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Pasta: Episode 1
by | January 5, 2010 | 107 Comments

Ratings update, regarding the new dramas’ second episodes: The numbers shifted slightly, but as you can see, the race remains tight. Pasta now stands at 15.1%. God of Study moved upward with 15.9%, and Jejoongwon fell slightly to 14.6%. An hour before, Wish Upon a Star rose slightly to 11.3%.

Usually in a three-way race, one of the three will drop far behind, clearing the way for a two-way battle. However, this is an unusual circumstance where there’s no clear winner or loser, quality-wise. All these dramas have their appeal, which means Mondays and Tuesdays should be interesting for a while…


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I’ve already given my first impressions on Pasta in a previous post, so I’ll keep this to the point.


There’s a food-filled intro that lingers a bit too long (food porn is fun, but only when it serves a point), which introduces us to our main character, SEO YOO-KYUNG (Gong Hyo-jin). She’s the lowest-ranking member of the kitchen staff at top Italian restaurant La Sfera. Yoo-kyung fulfills the role of general assistant, dishwasher, and errand girl, but today is her last day as such because she has been promoted. After three years, the Italian head chef, Totti, has made her assistant to the pasta chef.

Yoo-kyung has a stern father and younger brother (her mother is deceased), and lives in a nice apartment shared with three of her restaurant sunbaes.

Yoo-kyung makes a morning trip to the marketplace to buy some supplies for the restaurant and to renew an order with the egg guy (who’s a little shifty with the eggs, swapping out the larger ones with smaller ones). Picking up a free goldfish from the cashier, she heads outside to the crosswalk, where a man hurrying past bumps into her and sends her crashing to the ground. The plastic bag containing the goldfish bursts open, and Yoo-kyung tries to figure out what to do with the flopping fish before the light changes to red.

One of the people crossing the street is CHOI HYUN-WOOK (Lee Seon-kyun), and he stops to help. He instructs her to gather her hands together, the pours water from his water bottle into them, placing the fish there.

Safe at the other side of the intersection, they start to exchange goodbyes. She thanks him for his help as though to end the encounter, but he points out the problem of her two plastic bags. With her hands literally full, she can’t carry her bags, which means they are left with only one option: he must accompany her to her destination.

The moment’s a little awkward, but also a little flirty. Yoo-kyung’s first suspicion of the smooth-talking stranger is, “He’s a player,” but he’s very polite and keeps the conversation focused on the problem at hand. She revises her opinion, wondering, “Then is he a gentleman?”

They walk together, with Hyun-wook periodically refreshing the water in her hands. Along the way, he entertains her with fun facts about goldfish, who only have a memory span of two seconds.

Arriving at the back entrance of the restaurant, they again linger before parting ways — they’re attracted, but it’s that weird stage when they haven’t decided to do anything about it. He turns to go, but then she realizes she can’t open the door and asks him to unlock it for her. Her keys aren’t in her backpack, so she asks for him to fish in her jacket pockets. A bit awkwardly, he feels around, and she directs him to her inner pockets.

He jokes, “Are you deliberately saying you don’t remember where you put them to make me grope around?” Finally he produces the key — but rather than immediately opening the door, he takes his time thinking something over.

What’s so enjoyable about their chemistry is that they’re interested in each other (and he more than she), so the pause, along with his thoughtful smirk, is pretty sexy. He asks, “Are you free tonight?” At her startled reaction, he laughs, “Why are you hesitating? You’re supposed to reject the first time.”

When Yoo-kyung offers that she’s free after eleven, he replies without missing a beat, “A man and woman meeting for a first date at that time can have only one thing to do. Sleeping together. That can’t be what you mean, but if so I’m grateful for the thought.” Hyun-wook is so glib that Yoo-kyung is a little uncertain of how to respond, though she’s also amused.

