response. Everyone loves it, particularly the ajummas. And would could blame him? He’s adorable.

But as soon as he exits the church, he sighs that he sure is doing all sorts of weird things these days. Just as he’s cornered by a trio of debt collectors. He’s already paid off the principal, but now they’re here for additional interest.

Dong-chan runs, but has the bad luck to find himself cornered in an alleyway. We start to get a sense for just how smooth he can be when he so desires, because he thinks fast and spouts off a bunch of legal babble about the illegality of charging exorbitant interest rates and the punishment these guys could face. I’m not sure where he came by that legal knowledge but it sounds convincing, and the (none-too-bright) thugs pause in concern. Too bad they don’t fall for it, and he’s still on the hook for 50 million won, or approximately $40,000 USD.

But he’s not really the irresponsible wastrel that he seems at first glance, because the debt is for good reason. When his mother fell ill, he took out loans to pay her hospital bills (of course he did; this is a kdrama after all), and even went as far as to work at a host bar to pay off the debt.

But Eui-joo was dead-set against him selling himself for money (it isn’t prostitution, but it’s definitely looked down upon), and made him promise never to go back. Eui-joo is also the reason he was at the church to make his public affirmation of faith; it’s her way of trying to keep him from going back to work as a host/escort.

Dong-chan and Eui-joo both routinely help out at the florist shop run by Eui-joo’s mother. Today, Dong-chan is out on a delivery run when his truck is cut off by a reckless driver in a sports car: Hae-na.

Furious at the careless driving, Dong-chan glares at the sports car, which is stopped at the light. He marches up to the window and starts to deliver a diatribe, but Hae-na has no patience for him and hands over a bill. Dong-chan is insulted that she would pay him off — he demands an apology and continues to rail against her. Tired of him, Hae-na shoves a handful of bills out the window and drives on.

Well, such incredibly rude behavior is not to be borne. Hot-headed Dong-chan’s temper flares even more, and he storms over to his car and peels out, chasing Hae-na. Goaded, Hae-na pours on the speed and outstrips his truck, so he takes a shortcut through an alley, and blocks the road.

This forces Hae-na to stop in the middle of the road, but she can’t believe the nerve of this guy and glares, her temper rising. Her anger overrides her common sense (I assume she has some), and she revs the engine. And shoots toward him, slamming headlong into his truck.

This lands them both at the police station. She’s not too worried, and sits in boredom as her representative tries to negotiate a deal. Dong-chan is offended at the idea of being bought, until the man names the figure: 30 million won. When Dong-chan doesn’t respond (he’s too shocked), the man ups the amount to 50 million.

That’s the amount of his debt, so he seriously thinks this over, and perhaps he would even have taken the offer, but Hae-na comes up and sneers that he’s just trying to hold out for more money. If that’s his intent, she won’t bother negotiating: deal is canceled. They’ll handle this through official channels. Offended by her remarks (although I think she’s probably a little right), Dong-chan shouts back that they’ll do this through the law, then.

This time, the law sides with Dong-chan. Hae-na is convicted on multiple charges of reckless driving, threat of violence, and property damage. Her punishment is a fine (which is no big deal) and 150 hours of community service (which is a HUGE deal). Hae-na is assigned to work at a child-care center, doing all sorts of menial tasks like cleaning the chicken coop.

Dong-chan may have gotten the upper hand in the car incident, but he still has no luck trying to find money. He goes to his old boss at the high-end host bar asking for a loan, but is turned down. His boss tries to convince him to work for him again — he was their best — but Dong-chan remembers his promise and declines.

Thus he’s stuck working for small wages doing odd jobs like driving cars (for intoxicated drivers) and dispersing flyers. Eui-joo worries for him, but he keeps his tone optimistic and says he’ll figure it out.

On the other hand, Hae-na is NOT handling the situation well. She’s still infuriated at being subject to lowly community service, and it rubs her already raw nerves when her cousin Su-ah mocks her for it. She can’t abide being laughed at by Su-ah’s friends and her own, so she tells her assistants to find the guy who’s responsible (Dong-chan). She wants to crush him, starting with literally smashing his house into the ground.

