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Promo stills from MBC’s Pasta
by | December 21, 2009 | 64 Comments

Cute. I admit I haven’t been terribly intrigued about MBC’s new drama Pasta — it’s up against Jejoongwon and God of Study, while Chuno airs a few days later — but the promos featuring Lee Seon-kyun (Coffee Prince) and Gong Hyo-jin (Thank You) do look adorable, as does the preview clip below.

The Italian restaurant-themed drama shot its promo posters at a Kangnam restaurant on December 9. Lee Seon-kyun plays the prickly head chef, while Gong Hyo-jin is an assistant.

Lee’s character (sigh) harbors a painful past that makes him unwilling to recognize the talents of women chefs (what a creative excuse for being a sexist?). This leads him to clash with Gong repeatedly in the kitchen as they get off to a rocky start. Gong says that although she has filmed with Lee for a month, there have been so many scenes with him tormenting her that she still can’t quite look him in the eye.

Lee said, “People keep asking me these days whether I feel the pressure of following Queen Seon-deok. Because they keep asking, I’m starting to feel the pressure.” Laughingly, he added, “Our drama isn’t going up against Queen Seon-deok. I’ll work hard so I hope we’ll be as loved as them.”

The drama also stars Honey Lee (Partner) and Clazziquai’s Alex, and premieres on MBC on January 4.

Via Hankyung

64 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Reese

    Looking good. I think I’ll have to add this to my watch list as well.

  2. nara

    omg….Alex….I will watch this drama because of you…love you..

  3. yui

    my two favorite men, EVAR! *__*

  4. Z

    Ahhh… Lee Seon-Kyun, you broke my heart when you impregnated and married another woman… but you knew I’d be back. I’m in!

  5. amy

    I love Gong Hyo-jin.. but I’m not too intrigued about Lee Seon-kyun as a main lead… Hope he proves me wrong.

  6. jayjay

    honey lee is beautiful!!!
    and she looks great with alex!

  7. ripgal

    Gong Hyo Jin’s back!


  8. sue

    oh shoot one more added to the to-watch list +_+

  9. Lucille

    This sounds like the TWdrama Sweet Relationship with Vic Zhou. Ahh so many things to watch in 2010.

  10. 10 raahmose

    does this remind anyone else of kim sam soon?
    I’m not sure if it is Gong Hyo-jin’s hair style or Lee Seon-kyun’s difficult past with women, or perhaps cuz’ it is set in a restaurant.

  11. 11 langdon813

    It’s Lee Seon-kyun, so I think we HAVE to watch this. Isn’t it like a law or something? I think you get fined by the Kdrama police if you try to pass on The Voice. 😉

  12. 12 hsinya

    @9 Lucille

    Yeah it does, and Oishii Kankei before it. But I agree with dramabeans, Lee’s character description doesn’t sound too genius… At least in the TW version (never seen the J-drama version), Vic Zhou’s character is difficult to begin with, so his distain for the female lead in the beginning does not stem from “hatred for women”. Hopefully the actual way it’s presented will prove me wrong.

  13. 13 lovin it

    this puts me in the christmas mood! 🙂
    mv of talented artists including clazziquai 🙂 singing “All I Want For Christmas is You”

  14. 14 nana

    i was going to say the same thing, sounds alot like sweet relationship with a korean twist to it. he was horrible to her at begining of that one, too.
    who knows?
    i really like gong hyo jin so i’ll will add it to the overwhelming stack of things to be watched “sometime soon.”
    really, the pile always seems to build instead of going down!

  15. 15 Snikki

    Just found my next drama!

  16. 16 Toya

    All you had to say was Alex. I’m watching.

  17. 17 thelorax

    i REALLY like this cast (alex may be eh..)! and this drama lookssss so funnn.
    i think im gonna start watching this!

  18. 18 jenni

    oh yay i cant wait amo la voce de el main guy its so deep 😀

  19. 19 Shay

    Oh lordy, it’s Alex! Count me in!

  20. 20 ColleenF-H

    I adore GHJ she is always so fabulous, add LSK and well it might just work really well!!!

  21. 21 gallivanter

    Yay, this looks cute. Here’s hoping for lots of food porn, and what the what about Lee Seon Kyu’s painful past? What’s wrong with just saying he’s sexist? I’d much rather accept that than the typical painful past. People can change.

  22. 22 jo

    the preview looks fun!
    GHJ! yay!
    Honey lee..meh.

  23. 23 D

    @ 11 langdon813

    agreed. (he’s no longer in my Ahjusshi list tho) but for me it depends on the female pair. i didnot agre with the Triple pairing so i drop it..

    Gong Hyo-jin is OK in my book so I’ll watch the first few eps & see how

  24. 24 Syb

    added to my list of kdrama to watch in 2010! I really like Lee Seon-kyun , in my opinion he is such a great actor, very charming!