Yoo-kyung: “It’s because that’s when I get off work.”
Hyun-wook: “You must find me acceptable, since you don’t reject me when I ask you out and agree to meet at midnight.”
Yoo-kyung: “I was just thinking of buying you a beer to thank you.”
Hyun-wook: “You could have put down the fish for a second and found the keys yourself, without having me feel around for them.”
Yoo-kyung: “Hey…”
Hyun-wook: “Fine, let’s meet at 11 pm in the same place, that street. Not tonight, not tomorrow, but the day after. I’m pretending that I’ve been rejected for tonight and tomorrow, to preserve your pride. Okay?”

With that, he turns to go, but asks for directions — does she know where La Sfera is? He’s due to start working there. That comment makes her realize that Hyun-wook must be the new guy — the assistant who’s starting tomorrow to take over her old job. Immediately, she drops the formal speech and shows him around the kitchen saying things like, “Hey kid.”

Her mistake is understandable, since nobody knows that their chef has just been fired — Manager Sol is dissatisfied with his food, which has become ordinary and unexciting. Hyun-wook is not the errand boy, but he lets her boss him around and takes it in with a smile.

He leaves her with a puzzling comment, that her fish are unfortunately bound to die soon — they don’t suit the kitchen, because they’re female.

That evening, Yoo-kyung has to deal with a return customer whom she finds exasperating; he asks for her personal recommendations and treats her with an overly familiar air that bothers her. This is KIM SAN (Clazziquai’s Alex), who is an ardent foodie and frequent La Sfera patron.

Feeling uncomfortable with his behavior, she takes him aside after dinner to ask him not to return. He doesn’t seem inclined to oblige her.

The next day, the staff is shocked to hear that their chef has been let go, and that they will be welcoming a new one. Hyun-wook saunters in, and Yoo-kyung realizes that Hyun-wook is the new chef, and that the new assistant is the young guy standing behind him.

Hyun-wook goes down the line to greet his staff, and makes quite an impression on the cooks. The women find him handsome and charming (as does one of the men). Dying of embarrassment, Yoo-kyung introduces herself as the pasta assistant.

As the staff readies for dinner service, Hyun-woo says genially that they may all proceed as normal. He stands back and watches calmly as they go about their work. He and Yoo-kyung don’t betray that they’ve already met; they act professionally, although there’s definitely a spark between them.

It’s only at the end of the night that we get a hint of what’s to come. Hyun-wook tells the manager calmly that the kitchen was a mess: “It’s not my kitchen yet. My kitchen hasn’t even begun.”

Another surprise greets Yoo-kyung in the morning on her way out of her apartment for work: Hyun-wook is in the elevator, too. He must also live in this building.

His posture remains cool and nonchalant while she says, still embarrassed, that she’s sorry for how she treated him before, assuming he was the new assistant. He seems disinterested, but his words contrast with his pose: “Don’t forget our date tonight. 11 pm.” He strolls away without a backward glance.

Day 2 is a completely different scenario from Day 1, and the staff is in for a very rude awakening. Now that Hyun-wook has seen how the kitchen works, he’s done watching and now ready to assert his high standards. And unfortunately for the staff, their work is oh-so-subpar. The salad is a mountain of fluff, the pasta drips with oil, and so on. Instead of stating his complaints calmly, Hyun-wook shocks everyone by throwing one offending dish to the floor. He runs his hand through a pasta dish, and shoves a plate into another cook’s chest. Stunned into silence, the cooks are jolted out of their friendly camaraderie and rush to do Hyun-wook’s bidding.

To make things worse, a super-picky patron sits in the dining room and sniffs at her lobster plate. It’s tough, and she sends it back to the kitchen. The second time, she sneers that the lobsters are obviously frozen when the menu says they’re fresh. She sends the plate back again.

Two other diners nearby watch this with interest — it’s San and his date, OH SE-YOUNG (Honey Lee), who is a food television personality (think Rachael Ray or Nigella Lawson). She recognizes the woman as a food critic.

