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Additional preview for Secret Reunion
by | December 28, 2009 | 18 Comments

A longer “special preview” has been released for the upcoming action-thriller Sworn Brothers (which is the Korean title, 의형제), also called The Secret Reunion, which comes from director Jang Hoon, who also directed the So Ji-sub–Kang Ji-hwan action film Rough Cut (aka A Movie Is a Movie).

The film stars Song Kang-ho and Kang Dong-won as two enemies (the former’s a South Korean secret agent, the latter a North Korean one) who “risk their lives on one last choice.”

Six years ago, Song’s character had vowed to capture Kang and saw the agent as he slipped away from a violent scene that unfolded in a busy city street. Following his failure to apprehend the spy, Song is dismissed from his post. Kang, meanwhile, is betrayed and abandoned by his own country. Now, six years later, Song has set up his own investigative agency, and happens upon a face-to-face encounter with Kang. Both recognize each other, but pretend not to. (In one line in the previews, Song asks Kang, “Would you be interested in working with me?”)

Sworn Brothers / Secret Reunion will release on February 4, 2010.

Here’s the first preview, which was released a few weeks ago:

Here’s the new special preview, whose vibe is less fun and lighthearted than the previous one, and more suspenseful:

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18 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. mean

    i just love kang dong won!! any news about him joining the army?
    And how did his new movie fare in the box office, is it worth watching?

    Seems another must see movie for him….And i have to wait more for the Dvd copy of this…

  2. Kender


    I love that man so much, I’ll definitely check this out.

  3. langdon813


    I’m more excited about Song Kang-ho. I love that guy!

  4. Larissa

    Song Kang-ho is brilliant. Went to see both Thirst and The Good the Bad and the Weird at a film festival a few months back. He’s such a good actor…

  5. Paty

    Kang dong won is love.

  6. honest_will

    how was that movie with kang dong wan, he was like a wizard or something
    going back thru time with spells etc
    hot or not?
    looks like an interesting concept, a bit of iris, 24
    should be interesting

  7. nara

    I haven’t see Kang Dong Wan in drama or maybe he is a big screen actor ?..

  8. Taohua

    He’s been in a couple of dramas actually. I think the last one he did was 1% of Anything. But he’s doing much better in his movie career (working with some excellent directors) compared to his career in dramas. So I can’t see him returning to dramas anytime soon, but who knows

    I’m looking forward to this and Song Kang-ho is always a pleasure to watch!

  9. lala

    omg, Kang Dong Won is still beautiful as ever. I’m going to b too busy looking at his face to pay attention to the movie x)

  10. 10 sweetydoodle




  11. 11 cullenhale

    KDW, his voice melts. Love him.

  12. 12 eun

    Kang Dong Won!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so excited to watch his two new movies. He should have made more since he is about to enter the army. It would be a long wait.

  13. 13 bbm

    i heard that his movie where he played the taoist priest or something like that had hit big in the box office, i read that on soompi…

    the movie looked interesting, based on the trailer, that is… i always have a soft spot for KDW, and not to mention SKH also in the movie…

  14. 14 eclipse

    Wow…what a busy year for him! Yeahhh!!! 2 movies to look forward too!!!

  15. 15 celestialorigin

    Awwwwhhhh! My KANG DONG WON! My love!

    Oh, just for him, I can watch !% of anything over and over! As @ 8 Taohua mentioned, his movie role choice been wise and fab.

    Can’t wait to see him again!

  16. 16 Anonymous

    i just love kang dong won!!

  17. 17 waruihime

    @langdon813: I’m also looking forward to this more for Song Kang Ho! I just find him to be such an interesting actor ….

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