When she hears that Dong-chan is currently at his driving job, she gets an idea.

Dong-chan doesn’t immediately recognize Hae-na when she shows up as his client, but she jogs his memory while he drives her car. With a taunting smile, she tells him she’s going to get him back, and proceeds to muss her hair, slip off one shoe, and smear her lipstick on his mouth.

He reacts in alarm, and Hae-na starts to scream for help, crying out that she’s being kidnapped. The car is pulled over by police and Dong-chan is arrested. Hae-na plays the part of the victim, and nobody heeds his protestations of innocence.

Even Eui-joo and her mother think that he is guilty at first. To be fair, it doesn’t sound that convincing when he insists this was all an evil scheme cooked up by the horrible Hae-na to get revenge.

Thankfully for him, Hae-na’s grandfather hears about this incident, and orders the charges dropped. Dong-chan is let go.

That’s good news, but in the morning, Eui-joo’s mother bursts in with horrible news: Their home has just been bought and their new landlord has ordered that they vacate by tomorrow. This is impossible! Dong-chan asks who the new landlord is, and the name Kang San Group rings a bell.

Fuming, Dong-chan beelines for Hae-na’s estate, where he is blocked by three of Hae-na’s devoted attendants. (The guy in the middle is the most senior, and has his eye on the vacant position as Hae-na’s personal secretary, thinking he’s a shoo-in for the promotion.)

Of course, they’re not going to let him in, and it’s three against one. Dong-chan pulls a few quick maneuvers, uses one of them as a human shield, and races inside. The guys chase, but soon lose him.

Seeing Chairman Kang doing some recreational gardening, Dong-chan assumes the old man is a worker on the premises and asks where to find Hae-na. He’s itching for a confrontation and doesn’t bother to hide his disdain for her, griping at her lack of decency for buying his home merely to tear it down. Is money everything? If Hae-na were his sister, he’d tie her up until he could teach her some manners. Ha, and it would only take a month! Well, no, Hae-na’s particularly horrible, so two months.

He asks grandpa not to let the three attendants know where he is, but grandpa cheerfully waves them over. It’s only when they bow before him that he realizes that he’s been talking to Hae-na’s grandfather, who orders the men to grab Dong-chan and bring him in for a chat.

Hae-na’s series of public disturbances (first the car accident, then the faked kidnapping) makes a splash in the news, and as punishment, Chairman Kang grounds her: she is not to leave the premises. Her grandfather asks if her bad behavior is in response to That Thing — the pink elephant in the room involving her first love when she was 18. She pretends it’s no big deal, but it’s clear that it’s had a huge impact on her. She also wonders why he’s so interested in her life now, and a conflicted look crosses his face. (I call fatal illness!)

She doesn’t take his grounding seriously, though, and blithely plans a week-long trip to New York. Her grandfather’s assistant gently reminds her that she’s not to leave the house, but she ignores him and heads to the airport…

…where Dong-chan approaches, wearing a determined expression on his face. To her shock, he grabs her in a tight embrace, acting the part of a spurned lover. OMG, it is hilarious. She struggles, but he presses her face against his chest to muffle her protests, and spouts all sorts of clichéd romantic lines, like, “I was completely wrong. I can’t let you go like this!” and “Let’s start over!”

He picks her up over his shoulder and waves at the amused crowd, assuring her, “She’s my girl!” He takes her outside and deposits her in the backseat of his car after tying her hands behind her back.

After the initial shock, Hae-na tells him confidently that her grandfather will report her disappearance and send people to find her. He is so screwed. It’s only a matter of time.

Dong-chan is unruffled, even when they are joined on the road by a squad of police cars blaring their sirens. But instead of pulling them over, the cars rush on by, headed elsewhere.

Hae-na starts to feel genuinely afraid. Does he want money? She has a lot of money. If he names his price, her grandfather will pay. Dong-chan doesn’t respond, so she thinks he’s not interested in money, which is an even scarier thought. Is he going to kill her, then? Fine, but please don’t dump her in water — she’s scared of water. And tell her grandfather she loves him…

We find that the police have arrived at their destination, which is Eui-joo’s house. She and her mother have done their best to fight off the incoming construction workers, determined to keep their house from demolition.