When the lobster dish comes back a third time, the cook, Hee-joo, can’t take it anymore. Fuming, she grabs two fresh lobsters and slaps them on the table. How dare they accuse her of using inferior product and be so rude as to complain three times?

This, of course, gets her fired.

Meanwhile, a pair of cooks takes some time to make out in the backroom — and they’re caught in the act by Hyun-wook himself. Also fired.

The two beg him for mercy, but he coldly ignores their pleas. As he tries to pass Yoo-kyung, she’s nervous and unintentionally blocks his path, so he has to physically move her aside. The problem is, she’s carrying a large bowl of ice, and as stumbles, the ice flies — into the deep fryer.

Seeing impending disaster, the cooks all scatter. Hyun-wook grabs Yoo-kyung and shields her from the rain of hot oil.

The lineup after dinner service is subdued as Hyun-wook addresses his offenders in turn. Hee-joo still burns in indignation about the lobster diner, but he scolds her — she put the fresh lobster into a styrofoam box. That means that even though she put it in the refrigerator, it wouldn’t refrigerate, making the flesh tough. On top of that, she berated the customer.

Second is the cook Mi-hee, who was making out with her boyfriend. He charges her with running her hands — with which she must then cook — all over her boyfriend’s body, in his hair, on his chest, et cetera. Kissing belongs outside of the kitchen.

At this, a third woman, Chan-hee (Mi-hee’s sister) speaks up, unable to take his officious behavior. She rips her apron off angrily and refuses to work with such a horrible tyrant. Hyun-wook has no problem with that.

Last, he faces Yoo-kyung. In a kitchen full of knives, fire, and oil, the most dangerous is oil: “For doing something crazy with ice in the kitchen, of course you are also fired.”

Mi-hee makes one last bid for mercy for her boyfriend, saying that without her around, he won’t have any chances to repeat his offense. Hyun-wook listens to her tearful plea, then answers carelessly, “Okay.” He dismisses his staff: “You’ve been hard at work causing accidents today.” As he walks off, he mutters under his breath, “Now there are no women in my kitchen.”

That last comment lingers in Yoo-kyung’s mind, and she thinks back to Hyun-wook’s cryptic line about the fish not suiting the kitchen. She realizes, “He planned it all from the start.”

Therefore, that night when she heads out to the street to meet him for their “date,” she confronts him with her realization. He was going to fire the women no matter what, wasn’t he?

Hyun-wook doesn’t answer that, and just asks, “You haven’t dated a man before, have you?” Leaning closer, he proposes, “Let’s date.”


Out of the four new dramas, Pasta seems the most engaging to me at the moment, and the one I’m most eager to follow. The atmosphere is breezy, and the story is cute without being cloying. We haven’t seen much of the second leads, but the main couple is fantastically paired. (I also have a hunch that we may expect good things of Lee Hyung-chul, of On Air and City Hall, who’s the kitchen’s No. 2.)

Lee Seon-kyun is drawing a lot of praise in the media and by fans for his wonderfully entertaining character. I like that he has shades of some of our favorite kdrama archetypes, but he’s not a mere repeat of them, like another Kang-mae (Beethoven Virus) or Gu Jun-pyo (Boys Before Flowers). His misogyny is an interesting addition, because while I have certainly seen and experienced my share of misogyny in Korean (and Korean American) culture, you don’t often see it played up like this as a plot point. Furthermore, as I mentioned in the prior post, he is very entertaining to watch because he goes from hot to cold in an instant. It’s that volatility that keeps the kitchen in a state of fear, and makes him unpredictable. He can keep a polite smile on his face while uttering contrastingly harsh words (like when he announces the kitchen is a mess with a pleasant tone), which is the opposite of what Kang-mae or Hwang Tae-kyung (You’re Beautiful) would do — they were mean with a sneer. I think some of his shouting gets to be a bit much, so I do want to see him dial it down a notch in future episodes, but I’m pretty sure he will because plot development demands it.

