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Sol Pharmacy reclaims top weekend spot
by | August 2, 2009 | 27 Comments

Yoo Sun and Lee Pil-mo of Sons of Sol Pharmacy

With Brilliant Legacy out of the picture, KBS’s cheery family drama Sons of Sol Pharmacy has reclaimed the top spot as the number 1 weekend drama after ten weeks of being pushed aside by the now-wrapped Brilliant Legacy.

Sol Pharmacy‘s Saturday episode recorded a 26.3% just as its storyline gets more interesting in the Dae-pung and Bok-shil area. On the other hand, a new contender, SBS’s Style, premiered well with a 17.6%. That number made it number 1 in its time slot, and number 2 among the weekend dramas overall.

Note that while Style‘s rating is a comfortable number for a premiere, it’s quite a ways down from its predecessor’s numbers, since Brilliant Legacy wrapped with a 45%. So, it’ll be more interesting to see if Style can keep the momentum going as the story gets kicking. The initial reaction seems to be cautious optimism as the drama gets going with a comic bang; Kim Hye-soo is sleek and stylish as the scary editor boss, while Lee Jia has been criticized (yet again) for her overacting. I’ve seen the first episode, and will probably have more to say once I’ve seen the second.

On the less sunny side, MBC’s Friend, Our Legend is still unable to break out into the double digits and held steady at an 8%; KBS’s Iron Empress has dropped from its earlier highs in the mid-20s and now stands at 13.8% even as the drama has been extended from its initial 50-episode plan.

MBC’s Job Well Done‘s penultimate Saturday episode brought in an 8.3%, and wraps today (Sunday the 2nd). Job Well Done is finishing its somewhat disappointing run ten episodes early; its 50-episode order was cut to 40, citing writer health concerns. SBS’s Can Anyone Love brought in a 14.5%.

Kim Hye-soo leads Style

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27 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Reese

    Can Anyone Love…I don’t think I’ve heard of that drama. I’ll have to check it out once I finish watching ‘I Love You, Don’t Cry’. What possessed me to start watching a 132 episode drama when I can barely watch one that is 24 episodes? I wish I could get rid of this short attention span of mine…

  2. Gallivanter

    I could watch a 124 episode drama IF it were on television. For some reason watching anything on the computer requires SO much more concentration.

    Congrats for Sol Pharmacy! I’m so far behind, but I’m glad Korea is enjoying this drama as much as I am!

  3. deeta

    Lee Jia, my god, she annoys the hell out of me. There are plenty actresses who have been overacting excessively, but she’s really one of the most annoying ones.

  4. Ter

    gogo sons of sol pharmacy ^^

  5. raveee

    i was watching the episode that came out yesterday (saturday) and the plot thickens!!~~ 🙂 it’s so funny with lots of humor.
    Style, Idk,, i’ll have to give it a try but i heard lots of great reviews on it 🙂

  6. Yoo Jin

    i haven’t seen this drama yet but been wanting too…i love Can Anyone Love though =]

  7. jinkzz

    Aja aja Sons of Sol Pharmacy!!!

    I just finished watching episode 34 and am so excited to see next week’s episodes… was watching it on KBS America until last week’s episode but got impatient and decided to watch it online …so happy that they have reclaimed the top spot.

  8. Icarusfalls

    I absolutely LOVE Sons of Sol Pharmacy!!! I’m watching Episode 33 right now.. and I can’t wait for today’s episode to be subbed!!! This is one hilarious, cute, fascinating, and thought-provoking drama!! =)

  9. asianromance

    I’m totally surprised that Style garnered 17.6% on the first episode! Even if the momentum dies down a bit, i don’t think they will end up in the under 10% category like Friends, Our Legend (maybe they should have aired it during wintertime. i think people look for lighter stuff in the summer). And Kim Hye-soo looks GORGEOUS! She has such a Hollywood glam feel to her!

    @2 Gallivanter. I agree! The heat from the computer and having to watch it while sitting is too much trouble for extra long series. I can do it if i get to sit on a sofa on in my bed and watch it with the click of a remote.

    I also haven’t heard of Can Anyone Love. Going to check out the info on it later.

  10. 10 fizzle

    @3 deeta,


  11. 11 vis

    Lee Ji Ah does have a tendency to overact, we’ve seen it her first role as Sujini in Legend and in the second role as Du Ru Mi. But her Sujini didn’t bother me at all back then… the overacting there was kept to a decent level somehow and her Du Ru Mi was cute in Beethoven Virus~ But Lee Ji Ah’s role as Lee Seo Jung in “Style”… holy moly, she’s taking the concept of overacting to a whole new level o____0 Her acting was so over the top that it was almost a bit painful to watch… I do like this actress though so I hope she gets better (please tone down the overacting instead of doing the contrary).

  12. 12 Z

    Sol Pharmacy is one of the cutest things I’ve watched in a while. I’m only on Episode 20 and the plot has barely started thickening but I’m totally drawn in! Also, I LOVE me some Lee Pilmo! That dude is seriously the funniest actor I’ve seen in a LOOONG time! I don’t care if his character yells all the time; I could watch him for hours!