However, when the police arrive, they discover that these construction workers were sent to fix up the house! (Grandpa must have had something to do with it.) Eui-joo is embarrassed to face the police, but her mom’s excited at all the great improvements they are getting.

Finally, Dong-chan pulls over the car and tells Hae-na to get out. They’re here.

She cautiously gets out of the car, her fear turning into confusion as she recognizes their surroundings. Furthermore, her grandfather doesn’t look at all worried about her. Chairman Kang smiles that he didn’t know Dong-chan would use such extreme measures. But the methods weren’t the issue, what’s important is that Hae-na is here, as promised.

Hae-na can’t believe this — they know each other? They were working together?

Grandpa Kang reminds Hae-na, “Now do you see what happens when you defy my order not to leave the house?” And Dong-chan introduces himself — as her new personal attendant.


Already Yoon Eun-hye has attracted some criticism for her acting in this drama, which people have described as awkward, forced, and a step backward from her Coffee Prince role two years ago. I have to say — they’re not wrong. She was not good in this episode, and I think that’s being fair. Some people might say she was downright bad.

The problem is that she doesn’t do cold and haughty very well — I think she’s great being heartwarming and bubbly, but being snooty and insulting is a different skill. It’s a little cringeworthy at first, because she delivers her lines like someone merely pretending to act, rather than actually being that character. I know it’s only the first episode, but still, she could have been much better. Hae-na isn’t really convincing — it’s like a watered-down version of Anna (Han Ye-seul) in Fantasy Couple. In contrast, Han Ye-seul was outrageous and funny from the start, and also pretty convincing as a horribly insulting rich bitch.

The upside is, I don’t think Yoon Eun-hye will have to be stuck with the cold bitch portrayal for long. She was at her best in the last ten minutes — the entire drama perked up at the airport scene — when Hae-na fights with Dong-chan and then displays some vulnerability, when she comes to the verge of tears in the car. The good thing about her relationship with Dong-chan is that he brings out her emotional side, whether it’s anger, fear, etc. So I’m fully confident that her character will only improve from here on.

As I mentioned, Yoon Sang-hyun may just run away with this drama (we’ll have to wait to see about Jung Il-woo, who was absent today, boo!). Aside from being such a great lovable scamp, Yoon is capable of a wide range of emotions, and he has this ability to find these flashes of depth or sincerity in the fleetingest of moments. Plus, he has a natural comic ability, which certainly doesn’t hurt.

I already like this pairing, and although this is a familiar opposites-attract setup, I’m always up for seeing it done well. Yoon and Yoon have great chemistry, which will make their version of Taming of the Shrew entertaining to watch. It’s a good thing I find Yoon Sang-hyun so damn appealing, because I sorta hate Taming of the Shrew (and more-than-sorta-hate the Petruchio character), but if Dong-chan handles her with the right touch, it could be a lot of fun.


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  1. gia

    rich bitch.

  2. J

    Yay!!! First to comment 🙂 I was refreshing the main page waiting to see if you would do a recap for the first episode of My Fair Lady lol. I’m really glad that you’re doing it because even though I have watched the first episode, I didn’t really understand a lot since there were no english subtitles yet 🙂 Anyways, I thought that this episode was very entertaining and funny ( I can’t wait to see Jung Il Woo in episode 2!), but I’m rather sad about the comments from the netizens about Yoon Eun Hye’s acting in the first episode, saying that her acting, pronunciation etc was so bad that she was mis-casted for this drama. Oh well, at least, even if people hate her or love her ( I adore her lol) she still attracts a lot of attention. The first episode had a 17.4% or viewership yay!

    • 2.1 Ara-shi

      you’re not the first one to comment xD

  3. lurker

    thank you for the recap, I had a hard time without subs.

    I was really excited for this one, but like you, felt I was underwhelmed. Part of it too was having flashbacks of BOF which isn’t really a good thing for me.