Gong Hyo-jin has a natural, appealing vibe to her acting, and while Yoo-kyung can do some klutzy things, I appreciate that she’s not the caricature of the bumbling kdrama heroine, either. (That role falls to Choi Jung-won in Wish Upon a Star.) She’s a genuine, likable heroine whose cuteness comes from the fact that she doesn’t seem to know she’s cute. I suspect that’s why Hyun-wook likes her, and I really enjoy that he feels the attraction first.

Can’t wait to see what Episode 2 brings.


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  1. anjell

    hmmm…. interesting… i thought you’d do the recap of God of Study πŸ˜›

    although this drama didn’t really catch my attention at first, after reading the recap…i think I’d give it a chance… πŸ˜‰

  2. Alyssia

    Gong Hyo Jin is cute. I love her. But not really liking her bangs in here. Kinda weird for her face. But her acting is great anyhow.

    This is a good light hearted drama.

    I was surprised that they casted 2 newbies for the 2nd leads. Well, i known Alex but never seen him act. As for Honey lee, she’s an eye candy alrite. I’m sure with her looks alone she can still be famous like Kim tae Hee.

  3. kkp

    Thanks for the recap javabeans! Quick question – does anyone know what that whole scene between Yoo-kyung and the former chef and the money she returned was all about?

  4. M&M

    this sounds so cute~
    I wonder what’ll happen :)

  5. lia

    I’m SO SO SO excited reading your recap…..
    I’ve been waiting for my download to finish and you give me a delicious appetizer…LOVE IT!!!

  6. Z

    Wow!! That man is so sexy that his hotness comes across even in recaps. Can’t wait to watch this!

  7. hjkomo

    What a wonderful, two-fold treat – Pasta recap AND Kang Ji Hwan header up at the top. πŸ˜€
    Thank you!!!!

    I loved the first episode, and the lurve continues in ep.2.
    These two, LSK and GHJ, are simply adorable…separately and together. <3

    I don't see Kang Mae or Gu Jun Pyo in LSK's portrayal of Choi Hyun Wook at all.
    He's making the character all his own. *melting into a pool of butter olive oil*

    As for the food porn, I watched the second episode right after I ate lunch today, but it still made me hungry. πŸ˜‰

  8. Snikki

    “Let’s date.” after firing her! WTH! We all know how this unfolds, but I still wanna see his transformation in the next 15 episodes.

    I wonder how interesting the 2nd leads’ stories are.

    And thanks, JB, for choosing this to recap. I hope this drama holds your interest ’til the end. :)

  9. sukideo

    Oh man, your review makes me want to watch this asap! But unfortunately I dont understand Korean so I have to wait to find it subbed somewhere :/

    I’m very excited to watch it though :)

  10. 10 thelorax

    okay, so initially i decided to watch god of study first cause it had higher ratings, but after reading JB’s first impressions, i decided to watch pasta first!
    i watched eps 1 and 2 already and it’s really good! i think it’s a drama that’s easy to watch, well so far…and i love the cast! =)
    LSK pulls off the arrogant head chef well, but I still think he matches more with the gentleman type like in coffee prince.
    and as always, Honey Lee is gorgeous!
    i’ve decided to watch both pasta and god of study now πŸ˜€

  11. 11 Icarusfalls

    This has become my 2nd favorite drama this year… just slightly lagging behind the continuing episodes of Smile You..
    I love Lee Seon-kyun!! I can not stand Alex though.. =.=” Couldn’t stand him in We Got Married either.. something to do with the pretty boy face and ‘too perfect’ character.. which is completely annoying! I guess I have issues. LOL
    The chemistry between the OTP sparks right off the screen!!!! Can’t wait to see what happens next!

  12. 12 ripgal

    @ hjkomo!

    I thought with Lee Seon Gyeon, you would have missed KJH’s header? πŸ˜› Cos that’s what happened to me!! >__< Blame it on the word PASTA and LEE SEON GYEON <333

    I personally think the storyline's okay and predictable. The dynamics between the arrogant and confident guy against the nice and compromising girl. We've seen this before right? But of course, the chemistry of the leads made up for everything. LSG's just one word – CHARMING (even when he screams!). GHJ, cute and adorable. When they come together = SIZZLING!