  25. 25 Jen

    Wow. I didn’t even know about this! Loveeee both leads. 😀 And the supporting looks great. Good eye-candy all around and adoring the pictures/trailer! Looking forward to this so much now!

  26. 26 Cam

    Ooooo……This seemed REALLY interesting, heh!

    I hope they all casts will doing so hard working and work it out together so well at this new drama “PASTA” but nobody mess it up, mm! ((winks))
    Oooh, Sudden — I am kinda confused because it really remind me of Gong Hye Jin — from my best favorite 2005 drama “My Name Is Kim Sam Soon”, Lolz.

    Do your best! ** Fighting!!! **

  27. 27 etsy

    The trailer looks adorable! And I’m really looking forward to seeing such an upbeat character from LSK.

  28. 28 eclipse

    Owww cute couple!!! I`m in!!!

  29. 29 DL

    Honey Lee is a beauty, but is she more than that? Maybe. Let’s see if this drama will prove her worth. On the other hand, I simply adore Lee Seon Kyun and since he’s in here as the lead, Pasta is already on my Must Watch list.

  30. 30 starletbang

    i love lee seon kyun’s new hairstyle!
    i haven’t seen him with hair this short
    he cleans up nicely!

  31. 31 Porcelain

    Food porn! Yeah!

    I miss GHJ… Thank You was awesome and I had yet to watch Crush & Blush… aish…

    Keeping a lookout for the drama and Alex looks totally at home since he is such an awesome chef in real life! Except he don’t seems to be cooking in this drama? Manager of the restaurant? Its the suit!

  32. 32 ly22

    Looking forward for this, very good combination casts, LSK aka The Voice is the main reason for me ^ ^,btw i luv langdon813 comment “Who is the KDrama Police here?Sarah Javabeans or you?i don’t want to get fine,haha i religiously following Sarah after CP era…can’t resist not to read her post everyday,like a daily bread for me….

  33. 33 cullenhale

    this looks adorable 🙂 The “Voice” is back, yes! And, he looks GOOD.

  34. 34 fizzle

    Finally! A romantic comedy with two leads who can act!

    I have a massive girl crush on Gong Hyo Jin so I might just have to take a look at this one.

  35. 35 epyc

    This one is high on my to-watch list. (I do not watch saguek and can’t share the same fever as others for Chuno unfortunately.) The cast looks pretty good, epecially the pairing of LSK and GHJ, and Alex’s debut!

    @ Honey Lee – she is pretty decent as an actress after seeing her performance in Partner.

  36. 36 Carrie

    Oh man… another one to ad to the list of Must Watch.

    @11. You’re right. The fine is hefty for rejecting any drama showcasing The Voice. And is it just me or is he looking especially smexy in that preview?

  37. 37 sue

    omg honey lee? i didn’t recognize her. she looks so cute and fresh with the new haircut!

  38. 38 haezi

    yay, can’t wait for this to air. gong hyo jin is one of my favorite actresses so i’m definitely catching the first couple episodes for her. plus, i’m in the mood for trendy dramas with prickly male leads.

    chuno looks like it will be awesome but really depressing. a clip of Jejoongwon where characters perform a c-section was disappointingly awkward but the teaser stills are beautiful. and the cast (both older and young) for god of study is great. it’s a good thing i don’t have to choose between these dramas and can try all of them. so many dramas to look forward to!

  39. 39 Biru

    OMG! Alex and The Voice Ajushi. Oh, no. it will be so good.

  40. 40 din

    so cute! 😀
    the cast is so likeable 😀

  41. 41 Kay

    I’m not a fan of either of the two leads….
    however….ALEX looks delicious and the “other girl” is simply gorgeous….

  42. 42 pig-rabbit

    the promos look good and omg coffe prince guy 😛
    m gonna watch the first two eps and decide 🙂

  43. 43 ella

    I’ll totally watch this. I love all the actors, even the new actors, Alex and Honey Lee. Mmmm me likey.

  44. 44 Stylish~

    am not that intrested.. might only watch it cuz of alex and honey lee

  45. 45 Thu

    LSK and GHJ really do look good together, don’t know what it is.

  46. 46 crabapple

    awesome cast for this drama! I’ve never seen Honey Lee or Alex act in anything yet ! this drama is going on my to watch list with chuno as well

  47. 47 Penn

    Ah…I love Gong Hyo-jin in Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy. Too bad Gong Yoo isn’t in this drama instead.

  48. 48 Enria

    ow, ow…. Alex oppa’s in this drama…. I think I should watch this drama…

  49. 49 Jen

    I’m looking forward to Honey Lee and Alex. =D

  50. 50 deannadsc

    …i’ll watch this for sure!!!

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