    I am also having flashbacks of Han Ye Seul in Fantasy Couple, Han Ye Seul may not be the best actress around but her take on Ana was very convincing, hilarious and could make even the audience’s blood boil… YEH is just a bit too clumsy with her portrayal, it’s like she really is acting.

    YSH is adorable and some people have a problem with him, but trust me give him a few more tries and he will certainly, certainly grow on you.

    That said though, it has very high ratings and the YEH magic is still very much alive.

  4. key

    yea, i have to agree that Yoon Eun Hye’s acting wasn’t at the level it should of been at..definitely room for improvement on her part…we’ll see how the next episodes pick up.

  5. asianromance

    thanks for the recap! I will definitely catch up on it this weekend. loved the twist at the end! props to the writer!

    it sort of upsets me though that Dong-chan didn’t just take the money and pay off his debt. The amt offered after she rammed into his truck was the same amt he owed. When he refused- i was mentally screaming “omg %#@& just take it and run!!” maybe I just have very little pride. i guess I wouldn’t make a very good kdrama hero/heroine. but then again, if Dong-Chan did take the money and they parted ways, the story wouldn’t happen.

  6. kaedejun

    oh NOOOOOO! i just finished rewatching coffee prince and have been having high expectations for this drama!!! i’ve already been disappointed with vineyard man (couldn’t get through the first episode!) so i was really hoping that this would be another excellent YEH drama!

    eeep! ok, can’t wait for another recap and for the first subbed ep to come on – that way i can see if her acting is really that bad, and see that maybe there’s some hope for her in this drama!

  7. ockoala

    So happy, tears of joy, shooing away childrens so I can read this recap. Thanks, Javabeans, you are so quick with the recaps! I’m glad this drama, admittedly slightly wobbly in the beginning, sorta righted itself by the end of the episode and showed us that indeed YEH and YSH have the possibility of being a great rom-com couple. I totally got a rich-bitch lite vibe from YEH as compared to Anna in Fantasy Couple, great analogy. I can’t wait the watch and read you recaps through this drama. Hopefully, it will continue to track and upward trajectory of entertainly plot and deepening chemistry of the leads.

  8. meh

    I kept on getting deja-vu vibes when reading the re-cap. “Cinderella Man ( ew)” when I saw Yoon Sang-hyun’s clothes and his general hairstyle. Phoenix when I read about the car!accident! cliche. Mei-Chan’s Butler when I saw the picture of YEH’s mansion. Brilliant Legacy vibes from the wise-grandfather-spoiled-grandchild plot. Brilliant Legacy vibes from the ditzy-rich relatives of YEH. Powerful Opponents when hearing about the community service (though this time, the community service was actually done).

    I’m still dying to see this drama though, and how can I not? I LOVE those over-used over-seen over-done cliches, just like everyone else. As long as they’re done moderately well, I’m going to absolutely love this drama ^_____^

  9. May

    I haven’t seen the first episode yet (internet downloading problems), but I’ve read some of the response to Yoon Eun Hye’s performance. My attempt not to get carried away by the pre-drama hype was not very successful. I admit, these reviews have me worried.

    So I’ll be holding on for the last ten minutes of the first episode. You’ve given me hope.

  10. 10 Jill4675

    Found it boring, sorry to say, and I guess I missed the chemistry. But I’ll watch Ep. 2 for JIW, and my interest may pick up. 🙂

    I don’t think the red hair suits either one of them—just my opinion, of course!

  11. 11 GG

    I’ll have to wait till the weekend to watch when the subbed episodes are up but that’sok. I’ll be patient. Thank you Javabeans for the recap.

  12. 12 casey

    @gia, watch your mouth girl… its just a drama.

  13. 13 casey

    @gia watch your mouth girl…stay calm…its just a character IN a DRAMA!