    And I agree with DB on Hyun Wook's character. I like that he's friendly in an instant, cold in another. It really makes all his interactions with people outside and inside the restaurant all the more interesting!

    Lastly, something weird which happened last night when I showed my sister who doesn't know who Gong Hyo Jin is at all. The minute I opened the window, she said, "Oh isn't that girl (GHJ) the actress who played So Ji Sub's sister in MISA?" Hahahaha…

  13. 13 ktb

    I really like LSK’s hair like that. Very handsome…..yum!

  14. 14 Quinze

    I really wish the subs for this series were available right now because even though I already watched the 2 in raw format and loved it, I feel like I’d enjoy the conversation even more.

    I have to say, even while having no clue what they’re saying, the two leads already managed to draw me in. I love the naturalness that is Hyo Jin in this. And you hit the nail on the head with your characterization of Seon-kyun.
    I’m already excited about this drama it’s going to be tough to be patient for subs. Thanks for the recap!!

  15. 15 danni

    I knew you’d recap ths, I was waiting all day. I’m excited for what this drama can bring, especially with the two leads.

  16. 16 deannadsc

    I have been in drama-hell for the past 3 days…all due to the unavailability(in my area??) of my most beloved dramas on Viikii!!!! don’t know how long I’ll have to wait it out before I can continue watching my faves..Assorted Gems & Creating Destiny!!!
    …after reading your Pasta recaps…I’ve learned even Pasta is unavailable, too!!! It’s just soooo frustrating!!!!
    can someone please suggest an alternative website w/ Eng. subtitles?? Feel like I’m dying here!!! huhuhu!!! :-(

  17. 17 Masaya

    Which one is the real rating ?

    Daily TV Rating – Tuesday 2009/01/05

    * TNS *

    Nationwide Ranking / Show / Network / Nationwide Rating / Seoul Rating / Seoul Ranking {if different from Nationwide}
    4. Master Of Study (KBS2) – 18.5%, 19.3%
    7. Jejungwon (SBS) – 15.8%, 16.4% (#6)
    12. Pasta (MBC) – 11.9%, 12.9% (#10)

  18. 18 javabeans

    @Masaya, TNS and AGB are both media tracking companies. Their numbers are usually similar and I tend to go with TNS (mostly for consistency’s sake), but AGB numbers tend to come out a few hours before TNS does.

  19. 19 saranga

    i was so happy when i was watching this yesterday. i woke up and i thought: “PASTA day.” i like all four leads tremendously, and they’re all doing so great. but i do wish lee seon kyun would have made his character a little less shouty… my mom kept telling my computer to shut him up LOL (because i was watching on my laptop). his character seems a bit bipolar…. i hope this won’t be the case, because i like my main kdrama leads mentally balanced. with the exception of chae dowoo :) haven’t liked a drama this well since story of man! hope it keeps up!

  20. 20 christine

    thanks JB for this recap.. the only thing missing for me is hearing LSK voice while reading the recap…*hit myself in the head, stupid christine pictures can’t talk*

  21. 21 cranky

    Yoo Kyung is kinda meh for me but Hyun Wook is so annoyingly likable (kinda like House, can’t help but love him for being a cranky genius). Looking forward to this one.

  22. 22 Masaya

    I see. Quite different, one as suggests show Pasta going up and Jejoongwon going down while the other depicts Pasta going down while Jejoongwon going up. I guess it’s only convenient to use whatever is favorable for the subject matter. (I’m just curious because I thought I was seeing wrong numbers.)