  13. 13 Liz

    Awesome! I’ve been super busy lately so ive only seen the first four episodes, but im already totally hooked! im glad to hear the bok shil / dae pung plot is getting more interesting! okay, off to watch more of it now!!!

  14. 14 bbm

    It’s good to hear SoSPH is getting the credit it deserved… because this drama is quite unlike any weekend/daily drama…
    @13 Liz, really?? daepung/bokshil plot is getting more interesting??!! finally… i watched this from KBSW so it’s only arrived at jinpung/sujin/daepung plot…

  15. 15 christopher

    What we notice in 2 episodes of STYLE is bold concept – changing to modern situations, women fighting for their right at work and also their love interest, strong independant women struggling to be successful in their career
    and also playful at the same time, showing more meaty stuff which is quite taboo
    previously in kdrama, some nude scenes in kdramas and also on cohabiting. I guess in reality it is in that direction all over the world.

  16. 16 anon

    @ deeta and fizzle

    LJA is really annoying. As much as I love Kim Myung Min, I wasn’t able to finish Beethoven Virus when they started showing that there will be a love angle between LJA and KMM’s character. Soooo annoying!!! I actually wanna vomit in the scene where LJA hugged KMM and so I decided to stop watching it.

    Glad that Job Well Done is already finished. The writer’s gone crazy. What a waste of Chae Rim and the little kid (Jun Min Seo). I hope Chae Rim’s comeback to K-entertainment, after her China commitment/s, will be a good one. I hope she’ll choose her next projects well.

  17. 17 1aco

    I’am not suprised by the low number of Friend, Our Legend… There was a lot of hype over it before it even aired… and when it aired they censored it… I think that was a mistake taking in that the story is all about fighting and “gangster”…
    I just finished Brilliant Legacy. and I really liked it to be honest.. I will watch Style next I think.. But I don’t like that many K-drama get there inspiration from American movie or sometime tv show.. but sometime the outcome of that will be good. lets hope this one of them…

  18. 18 nadia

    Really like SoSPH.

    I saw Lee Pil Mo today on Entertainment Weekly, for some reason I was laughing so hard when he said “my clinic went bankrupt”..this guy rocks!

  19. 19 le

    just started watching SOSP on KBS America, it’s really funny, but they are showing ep26, so the recaps here are a big help.

  20. 20 chajjye

    i love sol pharmacy! in episode 20++ onwards you begin to see depth to the characters, especially lee pil mo’s character. like y is he such a playboy, loudmouthed…hahha…lee pil mo is one good actor despite his perceived overacting. but his character is exaggerated, so works.

    but i love the eldest brother, jin pung. though he’s so dense, he’s not without depth.

    too bad sun-pung and eun-ji’s story took the low for a while after they got married. they should showcase a little more about their married life. yoo hana has improved ever since her first drama in “My Lucky Star”.

    but this drama is really refreshing to watch. so hilarious. so endearing. so touching. so sad. so brilliantly written. XD

  21. 21 mint0017

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    we are up to date also we need some subber to help if you can,,

  22. 22 mookie

    I’ve to 4th/5th to the opinion on LJA. My gosh, but she gets the cake no contest in overacting. A couple min of Style, I had more than enough and had to just ff to KHS’ scenes. I’m very amazed by how many K audience can sit thro it to give it such a great start.

    I didnt finish BV, but I don’t rem her THIS bad with overacting galore….

  23. 23 doris p NgPinas

    got some queries….so both Kim Hye Soo and Lee Ji Ah are the lead actress here? I thought Lee Ji Ah is the main actress with Kim Hye Soo playing the second lead….and I thought the would be love interest of Lee Ji Ah is Ryu Shi Won……though I like Kim Hye Soo’s acting here but I think she looks too old compare to the others, though in the story it says that she and Ryu Shi Won is of the same age, but still got to google first to know her real age…..

  24. 24 doris p NgPinas

    have googled it already…and she really is old, 39 to be exact, but am surprised to learn that Ryu Shi Won is only 2 years younger? but he look waaay younger than her….i mean at least in my eyes….

  25. 25 elaineD

    gahhhh i wasn’t so sure about watching sons of sol pharmacy, but NOW…. hmmm it’s near the top of my to-watch list.

    should it be #1?? lol somebody please tell me if it’s worth watching (:

    thanks (:

  26. 26 starletbang

    I love this drama!

    There is so much plot and it is such a fun and light drama.
    The acting is no doubt great.

    elaineD, I think this drama is great! but since there are 50 episodes, I don’t know if you’re someone that can watch lonnnnng dramas.
    (I gave up on episode 40 on East of Eden)

    I definitely think this drama is amazing and even though there aren’t eye candy men, their personalities and stories are very charming.

  27. 27 D

    im waiting for the next SoSP’s recap but it’s not out yet. caught ep 30 over the weekend (missed the 29)..

    wow,now im very curious about bokshil’s story..

    and again, i love cousin MiRan. i hope good things will come to her – maybe grandfather will match her with Bruce. Is that possible? I’m a bit reluctant to watch at vikii tho.. since my internet connection is very unpredictable

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