  14. 14 sue

    i’m glad you have a more positive outlook on this.. because i was bored stiff for the first 50 minutes, mostly by YEH & her character. it’s ALLLLLLLL been done before, and i’m sure i don’t even have to say it, but the car chase, the nerve to throw money before even apologizing, the firing of houseworkers for petty things, the richness, the kumdo/horseback-riding/gun-shooting skills, BORINGGGGGGG.

    on top of that the frustrated, elderly grandparent, and *The Reason* why the grandchild is so stubborn and bitchy and rude, because of *That Hurt* she experienced when she was younger, whether it’s from a first love or parental ignore-ment.

    but yoon sang hyun is like OMG i love watching him! and like you said i definitely watched more intently in the last few minutes when KHN showed some vulnerability.

    edit: but still, totally lied about finishing RoI before starting this.. yet again i fail to resist anything with YEH’s name attached

  15. 15 amy

    I agree with you. Yoon Sang-hyun stole the show in episode 1 and he surely was the best thing. I thought I was watching Boys before flowers #2. The directing, bad OST (I think YEH sang the song. I like her voice but it’s just bad background music), etc…, but it’s overall better than Boys before Flower, of course. I think YSH and YEH have great chemistry.

  16. 16 went


    강혜나 – Kang HYE Na

    not 해 – HAE.

  17. 17 Protocol Snow

    I always give every drama a chance by finishing 2 episodes before deciding whether to continue. Let’s hope Ep. 2 will be better!

  18. 18 javabeans


    I fully understand the romanization rules, but as I explained, the drama spells it Hae-na. Perhaps you missed this?

    Omg I just noticed — does that magazine actually say POOPLE?

  19. 19 where

    Where can I watch this with english subs?

  20. 20 Myst

    well YEH is the opposite of a bitch in reality, and her acting experience is very limited. this is what happens when you take such long breaks. but i have a feeling that she’s going to take the criticism and show us what she’s capable of.

  21. 21 starry

    I can always count on you to be up to date with the dramas I plan to watch!! XD Hmm, I haven’t watched the episode yet, but I plan to very soon, as soon as the subtitles come out. To hope that YEH’s acting is as good as it was in Coffee Prince may be raising expectations a little too high, as all the other actors in that drama were excellent as well, so they could act off each other. I’m not saying that YSH’s acting is bad or anything, it’s just that I’ve never watched a drama with him, so I can’t really say anything beforehand.
    And a little side note, is it just me? Or does Moon Chae Won’s character seem a lot like the one she played in Shining Inheritance? I loved how she did it in that drama, but it wouldn’t be fun watching her do the same role again.

  22. 22 funniebonesk

    JB, you always hit the spot!

    I decided to watch this without subs today out of total desperation after a not so fun day, and when I checked your site, voila, you’ve recapped already! =]

    I was having some BOF flashback moments, but what the heck, this seems promising!

  23. 23 BubbleTea

    haha the ending looks super cute

    @ 19 this is the viikii channel: http://www.viikii.net/channels/goto/LadyCastle#

    and this is the fist subbed video i could find from youtube (only the first three parts up so far) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=–aTBYDp530

  24. 24 sue

    @21 starry
    what did you find similar about MCW’s roles? i thought it was pretty much a 180.

  25. 25 santaiah

    YEH acting is not that bad but she can do much better IMO. Judging from her works before (Goong & Coffee Prince) I can say that she is kind of slow at the beginning but improve alot at the next episode. That’s how she’s work on her acting. She take her critics to improve her acting. So, give her a chance…

  26. 26 iwasing

    Her portrayal of being super rich and snob is not believable I’m kinda dissapointed….
    She looked uncomfortable being a complete bitch….hehehe I didnt know that being heartless bitch would need alot of effort and talent to do it………

    I guess she needs Paris as a tutor…hehehe

    I think she needs more time to be a versatile actress…..

  27. 27 autumn

    That Thing — the pink elephant in the room involving her first love when she was 18. <– how come I have a strange feeling that that's going to be Jung Il Woo's character?

  28. 28 iwasing

    and also she looks weak to me,,,I feel that shes gonna faint any seconds….

    If she is acting to be a super rich spoiled brat she needs to be stone like Paris hehehe….