  23. 23 nixxochick

    thats enough reason for me to watch this drama…i must admit, right now it is not catching my attention but i am a huge Clazziquai and Alex fan that I am sticking to it just for him

  24. 24 Biscuit

    The ending! Honestly, I thought this was going to be another drama where they get into the rival-type relationship. For some reason I kept expecting Lee Seon Kyun to be completely disinterested about Gong Hyo Jin after he finds out she’s a cook in his kitchen. Yet here he is asking her to date him!

    “I won’t let this woman in my kitchen, but I don’t mind her being in my bed!”
    sorry, that just came out…

    I thought I would dislike this drama, but I LOVED this episode. I love the way Lee Seon Kyun’s character is… it doesn’t feel like another version of a typical male lead we’ve already seen somewhere. The pace is nice, and the plot that has been set up is interesting enough to keep me hooked for a while.

    @saranga: Ugh, I get the feeling he could be bipolar too, but I seriously hope not. Every time I think of bipolar men I think of this guy I once knew…. *shivers*. I really cannot not be with him for even 5 hours…. it just gets on my nerves!

    So I’m pretty much praying that Lee Seon Kyun won’t be an annoying bipolar guy that’s whacked up.

  25. 25 Ter

    ok, dammit, i want pasta ><~!

  26. 26 Alyssia

    OMG i just watch ep 2. This so similar to Coffee Prince. The 3 new chefs are so hot. One of them looks like they are too pretty to be a guy.

    It’s like the hot chefs vs old chefs..

    LUv luv it…..

    LSK is very charming here. I love seeing their scenes…

  27. 27 bbm

    Thanks JB for the recap…
    after watching some parts on viikii yesterday, i was swooning just by hearing LSK voice, if he would just sold records of him talking, i would buy it in an instant, don’t care whether i don’t understand a word he’s saying πŸ˜›

  28. 28 giddygirl108

    Love the instant forthrightness already! I’ve been craving for an interaction like this in Kdrama for a while now. Don’t let me down now!

  29. 29 kaedejun

    WOOOH! pasta recap!!!!!!!!!!! love to see lee seon kyun in this role – i keep seeing him in the “nice guy” roles, and while he was kind of traditional in thinking in coffee prince (where he wants to control his gf Yoo Joo), he was more liberal. here, he has the guts to date a girl he just fired. either he’s just self-centered, or he REALLY knows how to separate work from personal life.

  30. 30 okdubu

    it’s funny, i remember during the opening scene (that did go a little long, as you said) i kept wondering when wookyung would do something wrong, and screw something up, what with all the shouting and chaos. but she did great! i was so surprised, LOL. how refreshing it is to have a capable heroine!

  31. 31 asianromance

    thank you for the recap! Though Lee Seon-Kyun’s character was mean and misogynistic, I can’t help but like him. The goldfish scene has sold his character to me. Short of stealing candy from a baby, I can forgive him anything after that! And even though his intention was to get rid of all the women in his kitchen, I can’t totally hate him for firing those workers because they were being pretty unprofessional.

    Sadly, the Pasta videos and subs on viikii will be blocked until 2/1- good thing i caught the first episode before the block.

  32. 32 robotmatsuri

    Thanks for the recap, JB! Yay for both Lee Seon-Kyun and Lee Hyung-Chul. :)

  33. 33 Molly

    Thanks for the recap, Javabeans! Pasta looks like so much fun, and being my favorite food, there’s another reason to watch it.

    Where is everyone watching this? Viikii’s videos are restricted to subbers, so apart from the MU/Torrent files, I haven’t been able to find it subbed or live streaming.

    EDIT: Found it on YouTube, nvm!

  34. 34 Celest

    The Mon/Tues timeslot is intense. I really really don’t know if I can follow JeJoongwon, AND Pasta. God of Study is also nudging me since I saw and liked the original Japanese version a year ago…hmmm…what to watch?

    I wish I’m on holiday again! There’s also the fact that I told myself I’m gonna catch up to Assorted Gems and the last 4 episodes of Smile, You. Oy vey.

  35. 35 missmanderley ` blossompop!

    I’m pretty excited about Pasta, especially since LSK plays such a caustic yet likeable character… I’ve always felt he kinda got stuck into the hunam (warm guy) roles since being soo swoonworthy in Coffee Prince…

    GHJ is amazing as usual… love her acting!

  36. 36 emma

    hi JB great recap!
    a question for you though

    are you watching the HAN version?
    i downloaaded the HAN version from aja aja
    but i find it to be shaky
    when the characters are still and talking it’s fine
    but when there is rapid movement i find it to be very blurry
    im using windows media player classic or VLC
    both seem to have this problem?
    just wondering


  37. 37 Rabgix

    Hm, while I do like this I’m a little hesitant to follow it. I guess I’ll see what happens in the next few episodes. ^^

  38. 38 Totti

    I’ve been following this thread with interest. I am a Canadian living here in Seoul and played the role of Totti in the first episode. My Canadian friends would love to be able to see that episode as it was my first speaking role in a Korean production. Any updates on where it might be available on the net with English subs would be much appreciated.

    As for the question about what that whole scene between Yoo-kyung and I, and the money she returned was all about, I couldn’t read the whole script as I don’t read much Korean but I believe Totti took a bribe from the egg supplier and after being fired was telling her to return the money.

  39. 39 epyc

    I’m so happy to see your recap, thanks, JB.

    I watched Ep 1 in raw but with your recap and knowing the dialogues, my rating for Pasta goes up even higher. Ep 1 is fabulous and I’m in two minds if I should watch Ep 2 raw again or wait for Viikii’s sub.

  40. 40 momosan

    I’m tempted to reply in Italian!

    Anyway, I suspect that Viikii.com has it blocked until 2/1 because if it’s coming on after Queen Seon Duk, that means it’s probably going to fill that slot on MBCAmerica – QSD has about 4 more weeks to run on MBCAmerica.

    So – to watch it with English subs, they’ll either have to wait until 2/1 to watch it on viikii.com, or wait until Withs2.com has their subs up, or hope someone subs it on YouTube.

    Without English subs, they can find it right now in various spots on the web.

  41. 41 Alert

    Tthe cliffhanger at the end of the episode kinda surprise me too. I’d buy anything for a character that can mesmerized me. Hwang Tae Kyung doesn’t mesmerized me in the first episode, but really, really grew on me as the story progress (and later successfully made me think sneer is an artful way of expressing yourself haha), but in Pasta, Hyun Wook completely won me over, with his smirk.

    He’s selfish. He yells a lot. He’s a misogynist. but with a whole lot of boyish charm. I’m sold! Don’t we all love complicated characters? LOL!

    p/s my ICOMYM will be put on hold right now haha.

  42. 42 all4movies

    Pasta is my favourite new drama of 2010 too. Thank god for your recaps JB. Viikii won’t be showing these with subs until Feb. so I had to rely on my limited korean and guess what the heck was happening when I watched the RAWS.

    I love the music, energy and vibe so far.

    @Totti, hello from one canuck to another. That is so cool.

  43. 43 hjkomo

    @ #36, emma

    WITHS2 is using the SAN version for subtitles because the HAN version has glitches.
    Check here for subtitle status – http://withs2.com/subtitles-status

    @ #38, Totti

    Welcome to the best Korean drama/news blog around!

    For more information on the drama, your friends can check out it’s thread on the soompi forum – http://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=322026

    Posted there is tons of information, including torrent and clubbox links.
    Or to download the episodes from aja-aja.com -> http://aja-aja.com/regular/pasta

    The best fansubbing group, WITHS2, is subbing the drama.
    The Pasta page hasn’t been set up yet, but when subtitles become available, the link will be here – http://withs2.com/projects

    @ #3, kkp

    As Totti explained, the 10 million won was a bribe/kickback from the egg supplier. Yoo Kyung gave the money back to Totti and told him to return it to the supplier, saying that they egg supplier was going to be changed. But it looks like Totti (the character) ran off with the money. πŸ˜‰

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    Thanks so much guys for all the info on the show and where to watch it with English subs. Much appreciated.