  29. 29 starry

    @sue: I’m just going by what her character profile is like. I haven’t actually watched the episode yet, so sorry if I sound like an idiot >< haha It's just the fact that she's the nice girl who's in love with her oppa, but doesn't want to say anything for fear of ruining their relationship? Hmm…maybe it's not exactly like Seung Mi in SI, but it's kind of similar? I'm not sure…I 'll watch the episode and get back to you on that one! 🙂

  30. 30 Nom_Kitteh

    Everything felt just off about the entire episode — from YEH’s stiff acting and the YEH’s overacting to the ridiculous hair colors.

    There was also zero chemistry between YEH and YSH, and although I know that this is a sore topic, I still contend that the age difference is just too big. YSH may be a terrific actor (I don’t know anything about him) but he doesn’t seem right for YEH. I can see why they went with an older male because YEH is supposed to be a spoiled, arrested development, kid and YSH a mature adult who has sacrificed by going into debt for his mother’s bills, but I felt nothing for YSH, and even less for YEH-YSH pairing.

    The chase scene was supposed to be sexually charged or have at least a hint of excitement as they met and battled each other, but I just felt bored. YSH gets speechless the first time he sees YEH, but it was such an awkward pause — not a charged one at all.

    About criticisms about YEH: Maybe I have too soft a spot in my heart for her but I think she did an adequate job. How many ways can one act shallow and brittle?

    It was the pacing of the episode that was more problematic. The 150 hours of community work should not have been dealt with in, what, 3 minutes. There was a chance there to develop YEH’s character, even if to show how spoiled she is, and yet there was nothing there. The arranged marriage meeting scene dragged on, and all that drama was presented with no consequences. Were we supposed to feel tense when YEH was embarrassing her grandfather? Well, if there are no consequences, then who cares? The scenes just cut to the car chase and then community work. Where is gramps in all this? How quickly did they go to court? I guess the Korean justice system is super efficient and can move through cases in an afternoon?


    I will stick with it just for YEH. There is too much mad nostalgic love for her for me to bail.

  31. 31 bkozo

    ok I’m not a critic and know less than nothing about acting etc. but all I can say is that I enjoyed the episode soooo much, I laughed non stop with yoon sang hyun character and I for one will keep watching.
    After all the “dramatic” dramas like swallow the sun, partner and shining inheritance I’m ready for a light romantic comedy.

  32. 32 starry

    oops, didn’t realise my comment had already been posted.

  33. 33 jn

    Thanks Javabean for recap.I think 1st episode is very well introduce, fast pace and not that boring like other dramas. YEH doing very well as a rich young bitch, she doesn’t needs to speak that much, you still can see her eyes and face expression that acting for me in first episode. Netizens always give her
    bad review with princess hours, coffee prince and vineyard man at first but the outcome always hight rating…YSH is good with his own loud character, i will def.
    watch this drama with all fun, laugh and not crying as other kdrama.. ..

  34. 34 hjkomo

    JB, you are too kind. 😛
    I was also having serious BOF [production] flashbacks.

    But I’ll stay tuned for Jung Il Woo.
    So hard to choose – the puppy or JIW? 😀

  35. 35 sweetanna

    “I sorta hate Taming of the Shrew (and more-than-sorta-hate the Petruchio character)…”

    I’m with you there…
    I think it’s because Petruchio delights in dominating Katrina.

    “…but if Dong-chan handles her with the right touch, it could be a lot of fun.”

    If Dong-chan treats her from the standpoint of an older brother, trying to teach her good things for her own good (discipline for her sake, not his own pleasure), he won’t come across as selfish and self-centered and that places him firmly out of ‘Petruchio’ territory.

  36. 36 bbm

    Where’s my Iljimae… er… Jung Il Woo?? 😛
    this drama looks (kinda) interesting, but maybe i’ll have to wait for next few episodes to see whether i will watched this (even when there’s JIW n YSH in it)
    thanks for the recaps JB…

  37. 37 missmanderley

    the first thing i thought when i saw the screencap of Haena’s “mansion”… was damn, that looks strangely like Goo Joonpyo’s house! (which was actually a golf resort in real life, if I remember correctly~) and the way YEH protrayed her seemed like a bit female Joonpyo?