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    I was websearching and discovered that Mr. Seon-Kyun and Honey Lee share the same birthday. Both were born on March 3, Honey Lee in 83′ and Mr. Voice in 75′. I thought it was a fun and interesting tidbit. =D

  55. 55 Totti

    lol, thanks guys. Not sure what insights I can offer. I got the part because the director couldn’t find any other bald, fat white guys who could pass for an Italian, lol. I met him to read the script in November and thereafter just waited for the phone call telling me when and where to be. Other than that I had next to nothing to do with the show.

    I must say that on the days I was filming there seemed to be a great rapport among the actors. There was a lot of joking around which made the whole thing a lot of fun. I was quite impressed with Hyo Jin. Even though I was just a newb actor playing a bit part in one episode, and she was the busiest person on the set, everyday I was at the studio she always made a point to come over to my little corner in the dressing room, say “Anyeong haseyo” and chat for a few minutes with me and my Korean wife. She really didn’t have to do that. Just a really nice person and a good actress IMHO.

    I tried downloading the 700 MB version of the show from aja-aja.com but it seems to require a password. Am I missing something?

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    For the password to download the episode, click on the How To / Help Section at the top of the page. Scroll down to LOOKING FOR A PASSWORD TO DOWNLOAD LINKS OR UNLOCK THE OST FILE? in neon green. The password will be the 11-character one. :)

    That’s nice to hear about Gong Hyo Jin. She certainly is a good actress…and apparently a great person, too.

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    I met him before when he came to Manila to film a movie (and I have a picture to prove it! πŸ˜‰ hahaha). Too bad he didn’t know that much English so I wasn’t able to talk to him. He was really really nice though. Aggh… I just love LSK.

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    I love Lee seo kyun’s voice too. I can see why he is called “the voice” too. Yes, Gong Hye Jin’s appeal is that she doesn’t know she is cute. I agree I love that Hyun Wook is interested in Yoo Kyung but he totally separates work and personal.

    I love Alex so it was interesting to see him “act”. Gosh this drama has food porn, Alex, Lee Seo Kyun-I am in heaven!

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  78. 78 hjkomo

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    Yoo Kyung didn’t know that Totti had been fired, and she was also unaware of the “deal” until she saw the deposit amount (not sure if there actually was an agreed-upon deal between the chef & supplier, or if the supplier was just trying to worm his way in). So, she gave the money to the chef to return to the supplier and said said that it had nothing to do with her & she’s going to act like it never happened.

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    Uhm, I am not an expert in Korean drama like you so I don’ dare to recommend others to watch WUAS. ^__^V

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    My heart’s all set on Wish upon a Star though, two reasons: Shin Dong Wook and Ji Hoon. Besides, orphan stories get me, everytime. Sniff!

    @80 memey – thanks! I’m glad you added that, can’t wait to watch it myself! ^^

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    I really like all the leads, main and secondary and I can’t wait to see more of Lee Hyung-chul. He must play a bigger part in the drama. He did get his fair share of fans and popularity after City Hall so casting him in the role of the sous chef HAS to mean something.

    And now for a random fact that had me ROTFLing: the cook that gets fire first, Francesco Totti (his first name was printed on the plane ticket’s)? Guys, that’s the name of a very popular Italian football player who also happens to be known internationally. The thing is, while the name “Francesco” is very common, the surname “Totti” is pretty uncommon here. I couldn’t stop laughing. That football player is so famous he even gets to film commercials and they’re pretty funny. I keep picturing…ok, nevermind. Off topic.

    @Totti. Waaaaayyyy to give away spoilers. 0.o A little warning next time please?

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  100. 100 Totti

    @Sere, sorry, my bad, lol. I found the name a little silly as well, since the soccer player you are talking about is pretty well known internationally. You’d have thought that they could have come up with something slightly more original.

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