    I’m gonna wait out until this series has a few episodes to its belt… YEH doesn’t seemed to be at her best yet at the whole rich bitchy heiress characterization…

    YSH however looks just amazing adorable for an “ahjusshi” actor… he’s getting quite famous now huh?

    (oh, was he Eugene’s husband in One Mom Three Dads? if yes, loved his dorkable look there too!)

  38. 38 joicy

    I just think she’s a little overacting. I can’t help myself recalling BOF and LMH did not have to overact. Actually only a cold face and neglected voice are enough. She tries so hard with her eyes (well, poping eyes 🙂 voice (to the point that it’s unnatural) but it makes her acting overwhelming. I would prefer her slow it down, the face when she shot gun is the most appropriate, I guess.
    Hope she will get better soon. And I agree with some one that YEH and YSH did not have good chemistry in this episode. I am kind of anticipating that she will have better chemistry with JIW.

  39. 39 Ann

    I like the little kid cousin.. He’s addorable, and so is the pup…

  40. 40 amhrancas

    “and a conflicted look crosses his face. (I call fatal illness!)”
    –and that’s a callback I’s be willing to place money on!! Haven’t seen it yet (waiting for subs) but I really do hope it picks up/perks up in the next episode! Thanks for te recap!!!

  41. 41 Anonymous

    Thanks for the recap! I am really looking forward to watching this drama. Just one thing, 50 million won is like $40,000.

  42. 42 zanessa

    thanx alot for the recap
    ur thots r great
    but i really beg to differ
    YEH did a fine job yes its different and she def kicked but
    her demising smirks and her cunning laughs
    she def in character
    loved the chemistry between her and YSH hes awsome
    they play off each other beautifully BOF i see alot of comparison
    but shes not in HighSchool shes a young adult and this drama is hot
    loved hnow she wiped her lipstick on his mouth
    priceless any who shes bratty and confused shes Hae-na the young pround rude and inexperienced Princess shes suposed to be awkward
    thanx all

  43. 43 nashamas

    I did not see her overract one bit. Like when did she overract? Cause I didn’t see it.

    The only problem I had with YEH was her pronounciation, she needs to work on that, cause she has the tendency to slur her words and talk fast. That has been an issue since Goong. Other than that, her expression and her acting was good.

    I think the reason why some people think she was bad was not because of her potrayal or acting was bad, i think it was because, the PD did not develop her character very well. it was a bit too fast paced on her parts, like the community service and her other parts, which is why we did not get a feel for her character…whereas Yoon Sang Hyun’s character was given the chance to develop more, which is why he stood out more.

  44. 44 javabeans

    Oops, thanks for the money correction. Fixed!

  45. 45 sue

    @starry haha no worries no worries, just curious. after you watch you’ll see her character seems pretty bright and sorta tough, i like her.

  46. 46 s hee

    thnx javabeans! i think really YSH wld be stealing this show once again much like he did in QoH!! I love this guy, he never ceased to amaze me! I’m so happy he’s a part of this drama series which i’ve been waiting to see or watch! I haven’t really read the recap though i read your review first! I hope the show hits the high mark and glad for Eun’s comeback project.

  47. 47 queenofdgame

    hmmm i think her acting’s not bad i guess we’re just not use to seeing her like this character…i think we love her as a warm hearted, always making other people smile kinda person….thats probably why it looks forced or awkward but i hope we give her a chance….thanks

  48. 48 Ladymoonstone

    Thanks for this recap Javabeans. This drama sounds so promising. Can’t wait to watch it. I love reading your recap first before watching it incase I miss something.

  49. 49 bestie

    To be quite honest the person that annoyed me so much in this episode was Yoon Sang Hyun. I didn’t like his acting. He overracted a lot so I started fastforwarding everytime he was on.

  50. 50 sittie

    watching ep 1..3x…on HQ torrent link so far i love the drama.. yoon eun hye character is good…she does do her best with her age portrayal a young adult bitch not a high schooler bitch…..hope everything will keep getting better..also i hope those comment wont put her down, and that netizens comment challenge her to do her best…MFL fighting to all the cast…

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